Aug 5th, 2015


Oddworld: New n’ Tasty has been out on PlayStation platforms since last year, but we’ve still yet to see the Wii U version. This has led many to wonder if the game is still coming, but Just Add Water assures us that it is. GoNintendo has obtained a series of screenshots from the Wii U version showcasing some of the work that’s been done already. So what’s taking so long?

Series creator Lorne Lanning has stated that his team has had trouble condensing the game into the 8GB file size necessary to make sure the game is playable on any Wii U. They want gamers to have the option of downloading it and playing it without requiring external storage space. That’s been the ongoing issue for the game since October of last year, so it’s nice to see some progress being made.

Are you still eagerly awaiting the release of New n’ Tasty on the Wii U?

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