Oct 12th, 2012

Game analyst Michael Pachter can’t seem to make up his mind about the Wii U. First he was very dismissive of the new Nintendo console, saying that the “Wii U won’t work“, then he was positive when Nintendo announced the price and release date, saying he was impressed with first party games and that he thinks the console will sell out until March 2013.

U from WIi UNow he’s back in “not impressed” mode, it seems. In a recent interview, Pachter flat out said that he’s “not a fan of the console”, and he went a step further and simply compared the Wii U to the Nintendo DS. Pachter said:

“I’m not a fan of the console. Essentially I look at the GamePad and the television, the two screens, and I see a DS that’s disaggregated. It’s very similar to playing a DS game. The difference is, with the DS your line of sight is on both screens.

It’s easy to toggle back and forth. With the GamePad on the Wii U you have to look back and forth, and that’s not natural.”

Pachter goes on saying that Nintendo will do well with the new controller and create innovative games, but third parties will fail on the console.

He compares it to the DS, where he doesn’t believe there was a single third party publisher who did well on the console. All the great games were from Nintendo. He also says that once Nintendo sells 10 million Wii Us, sales are going to drop drastically.

“They sold 90 million Wiis; it’s certainly less than 90 million hardcore fans. I would guess it’s between seven and ten million, and it could be 20 million but they don’t all have $350.

When the hardcore fans are satisfied, I think sales are going to drop precipitously because I don’t think the thing is priced competitively with what most people think is a comparable console, Xbox 360 or PS3.”

He doesn’t believe the Wii U is novel enough to be the most expensive of the three consoles on the market (the other two being the PS3 and Xbox 360). He compares it to the original Wii console, which was very novel and was also the cheapest of the three when they launched.

Pachter’s current opinions are quite contrary to something he said just two weeks ago, where he claimed he would “buy a Wii U just to play Bayonetta 2“. Tune in next week, when Michael Pachter once again praises Nintendo and the Wii U out of the blue.


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  • Lazara The Last

    U don’t say?

    • Nintenlord

      He is screw the time of him bashing the wiiu was in september 13 doing it now is a waste of time now that the wiiu is just getting better

      • AKA-Link77

        Yah. . . 🙂
        He’s so bipolar!. . . .
        He shouldve just kept kissing Nintendo’s as*!

      • somebody

        well, we already know .____.

      • PACMAN

        he is bipolar and on drugs at the same time.

    • Asiancake

      Patcher u r gay who ever thumbs up say the wii u not gay
      Who ever thumbs down think it gay

      • Lusunup

        Or NO one has to thumbs you at all 😀

        • Lusunup

          Patcher right now is not what we need to worry about he is the least of the problem and I say who cares right its hes opinion not if you dont like what he said then oh well you just move on.

          • goginho

            He’s not a problem at all, I couldn’t care less for his opinions ..don’t even know why this site is wasting their time with him. It would be better to just filter out useless news like this, ’cause I’m pretty sure this guy is going to have very very little to no impact on Wii U sales. Just keep putting real, informative Wii U news and I’m fine.

      • Asiancake

        Wow people think the wii u gay

        • Asiancake

          They thumb down on my earlier comment

      • SideScreamer

        Using gay as an insult? Wow dude, wow.

        • not brainwashed by NWO pc

          get over your pc self gay is even used in southpark it no longer implys sexual its gay is in THATS GAY your clearly living in the past

          • Kav

            Oh ‘Merica….

          • SteampunkJedi

            Actually, gay originally meant carefree and lighthearted. It may now imply homosexuality, but it does not mean idiotic or disagreeable, even though that misinformed definition is commonplace nowadays. And using gay as an insult is not right in my opinion, either, whatever you think it means. It would be preferable to me and I would assume SideScreamer if people would say that’s stupid or some-such instead of substituting gay for negative words.

        • Asiancake

          U r an insult or your name screamer everyone scream
          When ever they see your face

          • Asiancake

            Cause your face is so ugly

        • Brian L.

          Considering that even many GAY people use “gay” in that fashion…

      • Gay

        Don’t ever use the word ‘gay’ in a derogatory fashion. Grow up and converse in a real english vocabulary if you wish to describe someone or something. Some of us are gay and prefer to have our sexuality kept out of political and personal opinions on a matter.

      • AKA-Link77

        Leave the votes to AKA-Vote!77 (Me)

    • Nko Sekirei

      hes an idiot and flip flopper like mitt romney

      • SteampunkJedi

        A whole lot of Republicans would like a word with you.

      • Good job bringing politics into gaming. You’re definitely not a total tool.

    • Choda

      i dont know who pays this guy. but he’s way over payed for his constant negative replys on anything. why do people even watch his crap. zip the lip and leave gaming for the gamers pachter your to old to comment.

      • Naterman

        I’m gonna tie him up to a chair and make him watch me play until he loves the wii u and then I’ll make him buy one AND then I’ll steal it lol and ill have two wii u’s

        • FrustratedAssassin

          And then you wonder why people hate fanboys…

      • revolution5268

        the sony drones love this guy for bashing nintendo.

        • Nintenlord

          Let them have there hero we know his weaknes and is called facts and is superefective

    • Gary Moscheles

      i lol’d reading the article title

    • Master Awesomeness

      All he wants is attention, so why does wii u daily keep listening? Forget about him, and he might shut up for once.

    • Zeldazero

      What makes this annoying is he is blatantly attacking Nintendo. If he doesn’t like it, he can just say he likes the PS3, or the Xbox 360, but he directly names the Wii U. What is worse, we all know he hasn’t really played the system extensively, or at all, so how can he make a informed opinion saying he doesn’t like something he knows next to nothing about. He might as well start promoting the PS4 as the best system ever made before even seeing it…The only thing good about this is, in general, only the extreme gamers actually go online to look at this stuff. The majority just see it on TV and see it looks amazing and want one, just like the Wii.

  • Nintendude

    Pachter, make up your mind.

    • Jeffery02

      He must be a republican

    • B

      Sorry of I put disagree I actually agree with u there this was actually being used by an iPad when when I tried to touch the agree button and didn’t work and I agree with u and come pachter were is your party

    • Volpika

      He’s just bipolar when it comes to Nintendo. That or just a dumb as fuck asshole. Either way.

  • swic11

    If I had a Wii-mote shoved up my ass I wouldn’t be a Wii U fan either.

  • nintendGO

    is patcher high? cause he better make his mind up

    • Cugno the Swiss

      Actually, he never said he liked the Wii U. He said it will sell well in the first months, and that he’s going to play Bayonetta 2, but he never said that the Wii U was a good system for him.

  • WiiU Gangnam Style

    Pachter is such a troll. And good at it too. If u want to make die hard nintendo fans mad, then Pachter is your man!

    • revolution5268

      yeaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!………….oh wait what????

    • Nintedward

      Best name ever

  • Man

    Does he like the Wii U or not? Jeez, just make up your mind.

    • revolution5268

      no he never likes nintendo, he is just saying that to get the nintendo haters off his back.

  • RockD79

    I thought Trip Hawkins was bad but this guy takes the cake.

  • DannyMann

    well this guy be so bi-polar

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      Yeah he’s probably got some kind of extreme bi-polar issue or he has some weird form of being bipolar that drastically lengthens the time between mood shifts.

      Or, you know, he could just be a 5150…

  • Tobbe

    So? Its a free world… But majority of those who doesnt like Wii U shut up.
    Still getting mine 30 nov, what ever that moron say.

  • NoPUNintendo

    Lol. No comment can be made anymore about his ignorance.

  • Jetty

    Nah, past the point of caring.

  • Grodus

    He doesn’t FEEEEEEEEEEL like liking the Wii U right now. Maaaaaaaaybe tomorrow.

  • RoboticLink

    Michael Pachter is the most confused game ANAList today

    • Jetty

      This is very immature and unnecessary. I couldn’t love it anymore! Thumbs up, have a great day!

    • revolution5268

      fuck that clown, how is it a moron still has a job while a professional suffers?

      • Yodin

        watch your language

        • theBALLANCEDonion

          Give it a rest yodin u cant sensor the internet!!

          • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

            Pachter still having the job as a game analyst remains a mystery today.

        • AKA-Link77


        • Yodin


  • Ledreppe

    This guy just begs to be abused by Ninty fans.

    • revolution5268

      And guess who support him?

  • Lewis

    The professional troll opens his fat cake hole once more! What a moron! Hahahahah loser!

    • WiiU Gangnam Style

      Well, that maybe, but he is THE only analyst of this industry i know off. I think he actually thinks this stuff through!

      • Nintenlord

        If thats thinking god help us all

  • Madmagican

    so…confused…. wait, I think I got it; Pachter is schizophrenic!!! one personality is pro Wii U and the other, more dominant one is con Wii U

  • SomeoneElse

    What else is knew coming from this troll?

  • Monster

    He is a sad excuse for a game analyst…

  • Hangman

    Patcher is analyzing the Wii U…..he’d better off saying it might fail, it might succeed…and then just shut his face up!’nn

  • NaX

    Well he can’t seem to make up his mind . . . and for me that doesn’t matter I for once made up my mind and I paid it off (Deluxe Wii U) to the very last cent. Now the waiting game . . .

    • Crapcake

      the waiting game… thats the reason i dont want to have the wii u in 2 seconds flat. waiting for something is fun before the excitement is over

  • Hangman

    Oh as a side note… I am not, nor have I been, nor will I be a “fan of Patcher.” I will not change my mind in that

  • RoboticLink

    Can anyone tell me how to change the little picture next to my name (I know I already asked this but my answer was to use gravatar and I do not know what that is or how to use it).

  • Robert

    Oh my GOD!!!!

    Pachter is not a fan of the Wii U…..

    Nintendo’s stock has plummeted and now has to file for bankruptcy

    Everyone!!!!…..PANIC!!! LOL

    Nobody cares about his opinion.

    • revolution5268

      sony drones do, xbox fan…… meh they don’t care….

      • Nintenlord

        Not even his wife cares

        • Chammybhoy

          Wait….. This guy has a wife?!?! That poor, poor woman. It’s bad enough just listening to his cheap ass attempts at sound bytes and article headlines, imagine having him spew his garbage all over you at home. All the time. Day after day. Somebody get that lady a medal!!!

  • qwerty

    what? he doest like the wii u? god, ive been getting it wrong. i thought he ment he loved it with all the hate

  • Roedburn

    Really? You don’t say. I never would have guessed.

    Seriously Wii U Daily, could you please stop posting Michael Pachter articles. Nobody here gives a flying fuck what that “man” says.

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    Weird… I remember dozens of news stating that Nintendo was having lots of support from third-parties, specially because they were working side to side with them to make games that could use the full potential of the hardware and GamePad’s exclusive features, without turning it into a gimmick. What took third-parties away from Wii was the lack of intelligent uses for it’s movement based controls, so, working together with Nintendo would sane that problem.

    And what’s even more weird, I could swear paying $350 for a next generation console is way cheaper than paying $500 for a current gen one! Specially because Wii U will be competing against PS4 and Xbox 720 when they launch, so it is way more powerful than PS360!

    And lastly, first you were supporting Wii U, and even got amazed at how much support from third-parties the Wii U was getting, and now you say they won’t get any? Seriously, Pachter, make up your mind! Will you give your true opinions, or give false biased opinions to try to hurt Nintendo’s market? Decide which one you’re taking and stick with it!

  • SortableShelf19

    I don’t care what Pachter says! I’m tired of hearing what these stupid Analysts has to say!

    • Nko Sekirei

      everyone is sick of hearing patcher talk he just needs to stfu

      • SortableShelf19

        I know right

  • ECM

    So, in other words, after his nice comments about the WiiU, he succumbed to the peer pressure of people FORTY YEARS younger than him telling him it’s “gay” and flipped back to not liking it to be in with the ‘hip’ crowd of pubescent gamers.

  • maxlazy10

    Hmmm….looks like Microsoft and Sony bribed patcher again.

  • teufel

    How quaint, Pachter crawls out from beneath a rock and spills out a few words and “journalists” gobble it up, and people wonder why he opens his mouth about the U when so often he is proven wrong with Nintendo.

    Yes, I suppose seeing 2 screens a cromagnum man might discern that this is identical to the DS, but sadly that is basically where the similarities stop. Once Pachter gets proved wrong, again, I am certain he will hold his mouth shut and only point to the few games that treat the second screen exactly like it was treated on the DS.

    What will Pachter do when his Mii gets modded on the Miiverse time and time again when he opens his trap and starts spewing out negative comments as if he knows what he is talking about.

    Cheers mate, and enjoy Bayonetta2.

  • π

    the wii u should be price around 250$ in my opinion. (: this will bring more ppl to buy this rather than the xbox/ ps3. although they may be making less money. this will can get more ppl to play the wii u

    • revolution5268

      then these dumbass trolls will say “oh see SEE this prove that wii u is super weak and its not next gen” deerp derp deerp.

  • SuperShyGuy

    Good I was worried a couple of weeks ago he said that he thought Nintendo did good. But now he says it will fail now I know it will be a success!

    • revolution5268

      i told you guys he will say this, you guys just been fool by patcher….AGAIN.

  • Anubis

    I think he’s having mixed emotions for the Wii U. He likes it and then hates it. No biggy thought, not everyone likes the Wii U or every system for that matter.

    • revolution5268

      meh he does this to trick fools thats why.

  • brocoli

    “With the GamePad on the Wii U you have to look back and forth, and that’s not natural.”

    i totally agree with that. i´ll definitely buy one (just to play mario on hd), but i doubt that the screen on the controller was a very nice idea. hopefully you can shut it down while playing.

  • carlos

    Fuck u michael pachter!

  • SteampunkJedi

    I might respect his opinions a little more if they didn’t fluctuate so drastically. I don’t believe anything he says now is genuine opinion. He just wants attention.


    March 13 2013!!!!! But…But, I have not Preordered mine!!!

    • Nko Sekirei


  • jonen

    analysts have predicted the end of nintendo the moment they entered the gaming industry. nintendo has always defeated the odds. i have more faith in this console than i had in the wii. ds was a huge success, so why should a wii + a ds= fail ?

    • revolution5268

      yeah remember the one with snes that they say the snes “might be” it best and last holiday due to sega genesis.

      • Question Mark

        Yup soo true. 😀

  • Guhtere


  • CheckItNow12

    “I’ll buy a Wii U just for Bayonetta 2”
    “The launch lineup is inpressive”
    “I’m not a big fan of the Wii U, and the Third Party Support is Dire”

    God damnit, Patcher, pick a side already!

    • revolution5268

      again you guys should know by now he does this all the time to trick cronick dumbassess. i been telling yo guys for over a year now.

  • Leeroy

    This guy flip flops almost as much as Romney 🙂

  • nintendofreak

    So then dont buy a wiiu n dont play bayonetta 2 patcher

  • bg

    He’s a bitch

  • Dan

    Which do I save for?? Baby stuff or Wii U? may be I need to sell 1 of my kidney;)

    • me

      Trade your baby for a Wii U

  • NightºƒCore

    So let me get this straight, yesterday Pachter felt like playing NSMB, so he played it, enjoyed it, then went on to saying he says the Wii U will be a great success. He then started playing Red Steel 2 on the Wii today, and hurt his hand while playing. So today he’s in a bad mood with Nintendy. Tomorrow he’s going to play Mario Kart, enjoy it, and say how the Wii U “Could be the 8th Generations most Innovative Console”. We can just hope that he doesn’t play a game that will strain his old body they day after tomorrow.

  • Nintendo Power (Chuck Norris)

    He says, that there is not a single 3rd Party publishers who did well on the DS…..Yeaaa Bull Crap. I played 3rd party games on the DS and it was damn fine. Michael Pachter You Failed again

  • BananaPwnz

    Screw this ***hole. I just roll my eyes every time i see an article about him.
    I just don’t pay attention to this troll anymore, because we all know he’s a f**king idiot

    • theBALLANCEDonion

      The only way we can get this off wii u daily is not comment on a single pachter bit of news

  • LP

    LP: “I’m not a fan of Pachter”

    • LP

      Wii U: “I’m not a fan of Pachter”
      I’m sure that the Wii U will be fine without that clown…

  • Josh

    No shit, Pachter. Is that why you were making all those anti-Wii U articles?

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Nintendo should just deny him a wii u I mean if he doesn’t like it then it won’t matter right …

  • WiiUhyper

    Pachter, is a freakin’ idiot

  • 111jackful

    Are you kidding me Patcher? First he says “Nintendo doesn’t get it” then he goes positive about the Wii U saying “Wii U could sell 10 million units in first 14 months” then he goes back to idiot mode saying that “third party support will dire”. Its official Michael Pachter can’t make up his mind whatsoever. He’s not an Analyst, He’s a troll that has no brain and I will never listen to what he has to say again.

  • revolution5268

    you know i seen him talk (bash) nintendo and M$ but never sony….

  • The Wolfen

    Wow this freak show doesn’t know what he’s talking about..

  • The Plague

    Third parties didn’t do well on the DS? What planet is he from? Dragon Quest ix. When WiU version of Dragon Quest x is released, expect to see the same kind of rise in sale of the platform. He is goofy.

  • dillon

    he really hates ever thing about nintendo and all of the nintendo consoles !!

    • revolution5268

      pretty much….

  • Wisdomlee

    People get serious. Do we want to stop hearing, and seeing things about this guy? He does this for a simple reason. MONEY. He says outrageous things to get page views, and his name out. If you want to see him disappear.

    1. Stop clicking Pachter articles
    2. Stop commenting on Pachter articles

    I know I commented, but someone needs to say this. Your commenting even on other sites than his gives the page more page views. Which gets his name out. Which makes him more money. Seriously people. If we want him to go away. Follow steps 1, and 2, and he will.

    • D2K

      Another question would be as to why Pachter quote threads are being created to start with.

      What is the purpose?

  • Super Paper Rye

    Who cares about that yellow toothed dork?
    Just don’t post about him, we don’t care about him.
    Sure its NEWS, but not Wii U news. He’s just saying the same s*** he’s been saying for the past… months.

    • NightºƒCore

      On every odd day. Even days he likes the Wii U.

  • Lmaofaildog

    You still post on this site? Its been quite a few months now. You must have a wonderfully interesting life! Then again it cant be too hard. As much thought never goes into the posts you write, and every single post pretty much says the same thing.


  • burnannator

    And why we give a shit?

  • Come at me bro

    I would of never guessed (sarcasm)

  • supo hakate

    No offense, but Michael Patcher = Mitt Romney

    • Roedburn

      Even if you say no offense, people will still take offense.

  • Zhenya

    Why do people want to see Nintendo fail? are they THAT successful? man it’s a sad, sad world we live in.

    • Zhenya

      and might I add he’s also a best example of seeing the gaming industry as “easy money”

  • nintendo forever


  • Klesto92

    Apparently he has never played a portable game while watching TV, it is pretty natural and easy to switch from time to time from screens. And right now i can´t remember another great game for the DS that was not from nintendo (i am sure there are a lot) but Okamiden is amazing. Someone needs to glue this guys lips together, he is a joke.

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    Well, it makes sense that it would sell out fast early on since the hardcore fans will all rush at the chance to get the Wii U, but carrying that momentum is what he’s questioning, and I guess that does make sense. Kinda like how apple fanboys get every iphone every year, but other people will just see it as another smartphone, at this point. And considering the PS3 and Xbox 360 act as home entertainment devices for the casual audience, if they already have the PS3 and Xbox 360, they don’t have as much of a reason to get the Wii U. The other thing he questions is how well third parties will use the gamepad, and honestly, I can’t help but wonder myself what they’ll do. Sure they do the map and stuff, but is an off screen map or inventory really that great? You don’t have to pause, but you still need to take your eyes off of the action to look at what you’re picking, and that could be dangerous in action games. Kinda like how the Tekken developers said the gamepad isn’t so great for fighting games, that’s constant action, so you need your eyes on the game constantly. I’m impressed with Zombie U, but let’s see if anyone can use it so well outside of the horror genre. He has to make predictions, and, without other ace examples, what he says makes sense to some degree, but I’m gonna wait. I don’t care so much for the gamepad integration, I just think that’s kinda a bonus thing, and if it’s not, then the game won’t really be able to do off tv play, so it’s hard to do one without giving up on the other. I think most developers will work to integrate the game for off tv play, and that means that the second screen capabilities can’t be integral to play, otherwise they can’t have it play on just the gamepad. That’s the real weak point of the system, honestly. It’s too bad, but what can you do? I just hope to see some developers really making good use of the gamepad. Probably not for multiplats, but system exclusives, seems like a good bet they might. So I look forward to it

  • Volcano

    What?! He says third party games on DS were not good? Heh. He hasnt played GTA, Okamiden, Scribblenauts and other mores. This guy should just… get N or GTHO.

  • Hawke

    This guy is very funny always talking different things

  • B

    Get a f****** life pachter if you don’t like the wii f***** u

  • B

    Pretty much everyone posting comments is a fan so yeah go to ubisoft pachter!!

  • B

    And everyday he is shuffling

  • brainwashers

    hmmm if i would say: wii u isn´t the best, newest, shinyiest, biggest invention in the world, especially now game shown, looks better or even similar to actual games on actual consoles, how much thumbs down i would get on this criticless fanboy site? 😀

    let´s give it a try :p

    • brainwashers

      now = no 😉


    This guy only stays relevant because the press listens. IGNORE him and he will be out of a job in 48 hours.

  • Isaac_Triplex

    I’ve known of such a bigger hypocrite

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    the “new” super slim ps3(cough, 6 year old console) comes with a game and costs $270 or $300 depending on the game included and the memory. The Wii U is more powerful has basically a 6 inch tv for a controller and you call it expensive for being 300 to 350. This is Baloganah

  • Scarface407

    Michael No one cares about your opinion, obviously your not good at what you do he might wanna change his day job. Anywyas who is Michael Pachter!

    • D2K

      Unfortunately that is not true, otherwise this thread and many others like it on this blog would not exist.

      Personally I do not understand the novelty and attraction t listening to a financial analyst that is 100% unqualified to make financial advice in the video game industry because he has either not bothered to do any homework on the industry, or his personal bias is out of control. In either case, he would not qualify as a sound financial analyst for the game industry.

      If people are investing their life-saving into gaming companies and they rely on your financial expertise you have a responsibility to give them accurate information that would give them the greatest and safest return of their investment. There is NO ROOM for your opinion, bias, or lack of knowledge.

      He’s been wrong about even single thing he came up with himself about video games and anything he has said that was correct was either something that was obscenely obvious or analysis based on information he got from someone else.

  • Drew

    In case you haven’t noticed no one cares what you think

  • D2K

    I think the New York Jets should sign Michael Pachter at wide receiver. Since Rex Ryan (and the Jets organization) are huge drama queens, I can definitely see where he and Pachter would get along.

  • Pachter, you noob


  • srpg2ishere

    Why does he keep critisizing the Wii U? Obviously he doesn’t know about Nintendo. Nintendo has been making games since the early 80’s. They know what they are doing. He can say all the negative things he wants about the Wii U, but that’s still not going to stop it from coming out on top of all the other consoles. Case closed.

  • Chris

    Who cares what this guy says? Who is he? Why do people care?

  • Christian

    Y’know, Pachter trolls, we all know that, but could there be less news about him? This is Wii U Daily, not Pachter Trolls Monthly. If he trolls, we should ignore him, rather than fuel his fire.

    • D2K

      How about ‘no’ news?

  • GreenTornado

    If I was a butt hurt, tryhard, prehistoric grandpa I wouldn’t be a fan of the Wii U either, but fortunately there is only a hand full of those around.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Why do we still have articles about this guy’s opinions, is it for the comedy value? Come on now it’s so predictable that he’s just going to complain about it then not long later he’ll be happy about something like the exclusives or pre-order numbers. Half of the complaints he has made about Wii U are BS and whoever employs him needs to fire him since he so obviously doesn’t know what he’s saying – he complains about everything to do with Wii U -like that stupid game pricing rant he had (don’t get me started) – and now this second screen bashing! Has he said the same thing about Sony’s similar yet far less useful PSV+PS3 combo? No, hmm it’s not like he just has a grudge against Nintendo or anything.
    I have a hunch that he’s actually a massive fan of Wii U but a while ago he had some sort of curse placed on him that would renders all his predictions wrong, it’s the only explanation there is, I mean how wrong can one man be?

  • Your Mom

    Thanks patcher we didn’t notice (0_0)

  • Ibiexplorer4

    “Tune in next week, when Michael Pachter once again praises Nintendo and the Wii U out of the blue.”

    That was hilarious! Unprofessional, defiantly, but hilarious!

    • andrewjcole


  • B

    Agree or disagree u mother f*****

  • Nintend☆ Fan

    Wow! what a b*tch!

  • Hunter

    Here’s the real business he has spent half the year telling people not to invest in Nintendo. He can’t shift out of that narrative people he told to stay out will be mad so he has to poo-poo any good Nintendo news.

  • Dan Kimoto Qwika

    Sorry, but I need to patch my pachter so his error can be fixed.

    Stupid jokes for stupid opinions.

  • InterTriplete

    This is the only reason he exists: telling stupidities. Shame on him and who still interview this troll. Now, please, make as a great favour, mr. patcher: shut your face, quit barking, live happy.