Dec 12th, 2012

Game analyst Michael Pachter hasn’t been a favorite with Nintendo fans over the past few years. He has consistently criticized Nintendo’s financial decisions and its management, but now he offers some explanation as to why. But in good old Pachter fashion, he also adds a few more zingerz towards the company, saying that Microsoft and Sony are “destroying Nintendo”.

Here’s what he had to say about Nintendo and the competition:

“I don’t hate Nintendo, but my job is to help investors make decisions about stocks. Nintendo has ¥8000 in cash per share and the stock trades at ¥9600. It used to trade at ¥63,000. The equity has declined in value by $80 billion. That’s why I’ve been critical.”

Pachter Nintendo Wii UHe is right about that part — Nintendo’s stock and value has declined sharply over the past few years. Pachter also commented on Nintendo’s management, praising Reggie Fils-Aime and criticizing Satoru Iwata, whom he calls “oblivious”.

“He [Reggie] is excellent at his job, and I think he does a phenomenal job with the cards he has been dealt. He is a first class human being, and I am better for knowing him. Mr. Iwata seems oblivious to the fact that fully half of the historical market for handheld games is a casual consumer, and they are increasingly shifting to mobile and tablet gaming and away from dedicated handheld consoles.”

Pachter added that the 3DS is “a great device” but it just can’t compete with all the free to play games that are on mobile devices these days. Finally, Pachter says that his comments about Nintendo “aren’t hateful”, and that he’d love for all three platform holders (Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony) to succeed.

Just yesterday, Pachter predicted that Nintendo will cut the Wii U price by $50 in 2013.


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  • In other words he’s sucking off Sony and Microcock at the same time… Someone firer his ass already -_- 

    • Ryan Vincenzetti

      he didnt even say how nintendo is getting destroyed by them causes sales seem to say otherwise…

      • Revolution5268

         also because they have more money than Nintendo….i find patcher been more retarded everyday or is this a no shit situation?
        its because of the other divisions, plus he hates Nintendo and he does this for hits!!!

      • Chris C

        Actually the XBox and PS3 are selling way more units than the Wii U, in every single region.  

        Hopefully this will change soon. But probably not until after the holidays since the XBox / PS3 are being discounted so heavily.

        But right now, Microsoft and Sony in terms of pure sales figures, are crushing the Wii U.  That’s also ’cause of supply constraints for Nintendo, so it doesn’t mean a ton.

        You also have to admit that the XBox has been the best-selling console every single month for the last 2-3 years, as much as I hate to say it.

        • Ryan Vincenzetti

          wii u didnt start selling till november 18th which is more than half of the month so youd really have to add the wii u sales up to today to compare them…. also that last statement doesnt mean much when you consider how many more wiis have been sold

      • Microsoft destroying them in sales is plausible, because of it’s sheer shameless pandering, something Nintendo doesn’t even wanna bother competing against.

        i don’t understand what’s going on. Nintendo makes a system that counteracts all the downfalls of the Wii, and they garner some ludicrous amounts of hatred (not talking about Pachter). what did Nintendo do that is so damn heinous?

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Oh please, one news from this clown everyday is too much :/

  • Graham Gillman

    You know this guy gets so much hate about hating Nintendo, but he really isn’t. He is just stating the facts. But he isn’t taking into account that Sony is doing very badly, not in video games, but in the company overall. Microsoft of is a good company, but doesn’t really get gaming; They just see it as easy cash. Nintendo is awesome; they have great games, fantastic consoles and handhelds, even if they don’t always take the route other companies would. Let Nintendo market how they are, even if you feel you could run it better.

    • So in other words… yeah he is hating on Nintendo

      • Graham Gillman

        No I feel that he is just not being fully truthful about the gaming industry.

        • though i wouldn’t say he’s always hating on nintendo like people imply, he HAS been pretty condescending towards the fanbase. and that’s far from acceptable.

  • frumpus

    He’s right and Nintendo needs to do something. However, the same problems affecting Nintendo are also going to hit Sony and MS, so I don’t see how he’s saying that MS and Sony are destroying Nintendo. 

  • I hate mobile and tablet games. They are all boring and unsatisfying they just can’t compete to handheld games.

    • Mickey Mouse

      Me too! I just don’t understand how people can find mobile and tablet games to be better than traditional handheld games, they’re so lame. Oh wait, it’s because the people who play them don’t care about buying a game like a traditional gamer does, they can easily spend 69p and not worry about it. All these people play anyway is match 3, jewel quest and so on which I find very tedious and uninteresting.

      • Lydell Fabin

        I owned a 3dsxl briefly and it came with Mario 3ds, Star Fox 3ds, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 64, and Ocarina of Time, gotten off of craiglist for cheap. I sold it in three days. Why? Cause I found those experiences boring and repetitive from the 25 years I’ve been playing games. My galaxy s3 I currently play doodle jump, Rayman Jungle Run, Broken Sword, Wreck It Ralph, Angry Birds starwars, and Sonic CD. They are enough for me when I’m on the run. Vice City just got released but I don’t wanna spend that much time nor do I wanna play it again. 

    • MujuraNoKamen

       Well said, though there’s some good stuff available, I don’t think any half-serious gamer would turn their backs on consoles to play some cheap mini-games that are less sophisticated experiences than what was on offer 20 years ago.

    •  Mobile games are nice but even in App form they are basically what can run in an HTML5 browser.   Good to kill time while waiting for the doctor or something but that is about it.

    • Let me think…

      Because it’s cheap or free ? People will spend 17 quid on 2 cinema tickets (2 hours fun) but they don’t want spend 40 quid on dozens of hours of fun…

    • Just nin10do

       patcher please shut up

    • its because the mass majority of people are dumb  

  • Sidney Majurie

    Ask him how Sony’s stock is doing. Has he commented on that “junk.” Is Vita doing well Michael? You know, that device created to compete DIRECTLY with tablets and mobile devices. No one cares what this guy says unless he’s dissing Nintendo, for which he is mostly WRONG in his predictions. This guy is a snake oil salesman and for some reason people keep buying his product, and WiiUdaily keeps writing “articles” about this turd.

  • Steven Duke

    Says: “Michael Pachter”

    Everyone here: *rage mode activated*

    •  You know… why does Wii U daily publishes so many Michael Pachter stories anyway? I can always count on seeing Michael Pachter stories here. Always.

      I go to several other Nintendo/Wii U related sites and you barely see stuff like this there. Not because they don’t want to publish negative stuff but because Michael Pachter is IRRELEVANT and is always speaking to shareholders and investors. And more importantly: Because Pachter HAS NEVER BEEN RIGHT ON HIS NINTENDO IS DOOM predictions.

      Is it because of page hits? Stop giving that guy so many headlines. As long as you do, he will continue to flap away his lips at Nintendo.

      • There biased i quess but i think mr prancher is out of his mind

      • Revolution5268

         its all about hits man, even this site is guilty for doing so, um My Nintendo News does this so does 3ds/wii u blog.

      • satwik pani

        well, he only has to be right once, not that i am supporting him

      •  there’s nothing wrong with publishing stories about his thoughts

    •  not necessarily

  • g1i1ch

    Seems like he doesn’t understand gaming. 99% of free games on mobile devices don’t come near the quality of a handheld game.

    • Michael Workman

      He understands that. What he’s pointing out is that most other people don’t. When he says a handheld won’t do well, he isn’t saying it’s not fun or high quality. He’s saying that market trends are pointing the other direction. If most people would rather buy a mobile device as their gaming device, the handheld gaming consoles won’t do very well, plain and simple.

  • Amin Amin

    Has he looked at Sony stock and the loss SCE has been making the past few years (granted recently there has been a bit of profit made by SCE) and the state of PS Vita before he made this idiotic statement about Sony and Microsoft “destroying” Nintendo (I am not against Sony or Microsoft by the way, both are great companies, but I’m just trying to demonstrate the flaw in Patcher’s logic). Moreover, there will always be a huge market for video game consoles, so long as mobile phones offer low quality games or games that require proper video game buttons to work but rely on touch screens with no tactile feedback.  Being an owner of an iPad and a Windows Phone, I have tried games on both platforms and I liked a few of them (like Monopoly which works perfectly on a touch screen) but I have been completely turned off of games that use virtual d-pads with zero tactile feedback or crippled versions of console games that are made in less then a few months and do not offer proper content or gameplay. 

    Gaming on tablets and smartphones, and more importantly the wrongful praise it is getting from the press, is the biggest danger to the future of the industry. I do not think it is a big danger right now because gamers are still going to choose consoles over tablets and smartphones for games. However, the press is making gaming (as well as other things) on tablets and smartphones as the endgame to all other devices. But the press is wrong, because they do not take into consideration the quality of the games in the app stores, they just look at the price. They do not look at how many people are actively people are playing on these devices, they just look at the number of Game Centre accounts or mobile Xbox Live accounts that have been opened (which is wrong because when you sign up for a Windows Live account or Apple ID you will automatically have access to these services as well, and even if a person activates them [which is done by just pressing the app icon on the homescreen] does not indicate that they use them). The press also does not look at the fact that tablet and smartphone companies barely care about gaming and the process of making a good game. Google, Apple, nor Microsoft (Mobile and Windows devision) set a proper minimum standard for games; they have not standardized any proper tactile input device (Google does let you use gamepads but they do not enforce it, even if a game needs a Gamepad); they have not setup review processes which strictly tests the quality and content of games. What the press and market analysts do is ignore all that is wrong with gaming on tablets and smartphones, but they claim that games are cheap (which is true) and up to par with more expensive console games (which is totally untrue); they also make false claims that this is where gamers are headed (personally speaking, almost all gamers I know play games on dedicated consoles and they do not even purchase the lower quality mobile version even if they are just $5).The press and market analyst’s like patcher are playing a dangerous game (no pun intended), because their misconceptions and miscalculations are influencing investors (most of whom do not care what a company does or stands for) by creating a false sense that companies that make dedicated devices are failing; they are also misinforming consumers who now believe that they can do everything with smartphones and tablets. I repeat and stand by the fact that there will always be market for dedicated consoles made by companies like Nintendo namely because gamers do not settle for less and there have always been gamers in the industry; however, I would like to state that if the tablet and smartphone companies get the upper hand (which if it does happen it is due to market analysts like Patcher and the press) we can say goodbye to high quality and innovative video games with proper input controls.

    Lastly, I would like to mention that this misconception with smartphones and tablets is not exclusively hurting the dedicated gaming market, but it is also hurting other dedicated electronics markets such as the camera market. I have read articles in which market analysts have predicted that entry-level and mid-level DSLRS are soon going to disappear (some have suggested that companies like Nikon and Cannon should quickly change their strategy and abandon these market because “everyone” is switching to smartphones and tablets for photography and film production). As with gaming, this conception is wrong because no camera in a smartphone or tablet is flexible enough to do proper photography or produce film. Entry-level and mid-level DSLRs are required to teach students how to take proper shots and teach them the difference between quality shots and amateur shots (which are commonly taken on smartphone and tablet cameras) as well as teaching students proper filming techniques. I am an enthusiastic gamer but I also make films and it is always a pain to see students buying tablets and smartphones (some of whom think that they can use the tablets to fim the shots and edit it professionally on the same device), all of these students in the end come the conclusion that they have purchased the wrong device for the wrong purpose because they were misinformed. I guess I have to sum up my very long rant by saying that tablets and especially smartphones are “jack of all trades, master of none”, and the media and analysts wrongfully make these devices to be “master of all” which is untrue because as of 2012, proper experiences can only be experienced on dedicated devices designed for a specific purpose; as of now, proper games can only be experienced on game consoles and personal computers designed for the task (and I would say even PCs sometimes push this definition) and other arts like film production, photography, sound production, etc can only be properly exploited on proper dedicated equipment, smartphones and tablets are just quick tools but they are not the standard for gaming or any other task (especially smartphones).

    • Michael Workman

      Dude, nobody is going to read that whole thing.

      • Amin Amin

        I know, I’m sorry. I had just been keeping all this inside for while. I was at the point where if I read one more article about how some analyst or press member believed smartphones and tablets are better than everything dedicated I would go into rant mode, Patcher happened to be the analyst who triggered this large response.

      • Ryan Vincenzetti

        bigger than the actual artical haha

      • RoadyMike

        I did and he’s 100% right

      • EvanescentHero

         False. I read it all and agree completely.

      • also read it, and i think he’s on the ball

    • Jonas

       you should send this to Pachter, good “Article” i could say 😀
      I just read the whole text and i have to say, its very interesting and brought some things to my mind i didnt think of before.

      • Amin Amin

        Lol I’d revise it and send it to him if I knew his email, and if I knew he had the patience to read this long criticism.  

        • satwik pani

          send it
          send it
          send it
          send it
          send it
          send it
          just an example of how much i want you to send it 🙂

    • I just read the whole thing so Michael Workman is apparently wrong. Good read, and more informative than Michael Pachter.

    • kyuubikid213

      You deserve so much praise for this…
      Have you thought about going for the Wii U Daily writer position?

    • A great read. My comment is little off topic, but I especially liked the photography / video comparison (work in production). I run into this same issue when people want to ‘talk shop’ with camera gear. Very frustrating to begin with, but very satisfying when they understand there’s a whole lot more to it than a megapixel pissing contest.

    • MujuraNoKamen

       So true, people always go on about how smartphones and tablets are the next big things in gaming and that’s simply not true – they may have strong sales figures but people don’t turn their backs on consoles for 99p games that are of considerably low quality. I’ve said before, there’s some good stuff with mobile gaming but consoles provide great indie titles, as well deeper, more complex and gripping experiences as well as much better controls. Smartphones and tablets may have a lot to offer but other devices do each thing a lot better, and if you’re serious about games or – as you said – photography, moving to smartphones means sacrificing quality.

  • Ivan Yglesia

    LMFAO I guess the true hurts Nintendo’s fanatics. I also agree Reggie does a perfect job using what Nintendo gives him. He does the PR he makes junk like gold. I wish he was working for the supreme name in video game PlayStation, the brand with the most and greatest games. the Xbox division is just lucky Microsoft has enough money to keep funded it. Microsoft obviously doesn’t give a shit about video games it shows.

    • sunhi3man

      Why are you even on this site?  Is the ultimate name in gaming not supplying you with enough quality entertainment that you have to come here and talk badly about other companies.  I would be really worried for Sony if I were you.  I would hate to see them fail, but they are struggling in multiple areas..  Not only are they having a tough time in the video game department, but also in consumer electronics.  The industry is in a great state of change and there is no telling who will be left standing. 

      • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

        Where I come from Sony is not the ultimate name in Gaming lol. Nintendo is. They have the biggest Shop space with the DS , Wii , 3DS and Wiiu . 

        Sony is a bunch of Dickheads who insist on copying Nintendo and failing in the process.

        The ultimate name in gaming with such killer innovations as the Analog Stick , Playstation all stars battle royale, Little big planet Karting , Ps Move , Near , etc.

        They have no style at all right now..

    • LMFAO Supreme name in Videogames? Playstation? PS1 perhaps yes. PS2 has been the most expensive waste of money ever(€400,-) with just 5 games, for me that is. The last game I played on it was FFXII, other then that it collects dust. As for the PS3 it does have some good original games yes, and a blueray player, but who cares you can buy a dedicated Blueray player for under €50,- nowadyas and it works even better then PS3’s blueray player.

      Perhaps M$ does see easy money in games, but atleast it has more great and original games besides the multiplatform games then PS3.

      So be gone Troll, go whine on your PS4/Orbis (which will be harldy more powerful then WiiU. No, it will not be a hex core and no it will not have 16GB of ram as some say, devs allready said it’ll be a quad core with 3-4Gb of ram same for Xbox720/XboxNew or Xbox as it will be called, will also be a quad core with about 4GB of ram)

      Now go, be gone troll, hop back on your Shattered dream about Orbis.

      (this are the people who make me laugh all day long, they all have dreams and laugh at N because of the WiiU and Wii, yet when their “current gen” console comes later next year early 2014 they’ll be very dissapointed. It brings a smile to my face, to see how people like this have dreams which will be shattered in a thousand pieces, and they have to cry with mommy and daddy)

    • Chris C

      Guess you have no idea that Sony’s debt has just been reduced to Junk Status, and also guessing you have no idea what that means.  It means Sony as a company, is in really, really bad shape.

      You’ll be lucky if they have the money to support the next PlayStation at all.

      …Probably because they’re losing so much money on the Vita.  Ouch.

    • audie bowler

       ok whatever WEIRDO

  • ECM

    How does he reconcile Nintendo’s decline with Sony’s death spiral? Nintendo has tons and tons of cash and Sony is slip-sliding into literal oblivion, and all we hear is “Nintendo is doomed”? How’s that work again, Mike? Mr. Investment Advisor? Oh, right: he says one thing to investors and something else in his second job as Fanboy.

    • Chris C

      That’s a good point about Nintendo’s cash.  Despite everything they have literally Billions in the bank, and, they have Zero Debt.  Zero.

      That means that no matter what…they can weather any storm.  Even if the Wii U ends up being a spectacular failure.  I’m not saying that it will don’t get me wrong. But let’s just say hypothetically that the worst-case scenario happens for Nintendo.  They’ll still be alright.  They can afford to.

      But Sony – that’s a different story.  Financially they’re in really bad shape.  Those 3D Televsions really sucked, and hurt the company.  Sony is getting it’s ass kicked in most of its business-lines.  And don’t even talk about the Vita.  the PS3 has been successful, but it’s been beat by the XBox in terms of sales-numbers, and, the Wii has crushed both the XBox and PS3 in terms of overall sales numbers.

  • Nintendude

    Seriously Wii U Daily? Do you have to post articles about Pachter whenever he mentions Nintendo? These articles don’t even matter to us anymore, we no longer care what he thinks.

    • D2K

       I think Pachter is the webmaster here.

    • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

      Nintendo is failing. Someone explain the 150,000,000 ds’s to me and the 100,000,000 wii’s to me then. 

      Nintendo wii – 100,000,000 consoles sold all at a profit , over 800,000,000 Software units sold 
      PS3 – 70,000,000 consoles sold , most of which at a SERIOUS loss with just over 500,000,000 Software units sold. 

      Nope I would say Sony is Destroying Nintendo wouldn’t you ? even though the DS sold more than the PS3 and PSP combined lol…………………….. 

      • Chris C

        Yeah those sales numbers are impressive, especially when compared to Sony’s consoles.  

        But Nintendo is worth less as a company today than it was before the Wii, the Wii U, or the 3DS, and all of their games were even released.  

        So…none of those sales have really even helped Nintendo.  If they’ve all made big big profits as you claim, then how does that make sense?

        Nintendo has lost $80 Billion in market-cap in just the last 5 years.  Last year they didn’t even turn a profit.  They lost money for the first time in history.

        • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

          Exactly. So they lost money for the first time in their history last year and that means all doom and gloom ? I don’t get it. 

          What has happened to the money they have inevitably made off the DS and Wii , they must of made billions. Pachter is talking about some Theoretical BS.

          Nintendo is worth a LOT at the moment. Infact Nintendo purely as a gaming sector is worth more than the entirety of All of Sony’s sectors added together. 

          During the PS2 Generation , Sony was worth massively more than Ninten do . but things have changed. 

          • Chris C

            I hear what you’re saying, but the way you measure a company’s value is by Market-Cap – the stock-price x the shares outstanding.  Right now, Nintendo has a lower market-cap than before before 2006…currently around mid-2005 levels.

            Nintendo may have more cash in the bank than it did in 2005, but oddly, that doesn’t make it worth more. 

    • RoadyMike

       No one cares?Then explain why EVERY Pachter article on this site gets about 60 comments in less than an hour? Yes,Including you and me
      I’ve said before,WiiUDaily most likely posts Pachter stuff for money or for us to laugh our arses off to these pathetic claims of his.Possibly both
      Don’t blame the site’s staff for continuing to post Pachter articles,when its OUR fault for making these articles in particular so popular and active.Think of it as
      a game:If its popular enough,it gets a sequel.If popularity continues,it gets a 3rd,4rth and so on
      So to all of you sick of these Pachter posts,instead of blaming/complaining to the WiiUDaily staff and Saying “I don’t care about Pachter” or “Pachter is irrelevant” just stop commenting on these articles to show WiiUDaily you truly don’t care.Use your brains guys.Its not that hard

    • what we care about isn’t the point

  • tronic307

    What does Pachter even know about video games? Wanna know why he’s never put a quarter in an arcade machine? He’s still saving up to buy a clue.

    • Chris C

      He’s not trying to know about video games. He just knows the video game business.  That’s what you have to understand.

      • CapnCrumbles436

        Chris, you do have to know a fair amount about the industry itself in order to spot market trends and make predictions. I think that Patcher does, but because I don’t believe that he is actively engagued in the use of those products and services he really fails to hit the mark on many points. You strike me as an educated chap and it seems you’re fairly well versed in business, as am I. I am a business school graduate and currently work in marketing. I understand that many here are making an emotionally based argument while Patcher is trying to assess the profitability for investors in the near future. The fact of the matter though is that Patcher is a goof. I am NOT saying that Nintendo IS a safe investment now, but Patchers comments go beyond sound investment advice and into something else entirely. Nintendo as company will do just fine and they are here to stay. He has made several false predictions in the past and merriad of outrageous statements. I spot trends and movement in the marketplace it’s what I do. Naturally you’ll ask why I don’t put my money out there. I’m a very conservative investor and I don’t believe in putting my money in considerable risk no matter what the reward. My wish is that the Lord give me neither riches nor poverty, but that I be given exactly what I need so that my heart remain set on things of significance and eternal consequence. Mark my words though this man is a goof.

  • drew42o

    Thumb sticks or gtfo!

  • spyridus

    Who the hell is this moron, Michael Pachter?  I swear people have nothing better to do in life than sit there and criticize everything. What’s sad is this a$$ is being paid to do so. 

    I agree with Chris B., Pachter obviously has his nose up MS & Sony’s a$$.

  • DemonRoach

    The guy says he is critical just because of the stock price drop. The stock is at 9000 yen now. With the recent 3ds mega explosion in sales this past quarter and the wii u release, I’m sure the stock will hit 18000 by early February, then this guy will be out of a job?

    • Chris C

      Hey – since you’re so sure you should put all the money in the world that you have in Nintendo stock!  Then, you’ll have double your money in just a couple months, and you’ll know more than Pachter!

  • prettypinkpanacea

    What I find interesting is that Pachter states his comments about Nintendo “aren’t hateful”, but what positive comments has he had to say? Perhaps one about the wii u selling out for months – that is all that comes to my mind.

    So what if Nintendo’s profit margin has reduced? Perhaps, that’s the company’s contemporary strategic direction. Companies ‘right-size’ all the time. Even if Nintendo’s profit margin has significantly reduced, we would need to consider if they are still making a reasonable profit from the gaming units and games that they sell. Ratios are everything. From what I have a read, the proportion of manufacturing and sales to profit is still positive.

    Nintendo have never really wanted to compete with other powerhouse gaming consoles.  I thought that was made clear since the creation of the Nintendo 64.

    The lack of absolute, ruthless competition is what makes them distinct. Perhaps Iwata realizes that absolute competition and power corrupts. Why would a family-oriented gaming company want to participate in such a ruthless market anyway? To me, that doesn’t make any sense as the primary focus should be on family fun, not destructive progress.

  • D2K

    It’s pretty obvious that Michael Pachter is in either Microsoft or Sony’s back pocket.  As a financial analyst with thousands of people relying your your “knowledge” to make sound decisions on when and where to invest their money, it is a inherent conflict of interest to openly bash any major public corporation.

    Pachter is trending dangerously close slander.  During the explosion of the smart device is when the DS made the most amount of money and sales.  Second best-selling console of all time.  The 3DS had a fail launch, but now is selling at a faster pace than the DS was. 

    • Chris C

      …And despite that, and the release of the Wii U, Nintendo’s stock price is still hovering just above its 52 week lows, and literally at 2005 levels, before the Wii, the Wii U, or the 3DS were released.

      Do you even know what Nintendo’s stock price trading at about $13.60 a share (U.S. Market) means????

      It means that right now, today, Nintendo is worth LESS as a company, than it was worth in 2005…

      And you know what’s been released since 2005.

      The reason you don’t want to hear anything Pachter says, and you want to “abandon Wiiudaily”, is because you have no idea what you’re talking about, at all, when it comes to the business side of Nintendo.

      Throwing around facts like the 3DS’s current sales pace, means nothing, at all.

  • D2K

    I think I’m done here.  I left the Wii U Blog because David was posting too much Pachter nonsense.  Now this site has gotten even worse so I’m done.  Probably a sign that I should be making better use of my time.  Anyone wants to contact me, I’m The_Fall_Guy on Wii U.  Take care all of you, and God bless.  🙂

    • Revolution5268

       goodbye…whoever you are???

      • Sidney Majurie


  • Philip Matich

    He’s lying. He does hate Nintendo.

    • Revolution5268

       no shit!!! (not in a mean way to U) but yeah he does, he never cares about nintendo or their fans, he is getting paid big time and the so called sony fans a.k.a. sony drones support this.

  • PorkNBeans73

    When Nintendo releases their next console I am so dressing up like a Michael Pachter Mii.

  • Just posted on Game Informer, less than 10% of the money spent on games is spent on casual. All of this talk of people switching to mobile games is a bunch of BS.

  • Will

    No hate but why do you keep reporting on this guy? Analysts are almost universally treated by even the biggest tech sites as overpaid douches, who generally just make predictions purely out of speculation, and are often massively biased and deluded. Especially is the case with this guy who said the original Wii was going to be a colossal failure, and that Sony and Microsoft were going to ruin Ninten.. oh wait.

    This guy in particular is a complete gimp. Satoru Iwata is one of the safest pair of hands at Nintendo, I swear. He seems to genuinely love Nintendo and everything it stands for, and starting out as a programmer and game designer himself always seems to understand the technical side of things unlike a lot of CEOs who really, and I mean truly, do not know what the fuck is going on and just tell everyone how great their company is and look at graphs.

  • NkoSekirei

    here we go again hey patcher do us all a favor and stfu and go back to the hole u crawl from everytime u say something bad about nintendo it shows how stupid u get

  • darkstar18

    Want the next  new Naruto game on the WII U??? Than please sign my petition to help support this game come to our awesome new console!!

  • Drubie87

    The Wii U is in stock online everywhere. That normally is a good thing. However with Nintendo that is a bad sign. They manufacture enough devices each month for sustained demand. Not initial launch demand.

    Launch sales are usually a lot higher than sustained sales. So if their launch sales are inline (or less) than what Nintendo thought sustained demand would be, then the Wii U my not reach their sales target without a price cut.

    I love Nintendo, but I have to admit they may have screwed the pooch with the Wii U. I got a system and it crashed. Now I have to ship it to them to get my account transferred. I’d much rather go to Wal-mart and swap my account on my own through the internet like most other companies let you.

    In addition, I love the Wii U, but having the OS crash on me really makes me wish they had polished out the OS before launch. This kind of thing leaves a really bad taste in a persons mouth. And I’m not the only person I’ve heard of where the system is crashing, freezing, etc.

    Shipping it with a buggy OS is going to have a negative impact on the Nintendo brand that is going to be hard to shake in my opinion.

    • Chris C

      I agree with you 100%.  

      It’s like if you’re a huge fan of a sports-team that’s losing. You’re not going to go around saying how good they are and disregard the criticism and the facts.  You’re going to be their loudest critic yourself, because you want the team to fix everything that’s wrong so they can start winning!

      That’s the case with Nintendo.  They are losing.  And if you’re a true Nintendo fan like me – you’ll admit it.  They have messed up bad in the last couple years in a lot of ways, and you’re right, shipping the Wii U with such a buggy OS, which it is, was a terrible decision.

      They couldn’t finish it in time, but as a company – and this is Satoru Iwata’s decision, they decided to sell it anyway not to miss out on Black Friday and Holiday sales.  They took a gamble, and they’ve lost.  

      The buggy OS is the source of nearly all of the major criticism for the Wii U, it is leaving a very bad first impression on the masses, only the Nintendo faithful and loyal fan-base are able to get past this.  But Nintendo needs much more than them to succeed.

      • Drubie87

        Nintendo promised at E3 that the Wii U would have Hulu, Netflix, MiiVerse, eShop and TVii. But even back then they had to know the system wouldn’t actually ship with those features. After all analysts say manufacturing started around that time.

        They could have let us know those features wouldn’t ship with the system and would have to be downloaded. Then they would have been in front of the problem.

        At any rate, I’ll get my system fixed. At this point I’m thinking of selling it afterwards and buying a new one once they start shipping with a more stable OS.

        I may even wait for a price drop. I don’t know I would not be surprised if the base model is $250, or at least included a copy of Nintendo Land starting around the middle of next year.

    • CapnCrumbles436

      Just as the ‘Red Ring’ fiasco ultimately undid the 360….? I think that you are grossly exaggerating. Firstly, it’s very common for hardware and OS software to experience hiccups at launch. Postponing the launch to ‘iron out’ issues would cause them to miss the holiday window. That would be a huge mistake especially with Wii sales steadily declining. Secondly, I would be careful about projecting your personal experience on to countless others. Most people I know have not experienced issues with the hardware. In regards to OS issues Nintendo has made a few patches offering an update early this month. There is no doubt that future ones will follow. I hope you get your system back soon and that you enjoy it.

      WiiU has already out preformed 360, PS3, Vita, and 3ds launches in the US. It’s a bit early to cast judgement on the fate of the console. Let things play out.

  • Wii U 4 Life…Who cares what the poser thinks wii u is here to stay

  • Nintendofreak

    finally he said something and had facts to back it up…yeah nintendo has suffered a hell lot but everyone has…i dont believe d day nintendo will stop existing is d same day star wars and disney will stop existing as well

  • NkoSekirei

    hey patcher u have it the other way around its nintendo gonna destroy microsoft and sony cause the third party developers havent tapped the full power of the system yet an well see that happening next year which those fully developed games would blow nintendos competitors away

  • MujuraNoKamen

    What a load of BS, Nintendo are hardly being destroyed by the competition, Sony is in financial trouble, MS has few 1st party offerings to separate it from the competition and is divided between pursuing casual or core gamers. Nintendo on the other hand has a lot to offer gamers, it’s new console is off to a solid start in terms of sales, reviews and support. As for that “everyone prefers mobile gaming” statement, 3DS disagrees, it may have got off to a shaky start in its first few months but in its 1st year on the market, it has sold something like 17 million units, that’s more than the original DS did meaning 3DS could be on its way to becoming the best selling handheld/console in general ever – and given today’s amount of competition from mobile games, outperforming what the DS managed all those years ago is quite an achievement. As much as l like reading Pachter’s ramblings and picking them apart to prove him wrong, I have to say, let’s just ignore him so he’ll shut up and seeking attention and we’ll hear no more of the Bull crap!

    • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

      The 3DS is on about 24 million units sold + right now….

    • MujuraNoKamen

       * stop seeking attention…
      – and I forgot to mention, how come all his hate for Nintendo comes form some weird grudge against Iwata? it was talked about in an old Pachter article here, he always personally insults Iwata and never provides any reasons what so ever. What a dumbass! Iwata is awesome.

  • X3Charlie

    So what does he want them to do? Be exactly like Sony and Microsoft? Or be like tablets and mobile games? Neither would do Nintendo good because that’s not why people buy Nintendo Systems. Nintendo has been very successful bridge strategy  Covering the are between “Hard Core” and “Casual”

  • What is this guy’s problem?  Did someone beat his ass in Super Mario Brothers back when he was younger and he can’t just let it go or is he just jealous that he tried to get a job at Nintendo and he was too much of an idiot to get the job.

  • audie bowler

    xbox 360 loss 6 billion plus ps3 loss 8 billion sony bleeding billions every year and xbox and x360 and kinect lost 12 billion plus what are u smoking pachter…

  • NintendoNoob

    I hate Pachter. All he cares about is graphics and shit

  • Interesting that Pachter forgets about Nintendo’s strong financial situation for its entire history, even when it was trading at “GameCube levels” (about 8000 yen). Yes — Nintendo saw a spike at the time of Wii launch, but if you looked at the company’s financials for its entire lifetime (since float), it’s CLEAR that the couple of years of Wii’s height was an oddity.

    It would be stupid to conclude that Nintendo could keep those high stock market prices when it only maintained those prices for about 1 year out of over 30.

    On the other hand; look at Sony. Historically high stock market price, and in recent years it has fallen off a cliff.

    Microsoft is stronger than Sony financially, but FAR from what you would expect Microsoft to be in if you look at its total history overall.

    Seriously, you’d have to be an idiot to think a stock price could remain at absolute peak for eternity. Truth is, Nintendo played their cards well. They capitalised on the Wii and expanded their marketbase. Now, even though they have less profit flying around, they can maintain high sales because there are more people buying games than ever before.

    Then you must take into account Nintendo’s problem with the Yen conversion rate, which he NEVER seems to realise is a “thing”.

    Someone in the US buys a game for $50, Nintendo see about $25 of that BEFORE they have to pay for manufacturing and other costs. So a game that costs Pachter $50 to buy, only gives Nintendo back about 5 Yen or something.

    So yes, that’s where Nintendo’s money is going more than anything. Nintendo’s sales have been higher in the past, sure, but the bulk majority of their life they’ve seen modest sales and decent profit, thanks to a conservative conversion rate.

    Pachter’s job is to “help investors make decisions about stocks”. He is failing at his job because he’s basically saying “You should not now nor never invest in Nintendo, despite their history and their business practises, simply because their stock price is down.”

    And because he has such a big mouth, every time he speaks ill of Nintendo, Nintendo’s share price drops a little.

    So he’s not “informing”, he’s “influencing”. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has shares in Microsoft or Sony (especially Sony since he seems to completely ignore their financial situation and continually praises them despite the fact they’re close to going bankrupt).

    At the end of the day; gaming sites should stay away from investors’ opinions. Especially Pachter, since the only reason he’s so “popular” — the only reason he has ANY sway at all is because IGN, Kotaku and the rest like to plaster his name all over their sites for the linkbait.

    This guy is a poison to video gaming. If he gets his wish an Nintendo do close up shop, he’s just going to move onto the next one in the name of stroking his ego.

  • Jhal Fullantes

    Sony’s already dead, it’s only a matter of time that they file bankruptcy, while there’s a news about Microsoft unable to fund and continue the xbox line (well it’s just a rumor anyway)… Michael Pachter’s logic is flawed.

  • audie bowler

    whats the ratio again between 3DS and ps vita is it 20 to 1 30 to1 40 to 1 i forget lol at pachter the clown

  • Sebastian Goldstein

    I hate patcher. He thinks he knows everything and he has been proven wrong countless times

  • Microsoft and Sony are not the ones that are destroying Nintendo. The ones that are destroying Nintendo are those hypocrite websites like ign and gametrailers. I’m really hoping that their editors hands burn everytime they touch a Nintendo controller.

  • ceramicsaturn

    Welcome to 

    Seriously, what’s happened to this site. This is all you ever post about anymore. What about telling people about the Rayman and Sonic & Sega demos on the eShop? Forgot about games did you? Too worried about posting crap from a guy who has rarely if ever been right?

    Seriously, get your act together. You’re already a small fish in a very very big, over crowded pond. If you want your site to succeed how about posting… NINTENDO NEWS for once.

    Look at the articles above … patcher post.. patcher post.. patcher post… patcher post.. patcher post…Predicts price drop, predicts no dev support, sales numbers unrealistic. 

    Get back to your job. You people are professional journalists. Get to it already. If I did my job half as well as you guys did, I’d be fired.

  • TheLast

    Alright Pachter, whatever you have to tell yourself in order to make yourself feel that your stocks in Sony are safe. :

    No. Joke.

  • does he look at the sales world wide? or just in the USA because i beg to differ,

  • CapnCrumbles436

    Peace out! This site is now officially trash…

  • bob281

    theres a diffrence i love games like angry birds on my s 3 but something like NFS needs to be played on a console the thing nintendo need to realise is its not all abaut games but being flexible with the softwear hence why androide is starting to out sell ios xbox 360 IS a good example didnt have blu ray drive but has good file support you can play back your music ect of an sd card and xbox live gives you pleanty to keep you going flash support would be a big step in the right direction for the wii u and why not make a media channel so you can put your sd card in and play back mp4 files ect the wii supported avi and aac so why not update it a bit you tube was working greate untill yesterday eve much better than the crappy app that comes installed on the wii u and it played back full hd vids on the controller as well the console has so much potential but its a matter of weather they will swallow thier pride and give people what they want from it make the effort to get games like megaman metroide starfox donkeykong ect all the games that made nintendo and make them look good last time i saw a nintendo game with any kind of WOW factore had to be starwing on the snes when they realesed the super fx chip

  • yamiryuu_zero

    I think Iwata is way more professional and better at his job than Reggie. They way Reggie says “consumers” instead of “players”, like Iwata does on his interviews, NoA’s decision of not releasing the three RPGs of Operation Rainfall, and lot of other stuff make me think he’s not half as good as Iwata.

    As for Pachter, he may be right about how Nintendo is doing right now, but once again, I don’t take any value in his words.

  • This reminds me of before the release of the PS3 some stock broker said that the Ps3 will destroy the Wii and the 360. Well how wrong was that?

  • Sander Lagas

    So he does not hate Nintendo? Why did I read that the 3ds has sold 8.799.378 total in Japan and the ps3 8.716.260 in total? Pachter makes up lies only looks at the little things that make Nintendo look bad.I remember he said the wii U must be 250 dollars, and gues who buy’s a wii U, You guest it Micheal Pachter.  Pachter do us a Favor and shut the fuck up! And why doesn’t he talk about the vita? Wait he did and in a good way ofcours, Just look at this:

    Title: Vita will rob Nintendo market share

    US analyst Michael Pachter believes that the PS Vita will achieve what the PSP did not and eat into Nintendo’s handheld market share.

    3ds sells good Pachter dislikes it, ps vita sells bad but Micheal pachter ofcourse has convidece in that device. Pachter probably dreams at night from a world without Nintendo.

  • Jannes van Arkel

    please stop making articles on this  bitch

  • He’s an investment analyst. His job is to find people “profit”, not good games. He doesn’t like Nintendo because they aren’t making buckets of cash off nothing like Rovio. He is like every investor, he doesn’t want a small profit of investment, he wants a ginormous profit off investment and Nintendo does not function that way.

    Nintendo is a relic of the past. A company that puts out a quality product at a reasonable price.

  • chris.r

    Dear Please stop giving this clown unnecessary attention and stop posting his bullshit. Thank you very much in advance. Sincerely, everyone.

  • Ricky__Spanish

    Last time I checked Sony is going bankrupt and Microsoft loses billions on the Xbox.  Unfortunately, Nintendo is a gaming company and they kinda have to make a profit on their consoles and everything else they make.

    Microsoft can sell consoles at a loss and lose billions because they have Windows and tablets and several other divisions to fall back on. Sony has done the same thing but now their consumer electronics aren’t selling so well and their stocks have been downgraded to junk.

  • Ricky__Spanish

    The amount of Nintendo hatred on the internet is these days is disturbing.

    They make great consoles and great games yet it’s now become cool or hip to bash Nintendo because they don’t make unlimited supplies of god damn shooters.

    This gen is full of brain dead morons.

    • Maybe Nintendo should start listening to it’s critics before it’s too late.  It’s not as if they are the only ones left.

  • William Cole

    Can we get Sony and Microsoft shares please? It is sad but true that mobile games are picking at the videogame market. But I hate them! THEY SUCK EGGS! How could you play Angry Birds over Super Mario 3D Land. The Japanese know their games. We gave them Atari and they come up with Nintendo, a far more superior company. I recall patcher saying the same thing about the Wii initially… Anyhow, what do you expect from Nintendo. NEARLY 100million people own one! How many more people can get one?! Of course their sales will decline faster because more people own one. People won’t buy 2 wiis for the heck of it. And by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the 3DS will not be subjected to mobile games. Just buy a 3DS game and compare it with mobile games. Not only is it 40 times the cost but 40kajillion times the fun. The only reason mobile games have become popular is due to the fact that everybody owns a phone, and hey the games are so crappy in value they’re free! This is a professional company that’s been beasting at what they do for 25 years, and their best games can’t beat a buncha birds being flung at pigs? COME ON GAMERS OF AMERICA WAKE UP AND SMELL THE XBOX!

  • brian

    So, you never actually mentioned where he said Sony and Microsoft are “destroying Nintendo.” Please don’t lead me into an article with a quote and never actually show the quote.

  • Lydell Fabin

    Im gonna have to agree about the handheld market. What is available acctually appeals to me and the games are usually very cheap. I tried out a 3ds and found no use for it as I prefer playing games on my phone when i’m out and about. When I’m at home I have a 46 inch hd tv connected to my xbox and wii. And when I’m at starbucks I have my ipad… no time for a 3ds. If it was the only thing out like the gameboy i’d buy it but now.

  • DemonRoach

    hes mad caus stock is down…..ditto, but nintendo always delivers

  • What Nintendo need to really to is look into everything.  They need TV, DVD, Blue-Ray, CD, and streaming of music/video from PC/Mac/Linux to your console.

    They also need to cut developers deals to get them to develop for the system.  They did the 1st step already (at least according to rumors) and don’t charge to patch games, like Sony and Microsoft do.

    They also need to make it faster  (loading menus etc).  The Miiverse and controller if done right can make people want it, but they have to show people how and why it works.  I have told a few people where I work about how the controller and stuff works and they are now thinking of getting the system now, where as before they didn’t understand it.

    Mobile gaming is great for pick up and play, but that doesn’t make money in the long term.  I rarely buy any more apps for my iPhone or iPad anymore cause nothing really hold my attention.

    The Wii U just need some good apps and games.  Their Internet browser is the best on any console (was better before Youtube made it not work on their site).  The YouTube app they have is HORRIBLE, its worse then the 360 version and I refuse to use that.  They also need to follow Microsoft and allow games to be copied to a HD from faster access but still require disc in the machine, thats my favorite and most used function on the 360.  They also need to control shovelware.  That to me it was killed the Wii for me, 90% of the games where total garbage and shouldn’t have been allowed to be released.  Ask Atari, THQ, and Accliam what happens when most of your software is shovelware,

    I think the Wii U has potential, but only if Nintendo does things to make it.

  • MegaZoneEX

    why even give this troll and light or an article 

  • 1010110

    Elaborated comment above

  • 1010110

    To whom who reads this:

    This is where Nintendo is going wrong:

    Nail First: Can’t think of a title for this one it’s THAT bad-
    name a Console related to Piss/Urine………Calling your console Wii
    is nothing to be proud of….Gamers want to be able to boast my (name
    of console) is awesome cause.. not “Hey my ‘wee’ is better then
    yours….cause…” seriously where can you go with a console named after
    toilet humor…

    Nail Second: Fixing what ain’t broke –
    Zelda OOT
    and MM were fine, where Nintendo went wrong is when they boasted/showed
    clips of the new Zelda in OOT style graphics then last minute came out
    with Wind Waker, no explanation no warning leaving Zelda fans gutted,
    it’s gone downhill from there, no Zelda games have really had the effect
    that wow’d you since, Donkey Kong Country Returns without Rare – (Kremlins) and adding Jet Packs and hearts? What happen to the days of toughen the #### up? Mario Wii U with sub par Graphs for this day and age, you start destroying your bread an butter, you’ll start to go hungry, and now same thing is happening again which leads
    to third.

    Nail Third: Shooting yourself in the foot-
    “If you have too high expectations your bound to get disappointed” Again Nintendo shows a demo of Zelda for Wii U with decent graphics/artstyle yet inside
    information says Zelda for Wii U is going to just be a sharper Skyward
    Sword art style, meaning no more OOT or Twilight Princess ‘realism’ just
    cartoony style. So by showing a what they say is a ‘what can be done on the wii u’ but isn’t going to be cause it will just have ‘sharper’ skyward sword style is just going to leave people disappointed, so say it how it is or p!$$ off, so already they have set themselves up for a fall.

    Nail Fourth: Proto Types –
    Read somewhere Second
    in command of Nintendo said to the Boss it’s ill advised to go ahead
    with the wii motion pluss for skyward sword, Head of Nintendo ignores it
    an ploughs on ahead, leading to what feels like an unpolished proto
    type of some sort which they said ‘should work because’ and we’re meant
    to believe this to compensate for their inability to get the
    functionality of something they really don’t have any clue about
    themselves just that it was a ‘good idea’ at the time and they had the
    money to produce it, stick to what made the heart of the game great in
    the first place ‘essence, heart, substance’ none of this branching off
    so far your falling out of the tree ideas….

    Nail Fifth: Sub Par-
    Not much explanation needed here you can read it all over the net of Nintendo ‘catch up’ game in the console wars.

    Nail Sixth: Not looking ahead
    Here is some foresight, Michael Pachter says “Microsoft and Sony are destroying Nintendo”

    I disagree, the way I see it

    Nintendo are destroying themselves.

    Don’t need to be a paid monkey to figure that one out.



  • InterTriplete

    Really?! Did he read the news about selling? Nindendo #1 with NDS and #3 with Wii+WiiU. Perhaps he is closed at home now thinking about the next stupid thing to bark… Epic fail