Sep 29th, 2017

The SNES Classic launched today and it’s already sold out at many stores and online. That’s despite Nintendo vastly increasing the supply of the console.

Stores started receiving their SNES Classic consoles last week, and Target was rumored to have at least 20 consoles per store, which is about 19 more units than the NES Classic.

We checked with a local Target, Best Buy, and GameStop, and all had sold out of the console today. GameStop, Amazon, and other online retailers have sold out online as well.

Which isn’t surprising — despite the increased supply, there are going to be a lot of hardcore fans getting the console on day one. As demand stabilizes over the next week or so, there should (hopefully) be a steady supply of consoles for everyone.

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But we don’t know for sure because Nintendo didn’t go into details on how many units they were shipping.

What we do know is that scalpers are already selling SNES Classic consoles on eBay. Prices right now are an average $150 per console, almost twice the MSRP.

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