May 7th, 2013


There’s been a lot of debate concerning whether Nintendo dropping out of having a huge E3 conference this year is a good or bad move for the company. Many feel like E3 no longer has the powerhouse presence it had before digital media was so prevalent, while others feel its the one chance game and console developers have to shine. Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter weighed in on the debate in the latest episode of his Pach-Attack show after a question from Twitter asked his opinion on whether it was a good idea or not:

I think it is a crappy decision because you don’t get many opportunities when you’re a console manufacturer to have the entire world focused on games. But you asked was it a good business decision and, from your basic economics, it’s a profit deal. If you’re expected revenues from spending money are bigger than the amount you have to spend to generate those revenues, then it’s a good business decision.

I think that Nintendo gave this a lot of thought – they said we don’t really have anything new to show…we don’t really have any new Wii U games that are going to shine that are playable and, oh by the way, the reason that Fox News, ABC, etc, are all here is to look at the next Xbox and PS4, then we’re just going to look bad next to them.

I think not doing it, probably, is a good business decision. I just think, as a gamer, and as someone who is interested in the industry, I would prefer to see everybody represented at every show. Nintendo made a business decision, and ultimately, it is probably the right one.

Pachter’s summation of why Nintendo dropped out of having an E3 conference this year reiterates what myself and John stated in our earlier articles. Right now Sony and Microsoft are the two juggernauts in the room and attempting to go toe to toe with them would be a bad decision. Next year, once new console releases are out of the way, Nintendo will likely resume their grand E3 conference, albeit with the many regional changes that were implemented after this year’s financial report.

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  • HSN1

    Is WiiUDaily payed to post “news” about this guy? Because absolutely no other game news site does that, and for a reason
    EDIT: I was wrong, I get it

    • Ahem:

      I could go on. We cover the news, whether you like it or not.

      • HSN1

        Whoops. Sorry.

        • Zorlac79

          Yeah, but patcher is also sloppy, being wrong numerous times in the past as well.
          With his fanboy-ish comments, it is hard not to hate him (or love him if you are a sony fanboy).

          That is cool though. I am glad for the people waiting and willing to spend over a thousand dollars (not an exaggeration, $899.99+tax ($70+) + a game ($65-75) = $1040) to play a game that is available on another system already.
          I’m sure it will look a little better.
          Great example, GUN for xbox then xbox 360. Direct port with minimal differences.
          Of course as time goes on, the systems will get better, but cheaper too!

      • Magnus Eriksson

        I think it is good that WiiUDaily covers the news and not degrading themselves to merely a fanboysite. Anyway its clear that this article is NOT reflecting Ashleys view on the console as she seems to be one of this sites most positive towards it. Its called good journalism to be able to balance your own view this way.

    • val berger

      this man is in focus of many sites. there have been several interviews on several platforms.

    • This statement is all over the gaming news/blog sites. I read it on several sites before WiiU Daily posted anything about it

    • Agent721

      ign posts about him all the time. as does forbes gaming section.

    • Nobody is payed to do anything because payed isn’t a word. You’re looking for ‘paid’

  • insomniac

    “we don’t really have any new Wii U games that are going to shine”

    Did he just seriously say that? and wiiudaily supporting it?

    whats this community coming to?

    • Just because we post what this guy says does not mean we support it. It’s his opinion and his opinions happen to be very largely regarded among the investor community, which most certainly affects whether or not a game company does well from a financial perspective in the stock market.

      • Nintenjoe82

        sounds like closet Pachter fanboyism to me

        • Guest

          Sounds like closet Nintendo fanboyism to me.

          All fanboys are equally stupid.

        • ReckoningReckoner

          sounds like closet Nintendo fanboyism to me

          All fanboys are equally stupid.

      • Robknoxious1

        I agree but you have to admit WUD’s article title kinda makes it sound like he’s praising Nintendo’s strategy. I guess he is in one way but it’s a very backhanded compliment.

        Yes he (Pachter) points out that the focus will be on MS and Sony. Fair enough.

        But he also says that Nintendo has no new games that will shine and be playable. What makes him think that? It’s just his bias.

        WUD is right to post what Pachter says – it is “news” of a kind. The title just seems misleading. Overly positive. When looking at his whole comment it is anything but positive.

        • Pachter’s area of expertise is with business analysis. He says Nintendo has made a good business move. It is positive, even if Pachter himself shares other personal opinions about Nintendo’s direction.

          My personal opinion is that he’s full of hot air about most things, but I’m not posting that as fact in the article.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            I read it as he says that Nintendo already lost this race, and this is the most clever thing to do. Throwing in the towel.

          • NkoSekirei

            the only person that lost the race here is u troll do us all a favor and stfu dude

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Lost and lost… didnt feel like I bet so much either. But Ill be happy to be wrong. I would love a successful generation with WiiU, but I dont see it happen (as most other people).

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Look at arstechnica trolling Wii U. Man, it sucks. They are lying and saying Wii U wont handle Frostbite 2 and definitly not Frostbite 3. This must be a lie since Wii U is also nextgen??? LOL!


          • You are such a child. Grow up really.

          • david jarman

            Just cause your from Sweden doesn’t mean you have to troll us. Oooooooooh! Get it ? Troll? Swedish? Folklore?

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Haha, all you people must stop doing those mushrooms. You see trolls over all the place 😀

          • david jarman

            LOL, just messing with you man.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Yeah, messing with you too. 🙂

          • Robknoxious1

            Gotcha. You’re correct. The bottom line is he agrees with the business decision even if I disagree with some of the reasons he cites for his conclusion.

          • I hope you use the word expertise loosely as I think if he did not insult and cause controversy no one would pay attention to him. He is often wrong on his analyzing.

          • His attitude is certainly why many gamers are at odds with him. Regardless of our opinion, Wedbush Securities has employed him for around 10 years now as an analyst, which means someone is enjoying the job he’s doing.

          • Well I am pretty sure his predictions for the Nintendo Wii and 3DS would fail. Pretty sure he stated the Vita would kill the 3DS in sales and user satisfaction. He stated the Wii would be Nintendo’s last console too if I am not mistaken.

            So maybe he is just wrong when it comes to Nintendo.

          • Agent721

            he is…again, I repeat, this morons recommendations have been so far off in the past, he wouldve cost me a ton of money had I listened to his nonsense. IMO, he does not game and when you dont use a product, you cannot have any sense of what to recommend. Hes an analyst, non gamer, and for this field, that is a ridiculous position to hold.

          • jay

            WHY is this guy relevant to Nintendo anymore? Can we stop posting about him?

            This guy needs to go away.

        • None of their games will shine to anyone but nintendo fans, They’re last generation, people are looking to the future, not what the previous gen has already accomplished. E3 is a showcase of the newest games and newest gaming tech. Not for systems that barely hold their own against current Gen.

          • Robknoxious1

            I would think “shine” would basically mean standout. To think that the only way a game will standout at E3 is by how technically advanced the graphics are is pretty shallow. If a game is good it will standout or “shine” to more than just Nintendo fans.

          • Sorry, I forgot how truly innovative nintendo has been with the plethora of games they’re coming out with. I totaly think that the New nintendo first party games are going to be incredibly different from anything else we have ever seen, just like the currently available games.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Did you read about how the WiiU handled Frostbite 3? Sorry, I meant Frostbite 2, which it were unable to handle. Nintendo wont shine with anything, and they know it. Its a totally different division.


          • Magnus Eriksson

            Oh, no… look at this. PS3 can handle Frostbite 2 but WiiU cannot. This actually makes Wii U not nextgens weakest but THIS CURRENTGENS weakest. PS3 is actually more powerful.


          • More like an issue with Frostbite than the Wii U. See my comment above.

          • Robknoxious1

            Sorry I’m not buying it. It’s funny how Crytek has already stated that CryEngine 3 was up and fine on Wii U but EA wouldn’t green light a Wii U version of Crysis 3. EA is just mad at Nintendo for not letting them do their online.

            Also people who frequent forums for products they don’t care about just to troll need to get a life. I’m out.

          • Did you hear about how other people that work in the field of game development pretty much say that is a flat out lie or it is an issue with the Frostbite Engine itself and not that the Wii U cannot handle it.

            This is like software company A taking their Windows software that runs on an Intel Processor and trying to force it on a Mac with an Intel Processor and not doing anything to try and make it work and just saying “Oh well it doesn’t work so let’s move on”

            Of course you do not know anything about technology, hardware, or software development so why would you use facts like that when it is more childish to troll

          • Silent

            So how the vita going up again?

          • Nice sentence. How’s hooked on phonics “going up again”?

          • Silent

            You point is?

          • my point is that you are possibly retarded.

          • NkoSekirei

            the only retarded person here is u troll

          • nah, I still think it’s silent, but I’ll add you to the list too. GO NINTENDO! That whacky asian guy from the nintendo Directs is a god! Derp derp!

          • david jarman

            Go! Kwiss Wose!! The guy who can’t spell his name right and looks like wreck it Ralph with Down syndrome.

          • Silent

            Sorry you statement is void. I think we can agree you are the idiotic f*cker here. Mental retardation is a serious illness and you shouldnt joke about it. Its not even funny

          • Metal_Man_v2

            If you think upvotes or downvotes dictate how correct or incorrect a person is, you are quite mistaken. The popular opinion is not always the most intelligent opinion. Besides, your grammar is a little off. You put “You point is?” instead of “Your point is?”.

          • Silent

            ”You put “You point is?” instead of “Your point is?”.

            See also typo

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Oh, Nintendologic! What isnt there to love? What did you tell me about this voting system just a day ago? What did it prove?

          • Silent

            Dude, can you please slow down on the crap. Didn’t even bother to read your comment.

          • SUper stoked they’re aiming for mobile games though, that’s really cool, Unfotunately the Wii U isnt multi-touch enabled so…. they cant even do that correctly…. Thanks Nintendo! Not only are you behind the Current Gen, you’re also striving to be a second rate alternative to playing terrible mobile games.

          • david jarman

            Actually, the fact that its not multi-touch makes it very accurate and its very responsive. Plus, cost effective.
            As of games, its awesome they’re going to do mobile games too, but don’t forget we’re getting resident evil, watchdogs, project race car, a new 3d mario, pikmin 3, the wonderful 101, Zelda wind waker HD, deus ex upgrade, bayonetta, xenoblade 2, super smash bros, batman archam origins, Shadows of the eternal, sniper elite 2, etc.

          • david jarman

            Looking towards the future means to play the same way? Same controller? Same game mechanics dressed in shiny new skin? So, I guess the future means I have to buy another expensive device while the last expensive device purchased hasn’t fully reached its potential (great investment)and games will becoming out for both of them and neither are compatible with each other(another great investment).
            The next Xbox IS going to be no less then $500 or you can get the version that’s $299 and comes with a two year contract that’s $10 a month.(you do the math)

            As for nintendo, our crappy ports that aren’t so crappy are your current gens blockbusters.

          • Is that right? I might agree that Arkham city would be a Blockbuster, But the rest of the games are just Nintendos way of trying to keep up with current Gen. I’d just like you to tell me if you think that the sports games are at all comparable to their 360/ps3 counter parts.

          • david jarman

            No they were not nintendo’s way of keeping up they were quick ports so that we had games for launch while they worked on their games. Now our ports are getting better like nfs most wanted and deus ex are improved versions.

          • Nikko Ybanez

            ….Obvious troll is obvious

    • pfff

      He said “we don’t really have any new Wii U games that are going to shine THAT ARE PLAYABLE”

      Maybe he knows something, that we don’t know at the moment. I doubt there will be too many playable demos since the “big” titles like 3D Mario, SSB and Zelda seem to be in quite early development stages.

      please don’t take pieces of the things he says and repeat it like he’s saying those games are shit…I don’t want to justify Pachter, but this time he didn’t say anything bad about Nintendo and was even trying to look more objective at the topic.

    • …. reality

    • Silent

      Gamespot. Eurogamer

  • Genesect4ssb4

    Patcher JUST SHUT UP

  • insomniac

    “Pachter’s summation of why Nintendo dropped out of having an E3 conference this year reiterates what myself and John stated in our earlier articles. Right now Sony and Microsoft are the two juggernauts in the room and attempting to go toe to toe with them would be a bad decision”

    that says that you support it.
    i do agree that nintendo made the right decision. but not because i dont think that nintendo is a juggernaut. i think nintendo directs are way better way to reach THEIR audience. also its not like their not gonna be there at all.

    • This is merely Nintendo stepping aside while two bullies go at it. Pachter agrees with that. There’s no reason to spend massive amounts of money when the entire focus is already on your two competitors.

      • Nintenjoe82

        and it could also be argued that Nintendo gained more attention by mixing things up this year than they would by competing with highly anticipated, unreleased ‘super consoles’. No already-available console can compete with something that is so new that you can’t even buy it yet.

        Let’s just hope they have some new games to show by then because they need to prove they’ve been busy on Wii U and not just 3DS.

      • Agent721

        Why are Sony & MSFT bullies?

        • I mean that in the context that they’re two juggernauts going at each other’s throats this year. The new Xbox and PS4 are expected to launch this holiday season.

          • Agent721

            Gotcha, thanks for replying.

  • routerbad

    Seriously? We all know, anyone who pays attention to gaming knows, that Nintendo has some games to show that no one has ever seen, and they’ve confirmed what games will be playable that no one has ever seen to some extent. Pachter saying that it is smart because they have “nothing to show that is playable” is ridiculous and is just another resoundingly stupid comment from him. The fact that the author is given to support this ridiculous comment is equally absurd. You, sir, are on watch. Be careful, because the next few articles will determine whether you lose all credibility or not.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      I think you are being unfair. There is no doubt that the writer of this article has a very positive stance towards the console. Did you read her E3 article? I do not agree with her, but right should be right.

  • val berger

    Although this man is maybe one of the most hated ppl around this community here, people gotta admit that his forecast about nintendo’s financial loss wasn’t such a HUGE FAIL as most ppl used to claim at that time. of course, he’s just one of those so known analysts who try to stand out in the press by analyzing whatever possible but I think people should stop acting like children about the stuff he’s saying. actually I think ppl should stop acting like children about a lot of stuff that’s said around here. This should be a place where we discuss critiques instead of laughing at it. Like all analysts pachter sometimes is right and sometimes not. It’s that simple. No need to act like he’d threatened our freedom or whatsoever.

    • Agent721

      When you constantly predict doom & gloom, youre going to be right eventually.

      • val berger

        absolutely and that’s exactly what I’m talking of when I’m talking about analysts 🙂

  • XelaFury

    As much as I hate this man, I can’t deny that he’s right at one thing: That the PS4 and new Xbox will get most of the attention and will dominate at E3. But there’s also one thing where he’s wrong, and that’s the part where he says that Nintendo doesn’t actually have any new Wii U games to show at E3…… so his point on that is that he don’t think that the new 3D Mario game, Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei, “X”, Mario Kart 8, Zelda Wii U & Bayonetta 2 are new games just because they were announced months ago? Well, newsflash to him: They ARE new!!

    Anyway, we just need to wait until E3 and see what’s gonna’ happen.

    • Nintendofreak

      how cant they be new when they still havent been released

    • My thoughts exactly. He’s always been bullish when it comes to Nintendo, which really upsets Nintendo fans. The reality is that he has to be, from a financial perspective. Nintendo is games. Both Sony and Microsoft have other divisions that can keep their game strategy afloat if they misstep. He knows that. That’s why he’s so hard on Nintendo as a company. It’s not to piss off Nintendo fans.

      • Agent721

        You mean bearish? Bullish would indicate hes long on the stock, and clearly, hes not.

      • Arthur Jarret

        I actually do think Pachter often gives controversial opinions just to be controversial.

        That’s how he became well known and it is how he continues to have people talking about him during any discussion about videogame industry analysts, which is never a bad thing for business.

        Trust me, he’ll continue to piss people off, no matter which platform (if any) they support.

      • mikel334u2

        Hmm….I never thought about it that way, but if you look at some of his past remarks, he says some ignorant things about the Wii U and even called the 8 GB of RAM in the PS4 (in your other article) “innovative”.

    • Captain Falcon

      Don’t forget Smash Bros. It’s not a full reveal and it won’t be playable, but Sakurai said they’ll be showing pictures.

      • Guest

        Ooh. Pictures.


      • ReckoningReckoner

        Ooh. Pictures.


      • val berger

        After the past Smash Bros games I think the franchise is kinda washed out. Of course it’s a great game, but I’m afraid it’s becoming one of those nintendofranchises that are being continud just to sell units without really having a real reason to publish something new. Like Animal Crossing or Mario Kart didn’t really bring too much fresh air into their games, SB seems to be stuck on the same gameplay mechanics forever. Maybe I’m wrong (but as I know Nintendo, I know I won’t be) but my guess is, this will just be the same game we already played with Brawl & Melee, this time in HD and with Online-mechanics. Of course, it’s great if Nintendo publishes a game that will obviously sell units, but from a gamer’s point my guess is that I’ll skip that game.

    • Ryushi

      I think what he’s trying to say is as of right now, there’s no games to show at E3, we haven’t already heard of.

    • Translation: When he does not put down Nintendo, he makes sense. When he does put down Nintendo – how did he get his job?

      • david jarman

        News flash! When there’s something positive you’re gone when there’s something possibly negative you’re here.

        • val berger

          I’m afraid this sort of guy isn’t abe to follow your words. He just wanna have some fun going on some fans nerves. I guess we should tolerate this little ones’ simple minded life and hope he gets better in finding some sense sooner or later somewhere else.

    • Michael Patcher is an asshole. And the worst part of it, is that we “the gamers” continue to lister/read/watch whatever bullshit he says. We feed this awful monster.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Well… he is not wrong at all.

    1. I think it is a crappy decision because you don’t get many opportunities when you’re a console manufacturer to have the entire world focused on games.

    – If Nintendo thought that they could relaunch WiiU or hype it up. Then this decision is idiotic. But they have probably thrown in the towel now.

    2. But you asked was it a good business decision and, from your basic economics, it’s a profit deal. If you’re expected revenues from spending money are bigger than the amount you have to spend to generate those revenues, then it’s a good business decision.

    – Yeah, Nintendo knows they wont make money this way. They tried it twice, and were unable to create any hype at all.

    3. I think that Nintendo gave this a lot of thought – they said we don’t really have anything new to show…we don’t really have any new Wii U games that are going to shine that are playable

    – This is actually something very worrying about Nintendos plans. They promised before that we would se a playable Mario 3D and a Mario Kart while they hinted about a Zelda. To be honest it start to look as this is something they will be unable to do, at least satisfactory.

    4. The reason that Fox News, ABC, etc, are all here is to look at the next Xbox and PS4, then we’re just going to look bad next to them.

    – Nintendo gave up as one of the E3 articles in WiiUDaily hinted. This is what we see. Nintendo realizes that they cannot compete with Sony and Microsoft. We see from their new commercials that they turn away from that audience towards families and children wich is great, but maybe late. It should start to focus on it self as a console for childrens and family, not try to be something they are not.

  • I love how he adds this:

    ” we don’t really have any new Wii U games that are going to shine
    that are playable and, oh by the way, the reason that Fox News, ABC,
    etc, are all here is to look at the next Xbox and PS4, then we’re just
    going to look bad next to them.”

    He thinks Nintendo is going to look bad against the PS4 and NextBox…
    I do not think that is what Nintendo is thinking and they will have new
    games that ARE playable at E3. They announced that they will have some
    due for later summer and fall releases.

    I think Nintendo rather have the media and E3 attendees actually play
    and use the system rather than talk and brag about what the system
    allegedly will do.

    • Blah

      The only game that’s far enough in development is Mario Kart…Sakurai said they would show pictures of the game, but they aren’t far enough to show live gameplay. The Zelda team’s probably still working on the concept and may show some teaser trailer and the same may go for Mario U…
      That’s possibly one playable demo for a Nintendo made game => Pachter’s right this time. He didn’t say anything really bad about Nintendo, but everyone should be able to see the situation as it is: Nintendo won’t be able to shine at E3 with first party titles against two new systems…
      We don’t know about 3rd party games or publishers like Ubisoft in general (publishers that support the WiiU), but I can imagine that we will see a ton of new games in those Nintendo Directs. First party titles as well as 3rd party titles.

  • Agent721

    As an investor, Pachter wouldve cost me a ton of money listening to his advice. I invest in this sector, and he is so far off most of the time, I truly urge anyone to really pause & think prior to listening to him. I speak from experience.

    • It cost me 350 not to listen to him, because I bought this peice of shit.

      • Agent721

        You base your purchases on stock analyst? Any other product you do that with ?

  • Squid

    Good business move. Though makes me sad for no conference. 🙁

  • Zizo47

    Here’s my take on things. We know that Nintendo will be doing a pre E3 presentation, which is great since they’ll be able to have a head start and maybe show off some software that will be available on the show floor in the coming days.

    Here’s where it gets interesting though, if they were to do a post E3 presentation showing us all the juicy game announcements and trailers, that people wouldn’t otherwise be able to demo on the show floor, then they can really give the gaming community something even after all the E3 hype is over, and they won’t need to share the spotlight in both cases. Ooooh snap!

  • Ford Crews

    Kids say the darnedest things.

  • Kenshin0011

    Both sides of this argument have so little perspective, when E3 is over and done with, everyone will see how Nintendo not having a live press conference means literally nothing bad.

    You all act like the E3 press conference SPECIFICALLY is the most important thing ever. No, it’s not! It’s just how the big 3 have traditionally presented their big E3 announcements for the world to see. What truly matters is E3 as a whole.

    THAT’S STILL GOING TO HAPPEN FOR NINTENDO!!! Everything Nintendo would have announced during an E3 live conference is still going to be announced, just a little differently. Everyone at E3 will be able to experience and learn about Nintendo’s offerings no worse than Sony/MS. And most everyone at home will get their E3 news from sites like IGN/GS, and those sites will most definitely cover ALL big news of ALL 3 companies.

    Why is this so hard for people to wrap their head around? Okay, so Sony and MS have new consoles. That doesn’t mean that when Nintendo shows Super Smash, Mario Kart, 3D Mario, Xenoblade 2, etc.etc. no one will notice. And if they don’t care, than they were never going to care anyway. Last E3, Nintendo was the only one with a new console, was the human race retarded then and did not notice all of Sony’s and MS’s announcements? I think not.

    • Zizo47


  • Pedro Alves

    nintendo shine with wii games vs ps3 and xbox….i dont understand patcher

  • palomino blue

    Damn. Why doesn’t everyone team up on Ashley for this one then… This seems like a pretty objective report to me.

  • Ducked

    This moron is actually correct for a change.

  • Silent

    Not even Pachtie Pach dares to question Nintendo’s experts.

  • “No new games to show” So Zelda, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, 3D Mario game, and whatever Retro is doing aren’t “new”

    • Blah

      no PLAYABLE new games…read the whole text and don’t make things up…

      • Either way, he still doesn’t know what games will be playable. We know MKU and SMU are going to be playable at least.

  • John Andalora

    I still don’t get it.
    Nintendo should be competing with these people and trying to show the world why the games they have are the best. They shouldn’t just stand aside while other companies fight for the glory of main stage. Even if E3 is falling out, it’s still one of the most prominent gaming expos in America that gives the most news on gaming.
    I still think this is a terrible decision on Nintendo’s part.

  • Johny

    yup… even tho we dont like it… (YET)… its probably a best business decision nintendo could make… not to blindly defend nintendo… but seriously… nintendo has been like.. reinventing everything as we know it.. and most of the time (with few exceptions…looking at Virtualboy) they prove successfull with their decisions…jesus.. look at how successfull they are with their shit… and in my honest friggin opinion, to miss out on a big scale E3 which nintendo had every year for a loooong time…… i think they had to have a pretty darn good reason and mind behind it. they’re not stupid.

  • I”m a little confused as to why everyone thinks that sony and microsoft are going to blow everyones minds at e3 sony has already shown us what they are doing and its very unlikely they are going to have any playable games, I would say at best playable tech demos and microsoft is just going to copy sony. Wii u has innovative games to show that dont play like anything else on the market, sony is going to show us COD upscaled with a few extra weapons. Microsoft is going to try to explain to us why we should continue to pay for x box live and show some kinect nonsense no one cares about, or smart glass or whatever their new way of copying nintendo is going to be. I think the only reason why nintendo is not doing a big press conference is because their sick of getting copied by their competitors. How much time was spent at sonys conference explaining how ps4 and a vita is comparable to the wii u? Have you ever heard of nintendo trying to make uncharted, gears, halo, infamous? Nintendo doesn’t have to they make games with their eyes closed and they do it because they love making games. Sony and microsoft just do it for cash and I think it shows big time.

  • Zai

    The Wii U is not getting as much 3rd Party Support as Xbox 360 and PS3 are getting… I’m buying PS4 when it comes out.

    • Zai
    • Of course it’s not (rigth now) no new console get’s instant “3rd party support” like the last gen(one previous to the new on) consoles that are still being sold and have a much larger install base. The only reason Nintendo Wii U has not got as much instant 3rd party support at launch that as ridiculous as it sounds the Ps4 might be getting right at launch is because the Wii U is 1: not playing it safe like the other 2 consoles
      2: almost all 3rd party publishers/devs know what the main audience for PS4/Xbox will be vs the Wii U where it is more of a mixed bag=Higher risk of low sales
      3: Nintendo doesn’t brown-nose 3rd party game creators just to get there games on there system unlike Sony and Microsoft

      It really is stupid to come to a conclusion that based off of a console that is not even half a year old that doesn’t have large 3rd party support at the moment, that it makes the PS4 anymore worth it. Many games that come out on the Xbox 360 and PS3 after the PS4 and next Xbox launch won’t come to the new systems much like what the Wii U has experienced with not getting certain “Big” ports (bioshock infinate etc.) Not every 3rd party dev will be behind the new consoles right away, same old same old, happens every new generation.

      • Not true. 3rd party support is built up BEFORE the system releases – always. That let’s many different interests get an idea of the system’s potential success or failure. You saw the PS4 having it’s 3rd party support built up right. Weak 3rd party support means a system that will fail.

        • Agent721

          Nintendo has had weak 3rd party support since the N64, 20 years ago, and theyre still here. You have no sense of history or facts, and just rant on! Grow up, son! And why so angry at Nintendo? Teenage angst??!!

          • They are still here, but others have since passed them by. A recording artists who used to be on top can still get hits as long as they have top 20 hits – they are just not the headliner at any show anymore.

          • Jon

            they didn’t pass the Wii….., they were both behind on the wii and Sony is behind on them on the 3DS and the vita though it is possible they’ll surpass them this generation as we still have yet to see when they are released

        • Like I said a console does not have the same amount of full support as established consoles on launch. Yeah sure Nintendo might have slightly dropped the ball with getting a huge amount of 3rd party support but it really shouldn’t be a surprise since every system goes through a phase where 3rd party support is not very strong. People seem to forget that the Wii had little 3rd party support and it still outsold both the PS3 and Xbox 360 running mainly on 1st party titles. People also seem to think that not having strong 3rd party support in the beginning means the console won’t last when that is a closed minded ignorant way of looking at a consoles launch support. If you asked the average person to invest in company A that has been around a few years longer and have a much larger customer base, or in company B which is brand new and has a small customer base
          which do you think most would pick? Of course company A 9 times out of 10 because it is more popular and they are bound to make much more money and get much more for there investment. The same thing happens with Developers/Publishers when a new system comes out, they must decide whether they wish to risk money by supporting a new console or capitalize on the existing systems that already have a large consumer base. It really is common sense that new consoles don’t get as much support until the amount of users of said system surpass the current ones.

          Sure while PS4 might have a larger 3rd party support it is because the current gen problem that the Wii U currently faces won’t be as much of a problem and the Devs know what games PS4 and Xbox 720 are going to like, unlike the Wii U which is a mixed bag and more of a gamble. I say give it until 2015 when all the consoles should have at least 10 million users then we will see large/Full 3rd party support of all consoles, until then it is kind of pointless to say one console has lousy 3rd party support.

  • Ashley – there won’t be a next year for Nintendo – it’s over now.

    • Morits Lian

      It probably is…sad…I mean HURRAY or so apparently

    • Magnus Eriksson

      As a hardware company you are probably right. But software wise we will probably see even more from Nintendo. Now they will be forced to give out titles on mobile phones and other consoles if they want to make money. Two-three years from now and we are there.

    • Jon

      I’m sure they’ll be back

  • Greg Allen

    pachter is wrong. Nintendo fully intends to wow the world, this IS this Nintendo’s most important e3 yet. Showing off these new games is a MASSIVE event. They will be playable on the shop floor. Nintendo could very well steal the show still. I think they will.

  • Greg Allen

    am i the only person that can see that Michael Pachter is not exactly the professional here claims to be. I mean personally I think his direct videos are abit lame. Considering he’s an industry professional I just think he is misunderstanding his market. We’re not children. I think he doesn’t do nearly enough of them, and he doesn’t really have that much to say when he does. I think he kinda missed the mark. Im sorry but I just think Pachter might have to drop out of market researching and just blog for other people. I just think he’s doomed to fail.

  • Greg Allen

    Oh and Pachter, kiss my f*cking arse.

  • Agent721

    Big N fans…RELAX! Nintendo can survive a few flops, and still be around, as they have a ton of cash. That being said, I beleive they will turn the wii u situation around, even more so than the 3DS. Why??? Games. In reality, theres only one real Nintendo game out for the Wii u, and thats New SMBU. This is why its not selling. Once games come out, which is where Nintendo shines, the system will move, because Nintendos franchises are the most valuable in gaming, because they sell well! But you cant sell anything, if theyre not for sale.

    As far as the other 2 consoles, if $500 is truly their price out the gate, they will have a great launch and then crash in Jan, due to their over the top price. A consumer will have a hard time justifying that purchase, when the Ipad is the same price, yet much more functional. Once these come out, the big Ns choice of a tablet controller, which is very familiar with families, with a $150 less pricetag, will make consumers think twice. Add in a mariokart on the shelve next to it, Zelda, Wii Fit and a new dancing game, and it will be a huge draw to consumers. And by consumers, I do NOT mean the hard-core, but the average guy who loves to game, but isnt obsessed by it. Yes, they exist, but they dont follow a site like this.

    I will add that if you bought a Wii U for 3rd party games, why did you? The last time Nintendo had huge 3rd party support was in the early 1990s with the SNES. No matter what Nintendo says, you have to realize their console is nothing more than a ditribution system for their games. I plan on getting a PS4 for that purpose, and the Wii U is truly for Nintendos franchises.

    I love all gaming, and I hope that all succeed, but lets not calls Nintendos death way too prematurely, as its an exercise in futility.

    • Silent

      This is always going to happen everytime Nintendo makes a mistake. Trolls know that Nintendo is being successful therefore they convince themselves that they arent missing out on anything and that their piece of plastic is the best. You know what they say, the internet has the intelligence of a starfish

      • Agent721

        Bro, it reminds me of the late 80s in grammar school. Some kids loved Sega and Nintendo was also doomed back then. You can rinse & repeat with the SNES, N64, GCN, Wii and now Wii U. Its an old & tired refrain.

  • Agent721

    As an FYI, Nintendo has $11.5 billion in cash, on hand. Sony? $17 billion. Considering Nintendo just does games, while Sony does music, movies, electronic appliances, computers AND games…Nintendo doesn’t have too many worries, yet.

  • Kerbizzle

    I agree that it’s a smart move, but saying that Nintendo has nothing to show is a big stretch. They’ve got plenty games to show, most of which we haven’t seen gameplay or the game itself yet.

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    People will be making excuses when the NextBox and PS4 fall into the same sales depression that the WiiU is in. Don’t believe me? just watch. The WiiU will be fine even after the other 2 titans release

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    whoever decided placing an ad over the comments is a jerk

  • Is there no one else but Patcher you have to keep referencing or is the only reason you use him is because you know it’ll rally up more page views and angry comments…

  • Pachter is very ugly

    • Nikko Ybanez

      all hail the waluigod

  • Martijn Plasmans

    Why is he saying :

    “I think that Nintendo gave this a lot of thought – they said we don’t really have anything new to show…we don’t really have any new Wii U games that are going to shine that are playable and,..”

    When we know that Nintendo is going to show some of their biggest franchises for WiiU?

    • JuleyJules

      I saw this too and it proves he’s an idiot who pays no attention to Nintendo whatsoever except to bash them. They have said that there will be lots of playable games – Mario Kart, 3D Mario etc – and they’ve also said there is lots to show. We will probably hear about new games that haven’t been previously announced. After all the details for their E3 pre-show say they are talking to media for 30 minutes before they get to GO PLAY THE GAMES! What is his problem and furthermore WHY DO WE LISTEN?

      Besides his BS, can someone clarify something for me – were early PS3/360 as good graphically and powerful (or whatever) as more recent ones? Or did it take time for developers to get the hang of those systems? If it did I’m sure over time developers will get more out of the Wii U as well. I have a feeling Nintendo is going to make Zelda U into an amazing game that shows what the Wii U is capable of doing.

      Hopefully we see Bayonetta 2, Mario 3D and X at E3 and they show what the Wii U can really do when a developer gives a shit about the system they’re working on!

  • Rumpelstiltskin

    A lot of games have already been announced for a release this fall/summer. Games such as Mario Kart. Wind Waker HD, Mario 3D, Super Smash Bros, Project CARS, Bayonetta 2 and probably a lot more that we haven’t heard of yet. They choose to go with Nintendo Direct thanks to its huge success, and they’re free to do what they want that way. Pachter is and has always been a Nintendo hater. Everything they do is bad according to him.

  • Bart Subelack

    Nintendo did it wrong. they should have waited till the E3 and show all the new games there in a show instead of the nintendo direct’s.

  • Guest

    Nintendo makes money, you cannot teach your granpa about taking decisions. fail trolls are getting more retarded every day and i have a wii u and it’s freaking awesome,i will buy the ps4 and “xbox720”. Haters gonna hate i am rich, keep supporting w/e you like and stop the nonsense kids.

  • Frik

    My decision is to don’t give a shit on pacther comments. This is the only right decision.

  • Elem187

    Nintendo didn’t drop out of having an E3 conference, there are just stretching the big show into more smaller shows for targeting their different audiences specifically.
    One show is for the investors, one for the media, one for the retailers/distributors and then a Nintendo Direct for the gamers.
    Peoples reading and comprehension skills are quite poor, which is surprising from a Nintendo enthusiast website.