May 9th, 2014


In a recent interview with GamingBolt, Michael Pachter discussed the future of Nintendo and the Wii U. Pachter has been notably critical of the Wii U, but this time he actually agreed that the newest financial estimates given by Nintendo after their financial call are very conservative on the eve of Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. releasing this year.

According to Pachter, we can expect to see around 5 to 10 million units sold because of these two games, but he doesn’t see them sparking the momentum for lifetime console sales to reach 30 million. He also states that Nintendo won’t go third party, despite these sales.

Yeah, I do too, and I mean, 5 or 10 million units, yes, but not 30 million units, not 50 million, they’re not going to catch up. But they won’t go third party, so the answer to your question is, no, I don’t think they’ll go third party. I think they’ve convinced themselves, I mean, I think they’d rather pursue their health and fitness initiative.

It’s interesting to see Pachter change his mind again about Nintendo going third party, as in the past he’s stated that the company should attempt to enter the mobile market.

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  • Donaald

    Now those games are jinxed for life

  • Stephen Macneil

    Pachter didn’t change his mind at all. He always said that he thinks Nintendo should go third party but that they never would.

    • Tim van Broekhoven


    • Marioman21

      I hope they don”t.

      • Stephen Macneil

        They are years away from making that decision. Nintendo just needs to regroup, realize they’re in competition with Sony and Microsoft, and approach they’re hardware and software development decisions that way. We all love Mario and Zelda, but nintendo can also make more “hardcore” experiences in the future as well. They can broaden their scope instead of painting themselves into a corner.

  • Sdudyoy

    Great, now that Pachter said that they will sale 5-10 million units from MK8 and Smash bros, they wont, because he is never right.

    • ETMew2348

      yeah 10-20 mill should do xD

      • Sdudyoy

        Lol, probably!

  • zlk

    I hate to say it, but I agree with him. Iwata is stagnating Nintendo’s gaming division in favor of the QoL junk, they really need to get the Regginator into the cockpit soon so Nintendo can really get some momentum. I try to reserve my judgement with Nintendo, but after the anticlimactic release of the Wii U and Nintendo’s total failure to get their first party stuff out the door in a timely manner, I can’t help but be pessimistic about their outlook and company health going forward.

    • FoxMulder900

      I am skeptical of their new ventures as well, but you can’t really judge it as “QoL junk” when literally nobody has seen it yet. Even if it ends up being something I have zero interest in, I still hope it does well for them.

      • zlk

        Yeah, I’m praying it’s really successful. Maybe ‘junk’ was an overstatement, it just irks me that they have so much potential to work with but would rather invest the money into non-gaming stuff. HD sequels to Xenoblade, Perfect Dark, Luigi’s Mansion, Pokemon Snap, there are so many titles to choose from that would garner major support.

        • Michael Legault

          Have you seen X? It is the sequel to Xenoblade as far as I can tell. Also Perfect Dark is owned by Microsoft and Rare… Hopefully we’ll see a Conduit 3 soon… But I really want a new Battalion Wars game…

          • zlk

            Lol, I totally wrote Perfect Dark, but was thinking Eternal Darkness. Derp. I do hope Conduit 3 comes out tho, that would be rad.

  • ActivesiN

    Nintendo is not going to go 3rd party pachter, deal with it

    • Rinslowe

      Amen. It’s himself that has finally been convinced, not the other way around. Ha!

    • Sdudyoy


      • Mario

        Every video game fanboy shoud see this. 🙂

        • Sdudyoy


      • aefd

        You are probably the first person on a Nintendo website.. That i don’t facepalm at…. Thankyou…

      • blasterman

        Did you know that is inaccurate? Their cash reserve is down by 4 billion dollars in 18 months and they just lost 500 million last year, not 250 million. At the rate they’re burning through cash, (4 billion every 18 months) they’ll be bankrupt in 2 years.

      • I see the claim. I don’t see any cited sources.

  • Rinslowe

    Well duh! The whole world is thinking that, lol…

    • Magnus Gonzalez

      Right? Big ledge you walked out on Pachter. If it does sell 5-10 million in the next year that might be enough for Nintendo to fully support the console with all of their big titles (Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, 3D Mario). If it doesn’t, I can see them holding back a couple of those games so they are ready for the next console’s launch. That’s what I would do after making the mistake of back to back launches lacking system selling games (3DS, Wii U).

  • jjbredesen

    What? Impossible Pachter said something posetive?? Well, i think he could be right, but now that he has said this i guess it will sell shit, because he can not be right!

    • Officer Raichu

      ok somehow i agree with him XD

    • RennanNT

      Or… Nintendo could sell those 30 millions XD

      I know the chances, but I refuse to have the same opinion as him! So, becoming a “Nintendo can do no wrong” fanboy in 3, 2, 1.75, 1.5, 1.49…… Argh, can’t do it either.. there’s anything else besides suicide?

      • jjbredesen


        • RennanNT

          Dammit… Can you lend me a bottle? I’m gonna fairy-hunt.. (There’s no MK8, X and Zelda U in the other world after all)

          • Marioman21

            I have a spare bottle I can mail it to you. Lol

    • Will W

      In EVERY (I’m not exaggerating) Nintendo Article, IGN runs, they have to Note Any of Nintendo’s Financial woes.
      As for Pachter, usually he uses “opinion/statistics-is-absolute-facts” analytics. This isn’t as opinion-based.

      • greengecko007

        Really? I don’t see anything about Nintendo’s financial woes in articles about Mario Kart 8, Smash, or the Nintendo podcasts from IGN. I would definitely say that you’re over exaggerating. Once again, IGN is one of Nintendo’s biggest supporters.

        • D.M.T

          IGN is in no shape or form one of Nintendo’s biggest supporters. I would still be on IGN if that was the case but it’s not so i left. IGN is Sony fanboys paradise.

          • greengecko007

            Yeah, because having a group of people dedicated to a Nintendo podcast every week is totally not big support for Nintendo. Nevermind the fact that one of their latest topics for the podcast was defending Nintendo’s decision not to have a floor show at E3 again this year, which people started flipping out over when Nintendo announced their E3 plans.

          • Shota

            the nintendo podcasts are actually good. watch them 😉

          • greengecko007

            They’re great. A group of reasonable people that like Nintendo and like discussing Nintendo news and their opinions on them make for very entertaining videos.

          • Officer Raichu

            hey i love them too
            loved the latest one about mk8 and pokemon os and ar

          • greengecko007

            The only thing we saw of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire was tentative box art, yet the whole internet exploded over the news. In my opinion, this is just more evidence that Nintendo needs to get Game Freak or somebody to develop a Pokemon game for the Wii U.

    • Marioman21

      Its a miracle!

  • AkaLink77

    Well… No Sh!t its going to exceed predictions, heck even MK8 alone may move units above their expectation…and the whole 3rd party thing?? Just STFU about that, it sooo irrational to think that when other game companies are at higher risks than Nintendo, besides they are no longer loosing money on WiiU units sold.

    And btw i think this very suspicious low prediction from Nintendo may ALSO have to do with that QOL project.

    • Rinslowe

      Granted the “no longer losing money on units sold” was also from an analyst. Nintendo haven’t confirmed that themselves yet have they?

      • AkaLink77

        Well… its been two years so i think its safe to presume that, but if they lower the price again i wont be too sure.

        • Rinslowe

          True. After seeing the attach rate the other day, I’d say that they could quite possibly still profit after another price drop.
          But would need to hear it from Nintendo themselves before being confident about speculating.

          • Officer Raichu

            actually go to the nintendoeverything they have a round up of the investors meeting and it said they will no longer lose money 😀

  • Damn it! Pachter being positive about Nintendo is a sign of the apocalypse. Now the world is going to end soon.

    • Graeme Lynch

      What is he saying that is positive exactly? That MK and Smash will sell millions? That is pretty much a given…

      • That Mario Kart and Smash Bros will help stimulate sales of the console and could exceed what Nintendo is estimating will sell.

        • Graeme Lynch

          If those are worldwide figures sure. I guess I just find it difficult to understand why people have waited until Mario Kart to buy a WiiU =S

          • I think a lot of it has to do with Nintendo’s ineffective marketing and defining what the Wii U is. Then the bloggers, media, and dudebro’s have filled the internet with fallacies like the Wii U is weak, running on ancient hardware, and is only for kiddy games. Nintendo did very little to nothing to defend their product and let the problem escalate all while Sony and Microsoft are trying to sell their consoles on specs alone with the hopes that the games will come. Of course those specs have the dudebros fighting over which 8 cores and 8GBs are better and fighting over games in 900p and 1080p.

            I buy into the platforms that give me the games I want to play so that is why I have a Wii U and a PC this time around as there is nothing compelling on the PS4 or XB1 to convince me to buy it as my other two platforms give me access to the games I like.

          • Graeme Lynch

            Same, same. I built a gaming PC just last Christmas as I knew most of my gaming needs would be met with PC. Plus the cheapness of games! Heaven.

          • I have taken it step further and been messing around with Steam In-Home streaming. Using a modest HTPC valued at about $350 I can stream my Steam Games and even non-steam games that I add to the interface right to that other PC connected to my TV. Using Steam I can get a console-like dashboard to my games and they play using the power of the gaming PC in the other room but I get the benefit of the 60″ HDTV.

            Steam In-Home streaming is in beta now but I think this is viable alternative to another console provided you are a PC gamer as you can get or build a modest PC cheaper than those consoles and get the same effect.

          • jonen

            i have to agree. i built mine 2 years ago and still plays most games well. i think i will upgrae my GPU soon though. my GTX 560 ti has seen better days. now if only they would release the 800-series…

          • LordiMcKill

            I agree, people need to get over the fact that resolutions and frame rates aren’t everything, especially if the gameplay sucks. To me gameplay is everything, graphics and the what not come second, hell thats why games like Minecraft are so popular, the graphics might not be the best in the world but the gameplay is rock solid and thats what really counts.

            With Wii U games that have dedicated gamepad features, i know the gameplay will be far better and more diverse with its cool use of gameplay features.

            Also MK8 runs at 1080p at 60fps, something that most Xbone games can’t do, so those who say that the Wii U doesn’t have the power, clearly have no idea what they are talking about.

          • But if you ask the dudebros it is because cartoon like polygons take less “power” to render than realistic polygons. Never mind the fact that sometimes the polygon count is just the same and the only difference is textures.

          • Ultrasyd

            Texturing makes a big difference. If you do a bit of modeling and render objects with only 1 diffuse color, or add multiples textures and filtering or lights, it’s very different. Polygons are just a part of the thing.
            Take any modeling and rendering software, make your scene cartoon-like, then put textures everywhere and see the difference in real time maybe ?
            See the amount of textures there :
            Then compare to any “realistic” engine.

            Mario Kart looks great, but your statment about cartoon like polygons is just wrong in my opinion.

          • Textures do make a difference and so does the color palette too. Many “realisic” games have a very narrow color palette mainly of browns, grays, and greens which saves on computing resources as well.

            I am not arguing that the PS4 and XB1 have a bit more power to work with but just trying to point out that you cannot always judge how much power a game takes by it’s art style.

          • SolarShane13

            While your right, your wrong about Xbone. It has no games that do 1080p 60fps.


          • LordiMcKill

            I was going to put ‘all’ but I knew someone would probably flag me up about it so i changed it to be on the safe side, wasn’t expecting it to be the other way around lol

          • Jonathan George Anaya

            Wolfeinstein is 1080p/60fps. And so is Forza 5. Driveclub was delayed by a Year and even that game didn’t hit 1080p/60fps…

            Stop Drinking the Sony Kool-Aid. Demand Great Games from a Gaming-Only console

        • Gameonfool

          I thought nintendo’s estimates was a bit low.

        • wiiucompl

          In Poland just started first event with Nintendo – after changing official distributor for Poland.

          Many people in Wroclaw on CD Action Expo (polish biggest game magazine) discovered Nintendo.

          Here is my photos from first hours of this event:

          have fun

      • Michael DeVore

        That the it will outsell Nintendo’s own estimate. Not sure what Nintendo’s estimate is on those. The only one I thought came out was 3M Wii U’s for the years. I don’t recall an exact MK8 or SSB estimate.

        • greengecko007

          I’m pretty sure what he’s talking about is Wii U units being sold. Nintendo’s estimate for this fiscal year is 3.6 million Wii U units sold, while the article states that Pachter believes they can do 5-10 million because of Mario Kart 8 and Smash.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Unlikely 10M. My guess is a total of 5M sold at next report. And thats kind of generous too. Wii U sold 2.75M last fyear, even less than their revised numbers.

            Another thing. We should react to the low estimates from Nintendo. It shows that they dont believe in what they will show this E3. My guess is that we will see Bayo, X and the new DK Mario stuff that was demoed, and thats it. No Zelda, thats for sure.

          • greengecko007

            “We should react to the low estimates from Nintendo. It shows that they dont believe in what they will show this E3.”

            This is something I was actually thinking about too. I’m hoping that Nintendo’s low estimates are because they don’t want to continue to disappoint their investors, but it does also look like they aren’t confident in the games we are supposedly getting this year.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            they already confirmed on multiple occasions they’re showing Zelda actually.

          • oregano

            I respectfully disagree. I think they heavily overestimated or were overconfident past couple years. I think this is just a humbling projection as to come out way ahead at the end of the year. I wouldn’t tie these numbers to the quality of their E3 presentations.

      • Yousif Alromaithi

        He just checked vg chartz and Mario kart is placed number no 4 in pre orders since Wednesday.

        • Krzysztof

          I think it’s no 5, nevertheless it gained 38000+ preorders last week. That’s more than Watch Dogs for all systems combined (or any game in that matter)! If it stays at 40k preorders per week level, it should have 300000 copies preordered at lunch in US alone. Globally it should easly have 500k+ preorders by the 30th.
          I don’t think it will catch Watch Dogs for PS4, but it should be pretty close.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            I am not sure it will beat watch dogs but I guarantee it will reach over 200,000 units sales. It never surprised me with those numbers. I bet that smash Bros will have higher sales in Christmas possible over 300,000. That I am betting on Smash Bros to reach that number. I have my pre order on amazon, lucky I live in USA’s east coast I can get the exclusive on Nintendo World. But my pre order I issued on amazon was four months ago. I can’t cancel that because I don’t want too.

    • Agreed 100%. This is a bad omen. D:

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      Because he is dumb ass, he just checked vg chartz. Where Mario Kart has 140 thousands pre orders in USA. It is placed number four what will Smash Bros do. He said they will not doing anything in the past. Now he says something lol. Fucking idiot that man.

  • HollyJOsborne

    According to Pachter, we can expect to see around 5 to 10 million units sold because of these two games, but he doesn’t see them sparking the momentum for lifetime console sales to reach 30 million. He also states that Nintendo won’t go third party, despite these sales.

  • uPadWatcher

    Positive Pachter?! And we have breaking news… the North Pole is no longer filled with blocks of ice.

    • Mario


    • Marioman21

      No I love Ice and the poor Polar Bears.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Aw damn, it’ll never reach the sales target now…

  • Yeah. I agree with him. They’re not going to make a total comeback, but they’ll do alright.

    • Rinslowe

      It could be a surprise! 🙂

      I don’t think they’ll win back the hearts and minds of the average “western” gamer. Or make any sales records. But Wii U may just end up being another profitable system for Nintendo in the long run. And that has it’s benefit for both Ninty next gen R&D teams and the consumer…

      • Virus6

        I’ve said it before, Nintendo will pretty much be ok, especially since the Wii U is now profitable on every console sold. It will reach Gamecube levels, which is fine. The Gamecube was a beast of a system and my favorite one of all time.

        • Rinslowe

          I still remember the look on my friends faces when they saw RS II Rogue Leader for the first time…
          It was definitely a capable system and had some real gems throughout it’s lifespan…

      • yup. As long as it’s profitable. But not profitable enough to make them think the same mistakes are okay

        • Rinslowe

          Yeah, I think even though Wii U most probably will be quite profitable for Nintendo by the end of this gen. What it has cost Ninty in terms of their image, further lack of third party support and development resources to get there will be a painful reminder of their mistakes.

          • their image was already awful. Now it’s just pitiful.

          • Rinslowe

            I agree to a point. It’s not universal. But it’s certainly close….

          • it’s close enough to be a problem, at the least

          • Rinslowe

            It’s always a problem. That’s half the solution.

    • Marioman21

      I think Nintendo will be happy with the Wii u as long as they in the end manage to make profit no matter how small on it. not to mention if it some how sold ten million units this year it would only be 5.5 million units a way from breaking the Gamecube’s 21.54 million life time sales. Which 5.5 in 2-3 more years before they announce a replacement in about 2017. That seems possible if it does sell 10 million like Pachter said it might. here’s hoping.

      • Eh. I think they could break it

        • Marioman21

          Let us hope it does.

  • J.r. Storms

    I still hate him.

  • We shall get Wii U to were we want it by releasing the following titles:
    (Yes i am drunk)

    //Bill Trinen

    • Mario

      Is that image real? Or just plain false?

      • jjbredesen

        Looks like the full think is censored in black, but who knows?

        • Virus6

          I’ve seen this image elsewhere on a fan site.

      • Marioman21

        I do not think so.

  • gimmegimmekevin

    There is a difference between Pachter saying he thinks Nintendo should do it, and him saying what he thinks they WILL do. He can have an opinion that is opposite of what he thinks will happen. Doesn’t mean he changed his mind. Also, at this point if Wii U hit 5 million units this fiscal year and passed that 3.6 million sales goal it would be a miracle and would be a good turn around especially since they’re selling it at a profit now. It wouldn’t be Xbone levels but would be close enough,

  • Purple

    Id be sooo stoked if they announced Pokémon Snap 2 HD. So Rad!
    Why dont they make games anymore? Its like the cost of making games is so much they cant aford to make a bad game so they make what they think eill selll a lot. Zelda Mario and thats it no more niche titles anymore. Sucks.

    • condor87z

      I would buy that game in a heart beat.

  • Purple

    I remember playing the cooolest games on N64′ Turok, Gforce, South Park, (it was coolat the time) Cruisin USA, 1080, Formula 1, Tony Hawk,. Hard believe games like that once came to Nintendo Conoles. Yep. ….. they did! Back when Nintendo was Cool. Before Iwata era. Ill be the first to admit. I hated the DS and Wii. I like the 3DS but notin 3D. And my Wii U sucks too I

    • Marcus Larsson

      So true, loved the n64

    • Virus6

      Funny how you mention Iwata. It wasn’t his fault third parties don’t like Nintendo. That started in the N64 era before Iwata took over.

      • Purple

        Nope. N64 had great 3rd party support. The N64 revolutionized video games and everyone wanted to be a part of that. Who wants to be a part of Wii U ?

        • Marioman21

          I love my wii u.

        • 00EpicGamer00

          What you say, is the truth! The N64 was like, the best console ever. I find it hilarious when crazy Nintendo fanboys throw the excuse “ughhhh 3rd party’s have deep hatred for Nintendo.” “3rd party’s want Nintendo to fail.” I bet the people who say this, don’t understand how business works. 😛

    • Brandon

      I agree, I didnt like the wii that much, and the wii u can be better. As for the ds family im so far happy, only because of pokemon. Thats why I cant have a nintendo home console as a primary console.

  • anthony optimo

    Nintendo going third party is asinine, the N went third part with Colecovision when Donkey Kong was available for that console.

  • ZeldaFan83

    He has said before that AAA Nintendo games like this will sell consoles but he has also said that they NEED 3rd party support and without it they won’t be able to sell as many as the competition or as many as Nintendo is hoping for. What he is saying isn’t really positive but it’s not negative either.

  • WiiUPS4

    Who cares ..I don’t trust prancher anymore than i did before..He is a nasty stain that needs to be cleaned up and throw out..:)

    • Marioman21

      I know but for once I kinda hope he’s right.

  • Mario


  • CydeFxt

    I love how this shit head gets paid a lot of money to say things that the gamers knows.

  • Mozellergodt

    Well he is always wrong so I guess he’ll be again :p Time will tell

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Pachter actually being positive about Nintendo for once!!!!???? Did Hell just freeze over?

  • starwars360

    Excuse me, Pachter? You should have being patience and you have no rights to said bad things and bashed on Nintendo for Wii U. Just give Nintendo time. Stop being jerker old man ok?

    Goodbye Pachter and nice to see your good mouth today. But we DON’T TRUSTS YOU!!!!

  • David Horowitz

    How successful were the smash bros games in the past?

    • Nostalgic_Chaos

      Brawl (the most recent game) sold 12 million copies worldwide.
      Melee sold 7 million.
      The original on the N64 sold 5 million.

      The sales of the Smash Bros franchise has been getting higher with each new game, so hopefully this new Smash Bros will sell at least 6-7 million. More would be great. It will be interesting to see what happens, however.

      I doubt it’s going to sell more than Brawl did, though.

      • Jason

        I doubt Smash will save the Wii U, since it’s also on the 3DS. People will just buy that version. Especially since the 3DS version comes before the Wii U.

        • Nostalgic_Chaos

          You would think so, but with these things you just never know. I think people are going to put more value on the Home Console version. It looks much better, and overall it’s probably going to have more content.

          It’s not about whether it’s going to save the Wii U or not. It probably wont, but… It will get in enough sales to pick things up, and then combine that with the sales of Mario Kart 8 and X etc… Things should be looking a lot better by the end of this year. I’ll buy the 3DS version as well, but that Home Console version just looks so damn good.

          • In the case of highly competitive beat em ups. I can see people getting it for their 3ds to train up, then when it’s out on Wii U buying a wii u for the real battles. This is odd in that it’s a hardcore competitive game where Nintendo dominates.

          • Nostalgic_Chaos

            Yeah, the 3DS version is going to sell like hotcakes. It’s a smart move to sell this game in two versions and doing this is not going to have an effect on the Wii U version. I have no idea why people think it would.

            We will have from summer, all the way until winter, to have a good long crack on the 3DS version. However, in between all of that time, so many new things are going to be announced for the Console version (we know what Sakurai’s like). It’s going to be amazing. So….. when the Console version comes out, people are going to feel left out, EVEN the ones who already have the 3DS version.

            The portable version is not going to even compete playing this game on a big screen in gorgeous HD. People are going to realise this. The 3DS version is only a warm up, although I’m sure the 3DS version will be great in it’s own unique way too.

            If people are going to deny that the Wii U version is the superior version, then they’re just being delusional.

          • TehEngineer

            I agree completely

          • Nostalgic_Chaos

            I predict about a 7.5 – 8 Million sale base for the Wii U version. WIll make it’s way to 9 million sold as we progress into 2015. I predict that the 3DS version will sell about 11 million.

            Oh man. Sakurai is going to be filthy rich through the release f these two monsters.

          • Brandon

            9 million sold copies is a bit much, especially for the wii u. Maybe lifetime sales, but just a maybe.

          • Nostalgic_Chaos

            You’d be surprised my friend. Many people are going to buy Wii U’s just to play Smash Bros. Many have been waiting to buy one just for this game alone. It’s going to sell like crazy. The terrible sales of Wii U units has zero to do with how well Smash Bros is going to sell. It’s Smash Bros. People will buy it, regardless.

          • Brandon

            I believe it can hit 9 million, but not by 2015. Me and my friends are getting the game, but we’re getting it for the 3ds.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            With only 6 million Wii U’s out there, I don’t see 9 million happening anytime soon. Sounds a bit of an exaggeration. Same goes for Mario Kart 8. Both will sell well compared to their install base, but going as far as 9 is a longshot that most likely isn’t going to happen.

          • Brandon

            You dont gotta tell me twice, I agree with you. 9 million while in 2015 is just crazy. The two games can maybe hit those numbers each, if nintendo can turn around the wii u alittle.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Which people are you referring to? Nintendo fans?

  • FutureFox

    So he’s basically taking SM3DW sales and doubling it for the low then doubling that figure for the upper limit. Nice work Pachter. Such difficult. Wow.

  • Dark Lord Sauron

    sry pachter im not buying into ur lies ever again you flip flop with too much

    • Shootdatrupee!…

      The only time he made a far off estimate was when he thought the PS Vita would outsell 3DS…

  • For once we actually agree with him.

  • sirdracus

    Does this not mean the opposite will happen? The preorder numbers are very low so I’m not sure where this comes from.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Where did you get your pre order numbers and are they worldwide or for one particular region? Just because a game has an insanely high amount of pre orders doesn’t mean it will automatically do well and vice versa. MK8 has been topping best sellers on places like Amazon for quite some time now. While Pachter can be considered a reverse sage for the most part even a broken clock can be right every now and then

  • Nathan C.

    Pachter’s saying good things about Nintendo? Am I still sane?

  • Virus6

    So NOW he says they won’t go third party. Wasn’t he singing a different tune not even weeks ago?

    • Shootdatrupee!…

      I think he said they SHOULD go 3rd party, not they WOULD?

  • Jon Turner

    Like I care about what this jerk has to say. He can go to hell for all I care. Optimistic about Nintendo, pessimisitc, I don’t give a hoot.

  • Anohter shcoking relevation form Patcher

  • Even if he says something “positive”, its just a turd in gold foil. He can still go suck it.

  • Carlos Webster

    Wow for once Pacter is being positive.

  • Spencer Manigat

    He’s saying exactly what he would be saying. Why is everyone flipping out?

  • Rom/Ram Paul 2016

    Whoa had to re-read the article. Was that something seemingly positive about Nintendo from Pachter? Quick call the devil, ask him if it’s snowing down there!

    • Marioman21

      maybe he installed an A.C.?

  • Purple

    I can’t wait to see what kind of games are announced for E3. it will be exciting.

  • Petri

    now that motherfucker jinxed it…

  • MysteryT

    I was reading here, and I was like “Damn. Where’s all the haters?”
    Then I remembered I wasn’t on IGN.

  • Josie the Sketcher

    *Gasp* Shock. Horror. Pachter said something positive about the Wii U. Finally something we Nintendrones agree with him about. We knew Mario Kart 8 will sell systems. Warning: Xbots and Sonysiders incoming! I’m a Nintendrone that also loves Sony and respects Microsoft.

  • iamserious

    I love Nintendo and their games but I don’t see MK8 or Smash bros moving 10 million units. We are almost mid May and sales of Wii U systems are still dropping. This really sucks.

  • matt

    Well with what he’s saying just 2 games can do he’s also saying wiiu will beat xbox1 because wiiu has lots of games that people like to forget like Bayonetta2/X/SonicBoom/Zelda/and you can bet games like COD ect will be announced at E3 for wiiu but the other big games will be Retro’s projects,Miyamotos new projects,MarioGalaxy team’s secret project,and so on……..wiiu will gain everyones respect at E3…

  • matt

    I think Mariokart will go on to sell 20 million units worldwide in say 3 years my guess…

  • RecheDiazrivarola

    mario kart 8 + SSB =10 milon—+ Zelda + Pokemon =10 millon— + metroid+ new ip s = 5 millon but….. wii u need thirds parties

  • SlicedSandwiches

    Wow, that’s rather interesting to hear that coming from Mr. Pachter. For once he didn’t say something that would slice my sandwich.

  • Marioman21

    For once I pray that pachter is right.

  • William Cole

    I think if Wii U gets the success that Nintendo wants, third parties will slowly trickle down on Wii U. However, while Nintendo is trying to make the Wii U a success, it will make it’s own First party/third party hybrids to suffice. That Pokemon fighting game seems to look cool.

  • heavenshitman1

    Pachter, slamming WiiU every step of the way, but sees sheer positive performance with the awesome looking MK8 and SSB. So has now predicted much better success.
    Anyone could have done that
    Yet again displaying great analytical skills

  • majora :D

    I repeat: DON’T post anything said by Patcher here, obiously he just will say Nintendo is doomed and… wait he didn’T? o.O

  • the opposite of what this guy says always comes true. brace for an utter bomb.