Sep 30th, 2012

Business outfit Forbes did an interesting piece on the Wii U today. While most media outlets seem to be critical, or at least cautious, about the Wii U, Forbes recognizes that the Wii U is already popular among gamers since it sold out of pre-orders. In fact, they go as far as to say that “Nintendo already has a certified hit on its hands”.

Wii U consolesAnd because it’s already sold out, Forbes, like many others, are wondering whether Nintendo will have enough consoles ready for launch. Analyst Michael Pachter thinks that Nintendo will be manufacturing around 1.2 million Wii U consoles per month, and that they will have around 3.6 million Wii U consoles globally this year. He thinks that the US will receive 1.2 to 1.5 million of those consoles for 2012. about half of that — up to 750,000 units — will be available at launch.

Pachter doesn’t believe that this is manipulation by Nintendo, he thinks it’s simply a “reality of manufacturing”. Some have estimated that Nintendo allocated around 400,000 units for pre-orders, which means at launch in the US, there could be as few as 200,000 units on day one for those who didn’t pre-order.

Nintendo’s Scott Moffitt chipped in on the issue, saying “certainly manufacturing enough units to meet consumer demand is one challenge”, but he added that Nintendo’s job was to make sure that fans and gamers see a value in the Wii U. Nintendo previously assured gamers that the “Wii U supply chain was solid“.

The Wii U launches on November 18, 2012, at $299 and $349 price points. There will be 30 games available on launch day: 23 retail games and 7 indie titles on the Wii U eShop. Over 50 retail games will be released during the launch window, with anther dozen or so indie titles.


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  • Shankovich

    I love how his opinion turned 100% around right after the price reveal. If he had any good sense that Nintendo would be launching at 300$, he would have been less insulting/ angering to fans and investors.

    Knowing Nintendo usually prices their stuff right though, this is why I don’t think Patchy is a good analyst. And he can’t use the “I’m not a Nintendo fan” excuse, because in his last video he said he was a fan of Nintendo exclusives.

    Get your crap together man.

    • Shankovich

      Don’t give me crap about the 3DS launch price as a response either, Nintendo isn’t perfect.

      • darks

        you guys give pachter too much crap

        I wouldn’t be that excited for the wii u after that e3 either.

        • Troll patrol.

          Go to your room Meg….

          • *.*

            Stfu police its lame and sad

          • Troll patrol.

            Says a person who has a confused face for a name , and always says a none constructive comment.

            You are under arrest for being crap .

          • AwesomeNES

            E3 sucked for all consoles.
            I’ve seen them all and I was disappointed in all of them.

            At least I got a good laugh by going on IGN today.

            Microsoft released a new “reward system” for Xbox.

            This is were you play “online”, gain points and earn a level where you save on games in the market place.

            You can save some money when you reached the first level and double the savings when you reached the legend level.

            The joke?
            You get a whopping 1% to 2% discount on all online products.
            Wow, LOL.
            You get 10% off with Nintendo premium AND it’s included in a 2 year deal with the 32Gb model.

            How does it even compare? Microsoft is taking 20% to 30% royalties from all games, that means, if you buy a 10$ game, they get 3$ from it.

            They literally look their core fan base in the eye, treat them as morons, spit in their faces and expect them to beg for a dime.

            I’ll be LMFAO that one for a long time.
            And then I stop laughing, cause I feel great sympathy for thoses poor Xbox fan…

        • AKA-Link77

          Well. . .we have our reasons. Most r the same considering he gave us even more “crap” about the Wii U™. And like i said B4 hes just trying to weasel his way out of embarrassment by sucking ass. . .

        • Nintendude

          Then why are you here?

        • WII U 4 LIFE

          @darks FACEPALM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Grodus

            Your not any better. Get outta here!

          • WII U 4 LIFE

            @GORDUS this is a place where we can voice opinion freely. I’m so sorry for your inability to be able to form coherent words or sentences as you type. Keep trying trooper! AND IM HERE TO STAY LITTLE MAN THANKS

      • Wils81

        And why did you get down voted? What you said was absolutely true. I hate it when fans are in denial.

        • Ibiexplorer4

          “I hate it when fans are in denial.”

          You do realize only ONE person voted it a thumbs down, right?

          • Ibiexplorer4

            Okay, fine. Three people voted it a thumbs down(10 if you count the one about the 3DS).

          • Wils81

            I replied to “Don’t give me crap about the 3DS launch price as a response either, Nintendo isn’t perfect.”

      • Nintedward

        The 3ds launch price was a bit steep!!! But that system is so dam good and the games are so damn good , I think we can all forgive Iwata and reggie for that one 🙂

        • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

          Also dont forget the 20 awesome games

      • JumpMan

        that’s arguable ;D and by that, of course, i mean they are perfect.

  • XDLugia

    Well good for him.

    • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

      I for once hope he is right

      • Benjaminkno

        I’m still confused as to why this is NEWS!?! Is this really the best you can do Wii Daily? They’re still talking smack about Vita being better.

  • Master Awesomeness

    Manufacturing. Urgh! Makes me feel so excited. They’re on their way! Yes, Yes, YES!

  • ssb4

    Good since I didn’t preordr mine ill be able to get my deluxe at targetso happy that there will be tojns of wiius to go around

  • Brunomaster15

    Woooow pachter? are U nintendoomed?… this is 3.6 millions in 1 month! the double of vita in 9 months woow…. i preorder my wii u today here in Chile, the basic set is in 500U$ but i MUST play zombi u hahahaha…. grettings from chile (mi english is so bad, sorry)

    • JumpMan

      for future reference you could type it in Spanish (or whatever language you speak) on Google Translate and then translate to English, copy & paste 🙂

      • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

        And where is the learning in that?

      • Ravyu

        It’ll probably be worse.

      • Pepe Timbale

        No offense but the translation will never be the same. As a dual language speaking person, I can tell you that Google translate is good, but it has a long way to go… specially when it comes to the grammar for sentences, phrases, etc.

    • ObiBoing

      Wow, That’s almost 238,095 Chilean Pesos isn’t that way too expensive ?

      • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

        Maybe it could be cause is imported from a second party and not directly from nintendo

        • Morley94

          Second party? Is that like when a guy quits nintendo and works for a third party company, making it a little closer to first?

          There’s no such thing as second party, bro.

          • Crapcake

            Yes, there is. Let’s say Nintendo bought a company and made games with those companys franchises. That would be a second party game. So you learn something everyday. :]

          • Dereq

            Uh, yeah, I’m pretty sure there is. Retro or Rare back in the day would be prime examples. A second party is a dev that is not wholly owned by N (they could own a percentage of it) that exclusively makes games for N consoles.

          • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

            Second party in can also mean a reseller that is buying the wiiu to import

          • revolution5268

            um pokemon is one

          • revolution5268
  • Bosmur

    Finally someone who believes in the wii u as the rest of us do

  • baal2003

    That does not make since Patcher, if the Wii U has been in full production for a month, remember the rumor a month an and a half ago stating difficulty manufacturing. Then Nintendo will have almost three full months of manufacturing to prepare for launch. That means that at 1.2 million a month, multiply by 3, that’s 3.6 million units. Assume the majority of units will go to US since it launches before all other territories, since more time is available for manufacturing unit to send to japan and Europe. Let’s allocate 2 million consoles for the US that is 1.5 million for preorders and 500,000 for in store launch.

    • JumpMan

      thanks for doing that math for me, i was really confused 😀

  • Madmagican

    I certainly hope that there’s enough for people like me who didn’t get a chance to pre-order; I’m really looking forward to the Wii U, but I have no idea what I’ll do if I don’t get a Wii U by the end of 2012-early 2013

    • joesatmoes

      i hope so too- im actually gonna be on vacation on the day it releases, so I am keeping my hopes up that there will be some on the shelves when i come back (i’ll most likely have to wait for Christmas,though)

      • Grodus

        Oh, that’s gotta suck. I hope you can pick one up. ‘Tis a sad tale ya got there.

        • Morley94

          You should check out Fry’s Electronics (if there is one where you live). It is where I got my Wii shortly after it was released. The guy that worked there said “no one comes here for video games.” I recommend going there if you miss out on any preorders, like call of duty for instance. When the first Black Ops came out, all the prestige and hardened editions were sold out at Gamestop. At Fry’s, I saw them just sitting on the shelf.

  • zonda777

    I’m still worried about wether or not I’ll be able to get my hands on one at launch, considering I didn’t pre-order.

  • Bob Singh

    Wii U was a hit from the point we watched E3 2011.

  • Leeroy

    Hmm…. Im still not sure about this guy.

  • Elite

    Was hoping to get some solid numbers. Should have known xp. Sure hope those who didn’t preorder get there hands on this badboy this year. I didn’t preorder my wii and couldnt get it till the following feb.

  • Sethowar

    Haha, pachter really is being less of a Tool. I am glad 🙂
    I guess he is just realising that he is getting a lot of attention from the Nintendo Fanboys (of which I am one) and wants some more viewers on his show

  • Draco Breach

    People. Please pay attention to this.

    Nintendo can only make so many consoles at any given time.

    It is an immutable fact.

    Nintendo will do what they can to minimize shortages, but 1.5 million units a month might not be enough to meet worldwide demand.

    That said; I hope developers and publishers get on board quickly. I am a huge RPG fan, but those games rarely hit a console less than a year in. I want to see a good variety – from niche to mainstream. I like niche titles from Compile Heart, Gust, and Idea Factory. I like mainstream titles from Atlus, Bandai-Namco, and Square Enix. I like the quirky titles from Atlus and Nippon Ichi Software.

    Yes. Atlus was named twice. Shin Megami Tensei titles are either mainstream (Persona) or quirky (Digital Devil Saga).

    I also want to see some Capcom RPGs, like Breath of Fire or Dragons Dogma. I want to see something from Bethesda Softworks and Bioware.

    I’m not terribly picky. I know I’ll receive some RPG love from Nintendo – like Fire Emblem or Paper Mario.

    It may seem I got off track, but let me remind everybody of something. The more popular a system is means the more games we see.

    (Sadly including shovelware.)

    Demand for a system means publishers want to invest. When publishers invest, more gamers put down money for a system. It’s a cycle of demand.

    I hope Nintendo is ready to prove how prepared their supply chain is.

    • Bosmur

      An RPG I want to see again is lost kingdoms, I loved those games and they seem to have been forgotten. A third one would be awesome

      • Marq

        Yes, yes, yes! With the next one online, with a trading system and battles!

    • LogicalDude

      Just give me something as epic and perfect as Xenoblade Chronicles.

      • Morley94

        I want a pokemon game that doesn’t have any new pokemon in it, just the originals up to Fire Red and Leaf Green. And make it able to trade and battle with the GBA! (now THAT is complete wishful thinking, unfortunately)

  • Andrew Sheehan

    I payed $500 for the Wii on eBay, I hope I get a Wii U from an actual store this time >_<

  • Drew

    one of those 1.2 million consoles has my name on it

  • the guy

    ok so first patcher hates the consul and now he loves it he’s insane

  • Poncho

    Drive demand by holding back supply. It worked for the Wii, I don’t see why they’re going to stop now.

    • Draco Breach

      Nintendo did NOT purposely hold back supply to ‘create’ demand with the Wii. That is an anti-Nintendo fanboy MYTH!

      What system came out before the Wii? I’ll give you three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

      Nintendo simply did not have the facilities or staff to produce enough Wii consoles to meet demand. They had to build manufacturing facilities. They had to hire workers. They had to spend gobs of money just to create a supply chain weakened by the GameCube.

      Nintendo is in a very different boat now. They actually have the manufacturing facilities to simultaneously build the Wii and Wii U – if they wanted to – for years. In good numbers.

      Personally, I think they’ll produce on the order of 1.3 million Wii U units per month and 0.2 million Wii units per month. They’ll adjust as necessary, and they will build facilities as demand dictates.

      Warning! Captain Ad Nauseum!

      Nintendo could in no way prevent the short supplies of the Wii.

      It was not on purpose.

      I do not want to repeat this rant, but I will.

      Nintendo could in no way prevent the short supplies of the Wii.

      Nintendo could in no way prevent the short supplies of the Wii.

      Nintendo could in no way prevent the short supplies of the Wii.

      • Nintendude

        I was gonna say something, but then you came here.

      • Poncho

        Holy shit, calm down. Seriously. I was just saying it’s a smart business tactic, I’m not saying Nintendo is any worse for it. I love Nintendo. You guys give Nintendo fans a bad rap; you can’t stand ONE negative thing said about them. I’m the same way, but I won’t jump down someone’s throat for it.

        As for Nintendo not having the facilities to manufacture the Wii, what a load of BULL. Nintendo is sitting on stacks of money, my friend. They didn’t anticipate the success of the Wii, and at first, yes, they didn’t make enough because of it. But they saw droves of people wanting a Wii, and they capitalized. A huge company like Nintendo won’t falter because of one “failure”(and I use that term loosely, because the GameCube was amazing). In short, your argument is weak. I know they didn’t ‘create’ demand, but they saw it was there and augmented it.

        Nintendo is a business, and just because you don’t want to believe it doesn’t make it any less true. It’s disappointing that us sensible Nintendo fans are outnumbered by fans who don’t see reason, ever.

        • Draco Breach

          I am calm. I just do not allow the propagation of a lie. If you truly believe the lie, I want to enlighten you AND prevent furthered corruption through the lie.

          In 2006, Nintendo had less than a quarter the production facilities that the have now – even compared to 2008. The Gamecube had terrible sales. It was an amazing system, but it forced The Big N to close and sell manufacturing facilities.

          They had to buy and build new facilities. It was two years before they even HAD facilities to manufacture at a reasonable level. At that point, they could finally afford to scale supply however they wanted.

          If you didn’t understand how the real world worked before, I hope you do know or strive to learn.

          • Poncho

            Don’t patronize me. Also, saying “Nintendo had less than a quarter the production facilities that *they have now” isn’t as big of a statement as you think. Right now, they are loaded. Coming off the success of the Wii and DS, of course they’re going to have had less facilities back then. Way less. Once the Wii started raking in the dough, yeah, they bought more facilities. But you seem to be missing my point: I’m not saying Nintendo purposely held back supply. They just let the planned numbers ship for a while. It’s not such a bad thing; sure, it’s kind of crappy for us to wait a bit, but it’s a good business tactic. I don’t see why you’re getting all hot and bothered over it. It’s not like people are saying Nintendo is the devil.

          • Draco Breach

            You proved my point and disqualified your own original statement while attempting to defend it. I can’t decide if I want to call that an oxymoron or irony. I’m leaning towards the latter.

            “Drive demand by holding back supply,” is a patently false statement.

            You did not explicitly say purpose. You implicitly said purpose. When you say ‘hold back’, you imply Nintendo had a choice. They did not. Hence, patronization.

            Until 2008, there was no way Nintendo could remotely “hold back” supply.

            I never said you implied “Nintendo is the devil” or anything of the sort. I am pointing out the complete absurdity of your original statement. It is a falsehood. It is a lie. It is quite simply impossible following the abysmal sales numbers and profits of the GameCube.

            You said it was an awesome machine. I agree. However, even the Xbox outsold it worldwide 24.65 million units in five years to the GameCube’s 21.74 million units in 6 years. It wasn’t even close to the 153.68 million units the PS2 moved.

            During the sixth generation of video game consoles, Nintendo was only afloat thanks to the spectacular GBA. I’d through in the DS which launched in 2005, but it suffered a rather lackluster first year. Nintendo was looking to save a proverbial sinking ship. They pinned their hopes on the Wii and DS.

            [I remember my own anticipation and hopes as I watched the roll out. I didn’t want a failure, and I understood all to well the precarious perch they found themselves on.]

            I followed sales and manufacturing – almost desperately. I wrote articles for other game sites prior to and following the Wii release. Production ramped up from an initial 0.2 units per month in November and December 2006 to 1.2 million units by November 2008. They maybe had 800,000 units at worldwide launch, and only because they shut down GameCube production – period, full stop – for months.

            They are sitting on heaps of money because of the Wii [and DS], not prior to.

            In short, Nintendo could in no way prevent the short supplies of the Wii.

            The Wii U is in a very different boat. Nintendo can now “Drive demand by holding back supply,” but I don’t think they will. They are already preparing facilities to maintain production around at least 1.2 million Wii U units per month. They should be able to peak around 1.8 to 2.2 million in short order.

            Now the question is, “Will they?”

            At this point, I can cede your point. It could be a smart business move. With the money and facilities they have now however, it could also blow up spectacularly in their faces.

            I think it’s optimistic to aim for peak production as worldwide demand. 1.2 million units per month seems like a good start.

          • Poncho

            I did not disqualify my original statement. I expanded on it because I originally didn’t want to write a wall of text explaining my thoughts. What was the point, I thought? Surely people would just assume it was an opinion and move one? Regardless, I feel it would be best to agree to disagree on this matter. You’re not going to convince me of anything, nor I you, which was not my intention in the first place. I could have worded my original comment better, but I don’t care. I agree though that if they attempted it, it could backfire. Only time will tell.

          • Draco Breach

            I realize it’s been a while, but I got busy. In either case, you did disqualify your original statement. “Drive demand by holding back supply” and “I’m not saying Nintendo purposely held back supply” are mutually exclusive statements. The former implies intent, and the latter attempts to walk back. It’s an attempt at correcting a patently incorrect statement.

            In short, you said so yourself. Nintendo did not “Drive demand by holding back supply”.

  • Joswag (3ds fc: 0216-1072-9703)

    In your face patcher the wii u is already sold out!!! (People with 3ds add me 🙂 )

    • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

      Roger that 🙂

    • Nintendo fan

      Some times I wish I had a 3ds but hey at least I pre-order the wii u before it sold out

    • Kybalion


      • Joswag (3ds fc: 0216-1072-9703)

        What is your fc?

  • Nintedward

    Cannot wait for wiiu ^_^ ! . global supply seems up to scratch.

    Sorry for asking for loads of 3ds friend codes btw , I already have a ton but It’s nice to have people from across the world who you can pwn on MK7 aswell , lol.

    You will just see me jump into your game , Nintedward right on that list . It’s at this moment when you need to find a blue shell and quickly !!

    Cus I’m always first 😉 . unless somebody blueshells me ofcourse 🙁

    • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

      You cant own me, im the best mario kart noob

      • Troll patrol.

        wait until I catch you online macarony !! *shakes fists* XD .

        No one should ever be under estimated on MK7 , some of those players are like super duper hardcore. I’m awesome but sometimes there’s nothing you can do !

        • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

          See you on the tracks sir

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    I think you need to change the title. It’s not solely Pachter related, and the name of other people come out as well, being more reliable source.

    But yeah, i’m worried that there might not be enough consoles for everyone, but it’s Nintendo we’re talking about. Maybe that’s why they haven’t released more consoles for the pre orders, so they could keep up the manufacturing for holidays.

  • snestendo

    Patcher is one messed up troll. He practically trolls himself. He went from hating it to being in love with it.

  • Tbone

    this guy hates and bashes wii u over a year then we he sees he is wrong about nintendo failing he hopes on its side? Thats a FAIL 2 me!
    3ds fc 3952 7737 3696 mine
    1590 5553 9106 brothers add us thanks

    • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

      Will do 🙂

    • SteampunkJedi (FC: 5284-2360-9145)

      Friend me! 😀

  • Klesto92

    I don’t know if this is good or bad, but we should really stop listening to what Pachter says.

  • Nko Sekirei

    i dont know if hes telling the truth or pulling a fast one on us but we know nintendo will bring more wii u s for launch day for people who havent preorder theirs.Also to note dont be an @$$ patcher

  • Kahhhhyle

    Ok can we give it a rest with Pachter? Every other article has his name in it, is anybody as sick of seeing his name a I am?

    • Cheezr

      too late, the wiiudaily staff know that pachter is good for many many page clicks so they ‘feature’ him.
      Nature of the beast!

      • Kahhhhyle

        Well if we stop clicking on the articles with his name on them maybe they get the picture? Let’s do that lol… Then again maybe he’s good for slow news days. Keeps up traffic through the site

  • A Wii U 4 U

    You can’t Patcher without hater.

    But I for one am shocked by all the Patcher hate right now. We are Nintendo fans, we should be better than the more intolerant and vindictive sony and microsoft ones. Why don’t we accept and like the fact that one of the leading sceptics believes in the Wii U gor a chance.

    Long live Ninty. Nintendo banzaiii!!

  • joesatmoes

    You know, now that Pachter is using his brains (yes he apparently does have them- its just that he doen’t use them much). He is finally using common sense in his analytical stuff. in fact, I’m not even gonna call him all those names i want to…of course, i will go full force when he goes back to talking out of his hairy old ass.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Finally a company with some damn sense, I mean how is selling out of pre orders a bad thing?

  • Xarret

    This Pachter guy is the best analyst ever. He trolls Nintendo day in and day out then everybody pre-orders to the point the Wii U is sold out, then after that he says he’s gonna buy the Wii U just to play Bayonetta 2. Oh Pachter you sure are the best, the best in been wrong but the best nonetheless. The Wii U it’s already a hit 48 days before launch.

  • Twilight Prince

    I have FIVE Wii Us on preorder (i got friends helping me). One is for me and 4 are to sell on ebay. 4 are deluxe and 1 is the basic. Im keeping a deluxe and selling the rest. If anyone wants one (at a mark up) hit me up lol

    • Shane

      Your mother must be proud. I think to make it up to everyone on this site, that you insulted taht doesn’t have a pre-order, you should sell it to them at REGULAR price for coming on a site with people who can’t even get ahold of one. It’s the right thing to do Prince for such an insult. I have mine pre-ordered, and I sure as hell hope people don’t have to “crawl” to people like you to get ahold of one, unless they are rich, but alot of people on this site are kids. Step back Prince of Selfishness. Money isn’t everything you know…

      • Grodus

        Regular price? No, he needs o sell them at $200 basic and deluxe! I have mine pre-ordered, but think of them! THINK OF THEM!

        • Morley94

          The guy is a genius! Yes, he is an asshole for posting that on here in front of all the people who don’t have preorders. But, there are alot of people who would buy that for $500+ and think nothing of it. This guy could make almost $800 like nothing. Tell me you wouldn’t make an investment that has a 100% chance of profiting.

          • Nko Sekirei

            i got a job and this douchebag doesnt he needs to get his lazy @$$ of the dam couch and get a job and make money for a living and not make quick bucks like that and ruin people chance of preordering the wii u

          • Shane

            I don’t have time to be a bitch ass hustler. At least one that makes profit. The only times I try to hustle merchandise is when I realize I don’t need it anymore, or I get it at a low price in the first place and pass it on non-profit. Sure he will get a profit, but what the hell about his four friends? They will literally only make a $115 profit each(at 500 a piece), and that’s only if this guy is going to split the profits between the friends helping him. Thats still quite a bit of money to steal from people that could have paid regular price no thanks to him… You know what, maybe he should donate it to an orphanage, or a childrens’ hospital. What do YOU think “Prince”? You got the guts to donate that Wii U instead of being a selfish hustler bastard? The choice is yours…

        • WII U 4 LIFE

          @GORDUS this is a place where we can voice opinion freely. I’m so sorry for your inability to be able to form coherent words or sentences as you type. Keep trying trooper!

        • WII U 4 LIFE


    • Nko Sekirei

      gtfo u greedy bastard ur just like some sony and mcirosoft gamers who put preorders abunch of delxue edition wii u s and just sell them for a quick buck and their such a disgrace to ps3 and 360 gamers.

    • Madmagican

      …NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! One of those pre-orders could’ve been mine 🙁 …you’re evil

  • Dan


  • SteampunkJedi

    Hmm… This might be my first camp-out on launch day.

  • SteampunkJedi (FC: 5284-2360-9145)

    I shall deploy the armed guardsmen on launch day! 😉

  • Christian

    Hmm. Well, at least Pachter’s not being an a**.

  • Xblade13

    Wii U is so pure it cleansed Pachter!
    I’m so excited for it.
    And I congratulate Pachter on starting to see the truth! Bravo!

    However, if he turns around and trolls the Wii U again, there will be war. Because…

  • Shane

    Pachter just used statistics, so I’m sure his NUMBERS are right. By the way, here in America, they said 1.2 million jobs were lost after 2008. It’s 2012, and jobs supposedly rose 1.4 million. Same thing here. People were raised on statistics so they no nothing else. If EVERYBODY pre-ordered a Wii U, who says EVERYBODY’S going to go pick it up at launch? I pre-ordered by the way, and AM going to go get it at launch, but all anyone knows, people MIGHT NOT GO PICK IT UP LAUNCH even though they pre-ordered it. I’m sure someone will end up in the hospital the day before and not be able to go pick it up, and THEY’LL LOSE THEIR PRE-ORDER. I’m not saying I hope it happens, because I want good for people, but YOU NEVER KNOW. I hope people don’t get shot over it too, like the PS3. There’s no point in that. He didn’t even end up getting his spot in line, because he was in jail for murder.
    Also, someone that might have pre-ordered it MAY GET IT THE 2ND-5TH after launch, because I know Best Buy is holding mine for up to 5 days after launch. I COULD DECIDE TO GO GET IT ON THAT 5TH DAY, because of sudden lack of funds, or not have an opening on my schedule to go get it IMMEDIATLY. I guess is what I’m trying to say is, the statistic aren’t always right(nor good or bad), and I’m sure they’ll do a sell count on day one back at Nintendo HQ. If I go get mine day 2, they won’t count me til next month.
    I don’t have anything against Pachter, and I know he gets paid alot for a reason… right? I don’t know that for sure, but sometimes you just have to trust people.
    Nintendo wasn’t the first company in the game market, but they made the rumble pak, L & R buttons, and was around back in day with Sega, who also supported wireless controllers for their systems. I still like Sega, and wonder what the hell kind of system they would make if they decided to now adays. Think about all those other companies. It would be interesting to see Capcom make a console I know that for sure, because I know they make alot of money too, and people WOULD BUY THEIR CONSOLE. Microsoft and Sony just got too big too ignore another market including games, which is all Nintendo specialized in.

    Thanks Pachter, because I had my own opinion all along, and it was nice hearing yours I guess… but you eill never hear mine unless you go on every video game site, and read what the “little guys” have to say about the exact same industry, and not get paid.

  • Dan

    Thanks shane!! ^^ that was a good read,, im so bored this days,, thank god im not a Sony/Xbox fan boy,,

  • jOHNY

    yeeees… just as planned >:)

  • logan7699

    Truth be told…The 3ds has not a mess up..those that got it at launch (me) when they dropped the price they started the ambassador fans that got the system now get games to make up the launch price….when the Iphone dropped $300 after its launch they got nothing, when they canceled support on the hp tablet and it went to $99 any one who bought it early was out of luck….so the Big N did more than any one else…

  • Melk

    I think Pachter is wrong…
    First of all, if he’s predicting 3.6 million consoles to be sold by then (a little too low imo), 1.5 million consoles for US is way too much.
    First of all, Nintendo products sell MUCH MORE on Japan (pfft) and second of all, pfffft…

    Not to mention Nintendo never “manipulates” data…they didn’t do that with the 3DS.

  • Kris

    Not enough for christmas demand. Oh my.

  • Novum Magus

    I’ll read what he says about the Wii U because I pretty much read everything on it, but I don’t think his opinions are worth anything, to me. He changes his mind so much, or just says comments for both far left and far right for the attention, its pretty much spineless and really annoying.

  • cdude

    I hope theres enough for everyone and stores limit purchases to one per person to make things more difficult for those ebay assholes.

  • Crapcake

    luckily i preordered a deluxe wii u at walmart with a pro controller and nsmbu coming to my house one week after the launch

  • D2K

    I wonder if Pachter’s ‘brain’ will be available in 2013.

    • Shane

      He probably wonders that too. haha. Anyway, I’m still responding to your comments on the eShop article. I though it was interesting…

  • WII U 4 LIFE


  • U Turn

    I live in the UK and beleve me their’s no shortage of consoles I’ve only just pre ordered the zombi u bundle from my local store aparently I was the first to pre order 3 weeks after they announced the release date so their must be plenty to go around I was expecting to be told they were sold out, wierd.