Jul 7th, 2014


Now that Mario Kart 8 has been available for a little over a month, you’ve no doubt got your favorite characters, karts, and attachments unlocked by finishing those cups. If you enjoy playing online, tailoring your kart to the play style that suits you best means the difference between coming in 1st and 2nd. If you’re a speed freak you’ll probably want to customize your kart around a larger karter. Either way, reading the wiki with all the changes concerning karts and their parts is a bit of a hassle.

That’s where this new tool comes in. It’s put together by redditor frivolousTimeWaster and it’s designed to help you find the kart combination that offers you the best performance based on the stats you want to round out. The downside of the tool is that it’s organized by weight class instead of individual characters, so for example if you want to play Yoshi, you’ll need to look at the stats provided under Daisy to see what best benefits you as a Yoshi racer.

It’s still a work in progress and if you have comments, you can leave them here. What do you think of this tool? Try using it to tailor your racing experience and let us know how it works for you!

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  • tux_peng

    Cool, I’ll have to check it out

    BTW– First comment!

    • Mike

      Blue Shell.

  • old_skool

    Lets see it running four player split screen, it will look like sh*t. To clarify, its Mario Kart 8 that has been hacked NOT the Wii U.

    • …wrong article?

    • Keith

      1st, your a moron old skool. And 2nd, a hacked Mario Kart 8 can still crash or even damage a Wii U!!

  • Fred

    I usually play as Mario, but according to this tool I should be using either DK or Bowser

    • pacheco90

      are you aiming for speed? because in that case, this is correct.

      • Keith

        I gotta ask….where do you guy’s get that certain characters are faster than others or even certain karts/wheels are faster than others?? And why are those certain characters faster than other’s?? Just wondering 🙂

        • Michael Ocampo

          When you’re selecting your car (at least in MK7), stats are shown on the side and the change depending on the car parts you use and the character you use.

          • chocodino

            on MK8 you have to press the + button for them to show

        • Sdudyoy

          There are weight classes, IGN has a guide to it, smaller characters are slower but have better handling, while it’s the opposite for larger characters.


        • iamserious

          press the “+” button on your Wii Mote during character select to show stats for character/kart/glider. If you know that then I don’t really understand your question.

      • Fred

        I want High speed yes, but also high acceleration. (I know getting the one kills the other that’s why I assumed medium sized guy) I don’t care about traction or handling I want speed and acceleration

    • great deku tree

      bowser, wario and the big koopaling with the star scar (forget his name but I think it’s morton) are the fastest of the heavyweights. the others such as DK and waluigi have slightly less speed but slightly more acceleration and control. if I’m going for timed trials then I go bowser or wario but for races I like to use DK more because of that slight boost in control and acceleration.

      • Fred

        Thanks I may just try out DK tonight. I like having a high top speed, but I need some acceleration so that when I get hit with blue shells I still stand a chance

  • Sdudyoy

    Well, I haven’t been playing this game long, but I pretty much have the customization down due to MK7, but this could help.

  • GuillermoMMonroe

    The downside of the tool is that it’s organized by weight class instead of individual characters, so for example if you want to play Yoshi, you’ll need to look at the stats provided under Daisy to see what best benefits you as a Yoshi racer. http://num.to/264-974-592-824

  • Daniel Carvalho

    It`s nice seeing the initiative, but it’ll need a lot more work. Good luck n making that a fully intuitive program. I’m sure it’ll make success later on!

    For now, it needs images!

  • Kirbyomega


    • Keith

      Patience is a virtue my friend….

      • Kirbyomega

        I’m not very virtuous ;u;

    • Keith

      Or, go to ypur nearest Kmart & pick one up for $49.99. Digital isn’t always better 😉

      • Kirbyomega

        I like digital copies better but I’m aty grandmas and she doesn’t live in a country where games are sold cheap. Not even sure Mario kart is for sale here

      • Razo_E

        Nah, I got a 2 TB hard drive for a reason. No boxes to store, no discs to scratch, I can immediately switch between games, and my HD matches my Wii U. Not to mention I’ve had mine since day 1, so I’ve made a bunch through the deluxe digital promotion (which sadly ends later this year).

    • kopaka7

      Well, you’d have to wait a long time for the download to complete anyways.

      • Kirbyomega

        Yeah but I’d at least have started by now

      • Rinslowe

        Mario Kart doesn’t take so long. It’s only 4.6GB… Or thereabouts… From memory.

        Deus Ex was a long wait….

  • Rinslowe

    I go with my own Mii most itmes, tricked out with a Gold Kart – Gold Wheels – Gold Glider.
    It’s not the fastest or the best in handling. But I finish in the top 4 more often than not…

  • Hugh Quinn

    I’m hoping to get MK8 this Thursday depending if Germany and Argentina get to the World Cup Final.