Aug 31st, 2012

Michael Pachter isn’t a fan of the Wii U. He made that clear a while ago, and has been arguing his case ever since. The latest Pachter-ism that will surely get him the attention he wants, comes from the latest issue of EGM magazine. EGM — Electronic Gaming Monthly — has a large Wii U preview, and it seems quite biased against the new console, to say the least. For example, they state that the Wii U GamePad “feels like a toy”, and claim that the touchscreen feels “finicky”, and even criticize the Wii U Pro controller for looking like an Xbox 360 controller. Which it’s almost meant to be — it’s just a standard game controller. In fact, the EGM article seems surprisingly biased against the Wii U, considering that it’s been a somewhat-neutral publication for a while now.

To top it off, EGM interviews Michael Pachter and gets his opinion on the Wii U, and that’s when things start to get even more interesting. We’ll just post what Pachter said:

“Nintendo is partying like it’s 1985. Their strategy is ‘We got lucky with the Wii, so if we just try something different, we’ll get lucky again. In their vocabulary, the word ‘lucky’ doesn’t exist-substitute ‘brilliant.’ Unfortunately I don’t think it [the Wii U] looks brilliant.”

Michael Pachter Wii UPachter added that Nintendo “just doesn’t get it” when it comes to gaming today, and that the company would “rather have you play with Miis” than create an online multiplayer component. Finally, he concludes by saying that Nintendo thinks they know consumers better than everybody else, and that they’ll keep making mistakes like the Wii U until “somebody decides to make a change at the top”, referring to replacing Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and other Nintendo executives.

We’re not going to get into details about Pachter’s comments, he has made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t believe in the Wii U, and occasionally simply trolls Nintendo fans with his comments. He’s an analyst and he’s paid to have an opinion. But analysts like him usually err on the side of “caution” when it comes to predicting the sales and popularity of new hardware. It’s better to predict less sales and be positively surprised, than the other way around. Hopefully a year from now, Pachter and other Wii U critics will eat their words. Just like they did with the original Wii console.

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  • nambit

    Ahh, I get it now! He doesn’t like Iwata!

    • nintedward

      yeh . i genuinely dont think the wiiu will do well now , because patcher has said this.
      hang on the man is full of BS and the wiiu will do fine.

      ”got lucky with the wii” they didnt get lucky , it was a good invention . one that needed doing.

      now the wiiu looks A LOT better than the wii. so how is that going to fail ???

      the man is an idiot. he probably thought the GBA , DS and 3ds were bad ideas.
      i hate this guy.
      i think the wiiu looks great . what do you think of that patcher ??

      • Grodus

        Im suprised he didnt show his ugly face and say the sucsess that is the 3ds will be dominated by the complete failure that is the vita!

        • nintedward

          ”nintendo just doesn’t get it” .well actualy they do. the DS and WII were both Astronmical success . especialy the phenomenal DS . and the 3ds is outselling the DS’s first year.

          • Aenifer

            Yes. In fact it’s not Nintendo “that isn’t getting it.”

          • dr scoobie

            switch the word nintendo with i

      • Draco Breach

        I don’t recall him commenting on the GBA.

        He said the PSP would outsell the DS three-to-one.

        He said the 3DS stood no chance against the Vita. I think he said the 3DS would never exceed eight million units over its life.

        • theaquacharger

          I don’t think he was being published during the GBA era.

          • td,y,i,.

            I think his smile creeps me out.

        • nintedward

          thank you :). i said ” i bet he thought ” i dont know or care about the faulse presumptions this guy made in the past :). he is more of a loser than every fanboy on earth put together.

      • zam2.0

        Wii U looks amazing. I was gonna stick with PC until this was announced.

      • questionmark

        “now the wiiu looks A LOT better than the wii. so how is that going to fail ???”
        What does it matter if it looks better than the wii. The wiiu will not be competing against the wii it will be competing against xbox360 and ps3 or their successors.

        • nintedward

          i wasnt comparing the graphics .
          i am saying the wiiu looks better than the wii because
          A= it has far less controvertial controles. and a tablet controller. and wii remote support and pro controller support.

          also the wiiu is attracting third party developers because of the less controvertial control’s and its Architecture.

          the wiiu looks better than the wii was in every way.
          wiiu of 2012 compared to wii of 2006. the wiiu will carry on the ‘wiivoloution’ and do lots more.
          nuff said ??? or are you as stubborn as patch dog ????

      • Benjamin

        Quite honestly, it doesn’t matter what he says, he knows that Sony and Microsoft will hire him for his “expertise”, no matter how much he’s wrong. It’s quite pathetic that a magazine would grant this geezer a soap box to perpetuate their propaganda. Why would it matter what Nintendo does if they “don’t get it”? Ironic that Sony and Microsoft have turned to smears as they can’t replicate their innovation, that’s why they feel threatened. Let’s face it, both of them are entertainment power houses just wanting to contribute “graphically”. Well, it’s not about graphics anymore, maybe you should ‘analyze’ that.

        So, the ‘Pro controller’ is just like the XBox controller? Yeah, like there’s much difference from either one of their controllers and the Super Nintendo version from the 1980′s!! Get out.

        • Patcher

          It is about the graphics why else would they be making an entirely new system.

      • Patcher

        I think your a tool. Who’s thumbuping this idiot, they did rip off the xbox controller and the sales wont be as good as there last consol or the ps4 or the 720.

        • Better person than that idiot patcher

          You suck, and get out of this world. You know nothing.

        • Better person than that idiot patcher

          It’s called reverse engineering you retard.

    • 007 1/2

      He just wants attention.

    • AKA-Link77

      Yah . . . and that disgusting smile he has makes him look like the troll face!

      • luke

        who does pachter work for?
        if he works for microsoft that might explain all the trollers
        on xbox live.

      • Patcher

        Yeah a troll!! Get a life you stupid nerd.

    • luke

      replace iwata?
      he is one of the most respected people in the industry
      for a reason.

    • josh

      once pachter starts making games, then i might listen to him

  • Carlo

    Now it’s just a sad call for attention.

    • nintedward

      Micheal Patcher – the worlds most prolific and notorius xbox troll.

      • NintendoGamer

        Yep. Patcher has to learn a lot about trolling and real life.

        • tim

          just look at that retarded troll face!

      • nintedward

        micheal patchers gaming collection = xbox 360 / ipad / iphone . facepalm . nuff said. the man doesnt even know what gaming is , who the f*ck pays this A hole to talk about games ????

        i bet he said ”the ps vita is going to dominate because it has great graphics”

        he couldnt predict how long to put a potato in the god damn microwave.

        ”2 minutes should be fine ” – me ”no patcher , we all know a jacket potato takes 10-15 minutes in the microwave at least . god , what did your mother do , anything ???”

        • Patcher

          Goddamnit!!!! This is the only article nintedward has ever got more thumbs ups than downs need I say more. Your mothers a whore nintedward, you know how many dicks have been in that shit???” do you nintedward?? And Tim you retarded piece of shit,get a fucking life. I can just imagine what you must look like you tool. Every one talk shit about Patcher so they can get thumbed up. You all want attention thats why your posting, and by the way I’m posting from a PS3.

          • Better person than that idiot patcher

            How old are you, 4! You speak like a child who only knows to curse when they are angry. Just look at your insults, they are so mainstream; it doesn’t even seem vulgar any more. Never post on this website again; you look like a fool!

    • revolution5268

      he hated nintendo ever since they did the blue ocean strategy.
      you ask me he is more of a microsoft guy.

      • luke

        i dont think its that simple.
        i think that perhaps iwata bullied him at school as a child
        and thats why he has such a deep hatred for nintendo.

        or perhaps he just wants attention.

    • D2K

      When was it anything other than that?

      • Slacker

        patcher is Nintendos eavel villein and like all heros thay all ways win

    • LazerK

      And ALL you guys are giving him just that…
      Again,grow up guys

  • JCMGamer

    I thought he said he wouldn’t comment on the WiiU until they released the launch date and price?

    • Grodus

      Yeah, but hes also a returd (morph of retard and turd).

    • Macarony64

      Well he needs atention after who knew him from before he started bashing nintendo?

      • Macarony64

        Meant before not after 🙂

  • bb

    Woop woop

    • Draco Breach

      He~y, O~h!

      Party like it’s your birthday!

  • Acid


  • AO1JMM

    Odd since that idiot consistantly talked about wanting Nintendo to make a HD Wii and now he bashes them for no reason. What a hypocrate

  • Opticine

    If no one ever tries anything new, then what would gaming be? The same old games, the same old controllers, and the same old designs. You’re supposed to try something different. How do you think we got into how we are today? It’s because someone said, “No, I don’t like it, it needs to be different.”

    • ECM

      This is a very astute comment–bravo.

    • me

      is just an old man set in his ways. He doesn’t like change, he just wants and needs things to remain the same.

      • LazerK

        You’re comment makes it all clear now!
        Patcher doesn’t like change.He needs everything to remain the same so he can make his bs “predictions”(which are wrong anyway)
        Nintendo causes change in the entire industry,making Patcher mad hence these idiotic biased statements against Nintendo
        Truly pathetic Patcher

  • Kamon

    Lol that picture is really cartoonish.

    • VX

      He looks kinda like a troll face……fitting

      • Phrog

        His face really does look like the troll LMAO.

      • luke

        someone should post a picture of them side by side

  • Nintyfan95

    how can you get lucky with a console, your either big or not.

  • NoPUNintendo

    I’ve had enough of this. Can you please stop making articles about what Pachter says? He’s really not worth it anymore. If anything, he fails to notice that gamers like to play video games. Simple and sweet. The Wii U has video games, it has a very unique controller, and a very unique approach to gaming. I can sorta understand not getting the Wii U, I didn’t get it at first. But after actually getting to try it, and after all that has been said so far. There’s no doubt the Wii U will be very close to the Wii. Honestly, yes, the Wii U may not sell a lot of units as they hope(though I really hope they do). It may even be like the Gamecube was. But either way, the Wii U is a must buy for any gamer.

    • Ibiexplorer4

      He’s a well-respected video game analyst. Why wouldn’t he be on the article, especially with the Wii U mentioned?

      • UGotWongGuy

        Well respected? Either you have been living under a rock, or are trolling (poorly).

        His “predictions” have been quite wrong. He said the PS3 would dominate this generation. He praises the Vita. He said that Nintendo would make up a tiny fraction of the market. The list goes on. The man quite simply hates on Nintendo, and makes that quite clear.

        Funny thing is I did not buy a Wii for myself, and I owned a 360 and own a PS3. So, I am by no means a Nintendo fanboy, and think the “x console is better” garbage is childish.

        Pachter simply does not “predict” anything. He simply tells shareholders what they want to hear, and is driven by greed. He is no better than the fanboys that are blindly devoted to one company over another.

        tl:dr Respect is earned, and Pachter is far from earning spit with his biased (and often incorrect) comments.

        • Ibiexplorer4

          All I have to say is look at his earliest predictions in regards to the video game industry. I’m not saying I agree with this guy. I’m saying that he has been right before.

          • UGotWongGuy

            Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

            Being right before, really does not lend credibility when you are wrong a bunch of times after. In Pachter’s case, it is not just being wrong, but very biased against Nintendo in just about every “prediction”. Furthermore, not just “wrong”, but not even close to the actual result.

            He may have started off as a good analyst, but somewhere he lost touch with the trends of the market. He never has anything good to say about them, and says they got lucky when he was proven wrong. He can’t own up to saying he got it wrong.

            All he would have had to say is “stuff happens” and be done with it. His current predictions disregard the previous successes, because he won’t acknowledge it was more than a fluke.

            tl;dr Horrible track record and lack of accountability cannot make up for being right “in the beginning”.

      • Romulus

        how the freaking stuff is he respected? the only respect i have related to him is whoever personally kicks him in the head for me.

      • Mike

        He isn’t a ”well-respected” video game analyst, he may be an analyst, but do you know any self-respecting gamer who thinks analysts are worth a dime, I bet you don’t.

        • Ibiexplorer4

          Good point.

          Anyways, I’m not saying I agree with this guy. I’m just saying that he didn’t come out of nowhere and start bashing the Wii U. He has been right before.

          • 7Down

            He might be well known, but just because he was right few times, doesn’t mean that he would know everything.

            I’d understand if his answers weren’t so brutal, he makes you think that there is no other chance.

            His way of thinking: “I’m right, you’re wrong.”

      • NoPUNintendo

        Because it’s the same thing over and over. This website should be more about, “Check out these new Wii U screenshots! Graphics! New Games!”.

      • Ibiexplorer4

        All right. Allow me to correct myself. He WAS a well-respected a respected video game analyst. My point is that people keep acting like Patcher is some nobody who came in to the spotlight and starts bashing Nintendo. That’s not the case at all. He has made predictions before and has been right. That earned his reputation as a video game analyst. Of course, in recent years, he’s lost his touch. It’s pretty clear that when it comes to Nintendo, he’s 99.9% wrong.

        The guy should have just quit while he was ahead.

        • NoPUNintendo

          I know what you mean. I hope others know what you meant. Yes I do remember Pachters other predictions that were correct. But he’s lost that touch. Just like you’ve stated.

          • Ibiexplorer4

            Al least someone understands what I’ve been trying to say.

  • Man

    I wonder what is brilliant to him. A graphic power house? Or hearing himself talk non-sence!

  • Charmander

    Pachter “just doesn’t get it” with the wii u. Is that what pachter meant? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t get it.

  • NintendoGamer

    Oh, Patcher. I will tell you a secret. YOU are the one that doesn’t get it!

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Is it me or is this guy attempting an anti Wii U campaign. I can’t believe EGM actually gave this guy publicity. I didn’t think they would make such a biased article on Wii U. I hope Pachter gets fired someday. I don’t understand how this guy manages to have any credibility.

  • TheImaj

    Suck a Fudge-Pachter.. 😉

  • A Wii U 4 U

    Haven’t we learned to ignore what this dude says? Pointless troll comment is pointless. -.-

    I have a feeling his hatred for Nintendo stems from a rather dull and inattentive childhood, fraught with stagnation, tradition, and a lack of progressivism.
    Apparently this man despises change.

    *全く *

  • revolution5268

    nintendo don’t get it? get what? how about you patcher, you don’t even know shit to begin so why are you even acting like you know the industry.

    i bet many sony drones will use his comment as new facts.

  • eyesac

    This guy is a bit silly, I recently had it out with a fellow coworker. They told me microsoft started the motion controls with kinect… told me how the wii never sold. And how he was excited for Battlefield 3. I asked him “do you own a wii?”
    Of course not! Thats why he knows its just for bowling games…. I myself own all 3 systems. I prefer my wii over the other two, I do have more games on my 360. I feel that the graphics look the best on the ps3. Honestly, why does he care? The wii sold an amazing amount of consoles. Nintendo has broadened the market to include a much larger consumer base. To me that makes sense. Why target one field? One demigraphic? I wish I could give this man a hug, he obviously was neglected as a child and feels the need to lash out. Bahaha anyways I will be getting a Wii U on launch. I am stoked for this system. ps4 and durango are also on my list. I am not yet excited for them. If they can bring something to the table that tickles my nuts, will be seen in the coming year. I really hope its something new. Not a copy from some other company. Peace out fools have a dandy day!

    • deSSy2724

      yeah, true gamers are bashing games, not gaming platforms.

      Im too excited about both Wii U and PS4, also, i own a good PC mostly because of RTS and FPS games

      • NoPUNintendo

        My game can beat up your game.

        • Nintendo Forever!!


  • Grodus

    LIERS EVERYWHERE!!! More specifically, 2 liars.

  • David

    I said it once and I will say it now I WIPE A MONKEYS ASS WITH WHAT HE THINKS!!!!!!!

  • pdxmojo

    Who the hell came up this “trolling”. The term sounds juvenile.

    • SteampunkJedi

      Some things just come to be, and that’s simply how they are. But it is an odd term in my opinion as well.

      • LazerK

        I liked it better when trolls were just ugly creatures living under a bridge or forest

  • 3dsguy

    The guy knows nothing watch nintendo make u look a fool.Well u do that urself patcher ur just a useless fool. xbox is shit an complete with shit first party titles.

    • luke

      wait does this guy actually work for microsoft?
      so thats why xbox live has so much trolling
      because its employees are trollers

  • PridgMSS

    I don’t understand this man… at all.

  • Mida

    The irony is stunning… It’s not even funny anymore; not that it ever was…

  • Ben

    Does this guy even knows what he means and is saying? Because i dont… he’s mad at the gamepad and the fact its not ANOTHER standard layout controller? Or is it because he never got to play Mario and he’s parents brainwashed him or what? Did he even tried the WiiU once? Did he even saw the thing in real life? I guess the answer is No and he’s mad because Nintendo never invited him to their press conferences or what?

    I like the WiiU, the Wii and the Gamecube. Simply because they are all so different. They are all different, they aren’t just new console’s with stronger and more powerful hardware and the exact same controller (kouch fucking PlayStation) they change freaking everything. From design to graphics to gameplay and controllers. They create something entirely new and they “don’t” get it? The only one that doesn’t gets it is him, Sony and Microsoft. Without Nintendo there wouldn’t be a gaming industry. And if there was everything would be the exact same repetitive gameplay. How much fun would that be? The only differences on every console would be the power, brand and exclusive games. He’s saying gaming should be like that or what?

    Note: Please WiiUdaily, i like the ite but every time you guy’s post something of this retard i get really really mad at you guy’s. Let this be the pachter less place of the internet.

    • Yamiryuu Zero

      I completely agree with you. It’s always Nintendo that creates new grounds for the gaming industry. And they’ve been doing it for more time than Sony and Microsoft, so I guess they do know more about the customers than the other two.

      Now, regarding the site stopping posting Patcher’s news, I disagree. It’s exactly when he says some dumb stuff regarding the gaming industry that we can see exactly what gamers think. Reading comments on a game release or the console specs, you’ll see little commotion compared to when someone wants to speak their minds regarding Patcher. And there are tons of readers who do so. That’s how we know the console will be a success and that Patcher’s words are meaningless: when they post his words on the site and the feedback increases ten fold!

    • Chris

      He “thinks” he knows all about video games because his kids play them… yeah, I don’t believe him one bit.

      If he thinks he is a genius in video game knowledge then I’m the mother flipping Batman.

      Mikey only knows how to hit a button to do things, hell he probably doesn’t know how to make a marketing pitch.

      • Zomegax

        Someone like that has kids?!? Also Patcher is stupid, I would suggest taking his comments off of here, but it always makes me laugh at this troll.

    • gaber


  • Ljink

    What a jerky troll. Nintendo doesn’t need luck. They aren’t all about doing what other companies are doing you dummy. Never liked patcher, sceptics talk big until they’re proven wrong. I will gladly buy the wii u, why? Because it means HD Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Galaxy 3(Universe), and much more. Hopefully Dragon Quest XI as well but anyway I don’t know why whenever Nintendo comes up with new cool ideas there are billions of sceptics that line up only to be pushed away by Nintendo’s success.

  • Wii Uoops!

    I don’t think you look brilliant either.
    Now we’re even enough.

  • Guhtere

    This guys a d!ck!

  • Dan

    What a sad troll..

    • revolution5268

      and the sad part is, people actually worship this fool.

      • Ibiexplorer4

        Well, he has been right before…

        • Dan

          Your kidding right? 0.0

          • Ibiexplorer4

            Sadly, no. There’s a reason this guy gets attention. He has a ton of popularity behind him because of his earliest predictions.

        • Lazara The Last


        • Mike

          Regarding what?

  • Macarony64

    He is about to get divorced , in 1 on his videos you can hear his wife slaming doors cause she know he is hipocrit

    • nintedward

      this made me laugh . thanks.

    • Ninty1

      Which one? Give me the link to the video

      • Macarony64

        I forgot wen but it was on 1 of his pacht attack videos

  • zam2.0

    Opinions are cool… As long as they’re the same as mine.

  • fedster

    its not about getting “lucky” patcher. its about making an impact on the gaming industry

  • rafael

    Pachter makes me miss PiionU…

  • Captain Potato

    If Nintendo hadn’t saved the videogame industry from the “crash”, would Patcher even have a job? Just saying…at least be thankful for that…

  • WreckitRalph

    “Pachter added that Nintendo ‘just doesn’t get it’ when it comes to gaming today…”

    Mario Galaxy 2:

    GameRankings 97.12
    Metacritic 97 out of 100 Grade: A
    Edge 10 out of 10
    Famitsu 37 out of 40
    GamePro 4.5/5 stars
    GameSpot 10 out of 10
    GameSpy 4.5/5 stars
    GamesRadar 10 out of 10
    GameTrailers 9.7 out of 10
    IGN 10 out of 10
    Official Nintendo Magazine 97%

    Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword:

    GameRankings 93.11%
    Metacritic 93/100
    GameStats 9.8/10 B+
    Computer and Video Games 9.8/10
    Edge 10/10
    Electronic Gaming Monthly 8.5
    Eurogamer 10/10
    Famitsu 40/40
    Game Informer 10/10
    Game Revolution A
    GamesMaster 96%
    GameSpot 7.5/10
    GamesTM 9/10
    GamesRadar 9/10
    GameTrailers 9.1/10
    IGN 10/10
    Nintendo Power 9.5/10
    Nintendo World Report 10/10
    Official Nintendo Magazine 98%
    X-Play 4/5 stars
    Destructoid 9.5/10
    Machinima 9.5/10
    Wired 10/10
    Joystiq 4.5/5 stars
    The Daily Telegraph 5/5 stars
    Metro GameCentral 10/10

    Ok, you know where I am going with this but, REALLY?! Nintendo doesn’t know gaming???? Oh yeah, I guess I will forget all the great games I played during my years the Nin. “doesn’t really” know gaming….

    “Finally, he concludes by saying that Nintendo thinks they know consumers better than everybody else…”


    Serving over 35 years of electronic gaming, I think they do know consumers.

    • Alec Trevelyan

      Correction: Nintendo 1889

      • Yamiryuu Zero

        I think he meant the time Nintendo entered the electronic gaming industry. They made other products before that, created in 1889.

      • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

        when the compagny Nintendo “born” yes but he saying when Nintendo begin creating electronic games 1977 for Tv Color Console

        • revolution5268

          they should release the color TV for Club Nintendo like they did with game and watch.

        • Zeldazero

          Nintendo actually started off just make playing cards and look where they are today 🙂 The day I let anybody elses opinion sway my decisions of what I want will be the day I die. Even if it ended up a complete failure I will still own one, YES, because it says Nintendo on a cardboard box!!

        • deSSy2724

          Nintendo is father of Sony…. remember Sony NintendoStation? remember the first PS1 controller without rumble and analogs?

    • rafael

      Not to mention that as a company, nintendo is actually 100+ years old! im not even kidding!

      • rafael

        oh sorry! people had already mentioned that…

      • enlightened one

        the actual history goes way way back 100s of years as a company as we know in the modern days there about 140 years old

        they have never lost money until last year and that was the dollar dieing and the pound and the euro it wasnt nintendo fault it was the exchange rate with the yen by the time nintendo got her cash it was less in value than they spent not a loss in business but a loss in exchange rate there business had only gone down 33%

  • Radojko95

    Why cant he just stop …. We already get it that he doesn’t like the Wii U …. I wish that he just kept his opinion to him self …. I know people that don’t believe in Wii U but they keep it to them self, they don’t go around trolling to get some attention …. I hate this guy 🙁

  • ScientificFlood

    Im really starting to think there is some conspiracy against Nintendo.

    No im not a nut. It just seems that way. Have you ever noticed when a stream of positive news comes out about Wii U. Whether it be positive developers, or game news. Then some “anonymous” source starts trashing the Wii U, and while the positive news is generally only reported by Nintendo sites. The rest of the gaming media seems to publish the negative stories right away, and front page them. Followed by Pachter comments.

    It also seems with the bulk of the gaming media. That they seem to discard the mountains of praise by CONFIRMED developers. That they dont even report. To “anonymous” sources that only say negative things about it.

    The gaming media is becoming more and more twisted. Using headlines like “Final Retail Specs”. Just to learn that these specs are from another faceless “anonymous” developer. Even so that these specs contradic themselves. Claiming 1 DX use. Which is a microsoft property, and 2 claiming it only runs DX 10 when the chip uses DX11 for several series before it.

    I think all of this stuff is ridiculous.

    • Ibiexplorer4

      You are a nut. There is no conspiracy.

    • Random Gamer

      I think it’s not that it’s a conspiracy, it’s more that the media needs attention to generate revenue (nobody is gonna sponsor their websites if nobody is visiting it). So they start hunting for news that will cause hatred among players and get a lot of attention;

      Sadly, this happens not only on gaming websites, I see it happening on other areas too.

      So, when you see this kind of things happening, remember, they just want to cause chaos and grab as much viewers as possible. Even this website does it… A lot of people has complained that they don’t want to see this kind of biased Pachter arguments. Yet here they are. Oh well, I guess the website owners are at least getting money…


  • GoldfishBrother

    I can understand his point of view. Which is totally wrong (analitically saying).
    He trust in the actual trend of “more money through better graphics”, which is the main stream right now and for the upcomming future. But there is no way that any gaming console could win PC’s in the long run. If Sony or Microsoft follows his concept (and pleases him) they will see their end.
    I play BF3, call of duty, dead space, and all those beautiful games on pc, not on consoles, because GRAPHICS ARE SIMPLY BETTER.
    NINTENDO DID IT RIGHT, differentiation means survival for consoles. Nintendo got it right with Wii, and even better for WII U ( better core games for core gamers, new and better experiences).
    Sony and Microsoft advice: Follow pachter and prepare to die.

    • nintendofreak

      true u cant beat pc cuz pc each year r better and more powerful dan d year before….in order for a console to be more powerful dan a pc a new console would need to be released like every 6 months or less

  • YAK(youraveragekid)

    I’m starting to lose the little respect I had for Pachter.

  • SteampunkJedi

    This man’s comments just keep getting more outrageous. At some point he’s probably gonna say the Wii U will cause the world’s end. He wants attention, and sadly, he gets it. What grudge does he hold with Nintendo, anyway? They’re just another gaming company (and a very creative and reliable one at that.) As I’ve said before, it would be nice if he could be positive for once. He would get just as much attention because we’d think an alien had abducted and replaced him.

  • nintendofreak

    HE IS PAID TO HAVE AN OPINION… opinion is he is an idiot now pay me in cash please

  • 3dsguy

    Zombie u will be better than any x box game or ps3 an thats just to start us off nintndo was first in and will be last out deal with it haters wii now have the power and the games

    • NoPUNintendo

      Wii now have the power and the games.

      Lol. That should be Nintendos slogan.

  • Spikain

    Stop quoting his opinions, you’re making him famous
    just stop

  • Alec Trevelyan

    Who is this tool and why should I listen to him? Did he just stumble into our industry and decide to comment on something he obviously doesn’t know Jack about? Mr. Pachter, go back to “analyzing” something at your mental capacity, like cauliflower or circus clowns.

  • dojo

    ok um the wii was a fail? i dont think so it may have suck graphics wise but it was fun orinal and keeps u interested as long as nintendo makes there consoles fun and diferent then ill buy them graphics arent as important to me

    • gaber

      ya. the best selling game of all time was super mario bros. 8-bit graphics.

  • link 5

    Is this guy holding a grudge on nintendo did nintendo do anything to him I wonder ×_×

    • enlightened one

      his payed to do this its not his opinion,its what his job is say what the industry wants him to say and do it at the heart of the gaming world the web sites used by gamers he is trying to sell 12 year old ps3 fans as the truth and the informed 0 to 99 year old wii demigraph as the weird wrong doer

      it is aimed at the silly teenny base that are self proclaimed hardcore gamers nintendo sees everyone as a gamer and is saying hay consoles are for U to

      the industry sells to try to be polite IDIOT KIDS and this utter nonsense reporting is aimed at them tell therm how grown up they are for picking x360 and not the toy wii its all lies pachter only shows just how bad this industry has got

      the only people listening are the people nintendo already disrupted his ranting to the already dead

      ps3 x360 ios os industry types and moronic sony ms fanboys who support the baby games and z list movie crap the industry is making

  • Dark Pit

    Pachter, Nintendo has experience with games/ game systems for over 25 years so I’m pretty sure they know what their doing. You on the other hand is just a nobody that is looking for attention and being totally unprorfessional.

    • anonchan

      The British had experience running an empire for a long time so I think they know what they’re doing. there’s no way they could do something retarded and backwards and collapse a country right? right?

  • Chris

    Notice how is attacking Nintendo and not Sony or Microsoft.

    So Mikey, not going to be ranting about Windows 8 or the lack of PS Vita games… just going to keep complaining about a console that hasn’t even be released yet… Pachter is nothing more than a winer, why? because he does nothing but bitch about things that haven’t been released yet.

    I don’t know some people like him, I love every console from Nintendo all the way up to other companies like the new Ouya company. At least I don’t bitch and moan about a console, if I find something wrong about it I will make a brief but informative quot about the flaw, not bitch and moan like Pachter.

  • Joesatmoes

    sarah palin of videogames- but without the balls. actually in some aspects, thats an insult to palin

  • Christian

    There’s Pacher, wearing his troll face. What is the deal with that guy?

  • Tom Fitz

    Oh! So they had a machine that featured cross dimensional gaming between the TV and an interactive tablet controller, with superior 1080p visuals, high framerates and a rich first AND third party games line-up in 1985 did they Pachter?

    • DURPAdurpa


  • Mac

    you know i don’t even care anymore. its pachter so its not worth reading

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    We hate Patcher more than we hate Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black together… should we start making memes of him as well?

  • TheUNation

    Another snorefest comment sponsored in part by Michael “Douchebag” Pachter.

  • SuperWiiEntertainmentSystem

    Honestly, whether it’s G4, Game Informer (Nintendo E3 D+, Microsoft E3 C-, WTF, how is it that Microsoft’s were better when they just showed 90% Kinect, 9% Smartglass and 1% Halo 4),, Pachter, or other fanboys/trolls, they all fear the Wii U, because it’s going to be very successful. These immature professional people and publishers need to grow up, it’s just a game system, this is worse than the current Presidential Election.

  • Dmonkeyman

    now now everyone entitled to their own opinion pachters is just wrong

  • iHATEpachter

    Hey PACHTER, just put a PATCH in your mouth… get a life…

  • nod786

    I think I know what he hates Nintendo so much now…. as a kid when Nintendo bought out their gaming systems he never got one for Christmas so just started blanking Nintendo do everything.

    • rafael

      He could never figure out the water temple in oot, so he never forgave nintendo for that 🙂

      • nod786

        Forget that he couldn’t get to out of the Deku tree let alone the Water Temple XD

        • theorangefish

          No he got scated by SA-X in Metroid fusion!

  • James

    somebody plz put this guy out of his miserey

  • Novum Magus

    Pardon my English, but Michael Pachter is a bullheaded douche

  • Meelow

    Pachter isn’t even being an analyst at this point, he straight up wants Nintendo to fail.

  • Stazkun

    Man -.- I don’t see you making a new console so just shut up and like the Wii U pacher

  • Gary Moscheles

    it doesn’t seem like Nintendo is just “trying something different” and hoping to get lucky. i think they are making smart decisions and hoping for the best.

  • Nintendo Power

    Can I Punch his ugly face while he’s smiling like that?

  • The other dude

    I would really love to know what Patcher consider “brilliant”.

  • CyanideInsanity

    Its not that nintendo doesn’t get ‘gaming today’. Its that gaming today has turned into a rehash fest. How many games out today are essentially copies of each other, without bringing much of anything new to the table.

    If we wanted the EXACT same thing, we’d just stick with what we have, and not buy anything else. Yes, even nintendo is guilty of it, but at least they try new things and, most of all, give some time in between, unlike a certain shooter franchise…

  • TheBrainJemin

    Taken from the wiki page of Xbox Smartglass:
    Michael Pachter, an analyst for Wedbush Securities, feels the application will be useful, especially because of its possibilities to control televisions.

    He praises microsoft for ripping off nintendo, and hates nintendo for making their own original ideas. He is such a biase basterd. What’s also stupid is that nintendo made the idea that you could use the controller as a tv remote, and microsoft just copied it and got all of Pachty’s praise. Pachter is an idiot.

    • CyanideInsanity

      I don’t get how he could think a tablet by itself could be more useful than a tablet than doubles as a controller with physical buttons, etc. Honestly how could using a tablet, then putting it down and picking up a controller, then vice versa be more efficient than a tablet that’s built into the middle of a controller…

      • TheBrainJemin

        My thoughts exactly. Not to mention the fact that in order to use SmartGlass you have to buy a tablet seperatly, and everyone knows that they don’t come cheap nowadays. That’s why the Wii u is better since the tablet comes with the system and it works as a regular controler. Not the mention the rumored price of $250-$300 sounds reasonable to me, commpared to paying $990 for a IPad with 32GB.

  • BananaPwnz

    i’m officially SICK of this guy

  • francis

    Trivia…..Who’s face was trollface modeled after????

    ….Me:—-> Patcher……….Yeah Pretty sure

  • Bill

    A game console does not sell a game consol. The games it can play sell the console. If the games are bad the system will fail. who said the first version of the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 looked sexy? it was the games that could be played on them that sold them.

    • anonchan

      this is fax, but you forgot you need to sell a game console to more than just your customers.

      Think on that for a minute, who on earth could you possibly need to sell a game console to that Nintendo is absolutely horrid at doing?

  • Zeldazero

    Ok, so how much does a video game analyst get paid because I may look into a job in that field if all I have to do is have a biased opinion and take bribes from different companies to bad mouth other companies. You know he only does this for one reason, he knows he will get more attention the more he goes against Nintendo as obviously shown here by our feedback…

  • tanto

    pachter, is never right about nintendo. Not once

    Hes never made an accurate prediction

    Pachter and I quote ” The ds will be a failure”

    “I dont know who yoshi is”

    thats all you need to know

  • Dawnofmorning

    We should send Pachter and Jay Wilson (Diablo 3) to a deserted island. They both are a cancer to the gaming world.

  • tanto

    pachter, is never right about nintendo. Not once

    Hes never made an accurate prediction

    Pachter and I quote ” The ds will be a failure”

    “I dont know who yoshi is”

    thats all you need to know

    In a gonintendo interview, when asked what he thinks about the fact that everyone hates him and hes an idiot.

    he says everything he says is a big joke

    so is this another one of his jokes?

    sounds like him being a moron

    • Ibiexplorer4

      His non-nintendo predictions have usually been accurate.

      • Mike

        Why are you posting these comments with no source of information, how can you like this guy!?

        • Ibiexplorer4

          I’m not saying I like this guy. I’m just saying that if you take a look of his early predictions in the video game industry, they were usually correct.

          The poor guy should have just quit while he was ahead.

  • tanto

    He also said the vita would overtake the 3ds.


  • Falcon PAWTCH!!!

    LOL! this Guy these days…

  • gaber

    this artical is painfull to read. its completly not true. this patcher guy needs a little faith in the only gaming company that seems to still care about familys.

  • TopCat




  • Collected

    “Nintendo is partying like it’s 1985″ – no that was Sony with the PS3, they had a tremendous success with the PS2 partially due to game selection and partially due to the DVD player. They tried to do it again and got burned when blu-ray didn’t cause the change that they expected in the market.

    Pachter’s just running his mouth about stuff he doesn’t know about, so how does anyone take him seriously. He’s had a bad track record with Nintendo predictions and this tells us that he isn’t good at his job as an analyst.

    I’m in two minds about these articles on WiiUdaily; they’re good in that I get reminded who’s among the moronic, biased side of the gaming media and can learn to stay away from them. But people have already suggested that these articles are very annoying and can take away from real news about the Wii U.

    • Collected

      Where’s the articles from PAX prime is all I’m saying, yes I know its still going but this shouldn’t be taking away space from it, PAX is an actual gaming convention with the software/hardware instead we are getting one moron’s opinions.

  • RonaldCoLtd

    This guy is ignorant. . He thinks he can tell the future of gaming or something. Patcher said the PS3 was going to outsell the Wii. . Guessss what? Wii sold more than PS3, and Xbox360 combined. Patcher said the Vita was going to dominate the 3DS, look what happened. 3DS sold way more. Even the 3DSXL sold more than Vita in 2 weeks than in 2 months.

    Patcher, get your so called “facts” straight, play the system, then talk.

  • Josh

    there is only one rule Nintendo. goes for every company. It by far passes all the pennies nickles and dimes you have in your pockets. take care of the customer or you won’t have them any more.

  • Sethlaw225

    President Satoru Iwata and Nintendo knows consumers best Hell They Been Around Before XBOX AND SONY Consoles where in Diapers. lol They get stupider’er as the The U Releases.

  • shadriczo

    Hey you guys, I bet he’s too scared of a trolling douche-wad to admit that Nintendo is much better than his fancy-pants shows.

    -1,000,000 to 1- he goes off ranting his mouth when Nintendo proves their more better that he is, and runs away again showing off.

    And remember, he’s in it for the money, not the gaming gratitude of consumers, business makers and stock exchange development.

    (Yah snooze, Yah lose, Patcherrr)

  • Nintendude

    I’m pretty sure they get it more than you Pachter.

  • Bruno

    To be completely honest, I enjoy this blog but I am tired of reading about Pachter every week. I understand the impulsion to cover *any* and all news about the Wii U but it’s turning into junk tabloid media at this point. I’d much rather read information that excites me about getting the next Nintendo console. Pachter has made his position known. Your readers already know what his position is. Do we need a weekly update about it? Please consider keeping this analyst out of future news unless it’s absolutely necessary. Even Gamespot and IGN do not give him this much attention.

    • D2K

      I agree totally, and that is a good point you brought up that IGN and Gamespot (which both have been guilty of anti-Nintendo propaganda in the past) don’t even pay this guy any mind anymore. I left another blog site because he was posting every Pachter news-byte that came out as well.

      Why? There is nothing useful about that human being in terms of the video game community. If anyone was stupid enough to heed his so-called ‘financial advice’ for anything in the gaming industry they have lost tons of money by now because all of his predictions are wrong.

      Michael Pachter is basically a man whom is trying to use the gaming community to get ‘extra’ cash. he may be a good financial adviser in other genres, so his pride and arrogance has deceived him to believe he can step into any arena and do it as well.

      He has no experience whatsoever in forecasting video game sales, he has not studied ANY portion of video game history, and he gets his information from 3rd parties whom have an agenda against Nintendo.

      As a video game analyst, he spends too much time talking about Nintendo. Even if he was actually presenting truthful information, it still wouldn’t be balanced enough to be a reliable financial analyst because you have to be unbiased.

      There has to be some type of financial credit he gets for every time he makes a news-byte. He knows Nintendo is not going to come after him legally for his slanderous thoughts (although they have legal precedent do to so.) In short, he will continue to run his mouth about Nintendo no matter how successful the Wii U is. After being a generation-behind in graphics and lacking 3rd party support, the Wii DESTROYED the PS3 and 360 this generation, but he looks at that as a failure? 96-million console sold is a failure? Blithering idiots even look at comments like that and say, “C’mon now. Really?”

      This is directed to the mod. What useful purpose is there to post anything about Pachter? I just want to know.

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    I made it a few weeks ago. Hope you guys like it XD

    • Ibiexplorer4

      Real mature -_-

      • Collected

        Humor doesn’t have to be 🙂

        • Ibiexplorer4


      • Ibiexplorer4

        Is there an option to remove your comment once you’ve realized it’s stupidity?

        I would certainly do it with mine.

    • gary

      lol. Make more please. haha

      • Collected

        Would be nice to have the “remove comment” feature, hopefully it can be added

    • 0soul

      Nahh, these are true but not humorous.

  • Death

    The wii U is to nintendo as pachter is to hell. ._.

  • Daniel

    Well for the first time ever michael patcher is right!

    • Ibiexplorer4

      Let’s wait till the Wii U comes out. Then we’ll know for sure.

  • PKMNcharizard1995

    Patcher you “just don’t get” how annoying,retarded,and full of crap you are says PKMNcharizard1995.

  • Dustin

    There comes a point where one has to realize that the media are not biased against the Wii U– there are legitimate problems with the system and with how people feel now about the Wii and its failures.

    • D2K

      I can only hope that I can ‘fail’ by having a company that sells a product as a profit from day-one, making millions of dollars in surplus profit, is the 5th best-selling console of ALL TIME overall and the 3rd best-selling HOME console of all time (PS2 153-million, PS1 102-million, Wii 96-million) with a 30-million console lead over its competitor, and forced the competitors to completely change their strategy.

      All while having a system that is a generation-behind in power and with infinitesimal 3rd-party support. Yeah. I definitely hope that I can make those same ‘mistakes.’

      • Dustin

        This industry isn’t just about making money– it’s about staying power and that is linked to how people feel about your console after 5-7 years (whenever you are moving on). The Wii came out of the gate strong with promises of 1:1 sword fighting, and it sold a lot of consoles with its low price; but the games never delivered the wild motion control shown in the original promo videos and even though a lot of casuals bought the console– they didn’t play it long once the novelty wore off (and they figured out they were pretending to play tennis rather than actually moving the character around the court).

        The graphics prevented third party support which generated an image of the system being a dust collector; and the lack of online gaming led to a failure to hook gamers into a social experience that carries over to WiiU (a reason why Microsoft knows their gamers will buy their console again, because they and their friends already have LIVE and people want to continue playing with the friends they have met on LIVE).

        The Wii has really left hardcore gamers with a bad taste and it’s not their fault; it’s Nintendo’s.

        The media aren’t anti-Nintendo; they just aren’t pro-Nintendo, which is what you have to be to want this console right now.

    • Ljink

      How do we know the problems until we’ve played it. The same thing happened to wii. So many people said oh, this is stupid just because sony and xbox are HD systems with hard drives bleh blah blah… 6 years later… Wii: 96 milliom, PS3: 60 million and Xbox 60 million. It matters not the graphics core but the creativity and software that’s put into the system. As long as there’s Smash bros, zelda, mario, pokemon, dragon quest, and so on: nintendo will have a fan base.

    • Macarony64

      Yes i fail i won the lottery (im joking i won jack shit)

    • Ibiexplorer4

      You know, I might actually buy that if they ever gave legitimate reasons as to why they think the Wii U will fail.

      • Collected

        My thoughts on the matter can be phrased almost perfectly by two idioms and a metaphor/simile that this portion of the gaming media takes on:

        “in every story there is a grain of truth”

        “you can make a mountain out of a molehill”

        What it means here is that certain media outlets take any rumor they can find of the Wii U and publish it almost as a factual truth, often times blowing it out of proportion as a sign that the Wii U will inescapably fail. These media run through all permutations of a rumor like a man shuffles through a deck of playing cards.

        They then place down these rumors and build around them, in a sense constructing a house of cards that they assure us (the reader) is as solid as a stone castle. Yet it is only a house of cards, and such a thing offers no shelter, no stability, only a pretty display that can be knocked down by a strong breeze.

        And those will be my thoughts until the Wii U comes out and cooler heads can prevail.


    its LIKE THIS….in the next two years if i want a multimédia hub i know were to get one…..but if i want and i want……a truly dedicated gaming machine i now what im getting….and an WII-U will be!


    i dont need or want my screen full of adds just to be able to prompt the start button to play a game.

  • The_Beeshnu

    He probably got bullied by Miyamoto in highschool or something

  • dan

    if someone is smart, they will know Nintendo is never in trouble financially_I dont think they get lucky all this years…… haha dumb shit pachter!

  • link

    ?..this pachter guy is fucking stupid, he needs to get his ass kick, what the hell dose he know about video games anyways. He just dosint seem the type of guy to talk about that type of topic.

  • Braulio500

    Poor old Patcher…
    I think his body isn’t ready… =/

  • PKUltima

    What happened to Pachter not commenting on the Wii-U? He just makes me laugh.

  • EPiC

    Nintendo got lucky in 1985 (NES)
    Nintendo got lucky in 1989 (GB)
    Nintendo got lucky in 1990 (SNES)
    Nintendo got lucky in 2004 (DS)
    Nintendo got lucky in 2006 (Wii)
    Nintendo got lucky in 2011 (3DS)

    Either Nintendo is the luckiest damn company on earth, or I am missing something.


    * I don’t believe Nintendo got lucky, this post is sarcasm. I know they are a great company with great products. I also know the GC and N64 are missing, great systems but not great sellers in comparison to their competition at the time. In other words Nintendo didn’t get lucky with the GC or N64

  • Bryan

    A commercial troll who’s getting paid to troll so in his mind, “hey why don’t I just troll on this new console since its better and different than the mainstream consoles lololololololol” if I could I’d shove a wiimote down his throat.

  • EPiC

    Just a funny side note.

    In 1977 Nintendo released the Color TV Game

    To date the Nintendo Coler TV game as sold more units than the Sony Vita

    Nintendo Color TV Game (Japan Only) – 3 Million Units
    Sony Vita (World Wide)- 2.2 Million Units

  • Zhenya

    Why can’t pachter “criticize” both sony and microsoft? I for once just want to laugh at those fanboys :/

  • Jun

    Calling him a troller is an embarrassment to trollerXD, Btw what do you mean “Nintendo doesn’t get it with Gaming today? Nintendo practically CREATED Gaming since it was the first ever Gaming company. Ugh! I wana shoot him soooooo baaaaadd!

    • NoPUNintendo

      Nintendo wasn’t the first gaming company. But they are one of the best, and longest lasting so far.

  • 7Down

    This is just weird, how come everything be so biased in these days?

    I guess EGM, Eurogamer and others like them are just full of gamers, who happen to own PS3/360 and think that since they do, they must hate Nintendo?

    – I don’t quite understand, Wii was weaker than PS360, so what?

    – It has the motion controls as primary instead of the standard controller.

    – What is the point to hate it, does weaker system hurt person in some way, physical, mental?

    Now what about Wii U, it’s not even out there, yet it is a failure?

    Pachter’s opinions doesn’t matter, you’re blind if you think that Nintendo does something wrong, this 1985 reference, what the hell is he talking about, Nintendo trying to make new standard for gaming? Nintendo wants to make something different, so what?

    Does he really think that it’s alright for Sony to make PS4, which will probably be no different than the PS1, PS2 and PS3? Sony never changed a thing, still the same kind of controller, same system with new number.

    Microsoft, Xbox, Xbox 360, only two systems, but looks like they’re doing the same thing as Sony, same console, bit improved from the inside, nothing new.

    Nintendo, every god damn time a different kind of controller, basically Nintendo improves their systems more than by just putting more power inside them and they make it so that we don’t have to waste over 400$ just to buy a thing that is there to bring us joy, a way to kill some time alone or with friends.

    Kids in these days think that gaming is about fame, putting a video on youtube in HD to show off to other people, making some freaking montages about FPS games.
    Those things are maybe a good hobby and sure who doesn’t want to add a video to show some skills they’ve got. But people just act like it would matter in real life.

  • enlightened one

    this reflects industry fear, everything pachter says is scripted and he is told to say it, the company pachter works for have a disclaimer it clearly shows that pachter is not analyzing anything, he is following a script handed to him from people inside the industry , and the company is clearly seperating its self from the slanderus and insulting and down right lies pachter says for $$$$$$ from insiders in the industry likely EA games and other OS computer usa industry insiders and investors

    nintendo has disrupted the industry and completely destroyed peoples illusions of power with in the industry knowing there dieing and time is running out there saying anything to stay in power and take are money

    its like a microcosmic version of NWO /GLOBALISM as the dollar dies and the western worlds pyramid sceam called capitalism and fiat money (money printed out of thin air) dies the elete are scared so they gave us fake terrorism and new laws that make us slaves ANYTHING TO STAY IN POWER


    the truthis the same white elete familys run the fed and usa and the world that have done for amny many years obama is a puppet of NWO there is no black man is the most powerful guy in the world he is a puppet on a string he is the NWO PACHTER just a spoksmen for hiddden powers that be

    pachter is the obama of the OS industry trying to tell us that nintendo is some kind of terrorist in the gaming world its propaganda its lies and nintendo has already won the console war and wiiu will be unchalenged so pachter on behalf of his overlords is talking total and utter bollox to try turn are heads

    i find the whole connection between gaming and the world today very interesting all they freaks who are obsessed with power and paper money are saying anything they can make up to try fool us into submission

    the governments are doing it NWO…. and the gaming industry is doing it NINTENDO FEAR

    i find it hilarious

    as windows dies and Linux and android and smart devices take over expect the same fear mongering and blatant lying to come from micrsoft watch this space it will happen !!!!!!

    • 0soul

      Lol, okay Alex Jones.

  • GirlGamer

    Why is he after us? I mean whats his prob. Not being ofensive but we better put a patch on patcher’s big nonsense talking mouth. He has been after the wii u from when it all started.

    • 7Down

      I believe he is paid to do so and doesn’t mind about getting hated, because Sony and Microsoft both have more fanboys who hate Nintendo, than Nintendo has fanboys who hate Sony and M$, because the only reason to hate them is the fact that they hate Nintendo for no reason.

      More simple way to put it, he wins, the people who want to see Nintendo go down, on his side.

      Which follows, more fame and reputation to him, the more reputation, the more seriously people will take him, there is no coming back for him, he can try to change his opinions, if they even are his own, but it’s clear that everyone who is getting tired of his BS, won’t listen to him anymore in the future, he is slowly digging his own grave for his career.

      Pachter is just another “politic”, you ask a simple question which can be answered by saying “Yes” or “No”, then you end up getting long response which won’t be either, yes or no, it’s just response that seems to make sense, but doesn’t really answer the question.

  • ~(O.O~)

    Nice one for more pachter news!
    Didnt read one comment,heard it all before. 🙁

  • Nintentionally

    Why do gaming media publish this man’s drivel? Nintendo are right to ignore people like him and we should too. It’s as bad as giving Jack Thompson a platform to speak. I bet Pachter will get a wii u on release and love it but will still continue to troll it because he has no other way of getting an audience.

    The wii u hate is ridiculous. It’s clearly a good idea to give players a local touchscreen. All gamers can see the benefits of having extra controls,views and features that do not remove or have to interfere with the traditional ones and that’s not to mention the possible innovative ideas that come with this. My only worry is that nobody really tries to make games for the new features. The wii had less than 20 (maybe less than 10) great exclusive motion control games but the ones that did it right were better than anything I played on other consoles.

    Sony and MS will have to come up with something pretty special to convince anyone other than their core fanbase to part with £400 this time around. I hope they do because competition improves the industry. Lets face it though, the attempts from Sony and MS to capture the casual market were a mess. The move gets painful to play within minutes due to standing up and needing to be on camera while kinect is great….. for dance games.

    The ability to play on the controller while mum/wife/friends watch tv is enough to make the wii u number one. Dads will need this.

  • Peter tyrrell

    Fudge pachter is a douche!! Nintendo are doing things very differently after watching all shortcomings from a wii angle and improving upon them, for wiiu a lot of devs are producing games for wiiu with the gamepad in mind, microsoft and xbox make peripherals which copy nintendo, move, kinect, crossplay and smart glass and unsurprisingly are are all or will be rubbish, i have 360…. Few good games, but kinect is shite, ps3 hmm hounds that once tried to make console with nintendo but got selfish, wii was innovative but too casual, wiiu will kick butt as the other consoles are making more expensive consoles, draining their cash nintendo will prevail as it did to see sega crash and burn. Prime example?? Psp epic fail so we will waste money on the vita, nintendo make new consoles which are designed for new development and play control. Other makers steal their ideas which makes the control type optional. E.g. Kinect/smartglass and devs use controller as it is a choice!! Pachter go die in bleach!!

  • DarthCoder

    Pachter’s suit makes HIM look like he’s from 1985.

  • Adkez

    Leave luck to heaven. Ever heard of that, Patcher? Nintendo doesn’t need luck, they make their own.

    • D2K

      Good one.

  • keysy

    I think the wii u is something we’ve wanted as gamers since the dream cast. I can picture them having some trouble with playstation 3 and the vita combo down the line. But the wii u will shine on its own. Patcher said the same comments about the original wii.

  • eyesac

    Well, I’m officially annoyed. After searching all my near by stores. i.e. walmart target, small local book store. Noone seems to carry egm. I stopped my subscription years ago. They don’t rate games properly, most of the time its about which one is more popular, not about the quality. Games I enjoyed they bashed and games that I could careless for they praised. I lost faith in all reviewers because of them.

  • eyesac

    Well, I’m officially annoyed. After searching all my near by stores. i.e. walmart target, small local book store. Noone seems to carry egm. I stopped my subscription years ago. They don’t rate games properly, most of the time its about which one is more popular, not about the quality. Games I enjoyed they bashed and games that I could careless for they praised. I lost faith in all reviewers because of them.

  • Dereq

    He says Nintendo’s living in the past while putting his interview in a gaming MAGAZINE. I guess the irony eludes his inadequate brain.

  • AcesHigh

    Folks, I hated to even click on this article because I don’t want to add to the popularity of articles having to do with him. But felt necessary to offer this advice. Very simply, if you do not want to see any more articles about what this dip-spit has to say, then don’t click on any more articles with him in the headline. Plain and simple.

    See that little number in the blue bubble at the top right-hand of the headline on the main page? That’s the number of comments that the article has generated. And you’d think that the more comments, means the more “clicks” to get to that article are proportional. Advertisers pay the website for the number of clicks. So this (and any) website will keep posting articles about this moron until we stop clicking. If you look at the number of comments this article generates, it’s way more than most other articles. The only other types of articles that generate close to this amount of comments are articles having to do with system specs.

    So if you don’t want to continue seeing this garbage, don’t click on the article. PLEASE STOP clicking on these articles. LOL!

    • D2K

      Unfortunately people are going to continue to click on his articles for the same reason why he posts them. For attention. He knows that whenever anyone says ‘Nintendo’ people listen. If they were as insignificant as he claims he wouldn’t bother talking about them.

      Likewise, people know that after Pachter gets done showing how stupid he is, if they respond to his articles that means everyone will be paying attention to THEM as well because so many people can’t stand Pachter and are enraged by his comments. They can’t resist the urge to give him a piece of their mind because he clearly is in dire need of one.

      Even the success of the Wii U won’t be enough to shut him up because the success if the Wii and 3DS haven’t shut him up. He’s only gotten louder and more belligerent. Someone would have to publicly embarrass him on a large-scale with the facts. It would have to be something where everyone is watching.

      I volunteer for the job. Just name the place and guarantee he will be there with cameras rolling.

      • AcesHigh

        Yup! you’re right! He will never shut up. Even if he’s wrong this time – just like all the other times. He’ll just make another excuse saying they got lucky (again) or blame it again on Fanboys who will buy anything with Nintendo’s name on it.

        But… if we stop listenging and “clicking” on articles with his name on it… he will go away. Honestly, this guy’s comments and opinions are so polarized – ESPECIALLY being an analyst who is supposed to guide his opinions based on data and facts, not emotion – it almost seems to me that he’s doing this on purpose to make a name for himself. Even if it’s a BAD name in the eyes of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are lovin’ the guy right now. Who knows what his motives and intentions are but it’s fairly obvious that he’s just making a name for himself for some other future plans he has for his miserable self. And he’s taking anyone who’s “biting” (you) for a joy ride.

        I know I’ve said my piece of mind on a several occasions in previous articles. But you know what? It really doesn’t matter. I really doesn’t. His opinions are not going to affect you or me or any Nintendo fan. No one in any real decision-making positions on the board of Nintendo or the Market are listening to this guy. He’s shown his hand that he has a self-detrimental bias against Nintendo and people that matter simply will not listen to him. And EGM is NOT “people that matter”. People who move the market are smart folks. Believe me, they know as much about the analysts they take advice from as who they invest in. Pachter’s track record is horrendous. And people know it. The only real people who are listening to what he says are the media. And that’s because they know people like us will generate traffic to their sites that their advertisers will pay happily for that chatter that we so easily bite into. Just let it go. We’ll all be happily playing our WiiUs this November or December – hopefully if there are no shortages – while Pachter eats crow… again…


    I thinks Nintendo should start paying him, or Microsoft should stop. Every time he hates on Nintendo or says their products will fail, Nintendo just makes more and more money.

    Nintendo consoles like the Wii (even though not being HD or having the power) still out sells others because of three things:
    1) So many great classic Nintendo franchises like Mario, Zelda, etc (so many gamers will always buy these games and no real gamer can say those games are not great games to play)
    2) Innovative consoles and fun games for all levels of gamers and families (now parents that played Nintendo games as a kid can play these games with their children and the cycle of gamers continues)
    3) History, Nintendo consoles have made so many lasting memories and great times for so many gamers around the world through out the years. Sure they have made mistakes along the way but each time they came back harder. Now with the WiiU coming out in HD, with new controllers, and vast support from 3rd party developers bringing the same looking and complete (not red-headed step-child) versions of the game to the WiiU, everythang is gonna be ok…

    For these reasons alone that is why the WiiU will sell like crazy and Nintendo has nothing to worry about…eh maybe I should take Pachter’s job, hehehe…

  • MegaFan21

    Oh yea its proven, this guy is a butthard troll with no life, he getting paid to whipe is @ and read the answers on the tissue, and broadcast it for the whole world to see. I didn’t know getting lucky is a stategy sounds like wishful thinking to me. Patcher you should look in the mirror once in a while and see how low life, and retarted you look.

  • John

    I think this site should look into finding new editors I mean why bother posting some one who has been proven wrong every other month.

  • Your Mom

    Patcher is a hater. And I for one think the wii u is fine. And better then any console I’ve seen!

  • wellsberg

    For such a smart guy…he doesn’t seem to realize that the Wii U has a couple fall back plans if people don’t like the tablet. They have compatible motion plus wiimotes and a standard gaming controller

  • 0soul

    Gosh its so hard do ignore this stupid guys comments, all the shit he says is negative and always jumps to a conclusion like he doesn’t care, but guys really he does deeply care since he keeps hopping on ninty’s d#@k otherwise he would be talking about how great the crapBox is… It appeals to me im exited how they will try to bring in core gamers. Ps im no fanboy of nintendo, or ps3, and especially they crap they call xbox.

  • Benjamin

    Quite honestly, it doesn’t matter what he says, he knows that Sony and Microsoft will hire him for his “expertise”, no matter how much he’s wrong. It’s quite pathetic that a magazine would grant this geezer a soap box to perpetuate their propaganda. Why would it matter what Nintendo does if they “don’t get it”? Ironic that Sony and Microsoft have turned to smears as they can’t replicate their innovation, that’s why they feel threatened. Let’s face it, both of them are entertainment power houses just wanting to contribute “graphically”. Well, it’s not about graphics anymore, maybe you should ‘analyze’ that.

    So, the ‘Pro controller’ is just like the XBox controller? Yeah, like there’s much difference from either one of their controllers and the Super Nintendo version from the 1980’s!! Get out.

  • sh

    Pachter was actually in favour of the Wii, after E3 2006 he supported the Wii (check it out its true). These quotes make no sense and context of the quotes isnt provided.

    • Collected

      Then he went on to say that it needed HD or it wouldn’t survive, but it did and went on to be the current generation’s highest selling console.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    “Nintendo is partying like it’s 1985” that’s why they’re doing something completley new even by 2012’s standards and putting some amazing features into console gaming – finally I wont get kicked of games so my parents can watch boring stuff on TV thanks to the Gamepad.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who can say that the more I hear of this guy, the less I like him. Seriously “Nintendo would rather have you play with Miis than create an online multiplayer component”, well thats been done before so we’re not really being deprived of it (especially when you consider how many games today substitute quality story modes and and great experiences for milked to death online modes) And it’s not like Nintendo is building a new online component that blends together normal online experiences with a new social-networking aspect is it (sarcasm)?
    – His statement is simply not true, having Miis incorporated into games, like Mario Kart Wii, was great, it gave you YOUR OWN UNIQUE CHARACTER in addition to the normal characters to choose from, and the game wasn’t centered around the novelty of “play as yourself” that was just a little extra, whether you use it or not or even like it or not, was YOUR CHOICE. The only games that did fully incorporate use of Miis are the Wii sports and Wii fit games, but once again they were about exercize and new experiences (motion control and the balance board, both went down well with customers) not playing as Miis!

    Now I see what it’s about him! he doesn’t like Iwata for some reason, what with the whole “make a change at the top” quote. But why? what’s wrong with Iwata? He seems quite likeable and I’ve read that he was voted one of the world’s top CEOs, he keeps an involvement in developing software as well as dealing with the business side of things and really cares about Nintendo’s fans – for example look at the tiny misprint on the Skyward Sword posters, hardly anyone noticed the problem but everyone who bought them was given a new, improved free set of posters as well as keeping the originals. and how about 3DS after the price cut the people who paid the original price were given a free E-Shop download when Nintendo could easily of said no and kept their money. This is why Nintendo is great! So once again why should the executives be changed? Shigeru Miyamoto is the head of Nintendo’s software division (or so I hear) so surely Pachter should blame him for favouring “Miis instead of online” but I’m pretty sure that Pachter called Miyamoto the best in the business, so once again this points to some stupid grudge against Iwata, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM PACHTER? Nintendo could have executives like Sony’s who, rather than making great consoles and convincing people that they’re worth buying, go out of their way to make their competitors look bad (I read a comment on here a while back where someone said that they heard from gamestop than a Sony executive was encouraging THEM to make N and MS look bad and focus more on flogging Sony products than giving customers what they actually wanted – or something like that anyway, I cant remember that well)

    One last thing, I’ve heard rumours that the XBox 720 will have a gampad-esque tablet controller as well as being more centered around Kinect’s motion &voice control features. Don’t be surprised if Microsoft make a console aimed at casual gamers using Nintendo-pioneered features as part of an attempt to recreate Nintendo’s success and ingenuity. I hope he chokes on his own words, just like Microsoft and Sony did when they said Wii would fail.

    • just NINTENDO

      wii U is great and i agree wii U will sell more than x720&ps4
      i hope wii U will sell 40or30 million more than them and win the competition
      and i think wii U will sell more than wii

  • qaz123

    patcher brain is like the dark world in link to the past every thing is evil and twisted it turns people pure hearted/people who like the wiiu into cute little bunnys and sony fanboys into microsoft fanboys to giant power craving boars.

  • tom

    got lucky selling 100 million Wii units. lol…

  • NavyBlueYoshi

    I bet patcher (yes i spelled it wrong on purpose) hated his father and his farther looked like super Mario

  • mtx123456

    I think I get what is actually going on in here. Pachter makes statements that aren’t actually true, or are half-true statements. I mean, Nintendo Network is gonna offer you the multiplayer in a similar way to Xbox Live and Playstation Network. But when someone isn’t following the news, he might think that this is actually it, “just a Mii thing and nothing else. screw this I’m buying a 720 when it comes out”. Pachter could be secretly working for some company that is competing Nintendo. Sony and Microsoft seem obvious, but who knows? He could also be just working for himself.

    Or he is just a troll.

  • just NINTENDO

    He is only able to speak spurious

  • Nintentionally

    Wedbush Morgan are obviously not encouraging their investors to put money in Nintendo. If they get it wrong again I can’t see them being listened to again but hey, here we are, on a game site responding to a troll with hundreds of comments despite the fact most of the comments are about how we should ignore him!

  • brian winn jr


  • awsomeMrlink

    Yeah, the Wii U will be a failure but the smart ass, I mean smart glass from Microsoft isn’t? Well at least he gave the Wii U some praise, I mean partying like 1985 means the good old days of the NES, when everything was fine and dandy and Nintendo was revolutionary and there were no trolls or people interested in First person shooters……

    • Nko Sekirei

      wii u is gonna dominate not faill the only person thats gonna fail is the trolls and pachter

  • Mr. Tasty

    Somebody smack this man over the head with a hot waffle iron.

  • anonchan

    I dont get it, everything this guy said is RIGHT (that was shown in this thread) the Boxy Wii U controller honestly does look pretty dumb, and it might even feel like a toy, honestly though nintendo hardware has always had that quality, even the wii, while a step up from things like the nintendo sixty four, still doesn’t have the feel of modern electronics, but that’s really all worthless drivel, the main point the guy made is that nintendo is fucking balls to the walls crazy. They have no idea how to run a modern gaming platform anymore because their view of gaming is so god damn antiquated, Nintendo’s online experiance killed the wii for the hardcore gamer crowd. they tried the same shit with the DS, keeping it super duper kid friendly, friend codes, adding a mic they never used for voice chat unless you wanted to exchange nintendos socials security numbers with eathother. All of that availed them nothing, People still criticized the DS and Wii for being a pedo’s heaven. So the only reason they had that bullshit, was for a reasons that where obsolete within weeks of the games console’s release. this is just one symptom of many, The wii’s lack of harddrive is clearly evident of nintendos complete and utter retarded view of piracy protection, it offers no protection at all for pirates, and deprives gamers of not only space to store their games, but space for developers to count on to be their for their electronically distributed games. The terrible web browser never so much as played flash all that well, the interface for their store was downright terrible as was the gradual release of almost no titles, effectively stomping all over game devs who wanted to have old titles released and the gamers who wanted those games with prices for such games completely through the roof. Even the games themselves, nintendo released the nintendo wii early in its development before the controller could be used with any more finesse than the gamboy tilt and tumble games, when the wii plus finally came out, almost no one, no one, used it. it was basically abandonware, the things the wii promised; good FPS titles; good imersive sports games; fantasy sword play, where never delivered on or where delivered poorly, SS is one example of a hack job, although to be honest it wasn’t so much the controls themselves as nintendos stupid gimmick of link holding the sword up and letting you move it around in the air like youre about to bring down lightning on someones dumbass, the stupid thing interrupted every sword strike i did, to the point where the only legitimately accurate (ignoring the hit box) sword play experiance i ever had as someone who practices kendo was the wii resort, where the sword is basically 1:1, its not perfect but it feels natural, the reason it’s not used? who knows, but if i had a guess i’d say its because nintendo’s processor can’t handle the kind of collision detection that kind of excellent sword play required, so they cheated a bit, but it still felt good. it was exactly the feel everyone was looking for and the only game it can be found in is a stupid mini game released with the Wii plus.

    So in short nintendo came up with a whole new idea, lied to customers about the experience, got them to buy a shit load of wiis (but games trailed off as people realized the experience was pretty underwealming and ease of playing with friends and strangers was near nil.) struggled with software sales for decades, gave 3rd party developers almost no support for the console given the hardware’s limitations where easily fixable, and wondered why no one gave a fuck about their console anymore? The vita and the 3ds are tanking, it’s because the novelty is over, using a touch pad is great, its a new innovative control scheme. but the fact of the matter is people don’t trust modern hardware producers to develop a platform that will succeed in its intended purpose; serving as the method by which developers deliver a multitude of game experiences. Nintendo expanded the market considerably, but with the rise of smartphones and the pure infantile approach to the wii’s and ds’s capabilities (basically handicapping the consoles/handhelds with neglect) they will end up losing that market unless they do something drastic. because nintendo does not have a monopoly on mini games for the every man, you can play a game like nintendogs or something on the iphone/android pretty easily. Nintendo had a chance to give consumers a new experience with gaming by showing them that gaming is simple, instead, of delivering on that, by producing a controller that could be used intuitively, they did such a half ass job, that anyone who plays wii boxing, excite truck and many of the other games, out there, are going to feel utterly lost, because the hardware that controlled the game did not perform addiquately or intuitively at all, and this was common for every wii game that used the controller’s gyroscope as anything more than an extra button (like TP or MS.) Instead of showing people games where easy and fun, they went for a quick cash in to deliver silly minigames, essentially dividing the markets. You can’t expect all new gamers to become hardcore gamers since most japanese people with their terribly little free time, but if you don’t get them interesting in something more complex than a mini game, they have no reason to stay with your console. Cell phones provide a cheap and easy destraction on the train, it’s seen as more professional to have one, no one will think less of you for fiddling with it openly, and cell phones have memory and hardware that exceeds the DSi.

    Like I said, this guy is right, the list of bad decisions made at nintendo is mountains long, their corporate structure is dated and shows a complete lack of innovation (no matter how interesting their hardware is, Nintendo’s corporate structure is the complete opposite of google. It is very traditional and japanese, which means that fresh idea flow is almost completely stifled, the firmware planning for consoles are almost a decade older than the competition.) and unless the company seriously rethinks its corporate structure it will likely continue to make poor decisions like the early release of the wii, friend codes, no data storage capacity, poor 3rd party support, bad interface and controls, etc in the near future.

  • Nko Sekirei

    this guys is a douche and a dumb@$$ he doesnt know how nintendo works or even how it operates but back to the point i think this guy needs to retire and never be heard of again

  • Nko Sekirei

    he looks retarded in that pic and he needs to lay off the insults before people on here decides to jump him i mean really this douche bashs nintendo over nothing even though nintendo made a few mistakes with the wii and still sells tons off the shelves and i think wii u will sell over wat the wii has sold in units and the preorders for wii u will be setting records and im planning on preorderding my copy and several games to go with it

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