Aug 11th, 2017

Nvidia is one of the main components makers for the Nintendo Switch, making the CPU/GPU chip in the console. They’ve praised Nintendo in the past, and the praise isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Speaking to investors today, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang praised Nintendo as “innovators” and “risk takers”, and said what we all know: the Switch is doing really well in the marketplace.

Here’s what he had to say:

“The Tegra business consists of basically three parts at the moment. One major component of it is the Nintendo Switch gaming console, and it’s just doing incredibly well. I’m so happy for Nintendo because they’re risk takers. They’re innovators. They’re not influenced by what other people do, and they’re original thinkers. And I just love the way they invented the Switch and the way they’ve taken it to market. I’m so happy for them. And it’s doing really well.”

Huang also praised the Switch during the last earnings call three months ago, where he said the Switch was an incredible console.

But it’s no surprise they are praising Nintendo and the Switch, after all, it’s big business for Nvidia, who expects to make $400 million this year alone on selling components for the Switch.

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