Oct 21st, 2013


Earlier this year we knew Nintendo of Japan was shutting down production of the Wii console, released in 2006. The official website for the company has now confirmed that official distribution in the company by Nintendo has ceased, which means no more consoles will be sold to retailers. Any consoles left in the country will either be secondhand used purchases, or stock not already sold by a retailer.

This is something that has long needed to be done across the rest of the world, especially here in America where we continue to see retailers marking Wii bundles as Wii U bundles and selling them. Retailer and customer confusion is still at an all time high here as we head into the busy holiday season where consumers will be looking to spend big money on gifts for loved ones.

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  • Διονύς84

    The name WiiU and especially the logo with the little U next to a big Wii had got to be the stupidest thing Nintendo has done after the Virtual Boy

    • Wolfgem


      • Daniel Carvalho

        They were right when they decided to keep the Wii brand on the next console. the problem lies on the U. To tell the truth, no one gets that Nintendo wanted to make a reference to the English word ‘we’ on the Wii, so, trying to use the same logic with ‘we and you’ to create the Wii U was pretty stupid. The name is hard to pronounce (it’s actually kinda silly too), and has no impact whatsoever. In comparison to previous generations, where the names were clear to what Nintendo was trying to make people understand (Famicom = Family Computer; Super Famicom = Super Family Computer; Nintendo 64 = 64 bits; Gamecube = the cubic format), it’s too much incompatible to what has done before and their clear message system.

        Also, if you compare with it’s rivals, the name is pretty dumb. Although Sony doesn’t have any creativity (Playstation 2, 3, 4) they are clear on what they want to say: “it’s a next gen console”! Microsoft was more creative with the 360 thing, giving a big impact. I still think the One is going to make lots of mothers buy the original Xbox, though, but it does have a bigger impact than U and carries the message “all in one”, and it’s not that hard to understand once you have it installed on your living room. On Nintendo’s side, we have Wii U, which sounds like you’re trying to imitate an ambulance, is kinda silly to say out loud, and you can’t abbreviate like PS4 or XONE. That name created a lot of confusion among both hardcore and casual players with a reason.

        They could’ve named it Super Wii, which would bring back gamers who left Nintendo after the Super Nintendo/Famicom, since the name brings up that nostalgic feeling, and would make it clear that it’s a next gen console!

        • Revolution5268

          No it has nothing to do with the name the 3ds proves that. The problem is the Wii U has lack of advertisements.

          • fireheartis1

            You are exactly correct my friend. Lack of advertisement except for the internet especially YouTube. Nintendo needs to realize not every single person gets on YouTube. If they had the same aggressive advertisement they had for the Wii on TV and in stores. I just don’t get why they think YouTube is the best way to advertise this amazing console.

          • Let’s call it “Wii Ultra” then to save everyones day.

        • Re4wii2008

          To be honest I think Wii U would be selling more if they changed up the look of the console and showed it off just as much as the The Gamepad like they did for the Wii and Wii-Motes! The way I see it I think mostly hardcore Nintendo fans will know the difference easily but casuals see the Gamepad and are confused (Which is fair if your a parent who is working all the time) But hey I Think Nintendo lucked out this gen because if they make a game that uses all the Power of the Wii U Like Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii It would be nearly impossible to tell the difference between Wii U and PS4 and all the fanboys against Nintendo Can’t hate on the Graphic’s as bad as they did with the Wii and Nintendo’s Budget for the games would be anywhere as near as PS4/Xbox One Titles!

        • fireheartis1

          I actually like the Wii U name. It’s fun to say Wii U Wii U Wii U lol.

    • Nuno

      It might not have been the stupidest thing, but I have to agree that it was a bad move. Even worse than the stupid name “Xbox One”…
      For a console that was released so much earlier than it’s rivals of the next gen, it’s easy to understand how the WiiU could be just an upgraded version of the Wii, like the PS2 Slim or the Xbo360 Lite. It needed better advertisement “HEY! This is NEXT GEN!!” and a better name and logo.

    • tronic307

      I like the “U”. Maybe that should have been the whole logo.

    • Revolution5268

      True but i can say the same thing with Xbox names and PlayStation names as well.

    • the1andonlyIKY

      Maybe they shoulda just named it the Yuu (pronounced “you” of course) :p

  • Toadlord

    Well, lucky that the Wii U is backwards compatible then.

  • While some may view this as a bad thing I think it is is a good thing seeing as the Wii U is the only NextGen system that can still play games and work with the controllers and accessories from the previous generation.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      It’s also a good way to force retailers to highlight the Wii U. Let’s not forget that great part of the reason the Wii U is still struggling is because of the ignorance of those retailers; every time I come here, I see on the comments people complaining about their stores, and how the employees say there’s no difference between the Wii and Wii U.

      Now that Nintendo is halting the production of the Wii, those stores will have to learn what the Wii U is in order to sell it, and they can’t hide it behind the Wii anymore, since it won’t be there. Wii U sales are still low, but raising nonetheless. I expect it to see a significant raise once retailers stop being ignorant regarding the Wii U.

      • I have personally run into situations where the ignorance is based on the personal views and bias towards the platform they most like to play on. Some gamers like to fuel the console war and steer people to purchase based on the sales person’s personal feelings towards one console over another. Heck I was just in Best Buy last Sunday to pick up Skylanders Swap Force for my mom to give as a gift to my nephew and the display at the front of the store had no Wii U versions of the game on display and neither did the shelves back by the games. When I asked a sales person for the Wii U version he walked me back to the display and grabbed the Wii version and said here ya go. I had to get a manager and show them the product SKU looked up from my phone only to find out they Wii U version was still in the back storage unboxed because they thought it was the same as the Wii version.

        • TehPostman

          Oh God, this actually gave me a head ache, ignorance hurts others around you people, i hope you go back to make sure that you set them straight.

          • It was very frustrating. I can almost understand the individual consumer and non-gamer enthusiast not knowing as Nintendo did not do a great job differentiating the console and still needs to step up the promotion a bit but if you work at or manage an electronics store or work in the electronics department of a store you should have some sort of obligation to know the basic information about the products that are being sold..

          • fireheartis1

            I hear you on that on man. I actually went to my associates in my Walmart since I’m over them and asked if they knew the difference between the Wii U and the Wii. Only one didn’t know and she was the one causing the confusion about it when she worked. I had to explain to her that the Wii U is a brand new console from Nintendo, and that the Wii is a SD console and the Wii U is a HD console. After I explained that it was backwards compatible and had a cool touchscreen controller she actually picked one up for herself. LOL she thought it was a $300.00 dollar accessory. It’s a good thing they have a CSM who knows the difference or the confusion would have continued and she would have never bought the system for herself. I swear maybe I should quit Walmart and work for Nintendo in sales haha.

          • Matthew Stapleton

            I’m in Electronics for my Wal-Mart too. My coworkers call me the Nintendo Nerd lol. I’m about the only one who pays attention when the Nintendo Rep shows up at my store. All of the other guys are PlayStation fans and rip on the U. When she retired I SERIOUSLY was going to apply for her job lol. But found out I was too far from the groups or stores she was responsible for. It would be awesome to go to my high school reunion and get asked, so what do you do? And I can say, I work for Nintendo lol.

      • RyuNoHadouken

        its struggling because the games suck…i havent turned on my Wii U in over 3 months

        • Your opinion.. I have not turned on my XB360 since February because I am enjoying the games I have on my Wii U.

          • RyuNoHadouken

            nice try

          • Who’s trying, When I have Wind Waker, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Still finishing Arkham City, tons of eShop and VC games to play and I am getting Arkham Origins on Friday I I think I have plenty to play

          • RyuNoHadouken

            ill get Origins on PS4…i refuse to buy a gimped game…I beat Rayman on PC…i beat Wind Waker over 10 years ago…not interested in VC games I beat when I was a kid and after Trine 2, i dont really see any eShop game worth purchasing

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Actually its not next gen, its current gen. Wii U have been here for a year now.

      • Would you say the same if the XB1 or PS4 released first? NextGen only means the next generation of console meaning the console that comes after the last one. Just because one releases earlier than the other does not mean it is last gen.. If that were the case then the XB360 and the PS3 and Wii are not the same generation either since they all released a year apart.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Yes I would. Nintendo is the first console in this current generation.PS4 and XB1 are not “next gen” anymore, they belong to this current gen too. This generation was started with WiiU. Wii, PS3 and XB360 belongs to the last generation. Is this very difficult to understand?

          I never said WiiU was last gen either, I said it was current gen. And yes, you could call XB1 next gen in the sense that its Microsofts next gen system, but the moment its released its not next gen but belongs to the current gen, together with WiiU and PS4.

          • Well then I misunderstood your statement and for that I apologize. I guess many would still call it NextGen until all the consoles were on the market.

            I hope you can see how your statement was a bit confusing and implied that the Wii U was current gen and XB1 and PS4 were nextgen.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Well, its Sonys and Microsofts next generation systems (as they are not released yet), but they belong to this generation that was started with WiiU. When Wii U was launched it also ended the last current generation (Wii, PS3 and XBox360). Nintendos Next generation system is not released yet, and if it will or when it will its atleast five to six years into the future.

            Last gen: Consoles that belongs to the last generation. That is the seventh generation.
            Current gen: Consoles that belongs to this generation. That is the eight generation.
            Next generation: Consoles that belongs to next generation, they are not here yet. That will be the ninth generation.

            But yes, I see I was misinterpreted.

            “The eighth generation of video game consoles includes Nintendo’s Wii U, released on November 18, 2012, the PlayStation 4, to be released on November 15, 2013,[1] and Microsoft’s Xbox One to be released on November 22, 2013.[2][3] These video game consoles follow the previous seventh generation: Nintendo’s Wii, Sony’s PlayStation 3, and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.”

          • The True Gamer

            I think the confusion comes because Wii U is closer to 7th gen systems than other 8th gen systems in power. The Wii also took Nintendo off many peoples list of systems as it lacked nearly every third party game as it was supposed to be experienced, leading to people to really not care about the Wii u

          • Magnus Eriksson

            If so, it would be more correct to class the Wii with the sixth gen and PS2 with the fifth. But I get your point, although gen is not about level of power as much as next console in a series.

          • The True Gamer

            I just think that the more causal gaming community may not differentiate Wii u from Wii, which is why it’s next gen. People didn’t even know 3ds was next gen until rather recently

  • therealruben1

    this is actually good,as now people wont confuse the wii and the wii u

    • This is an actual problem… I have had people ask me about the new controller for the Wii and actually purchase Wii U games thinking they would work in the Wii. Nintendo did not really do a very good job of differentiating the consoles here and I am sure the name and logo similarity has a lot to do with it.

      • Jon

        That is what you do, look at them and show them this:


        Because if they don’t know by now, they are retarded.

      • Hipster Victor

        You know, in my country most people even some old adults know what a wii u is. Sad thing about america is that most people dont read while they watch. Clearly Nintendo did say that its a New Console before they reveal it.

        • They did but I find that most consumers are stupid meaning they do not research things before they buy especially if it is not something they are interested in or it is not for them. Of course these are usually the same people or parents that let their 8-12 year old play rated M games and play online with no parental supervision or control.

          • The True Gamer

            That’s why Nintendo needs to be as simple as possible to these people, because parents will not understand the difference between the Wii and Wii u for years, and buy their children Wii u games which won’t work.

        • The True Gamer

          Most people won’t know its a new system unless it’s advertised and has an obvious name. PlayStation has the best way to name systems. I don’t think their will be confusion with the Xbox one, just because it is obviously not the Xbox 360

          • Hipster Victor

            Well there will be confusion for xBone but probably not as bad as the wii u have now. Pretty much Sony is in a good spot to avoid confusion

  • Jack5221

    Out with the old, in the new. Got my Wii on the shelf along with all my other consoles. Its never easy retiring one of my consoles, but it eventually has to happen. :’)

  • The Clockwork Being

    The Wii is still selling at a good amount worldwide for a 7 year old console. But this is more a good business decision as it will settle down the confusion. It will also lower the cost for Nintendo as it will bring more power to the Wii U. Good move Nintendo and thank you for the Wii. Still have mine from 7 years ago. Still game on it to this day.

  • Miguel Angel Barrueta Hernánde

    The king has died…. long live the king.

    • Mario

      But a new king is born.

  • Ony

    Now, I want the Wii U logo to replace the WIi one EVERYWHERE.
    (With a little sticker explaining it’s a new console)

  • Dominicruz

    This is the best thing that Nintendo is doing now everybody is going to buy the wii U and is going to stop the confusion

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      It may stop the confusion, but I don’t think it will get people to buy a Wii U. Good selection of games will do that.

      • fireheartis1

        True and those games are coming. Too bad we have to wait until 2014 for some of them though.

      • Dominicruz

        I agree but if they have only one system the parents are going to buy the only nintendo system avaliable

  • ZeldaFanzzzz

    Good move Nintendo of Japan, hope this boost the sales for wii u. Nintendo, we believe in you!!!!

  • Long live the Wii.

    • Mario

      It was a good console. It will be long remembered in the hearts of all Nintendo gamers who had played games in the Wii.

      • The True Gamer

        I think that if it had hd support I would remember it fondly, but I probably won’t look back on it as a great system like the GameCube or the DS

        • Mario

          Still, I did have fun with the Wii.

          • The True Gamer

            So did I. I just wish it was hd output so smash bros and Mario would have that HD look forever.

          • Mario

            They were still pretty good. HD or not.

  • gamesplayswill

    This might help clear up the whole “Wii is the Wii U” thing. Possibly, I really have no idea.

  • Brandon Gardner

    This is actually great news…. No more confusion for people in retails on the Wii and Wii U…. I think this will actually help Nintendo

  • Lusunup

    You did your job wii but alas it’s wii u time to shine

  • tronic307

    I’m now going to buy every Gamecube compatible Wii I can find.

  • tom

    Great! Perhaps this will limit some of the confusion.

  • starwars360

    Let hope it is help Wii U sales. 🙂

  • Veries Seals

    GOOD! It is about time! I have always thought Nintendo so get rid of the Wii because it was socking up Wii U sales and spot light. This is a great move and now they can concentrate on selling the Wii U and not competing with the confusion of the Wii. It not like the Wii U cant play Wii games, so Wii games can still sale.

  • Truthteller

    It is too late for this ti help the Wii U. If you thought that there was confusion over the Wii and Wii U, imagine when people here this news ans see a Wii U and think: “I don’t want to buy that – they just discontinued it!” That will hurt the Wii U even more. Nintendo has to admit that they just messed up on the Wii U and let it go, then try once more.

    • Revolution5268

      Yeah and the 3ds dies after 2011 for the same reason its name.(sarcasm) Dude take a seat.

      • Truthteller

        The 3DS is not a home console. You cannot use one item’s success to predict another, totally different platform’s failure turnaround.

      • The True Gamer

        3ds was at least a good name

    • X3Charlie

      If they let it go, that would destroy consumer confidence. The price cuts with the Wii U and 3DS now have people thinking they rather wait for the price cut 6 months after release. It’d be the biggest slap in the face to the millions that own a Wii U.

      • Truthteller

        Sometimes smart business decisions must be made.

    • fireheartis1

      Why hello there Ignoranceteller. There is only one thing that will help after the discontinuation of the Wii. Advertisement of the Wii U. Heck I can see a new advertisement now. Picture the Wii looking old and crusty and handing over the kingdom of sorts to it’s son the Wii U. Advertise this all over TV, in stores, and on the internet. That would save the Wii U my friend. Letting people know there is a major difference. That’s Nintendo’s main mistake with the Wii U. They haven’t advertised it well at all, not even at launch of the Wii U. There were like 6 commercials for it and after about a month they stopped showing them. This was ignorance on Nintendo’s part I admit, but too think Nintendo can’t save the Wii U at all is also ignorance.

  • Wiiluigi

    There’s still gonna be a ton of used wii consoles and wii games out there. People are going to ask why they cant buy it new anymore. Now this is where retailers need to adress that wii and wii u are two separate game systems and backwards compatible. But since most retailers are in the dark like the general public, nintendo is gonna have to educate these retailers somehow. Aye what a headache. But this is good. I wish nintendo could magically rename the wii u.

    • Revolution5268

      Its way too late dude, after e3 2011 it became official same with wii in 2006.

      • Wiiluigi

        *sigh* yea you’re right. I can only dream.

        • fireheartis1

          Come on man the Wii U is a great name. Say it with me Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U. See it’s coming for ya lol.

      • The True Gamer

        They could announce a slim version, like ps3 slim or Xbox 360 s. They could call it Wii 2 and drop manditory gamepad. I’m sure some people enjoy the gamepad, but for me it’s unnecessary and expensive

  • bizzy gie

    Make room for Wii U.

  • SleepySkullhead

    Now to put the entire virtual console on the Wii onto the Wii U eshop

  • Madmagican

    Well that only took a year…

  • Revolution5268

    Anyone know how long the GameCube lasted when the Wii came out?

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      About a year I believe or possibly less. Last game I remember releasing on it was Madden 07

  • Josiah Parsons

    This should really help with retail confusion and wii u sales!

  • Mario

    It was a about time! Had a enough of this confusion.

    • The True Gamer

      I don’t think that will erase the publics confusion to the Wii and Wii u. The device either needs a name change or more advertising to do that

      • Mario

        Probably a more advertising.

        • The True Gamer

          I want a rename to Wii 2. It’s simple, and actually possible now that the 2DS released, since the name differs from 3DS. I just think the Wii u name seems like a childs toy instead of the eighth gen system it is,

          • Mario


  • Daniel Gonzalez

    They should do the same in in all regions and concentrate just on Wii U. Perhaps it will help with some confusion. Despite that, Nintendo needs to get out there and advertise to rid people of thinking the Wii U is just another Wii.

  • Mr. Berzerk

    I have this crazy theory that retailers are deliberatly mis-leading ‘lieing’ to customers about what the wii and wii u are in order to clear their stock. It an’t rocket science and any one can see they are not the same. Any retailer that ‘confuses’ them are crooks.
    Calling a Wii bundle a Wii U bundle is clearly an advertising lie. Its been a year. They have Zero excuse.

  • I said before that they needed to drop the basic model, and the original Wii. I’m glad they’re getting around to discontinuing the Wii. This should definitely force Wii U sales, because the Wii should not be outselling it’s successor.

  • tronic307

    While you’re at it, Nintendo, 86 the Wii mini.

  • Rinslowe

    This should be a good thing.

  • IcyCatt

    Remember the Wii commercials back in 06-07? The “Wii play, do you?” Wii U seriously needs some advertisement and that’d be great!

    • fireheartis1

      That’s what I’ve been saying all along man. The advertised the heck out of the Wii and made the average consumer want it. If they did the same for Wii U starting at least next month Wii U sale would pick up. The main thing Nintendo is messing up on is advertising their new system. It’s ignorance for sure on their part. Not sure why but they messed up on that for sure.

    • The True Gamer

      It could be “Wii play, do u?”

  • Gregg

    It’s had an amazing run, and brought so many new gamers to our world. I’ll enjoy my 4 Wii systems, for many years to come, but, it’s time for the WiiU to pick up the torch, and run with it.

  • Martijn Plasmans

    Great news! Out with the old and 100% in with the new!

  • Anyone not having Wii U yet, time to buy it & stop whining in the forums.

    • The True Gamer

      I ain’t buying a Wii u until its $149

  • Samuel Ortiz

    Its been fun Wii but its time to move on. Why hello WIi U nice to meet you.

  • Noel Canales


  • Noel Canales


  • Noel Canales

    I live nintendo

  • Noel Canales


  • demann78

    now they can focus on wii u

  • Jeovany

    Anyone remember when Nintendo said they would support the wii for years to come and they weren’t going to abandoned the wii.

  • Saikyo

    isnt ps2 still on store shelves,
    with wii u being backwards compatible i guess its not too big a deal, maybe removing the vanilla wii as an option will give wii u more of a chance