Dec 7th, 2012

Game analyst Michael Pachter is back with his dire predictions of how the Wii U and Nintendo will fail. This time, he believes that after the third parties have released their Wii U launch games, they’ll abandon the console in favor of the next gen systems from Microsoft and Sony. Pachter said:

“I think you’re going to see now with the Wii U, notwithstanding its early launch support, nobody’s going to support it. I don’t think we’re going to see every game on the Wii U next year.”

Pachter NintendoPachter added that while games like Call of Duty Black Ops 2 are great on the Wii U, there isn’t an online community to play with. “Nobody in their right mind would buy a Wii U and say ‘I’m going to play Call of Duty'”, Pachter said.

Finally, Pachter is predicting the demise of Nintendo as a company.

“I think Nintendo becomes completely irrelevant. They have their niche, Nintendo’s first-party content is great content, and hardcore people will keep buying their consoles, but they’re not going to only play with Nintendo consoles.”

It’s not surprising that Pachter has these kinds of words for Nintendo and its Wii U. He took a similar stance in 2006 with the Wii, saying that the much more powerful Xbox 360 and PS3 would make the Wii and Nintendo irrelevant. We all know how that turned out.

Pachter has been flip-flopping a lot when it comes to the Wii U. He believes the Wii U will sell out and be a popular console, now he thinks Nintendo is done. We’ve heard him say that Nintendo “doesn’t get it with the Wii U” and that it will fail, but then said that he’ll buy a Wii U console just to play Bayonetta.


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  • Immallama22

    Ermahgerd, make up your mind! XD

  • Shroomforce

    shut the f*ck up Pachter

  • Snake_Boss22

    And i think after launch nobody will support Wii U

    • well then your just a much of a moron as him lol wii u has over 60 games in the launch window. lol and ubisoft and many others have backed the wii u and theres a rumour of KH3 being a wii u exculsive.

      • Hugh Ormond

        he said after launch……how many launch games doesnt matter…….

        • BIO b

           he said launch

          not launch window

      • If that happened… the shits people would flip XD I’d love it.

      • sam davis

        aaaahhh i can see it now….E3 2013 square enix says, “kingdom hearts 3 set to release summer of next year as an exclusive to wii u” and just like with bayonetta 2 sony fanboys will be like “OMG WHAT HOW COME WHY IN THE FREAKING WORLD….i mean Kingdom Hearts 3? Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 was terrible anyway so how will it be any different” XD

      • NkoSekirei

         dont forget bayonetta 2,aliens colonial marines,battlefield 4,ghost recon online on its way,and possibly grand theft auto 5

        • I thought that you Nintendo people dismissed GTA as a mindless, violent game that no one needs?

  • HSN1

    Pachter = troll
    WiiUDaily = should stop making articles on Pachter
    Picture = the reason I came here

    I talked for everyone, so that 10000^50 other people saying the same thing won’t be necessary.
    Also, thank you for finding my next desktop backround

    • D2K

      I agree 100%.  There is no reason to post anything about Pachter anyplace.  Especially here.

    • So, you only like pro-Wii U propaganda?  Do you work for Nintendo or own some of their stock?

      • HSN1

        If only this guy wasn’t a complete troll that changes opinion every 2 milliseconds, I could understand it. Just imagine how many more Wii U haters there are on Youtube, shit-talking about it either because they want views or are complete fanboys. Do they need articles on WiiUDaily too?

  • Kuzon

    Just stop posting this guy. He makes statements so that he gets money and news coverage

    • D2K

       I agree 100%, but obviously the staff at Wii U Daily does not.  Either they actually believe he has something constructive to say, or they do it on purpose to entertain themselves.

      • kyuubikid213

        As NintendoLife puts it, they wouldn’t be covering all of the news surrounding Nintendo (in this case, just the Wii U) if they DIDN’T post all of Pachter’s “Doom Statements.”

    • TheLordOfDarkness

       To be honest, that’s the same reason WiiUDaily posts him as well. More people will click on his articles to read his stupid and ignorant opinion, then comment to hate and trash him or to tell the staff to stop posting him.
      From what I know: the more people who visit a site, the more ad revenue the promoters make on the side and the more money WiiUDaily staff make.

      • RoadyMike

        Sad but true :/

        • Snake_Boss22

          AWESOME SONG hehe

          • RoadyMike

            I prefer Master of Puppets

          • Snake_Boss22

            AWESOME too

      • D2K

         The “controversy creates cash” argument is basically taking the easy way out, which is what 90% of the media does nowadays.  People gravitate towards the lowest common denominator. 

  • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

    Nobody in their right mind would buy a wiiu to play call of duty ? I did!!!!!!  

    Not just because it’s ”call of duty” though. I bought it so I can blast my friends and we both have a screen each and screen peaking is eliminated. It’s by far and out the definitive version , for that feature alone.

    And yes , I’ve played the 360 version , the wiiu version is better in pretty much every way. 
    So infact , people in their right mind would be interested to see Activisions new dual screen multiplayer in action. You asshole .

    Second of all , Yeah , because console that have been out for 2 weeks tend to have MASSIVE installed bases. This was exactly the same with Ps3 and Xbox. 

    How many people were playing Call of duty 2 online in the first week of xbox 360 , how many people were playing Resistance in the first week of Ps3 ?  Hardly anyone at all. 

    This guy is just plain wrong yet again. I actually think by next e3 , Nintendo is gunna send shockwaves through the industry and announce a slew of first and third party games that released alongside the xbox 720 and ps4. 

    • satwik pani

       i agree with you except that you can screen peak, well only the one with the gamepad.
      otherwise i agree with you completly

  • I think part of why WiiUDaily posts these articles regarding this idiot is just to show his stupidity…..i am sure Call of Duty is selling pretty well on the Wii U…..

    • D2K

       Sufficient evidence has already been presented for that task years ago.  There is no reason to post Pachter stuff.  At all.

  • Captinn2


    • RoadyMike

      No matter how wrong he is and how stupid his claims are,he still gets paid
      I don’t like it either,but until he gets fired,we’re not gonna hear the end of this clown anytime soon
      And I don’t blame the WiiUDaily staff for continuing to post Pachter stuff.They do it for money too you know

  • The smile on his face in this picture is priceless. But I take little to no credit in this guy, next week he’ll say the WiiU will be the most sold game console for xmas, and a week later again he says after xmas nintendo is going down etc. etc. He changes his mind more often then my gf and ex-gfs combined xD

  • search for
    Michael Pachter on facebook and then mailbomb him and say he is a fucking troll and then send a assassin on him!  Hitman 47 where are you?!

    • tooby77

      Din eller min mamma spelar ingen roll men är du släkt med Robert?

  • Nintendofreak

    i like d picture….is like im enjoying dis bitches keeep listening to meee huuuuuoooooh

  • TheUNation

    Douchebag Pachter needs to just shut the hell up.  Nintendo STILL got money in the bank and Pachter is already choking on a long wood!

  • This guy is a fucking goon.

  • El tipo es un anormal no save lo que habla dise una cosa y despues cambia 

  • Ariel Garcia

    I mind that patcher haven’t a family or his family is Microsoft.

  • Linskarmo

    Irrelevant analysts only have their own opinion, and he doesn’t even seem to have a solid one at that.

  • Michael Pachter ese tipo no tiene idea de donde esta parado dejen de tiral articulos de ese tipo dise una cosa y cambia despues que se retire de lo que ase

  • Nintendude

    I thought we were done with Pachter.

  • I keep seeing articles of this man I do not get more in Wii U Daily

  • The guy is a freak do not know what design speaks one thing and then change

  • Michael Pachter that guy has no idea where he stands

  • aleksandar antonijevic

    What a idiot…..

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    Pachter with his fucking stupid ideas…

  • GeDDeN

    Pach is an idiot, he also thinks ACTIVISON should charge us gamers to play CoD…. WTF, this guy is a loser and he doesn’t “like” Nintendo he is just totally bias… Its so obvious, he is just a Nintendo Hater… Me i hated the Wii so I skipped it. But the Wii U is fun as hell I love it. It made me realize how much I missed Nintendo games. Wii U is prob not the future BUT it sure is  revolutionary…

    • NkoSekirei

       he needs to get his butt kicked for his outrageous comment about the wii u not getting support from the developers whichs its not true and majority of the third party developers support the wii u and were getting dlc for ninja gaiden 3/2 new characters like momiji,and kasumi from dead or alive

  • NkoSekirei

    hes so stupid and im really sick of this guy bashing nintendo he needs to be whacked like in the mob movie and sleep with the fishes

  • CyanideInsanity

    So he thinks developers are going to not release any games for one year at the minimum or so? There has been absolutely nothing officially said about sony and M$’s next consoles, so they will be released next christmas at the earliest. I don’t think that would be a good business practice, so pachter is, once again, useless.

  • CyanideInsanity

    Also haven’t developers have said its easy to port games over, so why the hell wouldn’t they? I mean after all today the game industry is full of “oh give me pretty shinies” from a decent amount of developers. So, easy port=more money=happy company.

  • Captinn2

    AND BY THE WAY PATCHER! If you think developers won’t support Wii U after launch then why
    are the developers still making games for Wii U?????

    Example: Sega

    Launch Title: Sonic the Hedgehog All-Stars Racing Transformed
    Currently Developing: Demon Tribe, Alines: Colonial Marines

    Example 2: Activision

    Launch Title: Skylanders: Giants, Wipeout 3, etc.
    Currently Developing: The Amazing Spider-Man

    See Patcher, so called writer of the future(More like troll to the future).


  • Master

    I really don’t care Mr. Pachter, though ideas are subject to change, this is ridiculous. Graphics aren’t everything. Console gamers deal with the same graphics for 5+ years, and the true potential ins’t unlocked until late in it’s life(Ex: Halo 4, Wind Waker, etc.) Still graphics can only get so real, and I have a gaming PC so I don’t care. The Wii U has created new experiances like ZombiU, and Mass Effect has huge potential with squad management and strategies, because you could use the gamepad to draw who, and where to go. The Wii U also has huge potential for sports games, so that’s my point. Also, Borderlands 2, The Walking Dead, and Wind Waker are all different art styles, that aren’t super graphical and realistic, so yeah…there is A LOT of potential.

  • “No one in their right mind” would listen to this guy.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Another senseless, fanboy, hate campaign from an attention seeking idiot. What’s his beef with CoD on Wii U, it has everything in the other versions (except Elite which is pointless anyway) and the the way it handles split screen multiplayer is brilliant, the way it can be play missions or online matches without the TV is another added bonus and the extra dose of immersion comes from the gamepad’s speakers sets it apart from the other ones I have on 360. “Nobody’s going to support it” Really? Bayonetta 2 (which we know he’s thrilled about) is a Wii U exclusive, Nintendo is yet to release a major game from one if it’s major IPs, Ubisoft is giving us some great exclusives like Rayman legends and ZombiU as well as all the multi-plats like Assassins’ Creed 3. Everyone says they’ve had a great time working with Wii U, it’s an easy platform to develop for and that they want to carry on with it. Indie devs also say E-shop is equal to, if not better than, its XBox or PS3 counterparts. if anything support for Wii U will only get better, versions of AC, BO2 Batman and Mass Effect came later than other versions because they needed to wait for the console release, since it’s out now, the next CoD etc will likely hit Wii U at the same time as other versions so suck on that Pachter!

  • prettypinkpanacea

    Come on folks. Have we not learnt anything from Pachter? He makes bold and silly statements to gain our attention. It is attention seeking 101. Any response is a good response because it IS a response….even this is a response. In respect to a response from Pachter, ignorance is bliss. It is that simple.

  • that is just rude when he said nobody is going to support the Wii U when there are people buying the Wii U

  • I dont really think the developers wont support it, but they will be focusing more on Ps4/nextbox. Which isnt that bad considering thats what happened last time and we still got some killer 3rd party titles.

  • Juan Manuel Hornos

    i dont get it. Every gamer hates this guy. Nobody, and i mean nobody believes him. Why he is still getting press is beyond my understanding.

    • RoadyMike

       Xbots,Dronies or just plain Nintendo haters.They actually look up to this guy and even worse believe anything against Nintendo this idiot comes up with

  • RockD79

    Somebody should start a petition on posting articles about this clown.  I’ll sign it.

  • Héctor I. Rivera Negrón

    It’s obvious that wiiudaily post this guy’s comments and stuff to infuriate Nintendo fanboys and so those who hate Patcher buy the wii u just so Nintendo gets more money and publicity. Don’t get me wrong i’m a Nintendo loyal fan but i don’t troll other companies fanbase just because it’s fun or ’cause i’m an unilateral fanatic moron. My point is who cares what that so called analyst says, until now the Wii U is awesome and i hope it will be for the next 7 or so years. Last, i’m writing this comment with the GamePad so tell me if this console is not the best.

  • Javier Smith

    I disagree with Pachter, but I also think that it’s important to hear what he’s got to say and not begrudge WiiUDaily for posting his opinions.

    My own doubt with the Wii U’s future stems from the fact that developers can just be lazy sometimes and not want to put in the extra effort of putting in touchscreen functionality or working around the under-clocked CPU (I know all about the GP-GPU, but still).  

    The biggest sign of trouble is that Ubisoft, who are supposedly ardent supporters of the console, have no plans of bringing Watch Dogs or the new Splinter Cell to the Wii U. If the system can only get ports that are a year old, it’s going to have problems. 

    The real test will be if GTA V will be made for it. It makes all the sense in the world (look at Lego City Undercover, for example) but Rockstar doesn’t seem to have much interest in it. 

    I know it’s all very frustrating but I don’t think Pachter is coming from a place of hate. He’s got to give his opinions from his perspective, which is economics. Whenever he praises Nintendo, everybody just says he’s eating his words or flip-flopping but things aren’t that black and white. 

    That’s just my two cents.

  • john

    Okay, Pachter, we get it; you hate Nintendo and everything else that’s kind and gentle in the world

  • this time he has a point he is only saying what those in the industry tell him to say the industry has no intention to support it and try to kill it and make up storys like weak cpu its anti Nintendo its not new its been in existence from 1980s the usa led compute and video game industry’s live in daily fear of nintendo they utterly tremble in there shoes at nintendos ability to just come out of nowhere and destroy company’s and corporations with there GENIUS 












  • Analysts are morons.

  • Miguel Camilo

    wii u will fail again lol

  • SirDjss

    Well im a pc games first hand and i bought a wii u and are enjoying it quite allot. I really wich wii u great success but. BUT they really need to fix the ingame voice and messeging my friends so i can voicetalk easely in the game and messeging and join on my friends game.

    For example ..! I have had my wii u for a week now and got 5 friends on miiverse on the console. So the other day i var chatting with one of them and we wanted to play trine 2 .so first i had to go in the ( friends App ) and see what they were playing and i could see what game they played.

    And then i would have to exit the friends “app”and open another called miiverse and then i had to press mail (i think its called). and there i could send him a messege that only allow 100 letters so for mee to continue my letter i would have to send that and type another to finnish my whole messege to him.Then i would have to wait and see if he answers the messege , (that is if he saw the home button blink 2 times) with no sound beep or whatever.If he answer and wanna play coop . we cant seem to create a (lobby) and join. The only thing we could do was for him to create a lobby and keep kicking ppl joining until you joined. 

    This my friends is bollox. This is the thing that are gonna make me stop supporting wii u and play their consol, hopefully not becouse i really like the whole idea and hoping wii u will make it great. 

    But as an example !.. Look at steam on pc . Its simple as hell ,just as its suppost to be . You have a list of all your added friends and you can see if they are online or not . You simply press their name to select if u wanna chat ,mail ,videocall ,group chat .(join on thier game directly)..this you can do in juat 1 single “program/app”.
    While in game with your friend you press a button to chat to them directly. or use mic. smooth and simple. Nintendo need to fix this stuff NOW before gamers get tierd of it. It should be easy to connect to friends and play with them ,not this complicated. .. oh and sry for my spelling 😀  but you all get the point :P..

    now im going back to play my wii u :). Cheers

  • Zeldatrek

    My five 3rd party titles say other wise.

  • Damned if you do damned if you dont the mind set of the 3rd party industry let me explain

    if we dont support nintendo we shall burn but if we do support nintendo and they totally dominate they will destroy us CATCH 22

    can you not see the 3D action movie called the games industry its like a cklown show in 3D with explosions and funny little dwarfs and honk honk horns and shit 3rd partys are in that hard place damned if we do damned if we dont

    they need to upgrade there imput output processor

  • Hugh Quinn


  • gamer

    back in 2006 it was easy to be right. everyone could guess that the Wii would be marginalised. unless mr Patcher is a complete moron then his guess was as good as the general public’s guess. right now, he is just flipping a coin. his guess has no substance other than a prior belief based on what happened with the Wii. What i see is that company roles have been reversed on this one. I am a hardcore gamer (PS3), didn’t buy the Wii on launch but i am buying the Wii u because of all the franchises that are about to come out. In 2014, unless Sony gives me a good reason to buy their new console then i will stick with the Wii u, if it supports straight out the games that come out on the other platforms (which i think it will – it will be a long time before we start needing more than 2 GB of ram for a single game process). We will be seeing 3rd party support on the Wii u. It has all the potential and if Nintendo produces a couple of cool games to attract a some of the non-casual gamers out there, then it will ok for Big N.

  • I Can’t Think of a Name

    I think he’s a troll.

  • yugatsuj

    posted from my wii u…. nuff said

  • Guilliman

     Too few analysts, commentators and so-called experts are forgetting the fact that rising development costs have already put many developers out of business.  If the next Xbox/Playstation are dramatically more powerful than Nintendo’s console then I’d predict that that will favour the Wii U.

    I mean Capcom are a major developer/publisher and even they moved Monster Hunter Tri from PS3 to Wii because of the high development costs of making PS3 games.  And there are plenty of examples where game developers chose to create for the Wii because it was cheaper and therefore less risky.  I’m thinking of the likes of No More Heroes and Madworld among others.  And a happy side effect of lower risk is that the Wii saw some of the more innovative and orginal games of this generation.

  • nicolascy32

    Well i know a lot of the nintendo  defence force will not like what i am going to say but i agree with pachter 100% .
          I am one of those older gamers that grew up with computers but at the same time i have many fond memories of countless nights i was playing on the nes and snes at friends and cousin houses up until the break of dawn…My first nintendo i owned was the n64 and it had some amazing games and graphics for its time.Remember the ads for waveracer64 back in 1996 ? Goldeneye anyone ? And of course super mario 64 ,zelda 64 and turok.
          And later when gamecube came out ,i loved it too.It was not as powerfull as a xbox but it still was seriously more powerfull than a ps2 or a dreamcast.It had waveracer blue storm,the roque squadron 2 and 3,metroid prime ,windwaker ,re4 and some fantastic ports of games like soul caliber 2 and beyond good and evil that were playing miles better than the ps2 versions….And let’s not forget Twilight Princess was completed and put on hold for almost 8 months because they wanted to have it as a Wii launch title.
        Wii was nothing more than an overclocked gamecube with the motion controller originaly nintendo wanted to sell as an accessory.I was greatly dissapointed but i still had faith that nintendo eventually will release something special.
       So against common sense i was genuinely excited about WiiU. And after the supposed dev kit specs leaked out that was talking about a quad core ibm power pc based cpu and a r700 series gfx card with 2gb or ram i was genuinely waiting for WiiU. Through those supposed initial specs are nothing to write home about,considering that the xbox360 tri-core cpu uses the old ibm power pc 3 or 4 cores i was excited knowing that the current ibm power pc cores ibm sells are in their 7th generation,with a smaller die cast ,lower temperature and faster because of better architecture .So in theory even a tri-core ibm power pc 7 cpu clocked at the same speed as the xbox 360 cpu would be faster.So imagine my excitement knowing that nintendo would actually use a quad core !!!

    Sadly Nintendo decided to drastically cut manufacturing costs and sell brand new wii u consoles with massive profit margin.So they not only used only 3 older ibm power pc cores (4 or 5th gen) but they also used them on the same Die as the Gfx card to save costs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That brought temperature issues so in the end they clocked each processor core at only 1.8 ghz !!!!! Imagine…….when i learned about this i was disgusted about what nintendo had done…A original Xbox 360 is 7 years old and its 3.2 tri-core ibm power pc(with 3th or 4rth gen ibm power pc cores) is Twice faster than the brand new nintendo Wii U Cpu…..For gods shake when nintendo could make an equivalent cpu to the 360 by using a different Die for the cpu for less than 5$ they are unforgivable….Hell with an additional 5$ they could make a quad core cpu and for another 10$ they could use 4 gen 7 ibm power pc cores instead of 4rth or 5th generation…..Hell
     defend nintendo all you want they could have made wii U cpu 2 times more powerfull than the current xbox360 with 20$ additional manufacturing costs or 20$ less profit on each console with the benefit of making a truly new kick ass console for gamers.
    Instead we have this…sub console that can barely play games as well as 7 year old consoles can.Yes the gfx card is quite good but a horrible abysmal cpu drag everything down.When you can play Black ops 2 on the 360 at 50 fps average and on the ps3 with around 40-45 fps i expected Wii U to be able to play it with a solid 60 fps at least with some better image quality….But because of the abysmal wii u cpu black ops 2 runs with an average of 35 fps only !!!! And there are frame dips during heavy firefights that slow down gameplay at 25-26 frames….Everything under 30 fps is basically a stuttering slideshow of images and to have smooth lifelike movement you need at least 60 fps .

    You could argue that black ops 2 was not optimized enough for the wii u .But the same happens with mass effect 3 and Batman Archam City ,with horrible framerates compared to the xbox 360 version.When i play those games with an average of 50-55 fps, playing with 35-40 average fps on the wii u is laughable…..And especially for people playing those games on a decent gaming pc with 100+ fps and true 1920×1200 resolutions the wii u becomes completely obsolete before even been released…

    Nintendo screwed with its customers and eventually they are going to pay for what they done.Yes now people that are royal fans do not care about the truth but when more and more games released end up playing games worse compared to the other 7 year old consoles they are going to realize how bad wii u is.

    • Elem187

      You do realize the CPU is pretty inconsequential to rendering video games right? 95-99% of the workload is carried by the GPU. The CPU is MAYBE good for 2 or 3 FPS speed increase, not enough to even be noticeable.

      The CPU is very useful in a PC gaming rig, but not much for a console. I rather Nintendo concentrate on the GPU, which they have, boxing up a Radeon HD 6770 is pretty impressive, and excessively fast for the type of games that are released (CoD, AC3, BAC, ME3, etc)

      There is no games on the market, for any console that would make this GPU sweat even a little bit… yet not even 2 full minutes of play in a 2k sports game, the PS3’s fan starts winding up like a learjet taking off, the heat generated from the console is immense, while the Nintendo remains cool to the touch after a marathon 6 hour AC3 session and is as quite as an electric car running.

      I think people are going to be surprised when this system starts getting pushed proper (my guess is we will see what the system is really capable of just before E3, or during)

      The jump from ps3 to ps4 is going to be pretty minor, Sony probably is going to try to bring PC level detail to the console market, which if they did, the vast majority of people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, only the geekiest among us and that will give consumers a decision to make. Pick a system while looking gorgeus is only roughly 20-30% faster than the Wii U, and the graphics while better, probably wont justify the doublee the price of the Wii U, for most consumers.

      PS4 will continue to cater to the hardcore gamer market, which is only 10% of the gaming market, and the PS4 will be another flop (profit wise, the ps3 still hasn’t turned a profit for sony)

      I think Nintendo has more to fear from Microsoft than Sony, as Microsoft knows the casual gamer is where the money is at, and their system caters more to casual gamers, than Sony does.

      Me personally I would never buy a Sony or Microsoft console as their only selling point is a pretty moot point when I own a fairly quick PC (my PC had a Radeon 6770, it can play every game out today at full/highest detail settings @ 1080p)… I bought a Nintendo so me and the wife can play games together, and I enjoy all of NIntendo’s vast IP library and cannot wait to play them!

  • You people are letting your ignorance getting the best of you. Sometimes, the man has a point. Innovation is going to take Nintendo to some extent but nowadays people are attracted to raw power. I like the Wii U and all but Pachter has a point. Wii U doesn’t truly feel next gen is all he’s saying. And then what happens when Sony and Microsoft come out with their new consoles?  I give credit to Nintendo for bringing something different but it might not last.

    • MujuraNoKamen

       Maybe so but here, he didn’t say anything about Wii U not being next gen, he was whining about lack of support for the console which is completley untrue. And when Microsoft’s and Sony’s next consoles arrive they won’t be a major step up from the Wii U due to financial issues and constant attempts to capture the “casual” gamer.

    • Elem187

      If people were attracted to raw power, the PS3 and 360 wouldn’t have sold a single console. All gamers would be on a PC…. The fact that you are incorrect here makes your entire point invalid. Go home practice a bit, start training, and you can come back next season to shovel BS.

  • He is no more of an analyst than I am a god…. anyone can talk from their @$$…

  • fireheartis1

    What a crack head why do you guys at Wii U Daily keep posting this dudes crap.  He first says Nintendo will not make the 5.5 Million they hope for, and then he says they will.  What punk and obviously a PS3 and 360 fanboy.  He just needs to shut up sit back and go along for the ride.

  • Pearson

    I can’t believe it that we do have a modern game fortune teller in the 21st century. 

  • InterTriplete

    Patcher’s sayings are as important as the trademark of toothbrush I use any morning. He’s been talking no-sense since Wii launch. It had to be a fail. 100 millions units sold. Epic fail