Jan 17th, 2013

Here at Wii U Daily we’ve shown you various accessories that are available for your Wii U, but none of them have been official Nintendo licensed products. Nintendo is finally releasing a Wii U GamePad accessory set on February 4th, available for $12.99. The package includes a screen protector, cleaning cloth, and an extra large stylus similar to what’s available in the DSi XL. If you haven’t already picked up a screen protector for your GamePad, then this package is definitely for you.

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  • AKT4

    Don’t know about America but at least in Europe this was available in stores in Wii U’s launch day.

    Works quite well for me.

  • I have one of those already. It’s available on Europe since day one.

    • Yep, just launching here in the US. Also, Hey. 🙂

      • Hi =)
        eheh so you are that Ashley? What a coincidence. Anyway I can say that the stylus is better that the bundled one. The screen protector is easy to apply, gets the job done 🙂

  • GeDDeN

    Umm how about a better battery…

    • Nyko is releasing a bigger battery pack for the GamePad if you want better battery life. Don’t expect anything like that from Nintendo because that’s officially a statement that the battery life is crap on their product.

      • Mickey Mouse

        Actually the reason Nintnedo don’t bring out a better battery is because higher capacity batteries don’t have as long a lifespan as lower capacity ones. Nintendo always go for the longer lifespan option.

  • james33411

    Do you think in a few months this might be a free inclusion for customers buying a new Wii U console? Kind of like how the Wii Motion Plus was a separate accessory, but later included with new consoles.

    • AKT4

      I don’t really see that happening with this one, but it’s possible of course.

  • Immallama22

    Things I need for my Wii U:

    Moar games
    Wiimote plus (a few)
    This accessory set 
    Pro Controller
    Nyko battery pak 😛

  • Paul Tanner

    yeah this has already been released in the uk 

  • nicolascy32

    How about a factory gamepad with analog shoulder buttons and a better battery Nintendo ?