Jul 15th, 2016



Nintendo focused almost all of their E3 time, money, and energy on showcasing the new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild. And everyone was impressed, including Michael Pachter, who has been quite critical of Nintendo in the past.

Pachter was at E3 last month and recently shared his thoughts on which of the gaming companies did best at E3. He was very impressed with Nintendo, saying that the company did a “mindblowingly good job” at promoting Zelda.

“It was so well done” he added, describing Nintendo’s booth at E3 and how the company handled everything. The game was by far the most popular attraction at E3, where people stood in line for up to 8 hours to play it.

He was also very impressed with Zelda: Breath of the Wild itself, saying that the game will be enough for a strong NX launch next year.

You can watch him describing Nintendo’s E3 booth in the video below (starts at 14:40).