Apr 28th, 2017

TumbleSeed, is out next Tuesday which means we’re streaming it today! For the next 30 minutes, watch as we struggle to get past enemies and balance our hearts and crystals so we don’t get a game over.

TumbleSeed puts you in the “shoes” of a seed whose mission is to roll up a mountain to…save its people? I’m lapsing on story details, but for a game like this, it’s not all that important. All you need to know is that TumbleSeed is a roguelike with three sections. The template of each section is the same during each run, but the layout and hole placement keeps changing. We’re finding this one to be great for short play sessions, like when you’re on the bus or in the car for a short ride to the store.

Today, we’ll be going through TumbleSeed’s Adventure mode for most of our stream, but we’ll end things with the Daily Challenge. Unlike most games, you don’t have time to practice the Daily Challenge; it’s a one-and-done scenario. Yeah, we’re pretty nervous.

TumbleSeed launches on the Switch eShop next Tuesday for $14.99.

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