Nov 29th, 2012

Game accessory maker Nyko just sent out word that thy’re working on a battery extender accessory for the new Wii U GamePad controller. The extender will add more juice to the GamePad by providing a larger battery. The new battery will double the play-time of the original GamePad battery.

The GamePad has been well-received among gamers, but one complaint has been the battery life. Heavy usage of the controller drains the battery in just 2 hours according to some reports, while it’s officially rated at 3-4 hours of play time. Of course, you can just plug it in and play while it charges.

Nyko’s new GamePad battery accessory is dubbed “U Boost”, and is already listed on Amazon in the UK for £20, which translates to about $32. What’s your take on the GamePad battery? Do you find it annoying to have to charge after nearly every game session? Let us know in the comments section.

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Nyko Wii U

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  • I’ve actually not found it too much of a hassle, when I see the controller dying, I just plug the charge cord into the top and keep playing,then when its fully charged, unplug it. 

    At night when I go to sleep, I put it on its charging stand while I sleep and repeat the process lol

    • Mike Fraser

       That’s exactly what I do too.  I don’t have a problem with the battery life of the gamepad.  When the light comes on I plug into the wall plug next to the sofa and keep playing.  That extended looks a little awkward.

      • Yeah i don’t have much a problem with that, but the info is wrong though its actually 3-5 hours of gameplay with the gamepad depending on the brightness you set it at.

    • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

      This! The pro controller lasts for 80 hours anyway lol. That more than makes up for it.

  • TheDetonator

    that looks terrible to hold.

    • AkaLink77

       Yah it looks kinda chunky…. but i dont think it will bother the holding position.

      • CharmanderRulz

        I think it looks AWESOME like an old Nintendo game and it’s got “POWER” on the back like Nintendo power and all the “playing with power” adds but thats just me.

      • That’s what she said.


    • wiiudaily

      …And then you can finally turn off your CAPS lock.

      • Robert14789
        • Michael Mullins

          And this is relevant to the article how?

          • Michael Jurado

            It’s not relevant at all he is just mad that nintendos new system can run all of last gen games with ease upon it’s release date this is something that took his favorite console 5 years to pull off despite what his opinion is the wii u is an amazing machine that developers still need to get the hang of so stay true nintendo fans remember it’s not about specs or graphics it’s about fun!!!

        •  Robert stop trying to get people to read this terrible news piece

        • Vakua Dorn

          This was extremely ill-informed.

          Though I did notice a little bit of lag transferring t reverse-compatibility….
          Everything else runs perfectly. and the xbox has to load for 3-5 minutes between levels in a game! the wii u only takes like 5 seconds.

        • JVAN

           So this is A) Irrelevant to this article, and B) has already been seen. Why are you posting irrelevant old news?

          Hey, guess what Robert!? There are TWO version of the Wii U console! Isn’t THAT Exciting? I’ll post links so you can see what I’m talking about! Wait, isn’t that old irrelevant news as well? Why are you being pointless?

  • Leeroy

    Yea, now I’m gonna play forever!

  • D2K

    I don’t know if I would want that ugly thing hanging out the back.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    those who are commenting on the awkward look of it: you do realize thats a kick-stand on the back of the battery, right?

  • Nintendude

    I hope it doesn’t bother with how you hold the Gamepad… if it doesn’t then I may get it.

  • Max_Lazy_10

    Seems promising.

  • Bananapwnz

    Oh good, I’m glad they are coming up with this thing, the only complaint i have with the Wii u game pad is the battery life, and i don’t think its going to affect game play all that much, sure it does look pretty bulky but it’s positioned on the very back so it wont bother holding position, but the only question is, how much does it weigh?    

  • uPadWatcher

    Now U are playing with power!!!!

  • PKUltima

    Well I tend not to trust 3rd party hardware manufacturers, my Nyko PS3 controller stopped working after a month and don’t get me started on how terrible MadCatz is…

  • Fenberry24

    Hurrah!! After a monster wait I’ve finally got my wii u along with new super Mario bros zombie u and scribblenauts. Downloading the update now.

    1 thing I noticed about third party gear, got a Hive brand rubber grip for the wii u but also some screen protectors. The gamepad doesn’t recognize any touch screen input using this screen protector. Might be because its rather thick for a plastic protector. Anyway cya on miiverse!!

  • Vakua Dorn

    seems kind of bulky….
    what do you think, little orc?
    -Treebeard’s new account

  • Only 2 hours? Damn, are people playing with the gamepad brightness and volume all the way up?

  • Well, I have the Deluxe Set, so I have my charger always plugged into the charging cradle, so it would be annoying to constantly have to unplug it, plug it back in, and so on. But i don’t think the gamepad would still fit in the cradle if I got this, so I think I might skip out on this, but it is a good idea for those without a charging cradle, or for people who don’t use their’s!

  • I’m not really interested in products developed by “Nyko” or any other third party for that matter. It makes sense to me that such an awesome device like the Wii U game pad would use so much power. It doesn’t bother me at all…at least not enough to attach a giant off-brand BOAT to my controller.

  • Not a bad idea, but I think they should improve the appearance a little, but you know what they say “Never judge a book by it’s cover

  • I’m not really interested in products developed by “Nyko” or any other third party for that matter. It makes sense to me that such an awesome device like the Wii U game pad would use so much power. It doesn’t bother me at all…at least not enough to attach a giant off-brand BOAT to my controller.

    • Threinfhir

      My sentiments exactly.

    • Stop kissing ass – you are already getting paid!

  • AlienFanatic

    I think I’ll wait for the inevitable replacement battery that goes INSIDE the Gamepad.  This thing looks cumbersome and heavy.   Also, I fully believe that Nintendo can greatly extend the battery life on the Gamepad with software updates, allowing the Gamepad to hibernate quickly when not in use, auto-dimming the screen in bright light (I mean the thing has a camera, so can’t it tell if the room is bright?), etc.  Nintendo just needs to get smart about it and they can do a lot of tweaking to make the Gamepad more effective.

  • Genesect4ssb4

    Cool! Nyko is a good company. BLESS 3RD PARTY COMPANIES!

  • I haven’t had any issues honestly. But then again, I’m older now and don’t have the time to sit around and play games for hours upon hours. I really am happy that Nintendo gave the thing its own cord and power upply to charge though. It just sits on its stand right next to my couch and charges when not in use and then if I need to plug it in then it isn’t a hassle since I don’t have any kind of cord in the middle of the room, instead it just comes out from right next to my couch.

  • Yodamingus

    Can’t see the story in my I phone. It’s all covered up

  • Nintendofreak

    me forgot my laptop charger…y u no remeber? 🙁  ………………………………………………………………………………………………….guess d pad boost could work but it never beats having d charger next to u

  • Clem

    Hey, WiiU Daily! Your “reviews” page still says “Coming November 2012”. That makes today your last day to get it up. You’ve already written a few reviews so why the empty page?

  • sddude

    i cant read any articles as they have a white box in front of the text!!! what should i do???

  • Sidney Majurie

    I love you Nyko. You did the same for my 3DS and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

  • Hououin Kyouma

    I don’t even see the purpose of this. You can’t play very far from the console/an outlet anyways.

  • Erwin

    I don’t mind either, and nintendo when you start selling those separate gamepads make sure to update that battery….

  • I see the need for a better battery life on some games but i do wish nintendo would make all there games pro controller friendly 

  • Yerted

    most of the time i keep my gamepad on a charging cable on play. And i dont see any hassle about it

  • i like a bigger battery but if it looks like that no think you that thing looks heavy

  • ipaxton

    Can’t trust Nyko products I have never had any luck with there crap.

  • xXTrollioXx

    looks comfortable

  • devmiles

    totally effin’ useless and money making company behaviour! nintendo should have worked on a decent battery life in the first place… now we have to buy all kinds of shit? a wallmarket tablet lasts longer than the wii-u gamepad.. for gods sake