Aug 2nd, 2012 publishUpdated   Aug 4th, 2012, 11:02 am

We love to hear from game industry analyst Michael Pachter. You can disagree with him, hate him, curse him, but you can’t ignore the man. And he does make a lot of sense. Some times. In the latest episode of his show PachAttack, where he answers questions from gamers, he was asked whether next gen games would stay at $60 or cost more. Pachter believes that games will stay at $60 for the next generation consoles because development costs won’t be much higher, about 10 to 15 percent, reckons Pachter.

But he also had a few words for Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console. He believes Nintendo should price Wii U games at $60, because otherwise, the Wii U will appear weaker than the competition. Pachter said,

“If they stay at $50 for a game, I think they [Nintendo] are making a mistake. It would signal to the public that the Wii U is of lower quality than the other consoles. It’ll be interesting to see what they do.”

Michael Pachter Wii UWe know it’s easy to dismiss whatever Pachter says, but he has a point. Consumers tend to related cheaper price with lower quality when it comes to newly released gaming software. Which is why shovelware titles usually cost much less than AAA games. Another reason why Wii U games will likely cost $60 is that it costs just as much to make a Wii U game as a PS3 and Xbox 360 counterpart. If not more, since the Wii U GamePad requires more work for all the extra features. Porting a game to the Wii U doesn’t appear to be expensive though — Ubisoft stated that it costs less than $1 million to port a title to the Wii U. Which means a ported game only has to sell about 20,000 copies in order to recoup the investment.

Pachter has previously been less kind to Nintendo. He proclaimed that the Wii U could be the next Dreamcast, and said that the console “won’t work“.

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  • Shankovich

    Why are you giving game pricing advice if the console won’t work Pachter?

    • Wii Uoops!

      He makes no sense whatsoever. If he doesn’t think it will work, why bother making predictions about it? Ugh. He makes me angry.

      • Ultimate Cheez

        Uh it’s his job to say what he think . . . . N00bs -.-“

        • Wii Uoops!

          I love you too! ;D

        • Iceman404

          And most of what he says (Lord knows if this man even THINKS) is shitty and incorrect 99.9 percent of the time, meaning he’s doing his “job” poorly.

          • Alienfish

            He isn’t psychic, I love to see you do the same job and how many predictions you would get right.

          • Ben

            dude, the only thing he wants to do is bash Nintendo are you suprised we all hate him because he does that? Also he’s wrong about almost everything he say’s about Nintendo and the stuff he say’s makes no sense sometimes.

        • Thepokemonmaster

          Lol, we know that but, We’re just angry with him 😛

      • BluChuChu

        LOL. Its kind of his job as an analyst… Anyways, I’m all for $60 Wii U games, sounds plenty reasonable for me.

  • colin c

    I dont understand his logic. It would signal that Nintendo isn’t money hungry bastards.

    • Owen

      You know Pacher doesnt even touch store brand products at the grocery store…

    • Thepokemonmaster

      Nintendo, Just needs the money for their company, They don’t need extras, so they don’t hog money 😛

    • Superobed

      Yeah it would also sell better. Hmmmm should i buy a 60 dollar batman arkham city (Not GOTY edition) for the xbox 360 or a 50 dollar enhanced version with more control options. Consumers will most likely buy the wii u version.

      P.S Michael Patcher is an old faggot

      • Lloleus

        I agree completely, Super.

    • Aenifer

      This, and again: since when it’s the price that decides the quality? Pachter needs to look at some indie games like Minecraft or Bastion (and then to STFU also).

      • theaquacharger

        But he does have a point. If you spend time in a game store and listen to people talk about games one of the most often said things is,”Wow this game must be terrible since it’s only $40.” Despite the game making over 1.7 mil in sales at it’s original $60 price tag thus recouping the publisher of their money. So the publisher drops the price to let new people in on the product. So the game isn’t terrible it’s just a sign that a publisher is looking to further extend its market but average consumers see it as the game is bad.

        • Aenifer

          Eh, i understand what you say, most people are “uninformed”. You need to be one if you think that a game sucks only because it’s not $60.

  • Raul

    $60 is expected of course…

    • pwait5026

      still probably gonna be 10 dollars cheaper than everyother game by sony and microsoft!

  • Ninfan

    Kind of makes sense, even though i dislike this guys comments most of the time this makes sense if you look at it in a way.

    • jat

      True. I hate how people never accept that.

  • Ninfan

    For the $60 comment

  • tim

    nintendo should keep the Wii U titles between $50 – $60 because Nintendo is awesome!

  • Bbelt

    He can be ignored if you stop reporting on him :/
    So by this logic, if Nintendo charged $70, everyone would assume that version is the best?
    Please just stop paying attention to what this man says. He is a professional troll. He makes money by saying outrageous, inflammatory comments. Stop listening!

    • Thepokemonmaster

      Well If it was that much money people wouldn’t buy it, I don’t mind though I buy nintendo anyday!

  • Maverick-Hunter

    I wouldn’t give a damn if it stayed at 50$/game in fact I want it too, you know with the economy being at it’s best and all.

    • BluChuChu

      That’s a very valid point. But Nintendo played the economy well with the Wii, which some “core” gamers shrugged off. The raise in price is mostly to attract back “core” gamers by making them think that if a product costs more, it is worth more. I personally don’t see why Nintendo gives a rip about “core” gamers. The Wii proved without a doubt that there is more money in the casual audience.

      • Aenifer

        “by making them think that if a product costs more, it is worth more.”

        This is so frightening that scares me.

      • Piqutchi

        The problem is, the casual audience is fickle; all the soccer moms and office workers are ditching the Wii and DS for games on smartphones and similar devices.

  • Portus

    I dont understand if nintendo price there games cheaper it would mean that thier games would be cheaper not that they are of less quality.

  • trainerblk

    wow i wouldn’t think they charge a whole 60 doller for a upgrade console game yedep im sure need him to tell me that because my little brain can’t comprehend what should be common sense.. yea ether way if it was 50 it won’t signal that its weaker but nintendo cares about buyers if you dont understand by now wii u a next gen system meaning more advance then the last then you should’nt be planing to buy a console in the first place

    • Dan

      Could you please learn how to spell??!! And use periods!!!!

  • Tristan

    I don’t know, I already despise Microsoft and Sony for their $60 games.

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      When I saw Xbox360 and PS3 games are like 60$ I was like wdf the GC one was like 50$…

  • mario

    Hey patcher shut your f***ing mouth.

    • EPICGAMER111

      I agree with you but don’t swear.

  • Dat Guy

    He may be right about what it signals to people who don’t know anything about the Wii U console.
    But to those who do know alot about it (if the games cost less than 60$), it will signal: Hey, get this awesome console for only 299$(maybe) and buy all your favorite games for a cheaper price!

    Also, wouldn’t it be kinda weird if the same game was cheaper on another console?

  • SuperShyGuy

    Pachter: “If they stay at $50 for a game, I think they [Nintendo] are making a mistake. It would signal to the public that the Wii U is of lower quality than the other consoles. It’ll be interesting to see what they do.”

    Sure I totally remember people thinking the Genesis was a lower quality than the SNES because SNES games were $10 more. Oh wait people still bought those Genesis ports anyway didn’t they.

    • Yodin

      Depends on a game Nintendo games usually cost around $49.99 and are quality games just like the Wii, others then that i seen games cost around $59.99 – $79.99 and all my wii games are Quality games…

  • Thepokemonmaster

    After all his loser comments he tries to help, *facepalm*

  • Ledreppe

    I would never pay $60 for a game (except special or limited editions). I’d only pay about $40. I got all my Wii games for $45 or less. I hope Nintendo don’t listen to this idiot.

  • XDLugia

    Guys, don’t be douchebags. This man may be a dick, but he got a solid point here.

    • Iceman404

      His point is as solid as air trapped in helium particles.

      • Mr. Science

        That was an awful analogy. Don’t be a d bag like patcher.

    • Thepokemonmaster

      i’m sorry but when people mess with me (patcher) I mess back with them…

  • Galaxy

    “If they stay at $50 for a game, I think they [Nintendo] are making a mistake. It would signal to the public that the Wii U is of lower quality than the other consoles.”
    That makes no sense. I’m pretty sure in this economy people wouldn’t be complaining about price and would fully jump on board with a $50 price point.
    Price doesn’t always justify quality


    I’d buy Wii U games for $60. But $50 wouldn’t mean low quality, it would mean they know how the economy is and that Nintendo doesn’t sees us an a walking wallet full of money, like Sony and MS do.

  • Allan P

    SO Pachter says that the WiiU can’t cost more than £250($) as it won’t sell BUT to charge less for games would send the message that they are infirior!? I’m well the contradiction aside WiiU games will cost $60 as publishers and developers will want to maximise profit! So, honestly, this is a non argument!

  • Nintendark

    Patcher’s Logic = Bullshit

  • CyanideInsanity

    Game prices either need to stay where they are, or better, drop. If games continue to go up in price, piracy will increase as well.

    While an employed person may not have much of a problem shelling out $80 a game, a lot of today’s gamers are of the younger audience, who are either unable to be legally employed in 90% of jobs, or are not the general age employers are looking for, and can’t ask parents for $80 every week or two.

    And then at $50 a game, you’d think people would flock to the wii u, if competitors’ games are $60. But he does have point. Sad as it may be, there’s lots of gamers who can’t be bothered to use their brains and think a little… So using their mindset, and using the wii as an ‘example’ there would be massive amounts of idiots saying “it costs less, so it must be less powerful, herp derp”.

    • Kyle

      The majority of gamers are not kids anymore. They used to be, and that time has now come and passed.

      • Rin

        No, they’re not kids anymore. They’re underemployed young adults who were told they needed a college degree to get a good job… and now still don’t have a good job AND have to pay off student debt on top of it.

        Bitter? Me? Naaaaah.

        So yes, Nintendo, I would appreciate it if you didn’t listen to moron Pachter’s “advice”. Especially if you would like to continue getting any of my money.

  • Swic11

    I think $60 will happen, it does cost more for hd games to be developed and the overwhelming cost of a huge game today is outrageous. They need to make money from the games that are made. And if they charge $60 I wouldn’t call them money hungry bastards..

  • Socalm

    I had enough of this guy.

  • hunter santana

    i know nintendo cant lose any more money and they like to make money but if there less than 1 million to port and they only have sell about 20,000 through 30,000 to make money i always look for cheaper deals. also on they have a list of wii u games but there all priced at 100$ i hope thats just there due to thee undetermined price

  • johnny

    the cheaper the price the better i say, if you could have batman for 60$ or have it as good or better for 50$ the sane chosi would be 50, prices on games get lowerd depend on how old they are and if there not selling, some gamecube games still cost up to 35 cause they are still popular, this guy knows nouthing

  • universelgamer

    We need to get back to the time were spending $40-$50 for a complete game.
    Now you gotta spend $65 for a incomplete game most of the time,then dlc comes out at game launch then that content should be in the game.
    Statisticly hd game cost $40-$50 depends on quality and the type of structure of the game.
    Current-gen companies just got greedy,cmon online pass,season passes, subscriptions and their online services lag.
    But they don’t care about server maintenance just your extra money.
    So all together your spending $75+ for half the game we got last-gen.
    Remember last-gen where there were no online networks and the game you got had to be quality or the developers were out of luck on sales if there were glitchs.and had no way to fix them why do you think the ps2 and gamcube and xxbox had so many great games, because they had to make them good.
    Last when the companies knew we had the power not them, sadly now its cool to make half finish games with at launch dlc and first day patches.
    So basically I’m saying the quality should justify the price tag of a game.
    Example 1: cod series known just for multiplayer $65 and a game like skyrim is also $65
    Example 2:god of war 3 is a $65 game,but I don’t think a game like naughty bear or a girls game like bratz are all tagged at $65 but aren’t worth it.
    Nowaday every developer thinks their game is worth a high price tag but its not.

  • JCS

    Then by his thinking the nextbox and PS4 ( if they are several times more powerful than the WiiU ) should sell for several times the price of the WiiU or they (Microsoft and Sony) might be telling the public their new consoles are of lower quality than WiiU.

  • deSSy2724

    WTF? PC games are cheaper…. does this mean that PC games has less feautures? lol funny gringo….

    Xbox 360 controller or/and keyboard/mouse on PC + PC has better graphics = PC is cheaper.

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      If you need a Powerful machine to playing Video Games (GPU or whatever) go pick a PC…or If you want to have fun, go play with nintendo Consoles…because they have innovations! (motions control, Wii U GamePad)

  • Garzard

    Yes, because $60 games are reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy helping the industry

  • Josh

    Is his name pronounced Pach…ter or Packer as in fudge packer?

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      I always say Patcher because he needs to have a patch!

    • Mr.Chimera573

      I always pronounced it douchbag.

    • Crapcake

      I call him pachter the pirate

  • A Wii U 4 U

    Well, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, right?

    Patcher is kinda right, ignorant individuals, who do not know a lot of the Wii U’s capabilities, will no doubt equate a higher priced commodity to a ‘better’ product.

    To the ignorant masses, it’s like saying a Ferrari (a 60$ game) is way better than say a Prius (a 50$ game) due to the immense cost differentiation between the two. When obviously, with a bit of research, a Prius Hybrid is way more efficient and less costly (fuel and payment wise).

    However, a smarter and a bit more educated (or conservative) buyer will no doubt be attracted to the prospect of a cheaper console with cheaper games (with only a marginally power difference between the other consoles), will be a better buy.

    Either way, Patcher is right and wrong at the same time.

  • Mida


  • Crapcake

    Games will cost 50 to 60 anyway

  • Ocarina Of Time

    some wii u games on are priced from 39.99-49.99
    zombiu is 59.99 and the rest still have a false price of 99.99 only to fill up the price until its been officially announced.

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      who the heck someone who will buy a 100$ games?! Even I’ll not. (I buy usually 40-60$) (even 8$!)

  • Iceman404

    Why does this blog keep bringing attention to this man’s bullshit. You’re literally giving him all the attention he wants by doing so.

  • Jonas

    I think 60$ is a good price i would buy the games for that.

  • Andrew

    3 points:

    He’s just saying something obvious so he can later take credit for Nintendo “listening to” him.

    60$ isn’t too much. I used to pay 80$ (cdn) for Saturn games.

    Price is only one indication of quality. If all the reviews say a multi-platform game is about the same or better on the WiiU, everyone would see a lower price as a reason to buy that version over the others.

  • Bucky

    You guys should try getting a game in Australia for $60 I wish, we get ripped off with all electronics and software. We have to pay $80 min for a standard edition and $130-$150 for special editions. It costs a lot to be a gamer here

  • Adam Fox

    Patcher; Shut the fuck up!

  • Mateus Palamecia

    I think some Wii U games will be ~ $50, some will be ~ $60. At Gamestop, when the Wii U games were first put into the computer in June under the pre-order list, they were priced at about $100. However, currently, about half of them have changed. Some are priced at $49.99 (like Scribblenauts), others at $59.99 (like ZombieU), and some still remain at $99.99 (and on a side note, the Wii U system itself has not shown up in their pre-order lists at all yet).

    I seriously doubt that those tgames hat haven’t changed from the $99.99 price are going to remain that way. No one would charge a hundred bucks for a regular edition of a new game. I really don’t know, though, if the ones that are priced differently are confirmed or not. That’s just what Gamestop’s computer says, the employees don’t know, either. However, I think that the fact that they bothered to change SOME of the prices as opposed to changing all of them (or just flat out leaving all of them be) could mean something.

    But anyway… I think Bbelt summed it up pretty good. ‘Nuff said.

  • Meelow

    I do see his point but the other side would be if Nintendo and third party’s can say the Wii U version is better or the same and price it at $50 than you can definitely see the Wii U version of games to sell the best every time.

  • donicx

    this guy makes sense sometimes (which is rare )but other times (everyday) he is full of crap.oh well what can you do.

  • Death

    What are you guys arguing about? This argument is totally nonexistent. Nintendo confirmed they were going to sell games at a 60$ price point.


    Game prices should have never gone up to $60 in the first place. if nintendo keeps their game prices at $50, it will make the games more affordable, and more units will be sold. it has nothing to do with quality. This michael pachter probably thinks that companies like EA and Capcom aren’t greedy at all.

  • Your mom

    I’m not gonna like having to pay over $50 unless its special or its going to have me busy for a month or two.

  • iHATEpachter


  • Marq

    Anyone who considers his or herself a true gamer will read reviews and know whether a game is worth $50-60 and which versions of a multiplat are the best. I haven’t walked into a game store and thought a game must suck just because it’s slightly cheaper since I was 11.

    And the soccer moms (you know, the audience Pachter said Nintendo needs to keep the console cheaper for?) won’t mind spending $10 less on each game.

    Although Pachter is right in assuming that we often associate cheaper price with lower quality, I really don’t think it will hurt the Wii U overall to have cheaper games. If you combine the crowds of people smart enough to follow a game through development and see previews/reviews + parents pleased to see a friendlier price tag, I think they’ll outnumber the crowd of morons dumb enough to walk away from a system trying to save you money.

    • Minori

      I really don’t understand why they have to price so high…. If the prices were lower, MORE PEOPLE WOULD BUY IT. That would give them more money and make more people happy.

    • hunter santana

      smart people thats a funny one. nobody beleives me when i say the wii was the best selling console ever… to caught up in the “mainstream”

      • Marq

        Because it’s not the best selling console ever. That honor still belongs in the rightful hands of the PS2. The DS has a slim chance of passing it, however.

  • Dan

    You guys need to stop commenting on Threads about this guy. Then, Wii U Daily will stop posting shit about him!!!

  • Megaman

    I just realized that his name is Pack-ter, and not Patch-er.

  • UGotWongGuy

    By that logic, if something is on sale, it is an inferior product. Also, if you charge me $60 for a turd, charging me more doesn’t make it any less of a turd.

    I honestly do not see the logic he is using here, because he is missing out on some basic economics. If the profit margin is greater for selling 1,000 copies of $50 games than 500 $60 games, what company wouldn’t sell their game for the better profit margin?

    However, I can see people fearing Nintendo cutting into their profit margins, so making claims of an “inferior” product is their best strategy. Marginalizing the Wii U looks to be how the console wars is going to play out until the PS4 and 720 hit the market. Even then, I doubt this strategy will change.

    Instead of trying to bring gamers together, it just looks like everyone but Nintendo would rather divide them.

  • hunter santana

    i dont see why this whole website give pacher so much crap this website honestly twists his words i check here every day but i also check pach time every day he makes alot of good points

    • Grodus

      Really, what did he say that was so good about wii u?

  • Paul

    games on the ps3 and xbox 360 are priced at £40 but if you wait a few weeks they go down to £25 or lower

    if nintendo sells the games are £30 – £35 ill be happy

  • Hi8us

    Pachter is saying nothing here really. Of course nintendo can sell their own games like new super mario bros U for $50 if they want, it’s always an option. Third parties like ubisoft have to sell their games at full price, which will most likely be $60 to cover development costs and licensing fees.

  • eugoreez

    anything of high price is regarded as high quality these days. Well BS. Quality can’t never be equated to price. If they managed to push a high quality games at low price, it just means they’re efficient in cost management. As simple as that.

  • Mike

    Seriously, was he dropped as a child? It’s probably going to cost 60$, but not because of some ”lesser quality” BS. Hey, let’s sell games for 70$, Pachter’s gonna claim it’s of higher quality.

  • Grodus

    Yes that makes sense…

    “Core”(i hate that) gamers: Why is this more expensive? Nintendo used to make their games cheaper? Oh well.

    Casual gamers: Hey, that console has $60 games, games went up! I’m not going to get it in that case…

    Yeah, that’ll reeeeaaaallly help.

    • Grodus

      Also, if you charge a $1 for the worlds best painting, it’s still the worlds best. If you charge $1,000,000 for a ripped peice of paper covered in mud and turds, it’s still just that.

  • tanto

    actually if the games are 50, it would make people MORE WILLING TO PICK THAT VERSION

  • Quad

    I think they should make it 50$ because then i would want to buy more games , but understand where pathcers coming from i used to do thee same thing then i turned 13 and played limbo and minecraft.

  • Yamiryuu

    I never thought I`d say this, but this time he has a reasonable point. People usually relate higher prices to better quality. But we still don`t know what Nintendo has to say about this, so this is only an assumption. Nintendo said they want the Wii U to be profitable from the start, so they`ll probably manage the prices to be appealing to the consumers and lucrative.

  • Zeldazero

    The real question to me in pricing, is compared to buying a physical copy to buying the digital download version..Will digital be cheaper since we don’t get a physical product since I have read they are pushing developers to release complete games digitally. Either way, the game itself dictates what I am willing to pay. I remember back in SNES days I payed $79.99 each for Final Fantasy III and Chrono Trigger, and pretty sure Donkey Kong Country as well. Throw out a graphically upgraded Final Fantasy 7 and I will give you $100.00 and not think twice.

  • Melk

    If I’m not wrong, PS3 developers need to pay Blu-ray Disc Association for using Blu-Ray discs (or the rights, or something like that), that’s why Nintendo decided to make their own “Blu-Ray-like disc format”. That’s what I heard, at least.

    Oh, btw, why are we listening to Pachter, again? If someone thinks Cheaper = Crappier, he’s obviously not a real gamer (not even a casual, because casuals…well, you know)

  • Mac

    there he goes again. now he is stating the obvious so he will seem smart -__-

  • DVE

    Is he stupid? PC games usually cost cheaper than console games and the quality is better etc.

  • link5

    This makes no sense we know that it runs on 1080p and people that don’t know what that is can see that it is he in upcoming ads so they would say the wii u is affordable and it has he games at a low price so this guy makes no sense

  • 7Down

    I don’t mind if the games cost less than 60$, well in my case if they cost less than 50€ – 60€, the price doesn’t mean anything what it comes to the quality of a certain game, sometimes games that are around 20€ – 40€ are even better than the expesive ones, easy example of this is CoD games for Wii, over here they’re all over 60€ which is a rip off considering the quality which is horrible.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    DAHELL??? The more i hear of this gut the less I like him and the more I think we should ignore him, he really doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about. Saying $50 (£35 roughly) shows that a game is “lower quality” is just plain stupid! it might not be loads of money but it’s not exactly cheap either. If a game cost £20.00 then that is cheap and is most likely (but not always) awful shovelware, but look here; if Nintendo can market a game for $50 and make a profit then why shoot up the price? it’ll hurt sales because fewer people will be willing to pay that much, offering cheaper (but not CHEAP CHEAP [hahah cheep-cheep, from Mario get it?]) games will boost demographic & popularity, isn’t that why the Wii caught on so well.

    • MujuraNoKamen




  • AKA-Link77

    But Nintendo is even more sensitive with prices ever since the 3DS price.

  • Sikora

    STOP IT! I don’t want to see patcher in the spotlight section. Quit it.

  • SanPharaoh

    …I barely feel the need to comment, but will do so reluctantly as a way to be able to drive this point home (should this be of any help maybe a few of us).

    The price of a game does not always reflect the quality of the game. There’s a little thing most of learned called supply and demand that usually effects the price more than anything else.

    A higher price for something doesn’t make it more fun, or more valuable it just means it’s a rare item and or in high demand.

    Setting the price at 60 for new games is a bad idea, imo, as this indicates poor judgement on Nintendo’s part in the midst of the recovering global economy. 50 is reasonable as it is what most of us are used to paying for brand new titles and thus should continue or gradually increase. 40 would be a boon, but highly unlikely as that’s the price of 3DS games (new).

    I really can’t say too much more on this subject other than this guy Packerchterer is an attention whor*hero who loves making his opinion heard.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Why does he want Wii U games to be $60? $50 is just right to me as it is a sign of good quality while not looking too overpriced. And hasn’t this fool ever heard of things like Players Choice?

  • Colton

    I thought that publishers and developers and stuff determined price, not who sells the console. I mean, CoD will cost what the people who make it want it to, not what Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony want it to won’t it?

    That’s what I’m confused by.

    Or does he just mean first-party games?

  • Jloney

    I think it’s funny because he thinks that games that are of “good quality” are 60 bucks. I bought indie games that were better then most games that had came out within the last generation. If he says Kane and Lynch Dog Days, certain Call of Duty games (because I know everyone has a problem with one or two of them), and etc. are quality AAA games, then he’s pretty wrong. I don’t see 4 hours of a single player campaign/story being worth 60 dollars, nor do I see a storyline with no essence being worth that much either. Games should’ve stayed at 50, and no more, but the industry needs to thrive somehow. I’m not looking for graphics, I just want video games to be worth my money again.

  • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

    Okay, for once, Patcher is on the right track. Never thought I’d see the day. While that money matter is partially the reason, the main thing is, Nintendo is gonna be making the biggest leap this generation. Development costs are gonna jump and 3rd parties are gonna wanna charge more to cover their costs. They also don’t want the first party games to underscore theirs or else they’d get mad, so this helps keep Nintendo in good company with third parties. Sony and Microsoft may end up jumping prices again anyhow, so this’ll bonus as making Nintendo the quality, but more affordable system, third parties may not love if they have to be cheaper on Nintendo but with cheap ports only needing 20,000 sales to break even, why not. They may actually need a bit more than that, since Nintendo and stores keep some portion of that, as well as manufacturing costs, but even if they need 100,000 sales for ports to break even, that’s not too hard for any decent game to make, so they’d probably do it, and be in better company thanks to the small price hike. Without that extra money coming in, they may not give the Wii u the time of day, so this is a good thing and does make sense. Plus, if it makes Nintendo more profitable, then that means more money to go into the development of our favorite big N titles. I’m good with that 🙂

  • RockD79

    Well I can see some games coming out a $60. However, I do not see those games released last year or earlier this year coming out over $50. Ninja Gaiden 3, Mass Effect and Batman, I don’t see them selling for $60. I think more $50 with a slight chance of maybe even at $40. Nobody’s gonna buy them if they don’t at least match the prices they cost on the other platforms today. I don’t even think the gamepad additions are enough to charge $60. They sure as hell better not charge over $50 for Madden.

  • Dmonkeyman

    $ 50 is just fine with me

  • Daemonrunner

    How does this argument hold up with regards to the PC version? Except for certain highly anticipated games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Mass Effect, most PC versions of the game are 49.99 (or less if you buy from Steam sales). PC versions are considered the best version of all.

    I think Nintendo should continue to sell at $49.99 no matter what. I think publishers are the ones who set the price point. I know with Nintendo’s new strategy, they are going to sell download codes and physical sales to retailers at wholesale and let the retailer set the price.

    Should be an interesting year.

  • ken

    why is this beanhead trying to make games more expensive for us is he going to to help usnpay for us? pachter wants us all to pay more for nintendo wii u games what a guy i just want to shake the guys hand maybe take him out for a coffee where we can sit maybe enjoy a sandwich and a cookie then when hes finished slap that cheese and pickle sandwich straight out his mouth the moranits ok pachter iv got loadsnof money after iv paid the rent utility bills petrol costs for my car council tax water bills what gives you the right pachter you total and utter pleb to want usnall to pay more for video games when the world economy is falling apart tell nintendonto put an extra $50 on the wii u console we’re all loaded you stupid stupid silly little man go and crawl under a rock and dont bother the world again with your silly little comments silly silly man.

  • ken

    pachter why not go and tell my landlord to put up the rent as well you pleb

  • ken

    pachter go get yourself a nice cold glass of orange juice sip,that orange juice nice and slow enjoy every bit of that cold refreshing juice then take that glass and proceed to shove up up your roody poo candy ass !

    if you smell……. what the rock……… is cooking..

  • BananaPwnz

    Man I am just SICK of patcher! First he rags on Nintendo and the Wii u, saying it “wont work”, and now hes making predictions and giving price advice right after he says this! Ugh this guy pisses me off!

    • BananaPwnz

      I also don’t care what the price the games are, ill just be to exited and buy it!

  • ken

    this guy needs to wake up

  • hazerddex

    why does any one listen this guy? why does he still have his job? (whatever that is)
    in fact why does this site even care what he says?
    lets just shun him and pretend he does not exist. when the last time he check the worlds economy?

  • he gives michaels a bad name

    I think his comments are geared towards investors not gamers, and with plenty of uncertainty in the market it’s easy for him to disguise his “gaming” commentary. From an investors point of view Nintendo have a good track record than compared to Sony and Microsoft and as a stand alone gaming company that speaks volumes. Nintendo did post a loss but its not like every company hasn’t in the current climate. I’m not saying Nintendo is better than everyone rather i would say if Nintendo somehow folds (unlikely) there’s less competition in the market, and with competitive prices as the consumer you win whether you buy Nintendo games or not. Lastly on quality he speaks off; Very few 1p games have been low on that (and I’m being generous) and 3rd party games you would check the reviews or youtube it or even check out a friends copy, not in the store looking at cover art; that’s for grandma’s just trying to buy a game for their grandsons it’s not that bad of a thing if you think about (its the thought that counts 🙂 )

    A troll with a tie is still a troll unfortunately he’s paid to do this.

  • Sikora

    I just bought a Nintendo Gamecube + Cables + controller for $45 today.

    Honestly, a CD shouldn’t cost $60, even at a gamestop or EB >:'(

  • Joaquim

    Patcher: Wii U games will cost 60 dollars.
    Me: You don´t say!

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I would call this false. I found out Rayman Legends is now available for pre order at the price of 49.99

  • Zak Eblade

    This guy really pisses me off. But he does have a point, if the prices stay at $50, this could mean that it could be a bad game. Then again, the wii u does have hd features, so if it stays at 50, this could make nintendo fans or anyone buy it. But I suggest that the price should at least be $55, everyone doesnt have to make the price $49.99 or $59.99.

  • Justin

    I disagree with why thats why they would price it at 60 I think they should price it however they want and know that 10 dollars less doesn’t mean it is crappier than others!