Jul 15th, 2012 publishUpdated   Jul 22nd, 2012, 9:30 pm

Wii U release date novemberMost of us are expecting the Wii U release date to happen sometime in November. SEGA just issued a press release confirming just that: its Sonic & All-Stars Racing game is scheduled for release this November on the Wii U and other platforms. While Nintendo has yet to officially reveal a Wii U release date, it’s been rumored many times that November is the magic month. Both the Wii and GameCube were released in the month of November, and so were many other major consoles from Sony and Microsoft. November is usually the biggest month in gaming, where many anticipated titles are released. So far the list of SEGA Wii U games includes only two titles: Sonic & All-Stars Racing, and Aliens Colonial Marines. The latter has been delayed until February 2013. SEGA is also rumored to be working on Football Manager 13 and a sequel to Conduit for the Wii U.

Our sources told us earlier this year that Nintendo has pegged the Wii U release date at November 18, 2012.

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  • Tizastatico

    I wonder how many games are going to be launch-ready.

    It has been more than 18 months to be prepared :S

    • Aka-Link77

      I wont be suprized if its November (that seems like a great month) and Nintendo is gunna give us the real date in a few weeks/months anyway. 😀

  • TheBoldman67

    Old story, CONDUIT 3 FTW, and first 🙂

    • AwayToHit

      *throws blue shell* oh nvm… you’re not even first -_-‘

    • TheBoldman67

      Sorry guys, his comment wasn’t there when I posted.

      • Madara

        That is because all comments have to undergo moderation.

  • joe

    Have Sega hint that they are making Shenmue, then we’ll talk.
    While we’re at it, how about an updated version of Fatasy Zone, and how’s this…a rocking verison of Phantasy Star 1.
    oh yah.

    • Alienfish

      Holy crap I totally second a Fantasy Zone remake. That game is so cool!

    • yannis

      i’ve been waiting for shenmue 3 from 2001!!

      • joe

        Yannis, You and me both. When I played that on the Dreamcast, I was so pumped. I really think the Wii U would be an awesome place to put the game! The Wii U pad could be used for inventory, combat move instructions…all sorts of good stuff…MAYBEE EVEN TOUCH THE PAD to control the on screen movements, remember hitting the right button in the right sequence?

    • Siham

      Right, this is what I think happened. One of the Sega staff mebmers who help run the twitter account (yes I’m aware it’s run by several people) accidently made a typo in a reply, saying the demo would be out on the 18th. One of the writers for the Sega blog saw this and thought that the date had been pushed forward a day, changing the blog post to the 18th. Then the news sites picked up on this change and now we’re in this little mess.Pretty sure this is just a big misunderstanding from a little typo. Best just to wait until tomorrow folks. Besides, I’m 99.9% sure PSN only updates on Wednesday’s for Europe.

  • Parker

    A sequel to Conduit sounds good but i also hope High Voltage Software give us The Grinder, we have been waiting that game for a long time.

    • Yosef

      Sonic Rush 3 :l JUST SAYIN SONIC AND BLAZE >=DWith a new mouth watering trfnmaorsation for blaze o;But one note ..if they do decide to .er Make a Silver the Hedgehog game .be careful.Thats kind of a jump start risk .just sayn. I’d just continue having him as an unlockable character in multiplayer or having him in a sonic rivals 3 BAZ-AM :l or fit him in some new gravity game style of sonic riders 3 :l just sayn

  • Slipsevenfold

    I really hope SEGA makes a Sonic Adventure 3 for the Wii U!

    • Megaman

      I hope so too.

  • 3dsguy

    Shenmu loved that as release date would rather october

    • joe

      What are you saying??

      • Alienfish

        Shenmu, loved that. as release date would rather october.

        That was my translation anyway.

  • Shankovich

    What, no one expected a November date??? Considering that’s when the GC, Wii, and DS came out in North America (they were all said to be holiday releases too), I was waiting for this lol.

    And yes Slipsevenfold I have been begging for that game forever, but in the state Sega and the Sonic Team are in right now…..

  • Gamer

    Sega the once great rival to Nintendo, now their other great third party developer. Nintendo should just buy Sega; then the will have Mario for the Christmas period and sonic for the off season. And all other Sega franchises :).

    • Alienfish

      Yes, and then they should combine Mario and Sonic into Sorryo. He’ll always be apologizing for breaking people’s plumbing systems because he was working too fast. Can’t think of a very good basis for gameplay though.

  • Alienfish

    November sounds good to me. As long as the console is ready with a few of these great games we’re hearing about everything should be just fine.

  • Hi8us

    If i can find a black Wii U with ZombiU & Arkham City in november that would complete my year.

  • Draco Breach

    As long as people are throwing out random ( :p ) Sega IPs, let me through out a sequel I’ve been waiting far too long for.

    Eternal Arcadia, also known as Skies of Arcadia stateside.

    You hear me, Sega? I want a return to an amazing IP.

    Though, I certainly don’t mind Sonic, The Conduit, and any of your other great IPs coming full force to the Wii U.

    Oh, and a November release is news? I think a September, October, or December release would be considered news. November’s kinda, well, expected.

  • Paul

    should be around the october – december release date

    theres will be a black and white one on sale

    • Marmor

      There is no reason to release the Wii U in October. There is no competition (no other new hardware this year) so an earlier release would just mean fewer games at launch.

      • gomen A

        It would also equal slightly more sales by the end of the year, and lower chances of shortages. Plus, it’d allow for us to play Zombi U on Halloween!! Come on!

        However, I think it has to do with making things neat for shareholders. They release it in the first week of the last yearly quarter (Nov-Jan) so that the initial sales they announce look most impressive. Releasing just before the start of the last Q, sales would be divided into two numbers, looking less impressive. (shareholders are apparently not smart enough to understand that.)

        • Paul

          they have said it will be released holiday 2012 so january 2013 is ruled out

  • trainerblk

    I allready asumed it would in november so im ok but have your heard patcher attacking the wii u again don’t get me wrong i hate to wish bad thing on others but. He need to lose his job of find another im really geting sick of his assumptions & his negative out look on nintendo.

  • Nintengoth

    Is it november for the UK? and The Conduit 3 eh? sounds fun! i hope theres at least 15-30 games for release. im so hyped for the WiiU i already put up my posters of it lol

  • TheBoldman67

    Come on sega, we Haven’t heard the last of Micheal Ford, but when did you say the 3DS version was releasing again?



  • Sikora

    I can’t believe that we still don’t have the specs.
    I’m really unsure about getting the console because of this. :/

  • GirlGamer

    Oh Man! Its still to far away, just think it’s only August so we’ve got 3 months still left!