Sep 22nd, 2012

Our “favorite” video game analyst, Michael Pachter, shared some more thoughts on the Wii U and Nintendo’s pricing strategy. He believes that the $350 Deluxe Wii U set is what people expected in the first place, and that this price point is too high for a mass market consumers. Despite this, the Wii U appears to be completely sold out across the US in terms of pre-orders.

He added that it “makes sense” that Nintendo would initially price the Wii U high, since the Wii was sold out for years and Nintendo was unable to meet demand. By pricing the Wii U higher, demand won’t be as high, but the console will still sell out and Nintendo will make more money on each Wii U sold. Nintendo has said numerous times that they will make a profit on each console sold.

Wii U controllerPachter also reiterated on his comments regarding how many Wii U consoles Nintendo will manufacture. He now believes it’s 12 to 15 million during the first year, or 1 to 1.25 million units per month. According to Pachter, Nintendo won’t make more consoles on purpose, in order to maximize profits. He estimates that 75% of the consoles will be the Deluxe edition.

Pachter also had a few words on the Wii U internal flash storage. He believes that the lack of a real hard drive is a mistake, but that 32 GB should be enough for regular use. He does not think it’s enough for full game downloads. Luckily, the Wii U supports external storage of all sorts, which is quite cheap these days.

When Nintendo announced the Wii U price and launch date, Pachter was initially optimistic, saying the Wii U would sell out for months. Back then, he believed that the price was right and that the first party Nintendo games looked great.


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  • Guhtere

    “By pricing the Wii U higher, demand won’t be as high.” Yeah that must explain why it’s sold out in multiple locations.

    • Wii Uoops!

      I love that. It made me laugh! He really doesn’t make any sense. I seriously think he’s getting paid to say this stuff. Remember the Xbox games in the corner of the picture in that one article with him? Maybe he’s actually a good guy! Maybe he’s trying to signal us with those Xbox games that Microsoft paid him!


      • AKA-Link77

        And I highly doubted a 250$ price cuz thats too low & Nin wants to make a profit so 300/350$ is perfect for me! So i dont get him. . . wat the hell was he expecting? Plus Wii U™s R sold out everywhere! This guy is just all over the place. Like a Drunk Snooki.


          This Patcher dude should just work for fox news…He’d fit right in.

          • inthegoal32

            People, please! This is the economy. Having just taken Principles of Eco., EVERY time the price is raised the demand WILL go down. Just because hardcore gamers may pre-order the system doesn’t mean that there’s a high demand. It’s all relative: if there’s a low demand, Nintendo shall strategically lower the supply to increase scarcity. Think about it!

            Regardless of its biased news program, Fox has a terrific economic segment. Very educational- I would recommend it to anyone! : )

      • Mechadestroyah

        Maybe that’s what Nintendo wants us to think. Maybe Nintendo are using him as a way of advertisement. Knowing people don’t like this guy maybe Nintendo hired him to use reverse psychology on us. Or maybe he just doesn’t care for Nintendo much and he is just giving his honest opinion.

      • LUCIFER

        I agree with mr patcher he is always intelligent and repecfful. Listen wii u is an anceint outdated hardware thats 6years olx. Xbox already has everything and iwata himself couldnt copy the mighty xbox live experiance.Xbox is cheaper and has smartglass with XBOX LIVE. and smartglass can evolve every year with the advances in ipad technology unlike wiiu thats stuck with the system. Mr patcher deserves outmost respect. His very charming attractive and insightful its just that nintendo fans are desrespectful and ummature to mr patcher and hqve bias expectations towards him smh.

        • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

          I swear you have to get out of here. Oh if you think that Mr. Pachter is charming then go jack off to his photos. And you said about the all mighty Xbox Live? That service sucks and it LAGS a lot. Plus they charge you to go online…..Down with MICROSOFT!!!

        • Version BTY4

          But how can you count on that person to have a tablet for their xbox?

        • tronic307


        • bhillx

          Couldn’t disagree more. Especially with the smart glass aspect. Let’s say I’m playing Madden on my 360…Am I supposed to control my teams movents with my regular 360 controller, and on the fly I decide to audible I have to put my controller down, pick up my tablet draw routes,assign defenders, put that down the rusume using my controller? While smart glass will cover aspects of WiiU gamepad, it won’t be as convient as having touchscreen/controller in a singular form. Keep in mind I own a 360, no other console and find smartglass to be a way for them to combat Nintendo’s controller. Much like they did with Kinect…

        • Death

          You’re being biased to Nintendo fans. You’re claiming that we are being biased when you yourself have a biased opinion. Also, do you really want to drop your controller, pick up the tablet, do whatever you need to (in your case, you should get sh*t on) and then pick your controller back up? With the wii u it’s all right there in front of you.

          The wii U is 8th gen. The XBOX is over 10 years old (you didn’t say the 360)

          Checkmate, motherf**ker.

        • Mechadestroyah

          I haven’t done anything to you and I don’t deserve you disrespecting my interests. I haven’t disrespected you in any way and I feel you should find a place where your interests are respected as well. You don’t need to make others mad to feel good about yourself. Just find things you like with people who share the same interests and I’m sure you will find satisfaction.

          • LUCIFER

            I love nintendo but i dont kiss their glass all the time. Besides i go to xbox nation and you guys attack us and hurt our feellings 🙁 I went to utube to share my love for microsoft and ya fanboys attack us for no reason. I get nintendo help gaming but why do ya think they deserve outmost respect heck pc gaming still went strong after atari crashed and burn but ya dont see people worshiping the pc master race

          • Mechadestroyah

            @LUCIFER No one deserves this kind of disrespect. You didn’t deserve it and neither do I. Although people may see you now as the kind of person who deserves it with the kind of comments you have been writing. Really, no one deserves this kind of discrimination and no one has the right to discriminate. Maybe you should try responding to those people directly. Spreading hate just spreads more hate it has to end somewhere, why not with you?

        • AKA-Link77

          y do u talk out of your ass?

        • face

          ipads are not the only tablets! god i hate people

        • goginho

          Wow Lucifer, let’s not get all emotional now. You see, the world is full of hate. There are always going to be people that bash on others for certain reasons, but that doesn’t mean that you should be one of them. That’s pretty low dude, so I suggest you man up and get off this site ..and how would you feel if you did somebody a huge favor and they disrespected you afterwards like these ungrateful X and PS fans do with Nintendo, yah exactly.

        • F U Lucifag

          Your spelling bugs me very much. Also the WiiU has sold out almost everywhere. You must be like 5 years old. Get a life you piece of scheit.

    • Sethowar

      That is a perfectly reasonable comment. By saying the demand won’t be as high he isn’t saying it won’t sell out, merely that less people would buy it than if it was cheaper. This is just a fact of economics and people desperate enough to pick apart these comments make me embarrassed to hate Pachter

      • Nintenlord

        You are right but is to late for him to act like a real economist now

        • liberalagenda

          LOL! Hilarious!

      • Jetty

        Well said. Even trolls like Pachter have trolls.

        • Nko Sekirei


      • Jake Barnett

        Yeah, its true, but also self evident. Pachter doesn’t get brownie points for pointing out the obvious. Nintendo could release it for $149 and lose Over $100 on every unit sold, and demand would be insane. But you don’t make up for losing money by losing it in greater volume. Nintendo isn’t Microsoft or Sony in 2005. They can’t afford to set money on fire to buy marketshare. It was never an option. Hell, Microsoft and Sony aren’t even that aggressively stupid anymore.

    • TheRedSnifit

      I’m going to assume that basic economics isn’t your thing.

    • somebody

      when ps3 was priced pachter didnt said anithing


      I agree patcher is a smart attractive man stop hating. He is right the reason people bought the wii was becuase it was the cheapest weakest console out there. Wii u is a catch up six year anceint tech and it should have been cheaper considering its and outdated 6 year old tech. I think the wii u will fail miserably agaisnt the xbox becuase the xbox has all the wii u offers plus smartglass besides iwata said himself he couldnt copy the xbox live experiance

      • Nko Sekirei

        if u love him so much go make out with him in ur bed u troll and dont complain wen u have to do butt sex

      • TheBaconator

        According to you everything is ancient then. Hell… even 3D smart T.V.’s are ancient. Why don’t you go back home in your feet powered car and order a new stone as your couch.

      • Embarresed

        Oh God i just accidentally liked his comment!!!

        i think i’ll go live in a sewer or just buy an extra Wii U

    • revolution5268

      yeah i don’t get it, how is a wii u 299-350 is overprice over a ps3 599?

    • Shane

      If he agreed with Nintendo before all the details, then there’s nothing wrong with him at all. He is an anylist to push these game developers and companies to their limits, whether it be by criticizing them or not. Who cares. Whoever is a true fan of Nintendo will buy the Wii U no matter what, and whether he said that that is crazy long ago is ok, because we are fans and we are going to buy it for all the great games that Nintendo has made through out the years and upcoming ones. In conclusion, let him say whatever he wants in the business, because it’s what the consumer does in the end. (NOT A DEFENSE OF PACHTER, NOR A HATE SPEECH)

    • Saucy17

      Can’t find no wiiu pre-orders anywhere anymore in the US…

      • Salad

        Some times i’m glad i live in Australia.

        Later release date = pre-orders still available

        I placed mine yesterday

    • dr scoobie

      when will people learn
      that sarcasm should not be on the internet!!!

      he is not my favourite anaylst
      hes my least favourite person in the world!!!!!!!!

  • Bobsingh

    Who is paying him to say all this? I bet he spends all day thinking about what he could say against Nintendo.

    • Nintedward.

      In the year 2012 , $299/ £250 minimum or $350 / £300 deluxe is Very very very cheap for a console that will last you 5-6 years .

      Patchers comment has no substance until Microsoft and Sony manage to pull rabbit’s out of their hats/asses and release a more powerfull/innovative console for the same price .

      Also , the millions upon millions of people who enjoyed the wii will know that the wiiu will be worth it .

      • Nintedward.

        ”’We at microsoft present to you today the xbox 720 , it only cost’s $299 and its a tiny bit more powerfull than a wiiu but doesn’t have a gamepad ,
        it does have kinect 2 though……….”

        ”Here at sony we believe in taking risk’s and that our products should always be the best , even though Nintendo’s used to be considerably more powerfull than our’s.
        I give you the ps4 , at only $699 this thing can produce graphics that look like those gaming pc’s that don’t look much better than a ps3”

        • Laud

          Hey, gaming pc’s are awesome.

          As a matter of fact, Wii and PC are like best bros in the sense that they have low player bases but people still love them.

          I’m actually quitting my PC because I know the Wii U will have a hell of a lot more players. (which is a good thing) The only thing that worries me now is the transition from mouse and keyboard to pro controller/wiimote/gamepad which is my own problem and not the consoles.

          • Madmagican

            I really don’t think it should take too long for you to switch from PC to Wii U, I know I had no problem with the transition a few years back when I finally got a Wii and had games worth playing; it might take a few days, but I’m sure you’ll be fine. Good Luck!!

        • Jetty

          I bring you the PS4 and xbox720. Both are in the price range $599-$699 and have graphics and power that surpass the $350 Wii U. Combined we probably couldn’t outsell Nintendo.


          I bring you the PS3 and xbox 360. Both are in the price range $399-499 and have graphics and power that surpass the $250 Wii. Combined we probably couldn’t outsell Nintendo.


          We couldn’t kidnap Mr. Miyamoto, let’s ruin Rare and start stealing ideas from Nintendo.

        • Dan


    • Michael Pachter

      Day 26: My grudge on Nintendo is nearing an end, sexual frustrations at home continue, my team of chimpanzees have lost the will to type, and I must find new trivial things to complain about before people realise how little my comments mean.

      • Jetty

        Lol That’s f%$ked up!!

      • revolution5268

        omg the cockroach is here kill it kill it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • F U Lucifag


    • Nintyfan

      LOL! Yeah,Now he’s just making things up! First he says Wii U will fail, then sales will blow out, and now he says it’s price too high?

      Sounds like hes forced to bring Nintendo down to me :Facepalm:

  • 007 1/2

    i still dont like him.

  • GirlGamer

    A big No No from me again pachter

  • Armani

    Woho!! I suggest he just says Nintendo is great! And stop trying to find negative comments to say…

  • Major Beauner

    I live in Australia, and I’ve preordered my Wii U Premium bundle with NSMBU, and ZombiU, and am importing Black Ops 2, Sonic Racers, Rahman, Tekken, Tank Tank Tank and Lego City from the UK…..MY BODY IS READY!!!

    • Nintedward.

      Are your consoles there in Aus pal region locked ???? so every console or just Nintendo’s ??

      • Death

        All of Nintendo’s home consoles have been region locked. Their handhelds, however, have been region free until the 3DS.

        The PS3 and PS Vita are region free; however both Sony’s previous home consoles were region locked.

        All Microsoft consoles to date have been region locked.

        • Death

          Do you have to pick the exact same name as me? ._.

          • Death

            I use it in the WiiUDaily forums, so… tough.

          • Death47

            It doesn’t really matter to me…
            I’ll just add a 47 or something XD

      • Major Beauner

        Hi mate! Yes, Australian consoles are region locked, apart from the PS3. Games are expensive here compared to America, especially considering our dollar is worth more than the USD, so importing from the UK or Europe is better. A brand new Wii U game costs around $99-$108 AUD (about $112 USD), whereas games from the UK via import come to around $60 AUD….its a no brainer!

        • Nintedward.

          No brainer ?? its a major beauner !!!!!!! XD .
          Australia sounds awesome . UK is great but it certainly has it’s flaws , mainly Bare Grylls drinking his own piss all the time .

          • Major Beauner

            It is mate – Australia is a bloody awesome place! And I am a Kiwi too! LOL! I love this country – you should definitely look at coming here one day! You wont want to go back home! LOL!

    • Death

      I’m Australian too and I definitely agree with importing from the UK. I’ll be buying the Deluxe console here and importing all my games from the UK. I know it’ll be a 2-3 week wait, but I’d rather wait that long than spend $30-$60 extra per game.

      Even if we paid GST on imported goods, it’d still be $25-$55 cheaper than buying locally.

      • Major Beauner

        EXACTLY! Ive preordered mine from EBGAMES, and will attend the Launch at their Flagship Swanston Street store in Melbourne – which is also where Nintendo Australia will be having the biggest launch party….YAY!!!!!!

        Im getting Premium bundle with only NSMBU – I really want ZombiU, Black Ops 2, Rayman, Sonic All Stars racing, Lego City….but that would be another $500 — or if I order from the UK, only $300….thank goodness for ozgameshop!

        • Death

          Ha. I use ozgameshop as well. xD
          I was literally gobsmacked when I saw their pricing for NSMBU in comparison to EB Games and JB HiFi.

  • ssb4

    Dumb pachter trollin again> I KNEW he was drugged when he said the Wii U would be great. That post was not pacther, THIS is Pachter.

    • revolution5268

      this is how i see it, people forgive him he back stabs them. lol kind of like OJ Simpson in family guy.

  • Wii Uoops!

    AAAAAaaaaaaaaaannnd here it is.
    I knew somethin’ was fishy the moment he was optimistic! Once a mindless Nintendo hater… ALWAYS A MINDLESS NINTENDO HATER…

  • GirlGamer

    Finally Wii U daily, some different news, i waited all day for the the news “Gamestop sells out of wii u’s” to be second on the page and for a new update to come first. Answer this ple wii u daily “how often do you check and update this site”? lol

    • Yamiryuu Zero

      Way more than I should. I should go get a life…

  • NoPUNintendo

    Wait, didn’t he say that when the price was announced, that the price is perfect? And that the Wii U will sell well?

  • Benjaminkno

    I thought I remember him saying it was a good price to start with. This guy ‘is’ becoming my favorite analyst, if only because his words are muffled because they derive from his ass. If Nintendo is sold out across the board, I fail to see how “mass market” appeal matters. You know they’re going to drop the price in a year. There seems to be a “mass market” for him to shut that hole in his face…

  • flashdrive

    ??? patcher are you crazy? facepalm.

  • Zeta

    Now even though i disagree on the first two paragraphs of what he was saying, the third and fourth actually sound reasonable and overall this is probably the first actual analysis i ever read from Patcher, usually its all bias and troll level guesses.

  • Enigmatic

    They have not released the exact numbers of preorders yet, so hold your tongues.

  • Nintenjoe64

    I think flash memory is better anyway. Silent, fast and less likely to break.

  • Nintendude

    Well then Pachter, good luck with your $500+ Xbox720/PS4

    • revolution5268

      i don’t even think he even buys consoles to begin with.

      • Nintenlord

        He got daugthers he have to buy something

  • DragonChi

    Every time that man opens his mouth he somehow manages to increase my hatred for him with the constant amount of BS he spews.

    • Nko Sekirei

      i think he takes the 2nd dumbest award for being an idiot

  • smallNdeadly

    I think he is bi-polar. He is starting to contradict himself

  • Tobias

    Premium with zom… Will cost 602$ in sweden

    • Nintenlord

      Is there a way you could import or something?

      • Tobias

        Indeed i could, but with new news i go for basic and just plug in a 120gb ssd drive thats leftover. I rather have white console, dont need accesories that comes with premium. Going to gamestop tomorrow and preeorder it.

        • Tobias

          They have nice deals there. Preeorder wii u and buy a game for 99sek (14.21 $).

    • Guhtere

      Off topic but your picture scares me…

  • yan

    the gamepad looks so damn nice!

  • 3dsguy

    My 3g vita cost £340 with memory card and game so how can the wii u be too much haters will hate. wii u is the right price i am happy at that price if it was too cheap i would not believe it was any good.Nintendo gonna kill the competition.

  • NesToWiiU

    I’d love to hear this guy on Reddit just so I can laugh even harder.

  • Jetty

    That’s showbiz! This is pretty accurate, I just dislike the fickle opinions. For someone so hated, this is a good call. I finally get to say this. Wii U ambassador program.

  • Alienfish

    “SOLD OUT”

    Haters shutup now about WiiU failing. Now haters can start flames because they can’t get one.

  • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

    I wonder if SONY LOVER BOY would come here………….

  • Sentient Being

    I know the economy is different, but did anyone say this when the 360 was launched?

    These people seem to forget that the Wii U isnt in direct competition with the 360/PS3. While they are on the market together. So was the PS2 until recently.

    I didnt consider the 360 in competition with the PS2/GameCube when it was launched, and it had a significantly higher price. Why? Because it was a brand new generation of hardware. Something that was going to last for 5+ years.

    Thats how I see the Wii U. Its a new generation of hardware. Its competition will come from the NextBox, and PS4, and chances are the Wii U will have the most attractive mass-consumer price out of the three.

  • TheRedSnifit

    Pachter finally says something that makes sense, and people still flip out.

    • revolution5268

      who is a wii u overprice? do you even know what overprice is? look at the ps3.

      • revolution5268

        *How not who.

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    First he said the price was perfect! Well, not that I care for his opinions, but lots of American retailers have already sold out the Wii U, which means the price IS perfect, otherwise it wouldn’t sell as much in so little time!
    As for the 75% of Wii U’s being Deluxe, I believe he is right. The black console was the first one to be sold out, and seems like it’s the most profitable one. Also, core gamers seemed to love the black color!
    And lastly, as for the internal storage… the heck is he talking about? Nintendo already said that they would let gamers use external storage devices, it’s not “luck” as he claims! If they had put even more internal storage, the console might be more expensive!

    • Yodin

      Yeah Pachter did you hear that? Nintendo already said that they would let gamers use external storage devices such as external USB hard drives, USB flash drives, and SD cards as well. There’s always a way to have more storage, I already made a pre-order fo a Wii U Deluxe 🙂

  • ocarinaoftime

    So ANY usb from Wal-Mart will add to the memory? Or doEs it have to be memory from Nintendo? Or are there only specific exterior memory expansions able to be use with the wiiu? I need to know. I unfortunately had no choice but to get the basic wiiu. But FORTUNATE enough to at least make it to that one but that’s besides what I need to know! Please and thank you!!

    • PSWii60

      So long as its not USB 3.0, then any USB Flash Drive / USB External Hard Drive will work.

    • Marq

      Any PnP USB device will do: Hard drives, memory sticks, SD cards. You’re good to go.

  • mike

    seriously, I’ll never understand this guy *sigh*

  • TheUNation

    That pinhead Pachter have never changed one single bit.

  • somebody

    thats a very good price pachter, no everything is free

  • sidistic0N3

    PS1 launched at $299 100 million+ units sold
    PS2 launched at $299 155 million+ units sold
    Wii U launches at $299(basic) ???

    So what is wrong with the price point again? Fail Pachter Troll….fail.

  • Gamer

    Flip flopper much mr. Pachter.

  • logan7699

    The price is to high for causal gamers…NOT for gamers that know what they are getting.. causal gamers never get a system at launch they get it after the price drops and they don’t own mult systems. they are less informed about the product… now in the us they will buy what ever apple makes and they dont care what they are charged….no one said the masses are smart…ps they have never been to this site…..

  • Thatguywhoslappedyou

    Hmmm i think Patcher is getting paid to say this i mean he is not making any arguments and 1st he was talking how good this is now he is trash talking out of NOWHERE he is getting paid by microsoft!. And if it’s sony then wow that is a new low its like that one time when they kidnap a nintendo worker then torture him by destroying a maro doll… Um wait is it a new low?


  • Adam Fox

    Damn I hate this idiot.

  • SteampunkJedi

    I didn’t expect his optimism to last, but that was quite the turn-around he took there. And I’m guessing when the next Microsoft and Sony consoles come out, the Wii U will have a very attractive-looking price compared to theirs. Personally, I think the price is reasonable.

  • Nintenlord

    I just realised that at the wii u release day there is going to be voting where i live,i should use this has an advantage to get a wii u

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    I’m just gonna be honest here, I don’t see anything wrong with what he just said. The console is selling for a profit and Nintendo will limit manufacturing to what they believe they’ll sell. As well, the deluxe is in high demand. This all makes sense. Not to mention, the world economy isn’t what it was when the Wii launched, so it makes sense that it wouldn’t sell quite as much as that. Especially being that it’s relatively expensive, most expensive machine Nintendo’s ever made. Eventually the price will come down, that’ll probably be in 2014, about 2 years after it’s out in the market. I feel like they’re really gonna try to get the gamepad price down a lot too. So that’ll be good. Overall, I have to say this is one of the least controversial things I’ve heard from this guy in a long time. I’ve actually talked to people about how I think the Wii U will sell and we all figured around this much ourselves. Of course, we don’t think the console will sell that consistently at 1.25 million a month, more like 3 this holiday and 3 next, then the same overall amount over the year (6 million). We’re not industry analysts, but we just figure, 1 the Nintendo main fanbase has been wanting an HD Nintendo console for a few years now, 2 the game market is much larger and more mainstream than it used to be, 3 the economy isn’t doing so great so not everyone will be able to go out and get this new system and rather wait til there’s a few games they really want, and 4 Nintendo likes for there to be shortages. So there were some pluses and minuses. The Wii did fantastically, but it did so much that it almost became a fad to have a Wii. I feel like the Wii U will probably be a more gamer oriented device. This isn’t to say more casuals won’t follow in, but not til later. And I know a number of gamers who are really not looking forward to the next gen. People don’t want to have to drop all that money. They’re willing to wait. Especially the Sony and Microsoft guys, cause they know the next system will cost them big. I think it’ll take time for the next gen to really get in gear. We’re the exception to the rule, all of us on this site. We’re the hardcore day one fanbase. They rely on us to get the system going and to spread word about it. So overall, I’d say things look to be good. Being the only one on the market for next gen for a year will help Nintendo, though 2 would work much more in their favor, cause people get impatient waiting for the next gen. Anyhow, I think these numbers actually look pretty good. I mean, that’s over half of what the GameCube sold lifetime. Now that the facts are known, I think pachter may actually stop trolling and start doing his actual job, and this looks like he finally may have gotten something right. So good on him, cause this looks good for Nintendo, if you ask me

    • Jetty

      Could you be more specific lol. Pachter nailed this, although he’s switching sides, this is an impressive call. Nintendo is basically playing it safe by jumping early and waiting for the reaction of Sony and microsoft. The Wii U was precisely crafted, namely the Basic and external memory which can lure more people looking to spend less.

      In this economy with this technology, 350 is a fair price for a console. Assuming the competition has a larger price tag. Then eventually a price cut or Nintendo could make an improved/larger GamePad to utilize accessories to help cut their losses. If they have losses which I personally don’t believe. PS4 and xbox720 will just be upgraded graphics and higher priced games.

      Nintendo had strong third party support to carry for Wii U launch and will depend on it’s first and third party titles to brace for their competitor launches. They’ll just build more anticipation when Zelda and Smash Bros. are released. Nintendo isn’t becoming Sega, Wii U will not be Dreamcast. You keep the gates shut at Cartmanland until business is booming.

      • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

        I have a feeling they may actually adapt the 3DS, with the circle pad pro, to work as an off screen play. That way, rather than spend $150 on a new controller, you could spend an extra $50 and get a whole nother console. I also feel like they may not make a larger controller, but maybe a smaller one, or one with an HD screen. The controller looks fine sized to me, but I haven’t had a hands on yet, so I guess I can’t say anything yet. And maybe I could have been just a bit more specific 😛 hahaha, I get a bit caught up in stuff, but we all know how quick to hate pachter we all are. I’ll give him credit though where he deserves it. I say this was a good call on his part. But I guess time will tell

        • Jetty

          Well said indeed. The Big N always moves to improves screen size, but I am leaning towards it going with better resolution. Pulling the 3DS like a Vita would be more stable, practical and affordable. Regardless, when time does tell, we’ll be enjoying some fine Wii U titles.

  • Crapcake

    This is totally unrelated but nintendo is gonna fail unless they make lots more wii us

    • Nko Sekirei

      they will their should be more around or after the release date after wii u s historic sale out on every store the preorders are probably breaking records well see how much nintendo made after its release and also theres greedy bastards/some sony and microsoft gamers who buys multi deluxe editions wii u and just sell them to make a quick buck which they need to get off their lazy bums and get a dam job.

  • Melk

    …I’m starting to think Pachter is bipolar…

  • xdlugia

    I admit that Nintendo made a big mistake by not including a harddrive in the console. When Nintendo are starting this big focus on downloadable games though NN, they need a bigger harddrive than the flash memory.
    Wii U games can be up to 25 GB (or even 50 GB when dual layered) and their demand for making the consumers buy third party HDDs for them is crazy. Not even all of the harddrives on the market are compatible with the system!

    I really hope that Nintendo will release an official HDD for the Wii U later on, but you bet that third party will make HDDs optimized for the console shortly after launch.

  • Dan

    I hope Pachter wont stop talking about the Wii U, therefore my anticipation for WiiU wont kill me by reading those reactions above!!! Lol

  • Dan

    Nintendo never fails even when their console sold less,,,their games sell in millions every time, well enough to stay in business

  • Colton

    Seems legit, to be honest.

    There’s no way Nintendo can manufacture fast enough to sell much more than that unless they have some secret manufacturing ability they haven’t used yet.

  • Dan

    Nintendo did not jump early,,, PS3 and 360 were so overpowered(for a console) they have to continue make profits off it since it didnt make them money until 2009….

  • Carlous Rex

    People seem to think the 720/PS4 to be monsters compared to the Wii U, well they wont, cause that would mean that their price would skyrocket and if there’s anything the industry learned from the last generation is that launching a console at to high of a price point is like shooting oneself in the foot. Do people really believe the next generation from Sony/Microsoft will match current gaming PCs? That would make them costs at least 1000$ a unit, which would be insane. I haven’t owned a console since the xbox/gamecube and am more of a PC guy but Jesus I’m not stupid.

    And the Wii U is certainly not current gen tech, it’s the only console to interest me for years, who wants just another COD-machine ala Xbox? I don’t! I want a different gaming experience than my PC, something probably only Nintendo will deliver! Since when did it all come down this anyway? The NES was sold next to 5 year younger Sega Genesis yet the best gaming experience was found in Super Mario, Zelda, Castlevania, etc, all on the much older and ‘weaker’ NES.

  • xamy

    he’s like obama! misleading!

  • lan

    Can’t believe some still complain. Look at the new super slim ps3, one of the versions will sell at the same price is the regular WiiU. And the WiiU has newer stuff under the hud, yet people still find excuses. How sad.

  • David

    Did he say the Wii U SHOULD be priced at $300 in the first place? Wow…. now we are seeing why everyone hates him…. hypocrite -_-

  • European Gamer

    Americans are the last are allowed to talk for WiiU prices being expensive,as the U.S.A. is the one country of the world that has the cheapest WiiU prices.

    If you,that your average salary is 2000$ think that 350$ is much,what should Europeans who their average salary is between 600 and 800€,should say since the WiiU there costs 380€ ? (equivalent of 500$ with exchange rates)

  • MujuraNoKamen

    The basic set is priced fine to me, but for the deluxe Wii U, $350 SEEMS a little expensive for a console but for the console, a stand, HDMI cable, Nintendoland, 2 adapters, a sensor bar and a cradle, that’s pretty damn good. 350 is a high number for a mass market but if the customers consider just how much comes with the Wii U they’ll realise they’re getting a bargain.
    Once again Pachter has failed to do any research whatsoever and fails in his attempt to degrade Nintendo as part of some stupid hate campaign.

  • LibertyZero

    Strangely, the deluxe bundle has sold out more though it’s higher priced. STFU, Pachter.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    What’s his problem with not having built in Hard-Drives? OK it’s a shame they’re not packaged in with Wii U but 32GB “enough for regular use” that’s more than enough! STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE ABOUT IT JUST BECAUSE IT’S NINTENDO PACHTER!!!! My XBox (with Hard-Drive) doesn’t have that much memory but after 4/5 years it’s still got some to spare. So 32GB with additional Hard-Drives and other Memory card compatibility is going to be loads, to hell with his “not enough for full game downloads” garbage, even my Wii with, actually I don’t know how much memory but I’m sure it’s, not as much memory as the XBox had room for loads of huge games many of which (like Majora’s mask, Donkey Kong Country and Starfox 64) were downloaded.

  • Smokey cheese

    I think that once the general populace get a taste of what the wii u is all about then there will be a surge in demand and the price will not be such a big issue.

  • seth

    again, why are we still posting stories on this guy?

  • Job

    Hang on, how much was the wii at launch? $250?
    Unfortunately Nintendo isn’t allowed to set the price everywhere.