Dec 10th, 2013


Infamous Wedbush Securities Analyst Michael Pachter remarked near the end of his most recent investor note that Sony and Microsoft’s recent console launches are likely to hurt fourth quarter sales of the Wii U. While the analyst spoke primarily about the 66% sales lead he believes the PlayStation 4 currently holds over the Xbox One, he ended by linking the relatively strong sales of both new consoles to a 65% year-over-year drop in sales for the Wii U.

We’re all aware that Mr. Pachter is one of the more outspoken analysts in the industry. One of his most recent statements —calling for Nintendo of Japan CEO Satoru Iwata to resign— joins a long history of hugely controversial claims made by the analyst. Nevertheless the commercial performance of the Wii U amidst the PS4 and Xbox One launches is undoubtedly a topic on many minds this holiday season, and especially on those at Nintendo.


(Source: InfoScout)

Debate over future console sales is unavoidable. But for those of you valiant souls keeping track of this sort of news, you may have noticed signs that consumer perception and sentiment of the Wii U are beginning to improve. We’re seeing increasing marketing efforts by Nintendo as well as warm reception from major media publications, the latter of which rave that the Wii U is a great purchase this holiday.

Nintendo appears to be on the right track to raising consumer awareness of its home console. Only time will tell if the recent PS4 and Xbox One launches will overpower any such good news and cause year-over-year Wii U sales to drop 65%.

Let us know what you think about Pachter’s hypothesis in the comments.

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  • Keli Just

    That is the best Pachter picture ever! lol

  • firstinflight

    Anecdotally, I’ve heard a lot more conversation around the Wii U this year than last. I was in Toys R Us on Black Friday both years (silly me), and I overheard multiple people asking about the Wii U. People were buying the Skylanders Wii U bundle because there were no other Wii Us left in the store. In fact, one shopper mentioned the Wii U as the latest thing (it was on their child’s list), but the salesperson talked about the Xbox One as the newest product—the shopper stuck with the list and insisted on the Wii U.

    I actually suspect the Wii U will gain more traction this holiday season because of the release of the other two consoles—there is no more mystery about what the consoles are, so people can compare the Wii U clearly. There’s also more time for the Wii U to have entered public consciousness. That DOESN’T automatically mean the Wii U will sell to everyone, but it will still sell. How much, we’ll know soon enough.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      I was in my local Wal Mart yesterday and I saw someone I knew buying Mario 3D World for her kid. She picked up like the second to last copy available

  • val berger
  • Jason Lee

    pachter is an idiot

  • Jon

    and yet…. there was a week where the Wii U sold more than the PS4…. and last week, The Wii U sold over 200k world wide when it used to be 60-80k

    • RyuNoHadouken

      where, in Nova Scotia?

      • Jon

        Worldwide, Not last week, but the week before, the Wii U sold more than the PS4 did worldwide. Now, it can be argued that it wasn’t released world wide yet but still.

        • and was sold out in almost all e-store.

        • RyuNoHadouken

          thats because the initial launch shipment of PS4s were SOLD OUT…you couldnt buy one if you wanted too…duh

          • Jon

            They are at EB games in my town….. it was only hard to get one launch week but when I went in to buy Link Between worlds, There was 4 in the store and that was the week they were listed as selling more…. But you P$4 Fanboys can believe what you want.

    • John Andalora

      Overlooking the facts that during that week the PS4 was only released in North America one week before rather than a console released worldwide and that Nintendo released their biggest holiday game that week.


      • Jon

        It is kind of a major success, If you look at last weeks sale for the Xbox one, the NA sales are almost the same as well. But still, the fact that the Wii U had close to the same sales as a newly released console where people would be probably flooding out to get, it does say something about the Wii U sales.

        • John Andalora

          No. No it isn’t.

          The fact that the Wii U had more sales worldwide than a console that had sales in one section of the world during the release of its biggest game of the holiday season is not a major success. A major success would be if it maintained that momentum overall and actually gave the Xbox One and PS4 a run for their money.

          But now that that one week is over, the Wii U now falls back down to number 5 in the home console sales (Beating only the Wii) while PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and Xbox One continue to have more sales. Heck, the Xbox One, only released in Europe and North America, has over 160,000 more sales than Wii U. PS4 beats it out by 680,000. Heck, even the Xbox 360 and PS3 have sold over 250,000 more than the Wii U.

          That’s not a major success.

          • Jon

            yeah it is. The Wii U did give the PS4a run for it in NA. There. There was only a few thousand more PS4 ones sold than Wii Us sold. Secondly, you have this moron saying that it is hurting sales but now that the flood to get pre-orders is waiting lists is mostly over, the number is dropping while the Wii U global sales went from 40k-50k or even lower week after week, then up to around 80k a week, then to being over 100k a week and then the next week, about 240k. That to is a HUGE increase and I am interested to see the data from the week after the 240k sales. People are comparing numbers to these new systems when they are not even a month old and people are still in waitings lists to get one and yet the Wii U right now is competing with them. This to me spells major success as the sales for Wii U are starting to actually take off. I’d say give it a month or two and you’ll see the sales for the Xone and PS4 dropping pretty low (PS4 will get a jump for the release in Japan come January) probably somewhere between 60-90k a week.

          • John Andalora

            No, it isn’t.

            1) “A run for it” implies they both had the same chance. But you compare sales of the Wii U with a potential audience of more than 3 billion to the audience of about 330 million.

            Which, to be honest, is stupid.

            2) I’m not saying that Wii U sales aren’t better than when it was at its worst. But I am saying that they still aren’t amazing. And one week of doing better than the week after PS4 released in NA is no indicator that it’s having astonishing success. All it says about Wii U sales is that most people who could/wanted to get a PS4 got one to the point where few stores had one and some Christmas shoppers decided it would be a good idea to get their kid their console of choice for a holiday that amasses a majority of sales in the world.

            3) You compare numbers to systems less than a month old when it’s in favor of other consoles, yet you chastise people for comparing numbers to systems less than a month old when it shows how the Wii U is doing slightly better?

            4) Maybe sales of PS4 and Xbox One will die down. Maybe they won’t. There are pretty good games coming out in February and March, while the Wii U’s major game (Rayman Legends) was delayed to go multiplatform. If the PS4 and Xbox One have the same issues of clarifying to the world what it is (which they don’t) or have delays of games (more possible), then perhaps the sales will go quite low.

            Also remember that Wii U will face the same pains. Again… Christmas. Huge. You can tell me all day how PS4 and Xbox One sales will go down, but not without the same fluctuations on the Wii U.

          • Jon

            Wow…. You are completely retarded….. First off, you still never read completely what I said. SINCE the PS4 was NOT world wide, I compared the NA (AS IN NORTH AMERICA, You know, NOT the place where the UK is and WWII was fought. If you look at that post, you’ll see a “NA” in the first sentence. I hope your micro-brain can comprehend that.) due to the fact that it was brought up that the PS4 was NOT a worldwide release. So therefore, I am comparing ONE, not two, not three, NOT the world sales now. Just ONE which is North America where the PS4 sold 169k and the Wii U was 164k. ONLY 5k difference for a system that is less than one month old.

            For your Second and Third point. I was bringing up the point that Pachter said where the Wii U is going to do worse than it was due to the launch of the PS4 and Xbox one launch however, that is not the case here as sales have hugely increased since they have been. Sales for the Wii U were abyssal being struggling to hit 30k a week on some weeks where some got to 40k and rarely 50k. However the last two months they have been steadily increasing to the point right now where the weekly sales have hit over 200k a week which is something we had not sen since launch window.

            Yes, there will be fluctuations, that much is obvious and yet Christmas will boost the sales, though these increase in sales have been happening over the last two months. The Wii U at least is ahead of that first hump so the lower fluctuations may not be as great as what the other two will have considering how the Wii U has big titles coming in the first part of the year. Two (one is a multiplat so I guess all three will get) of which we know release dates or close release times while most of the others for the other systems will say Q1 or by the end of March.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    I thought this was a Wii U site discussing Wii u titles and upcoming Wii u games, and show us new nintendo stuff, the only thing i have seen lately here on Wii U daily are analystics and how good the other console sell, if i want to know about something like that i think that i would go and search it. Wii U daily you have to change your news, like give us tips and tricks about new nintendo games or more reviews and such.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      ummm, there is no other new about Wii U but what you’re reading on here

      • Alexander Kleinwechter

        There is alot of new Wii U news out there, sometimes there are zelda news, and Wii U daily maybe could do something else then just talk about this crap wich means nothing. I dont care about predictions. Also Wii U daily is so slow with the 3DS news. It feels like this site doesn¨’t put too much work running this site!

        • Kay Wrobel

          Well, hello! >>WiiU<< Daily. If you want 3DS news, go to their outlet…

    • Simon Stevens

      You got a point, before I was on the internet, I bought gaming magazines, not one single tid bit about sales and analysis, leave it to the guys who get payed to worry about it and enjoy your games 🙂

      • Ducked

        I stopped buying gaming magazines after Nintendo Power was discontinue

    • Leo

      WiiU Daily is the worst site on the internet for WiiU news. The only thing that matters is the comments section.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Why? I think its quite good.

      • lonewolf88

        comment section is full of trolls.

    • Fred

      I love the idea of Wii U game tips and tricks. I’d also love to see more reviews I’d love to see a review for EVERY Wii U game. With all the complaining about there not being enough Wii U games I’d think this would be easy.

    • Nintenjoe82

      Well said. Occasional reviews or an editor who actually owns a Wii U wouldn’t go amiss.

    • Agent721

      Nintendo Life is a very good Nintendo site. I would hope though that given the fans recent complaints, Wii U Daily would adjust its content. They seem to have made more of an effort lately but the lack of actual product reviews & discussion is pretty glaring.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Better if Nintendo would adjust its content and getting rid of Iwata and Reggie. Then Nintendo could make some new stuff that generated positive responses instead of the one year chain of crap they have presented.

        • Agent721

          Understood, but this comment chain is about this particular site and its penchant on never presenting any product reviews, product tips or anything product related at all. I go to Bloomberg for my economic news, including on the Wii U, where Bloomberg had an excellent (albeit negative) article just last week.

        • Michael Hancock

          Reggie should be fired. He is full of shit and it shows.

        • Wayne Beck

          I’m sorry, which Nintendo Game was poorly received?

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Please evolve.

          • NintenScience


        • Justin Clark

          I don’t know about Reggie. Even Pachter for as doom and gloom as he is on the Wii U thinks that NoA and Reggie are the one bright spot Nintendo has business wise. Their problem is that Japan completely handcuffs NoA, nothing done here is done without Iwata approval. Reggie is simply doing the best with what he is allowed to do. Of course there is also some speculation that even Iwata doesn’t carry that much weight and is more of a marketing figurehead (hence all the Nintendo directs). While the shareholders and Miyamoto make the majority of actual business decisions. I would agree though that there seems to be some disconnect at the top with what fans want.

          • Agent721

            I’d agree with that. Iwata should face the music. I still can’t believe that Nintendo has all these huge IPs, and they barely use them. Even the VC is truly an embarrassment at this point…WHERE ARE THE MF GAMES?! Can’t they hire people to start pumping out their entire library? This is absolutely ridiculous. And not a single N64 or Cube game? This is an epic failure on N part.

            I also don’t understand the lack of trophies. WTF Nintendo? Even crappy ass cell phone games have them! Is it truly THAT hard to answer fan’s requests? Nintendo tries too many times to tell people what they want, rather than to listen to what people are asking for. And now they’re paying the price.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            I see what you say. If the Wii U will be discontinued by next year you are probably right too.

          • Rinslowe

            I don’t stand by everything Nintendo does. Hardly. But what disconnects are we really talking here? Nintendo by their very definition are a different beast than both Sony and MS. They give us Pikmin, WW HD and SM3DW in 2013 and all go on to be great games, also allowing a boost in sales for the system. Next year they plan on handing us Smash and Kart, both look promising to say the least. DK TF is coming in Feb and all three confirmed titles are likely to do very well…
            We all know Zelda U is in development and in a few months time we’ll get our first look at it. Anouma has confirmed as much some weeks earlier. Zelda having the largest budget and crew in development in Nintendo history says they are hardly fckng around with this title. Just look at what they did with 1.6GB’s in Mario!
            Sure we want our F-Zero’s (FRN should address that nicely though), Star Fox’s and Metroids + new IP’s but Nintendo hasn’t ruled out these titles at all. And they have at least catered to popular demand by announcing a new IP is in the wings waiting to take center stage.
            One thing that people are not seeing here is that we now have all the money franchises on the table… Mario has been released and is phenomenal, Zelda is confirmed in development + Kart & Smash are also confirmed and will be released next year. DK is historically a sales success and will be available in a few short months. My point is this; do people really think Nintendo are that short sighted? That they intend to survive on Zelda alone in 2015? 2016? or beyond. They’ve shown determination by releasing their sure things early on to please their fanbase and assist with system sales globally. So how will they continue to make Wii U relevant after 2014? Well how indeed…. I’m thinking there will be some reconnects coming by way of announcement before and during E3 14′.

            Most importantly though, as far as 2014 is concerned, I think they’ve chosen a great lineup in titles to find success for the platform and even more importantly a lot of potential fun and hours spent playing great games… Lets wait and see what happens after that..

          • Justin Clark

            I see all your points and made many of them myself when people were flipping out about the VGX DK thing. There is no doubt over the 4-5 months Nintendo has put out some great software on Wii U. Also, the first half of 2014 looks great (especially if the rumors are true and Smash is hitting around April) and I’m with you about being excited for E3. However, the first part of this year was rocky for Wii U. For myself, I think the marketing has been terrible and I wonder why the Eshop wasn’t filled with VC games during those months when games were in short supply. Then there is the gamepad, which I think is a really cool piece of tech. It is also the best way to play the VC game they have put out, but it’s not nearly as integral to the experience as Nintendo made it out to be. Would a $200 Wii U have sold magnitudes better without gamepad inclusion? Or would a $350 Wii U that didn’t have the gamepad, but instead focused tech that would satiate the third parties so they would actually put in effort of the Nintendo version been the way to go? These are questions a lot of Nintendo fans are asking. Only around 4-5 million people have bought this system so far and I know there are multiple times that number of Nintendo fans out there. So there is a disconnect in what Nintendo is selling and what people want to buy. And as much as we say that Nintendo is a different beast than Microsoft and Sony, their system still sits on the same aisle the twins sit on. Sure $100-$200 cheaper, but what is the perceived value?

            I think Nintendo has come a long way this past year and I don’t think the Wii U is nearly as bad as some people want to make it out to be. That said I think there are some definite areas where Nintendo could improve upon and do so immediately. Those being virtual console, the way they market the system, online component that is inching its way to the modern era, and continuing to make the recent steady stream of quality titles more a rule than an exception.

          • Rinslowe


            Well I can’t speak for everyone but I’m quietly happy with Wii U’s specs so far and what that might entail for Nintendo’s first and second party titles as far as visuals go. In actual fact I agree with many of your points, especially in how Nintendo need to go from strength into a real and aggressive marketing blitz continually, right up to the release of Kart and Smash. Although when thinking about changing the system itself, I believe it is great the way it is already…
            When I think of what makes the gamepad so special, I think HUD – less clutter on my screen, I think deep integration as in Deus Ex HR DC & Zombie U – to a lesser degree IMO; W101 as well…
            And I also think streamlined menu navigation and web browsing in leisurely style on my couch like a potato, which has to be done every so often.
            If I want more power, I’ll go and spend time on the PC, that’s what I bought it for. And again, Wii U has plenty of juice for how I’m gaming in almost every case…

            (I posted these earlier today on another article but what the hell, they serve the same purpose here as well to help further my point)

        • Simon Stevens

          The idea was never even contemplated by anyone that Reggie or Iwata should be fired before Adam Sessler and Michael Pachter said so, but what do they know?, what do we know for that matter?, would somebody else really do a better job?, Capcom and Square Enix tried new formulas, look how that turned out, we don’t know what the long term plan is, only they do, saying they should be fired is premature and immature, fact is, they’ve made money for the company and plenty of it, regardless of whatever you make of the moves they’ve made, on a business level, that’s all that’s gonna matter to the guys upstairs, one bad year of a consoles life cycle shouldn’t be the base on how you judge them as professionals, they’ve given us some great games this year, probably better than whatever Sony and MS bring out next year but the media operate the way they wanna operate and it puts people off buying a Wii U, but hey that’s just my opinion and we’re both entitled to our own opinions, I respect yours, so I hope you’ll respect mine.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            I respect both you and your opinions. Even in the cases where I disagree.

      • Kay Wrobel

        Yeah, but NintendoLife is I think based in the U.K. And since the Wii U is doing particularly bad in the UK, they post their own fair share of bad Wii U doom and gloom stories, even though other territories might do better.

        • Agent721

          I think you’re right, it is in the UK. They have their fare share of doom, but its more than balanced out by game reviews, game previews, reviews of classics as they are reiussed, along with fairly good (but lengthy) overall analysis. If I had to take a guess, that site is run by people who treat it as their main job, while this site is run by people who treat it as a part time/side job.

          The comment section is much better here though.

    • Dave May

      your right i have no idea why i keep comming here i guess its like watching a bad car accident you cant take your eyes off this site is so biased i swear its funded by sony they only have negative news about the wiiu

    • Andreas Sunde

      For actual news, head over to the forums.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Eh… those claims are maybe controversial among Nintendo fanboys, but are quite uncontroversial among gamers in general. So no, Pachter is really not a very “controversial” guy. And yeah, Iwata should go.

    • Dáibhí wotshissurname

      No Iwata shouldn’t, the 3ds, wii and ds all happened when he was president, right?

      • Magnus Eriksson

        I can understand that you and a lot of the fanboys are blind out of love. But this guy is clearly hurting the company with his silly stubborness. The handheld market is soon to be over, and the Wii U have been a huge failure. And yeah. The Wii sold a lot thanks to its gimmick of motion gaming. In 2006 that was new stuff, as the pad was in 2009. However, motion gaming and pad tech is yesterdays news. In two years a normal Smart phone will be able to do cooler stuff than the Wii U (actually its already doing cooler stuff besides the games).

        Wii U is over a year now, thats an age in this industry. Selling even much worse than PS3 did the first year (Wii U: 4M, PS3: 10M). No signs of recovery. And no signs of competent leadership, when Reggie goes out and revealing Cranky Kong, a blueprint copy from Uncle Scrooge in Ducktales game, instead of showing that Nintendo got som power left. Instead everyone saw a Nintendo out of touch with everything. One year with NOTHING you dont go out and revealing Cranky Kong. Nobody had asked for Donkey Kong either, it just came out on the Wii. Metroid on the other hand. Fans have been asking for RETROid since Team Ninja. And Nintendo doesnt pick up on those things at all.

        This is of course just the last thing in a long chain of embaressments from Nintendo since dropping the ball at launch. And yeah, the balldropping and weak leadership – thats the main reason third parties are uninterested to play with them. So for the best of the company, Iwata should go.

        • Agent721

          I agree…heads need to roll. It’s undeniable.

        • Dáibhí wotshissurname

          Wow there, no need to get your panties in a twist, dude. The Wii U is pretty much the only financially failing console under Iwata’s belt. If I were a fanboy, I would go on to say that Nintendo always succeeds, but that’s not the case, right? Virtual boy etc.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            GCN was also under Iwata. That was a failure in many ways too. And no, its not only about financial successful consoles. Its about Nintendos policies too. During Iwata Nintendo basically lost all 3rd party support. Wii was more or less a dumping place for showelware. Wii U doesnt even get that.

          • Jelle Knibbe

            Its launch was under Yamauchi I believe. Just saying.

          • Dáibhí wotshissurname

            At the risk of sounding like a fanboy, GCN was not a failure. Nintendo didn’t make a single annual loss in the GCN days, and the console had its share of million-selling titles. I can’t imagine a console selling around 20m units a failurew, though it is in no way comparable to other efforts. I know Nintendo may have lost 3rd party support, but not entirely, and I think there are definitely 3rd parties that are on board with Nintendo if they are willing to give it House of the Dead, Far Cry: Vengeance, Deus Ex Director’s cut, and Madworld. Either way, you’d be mad to say that 3rd parties are shying away from 3ds, developers are just thoughtful on which consoles to develop for. Plus, first-party titles selling hardware isn’t a bad way to go. If it’s showing that it’s selling consoles, then how is Iwata doing a bad job? I know the Wii U is failing, but companies will always do something wrong at one point in their lives.

          • darkcreap

            I agree with most of the points you and Rinslowe point out, but I think third party support is an issue. Variety is essential to maintain good health in a platform and despite Nintendo’s quality, they just cannot stand all the weight on their shoulders. As much a Nintendo fan that I am, I also need other games as well as Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Starfox (oh, my beloved Starfox).

            It is great to have games like Call of Duty and Assasin’s Creed on Wii U. I would have loved to see a port of GTA V to it (yeah, I know it is probably impossible now). I honestly hope it sells well and does not lose third party support from Ubisoft, which brings some great games to the table. It would be great if some currently reluctant third parties join if Christmas sales are good.

          • Rinslowe

            “GCN was also under Iwata. That was a failure in many ways too. ”

            Magnus….. GC was a profitable system actually. It only sold 20m+ units but it did not fail. In what way do you refer, that counts? Financially it was not a failure and in popularity it had a devote following, a community where games could be made to be profitable. And it had some of the most memorable titles of that generation…. Super Mario Sunshine, Smash, Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil 4, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Metal Gear Solid – Twin Snakes Remake, Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime Echoes, Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess, F-Zero GX, WW… etc…

            Third party support was dwindling yes and this is an ongoing problem. Truth be told though, Nintendo have proven it’s possible to remain relevant. But that does not mean GC was a failure or that things can’t at least improve somewhat. I see Wii U being no different and as the Wii and GC before it, some of the most memorable titles as listed above will likely come from third parties regardless…

        • Yen

          Iwata is also the one that started Nintendo Directs, bringing news to fans and generating hype better than just a simple release of information. Don’t know if you’ve ever read them, but Iwata ask gives inside information about the development of their games letting the public know what goes into creating a game. He gave outsiders a chance to understand the game development industry.

          So far the only reason people think Iwata should resign is because Wii U sales are low or because they think the gamepad is stupid. Iwata is not the only one doing anything for Nintendo, hundreds of employees do. Just because sales are slow doesn’t mean he did something wrong. The Wii U is a system created by a group not Iwata.

          Also, if you think mobile phones can do more than dedicated gaming consoles, you need to play more games. I don’t doubt that it could hurt handheld sales, but the advancement of mobile games right now is not impressive enough to replace a dedicated gaming console in the next decade. Main reason? Games are not their focus. Phones are not build to play games and are not optimized for it. Someday there might be a phone built to play games, but there are no mobile games to utilize it anyway.

          • Rinslowe

            True, Iwata may not have the charisma of the ever positive Reggie Fils-Aime. But he’s present and willing to be present.

            That’s ultimately a good thing for any CEO.

        • Rinslowe

          “I can understand that you and a lot of the fanboys are blind out of love.”

          I think a person who overlooks the facts behind Iwata’s many successes during his time as head of Nintendo is showing a lack of vision and understanding of current events. I realise this is your opinion and as such it is of course fine in saying so. But the facts are Iwata has made some bad decisions in some circumstances and he’s shown a very acute insight in others. As I listed above in my reply to @Dáibhí wotshissurname… GBA – DS – Wii – 3DS are all achievements which Iwata can claim as CEO of Nintendo. The second point is that Wii U is struggling yes, but it is improving and most importantly it is not out for the count as yet. There is no certain failure for Wii U at this point, so too early to say. As far as Iwata getting axed goes… well if Wii U does become a faillure and it’s successor fails also. Then I would be surprised if Iwata doesn’t step down himself.

          But lastly and again Wii U has been out for a little over a year now. Games are being released and system sales, including software sales are improving almost globally. There is every chance that Wii U can be made to be consistent and relevant throughout 2014, so better to wait and see what happens next.

      • Rinslowe

        Exactly, I’ve been a believer of this fact also. And it will carry him through this situation either way. There’s no way a hand picked man at the top will be ousted with such achievements under his belt. If Wii U fails then he’ll just face humiliation instead. But if Wii U’s successor fails then he may be fired on two strikes. Again, so far he’s lead Nintendo through too much success to be ousted.

        These successes cannot be overlooked on account of one system struggling. It is simply premature to claim otherwise.

  • Guest

    Why do people buy Xbox Ones?

  • Curtis Hofer

    Why do people buy Xbox Ones???

  • Peter Lythaby

    What’s that smell? Oh Michaels talking 😉



  • Simon Stevens

    Pachter please, next to Iwata, your a nobody, there is no difference between you and any another analyst except professionalism, in the sales business, being biased towards Microsoft only hurts your credentials, I recently took a picture of myself in reaction to anything you say, go home.

  • Jack5221

    I don’t see PS4 / Xbox One selling all that good next year. The rest of this holiday season sure, because they’re hot items. But think about it, most of the really big games are not coming out until late 2014 / 2015. And with PS3 / 360 still getting the same games as both the next gen consoles, I won’t be upgrading anytime soon. My Wii U on the other hand will be getting plenty of love.

  • Shota

    micheal pachter isn’t news worthy. He’s a frickin analyst. Most things he said was bullshit. I want new game info or NINTENDO related news( not analyst predictions) from this site nothing more.

  • Gameonfool

    Goodbye Nintendo (RIP)

    • Jelle Knibbe

      Before anyone else does it: don’t feed this troll.

    • Rinslowe

      I heard Nintendo say goodbye to you too. But then you left before answering their question! …….. “Where are you going?”

  • Pachter’s crystal ball works based on what company pays him for his analysis

  • Nothing5555

    wow the WiiU was only $275 at target?

  • Agent721

    I stand by my statement that heads need to roll at Nintendo for this pathetic Wii u launch.

  • B. Adriano

    I don’t know why the media celebrates the guy (Pachter). When anyone who keeps up on the news in the video game industry could make the same or more accurate predictions than him.

    I think it’s time to put his opinions to rest or on a level like the majority of the internet’s opinion is. I don’t see anything special on his comments and his remarks. Anyone can say, “Oh Company A is doing very very bad, I believe the CEO should step down.” Or something like, “Console A and Console B just came out, I predict that Console C would have a tough time against these two.” I mean really? The next guy could easily say that.

    I wish the media would just stop celebrating the guy and stick to or focus on more important and entertaining news.

  • InterTreble

    Don’t feed the troll

  • Niknique

    Pachter seriously, how do you still have a job?!

    • Because people keep clicking on his clickbait headlines and other sites keep posting his crap on their sites.

      • NintenScience

        Michael Pachter + Analyst = Clickbait


      • Rinslowe

        He should really thank Nintendo for that. If not for them, he wouldn’t have been relevant to begin with…

  • Wayne Beck

    You want a Real Prediction for Nintendo’s November Sales?

    US – 450,000 Units
    Europe – 175,000 Units
    Japan – 120,000 Units

    Worldwide – 775,000 Units

    • Rinslowe

      You could be on to something with that. Could be somewhere close to these figures, based on the chatter around and about. Hmmm….

      • Cat42

        Looking at VGChartz (w/e 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th November together) I make it 560k worldwide.

        But, if we’re talking year-over-year, Wii U was released Nov 18 in US, Nov 29/30 just about everywhere else, except for Japan, when it was released on Dec 8, so November might not be the best sample.

        Global sales for the fortnight of Wii U’s launch (w/e 24th Nov and 1st Dec) was 810k. Compare that with w/e 23rd and 30th Nov 2013 together which is 348k. Wii U sales for those 2 weeks are down by 57%.

        Compare that with the Wii – launched on Nov 19 2006 (w/e Nov 25 and Dec 2 2006) – global sales were just over 1 million, and the same two weeks the following year: 1.3 million.

        The Wii didn’t have to compete with two new consoles launching a year after, but the X360 did. It might be worth noting that in 2005 when the X360 was launched, it shifted 445k units globally, and in the same two weeks in 2006, 682k, despite the PS3 and Wii launching that month.

        So if X360 was able to keep its sales buoyant in the face of two new launches, why can’t Wii U? Although Pachter might not be far off with the year on year sales, I’m not sure the reason for his predicted drop is entirely down to the new launches.

        Nintendo have got to do what they failed to do all year, which is keep releasing good quality games and increase marketing.

        One thing I have noticed for 23rd and 30th Nov 2013 is the weekly rate at which Wii U sales have increased has been above the average trend across all consoles, home and handheld, and that’s despite the launches of the other two consoles. So maybe Nintendo are finally getting their act together – I hope it’s not too late.

        • Rinslowe

          Well to be fair, three reasons why the Wii U struggles where 360 continues to sell. Price point on the 360 right now is quite frankly a steal. People who didn’t get the console until now are smart to do so for this reason. Secondly, the sheer no’ of titles available on 360 means undeniable value for money and a rich selection of value priced AAA titles to get stuck into. Not to mention ongoing support for a time. Thirdly on point for the Wii U itself apart from an impressive first few months, it spent most of the rest of this year – until about three months ago – with no critical titles released. There really wasn’t any reason for the average gamer to invest. But as you said yourself;

          “Nintendo have got to do what they failed to do all year, which is keep releasing good quality games and increase marketing.”

          Pretty much exactly as you say; since Pikmin sales have been on the rise for the most part. WWHD followed from there and now SM3DW is bringing the system up to consistent performance. Marketing is Nintendo’s sore point right now and they certainly could do infinitely better on that front. As far as consistent sales through to this time next year well, they seem to have a pretty full roster of enticing software planned for release. It now just depends on how well they manage their release dates and keeping to those dates when confirmed…

  • gamerofallplatforms

    Pachter can suck it! he’s a moron looking for attention. Only an idiot would listen to a word he says and believe it.

  • jjbredesen

    How is this guy still important i am simply shocked by the fact that people take him seriously… His predicition almost never come true, so i don’t care what he says and why do news sites keep posting news about him. He is not well respected among people with brains.

    I am not being a fanboy, but this is just stupid.

  • Mario

    And the awareness is just gonna grow more now that Miiverse is available on the 3DS.

  • Stupid. Feed the troll analyst. Give him more attention and money he deserves, right?

  • Hipster Victor

    This guy does realize that theres a silent majority that does not wanna by a PS4 at this time right?

  • ETeach

    Good news everyone! Patcher says the WiiU is doomed! That means it’s finally going to pick up and become the most popular system!

  • majora :D

    Why the hell do you keep posting stuff about Patcher? We all know he’s the worst analyst ever. He said Nintendo Wii U was great, then that it was doomed, then great again, then doomed again… and when did he decided on bashing it? When the console started struggling to sell! This guy is a fraud.

  • Rinslowe

    It’s becoming a bore having to list Wii U’s great looking lineup for 2014 over and over again in explanation as to why the platform will obviously have a better year than this one… Lol.
    65% drop year on year starting from year one as in 2014 over 2013, will prove to be the most ridiculous claim this mystic has ever foreseen in his morning tea leaves.
    I’m now almost certain, Pachter is a drug addict.

  • Nathan Verbois

    I’m going to say no. Mike, you know how you say you’re often wrong. This would be another one of those times. Either way, no new news to report.

  • darkcreap

    Pachter is the one that in 2009 said that Next Gen (Current Gen now) would be Nintendo only, as they were going to dominate completely the market. Obviously, he was wrong, because the Wii, despite how well it sold was not the definitive answer, as the Xbox360 and PS3 were directed to another market.

    Personally, I do not give a damn about this guy. He is only good about predicting the present: which is basically that Nintendo is not doing it OK. Hopefully, he will be proved wrong (or at least not as correct as he thinks).

  • Shaggyrastaman

    As it stands now, the Wii U sold nearly the same amount as the PS4 did
    last week in North America with a difference of only 5,000.

    Wii U: 164,522
    PS4: 169,978

    With Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, and Smash all releasing by spring I’m not getting this drop off he referring to, especially considering the other consoles wont have their system sellers till late next year.

  • HypocritesRROD

    Micheal Pachter “THE TALKING-ASS” is making news again. WiiUDaily just loves paying attention to this nintendo-hater.

    • Elem187