Sep 24th, 2012

There were a lot of rumors about the Wii U price. Most people and industry insiders expected a price in the $250 range, but Nintendo has priced the Wii U at $299 and $349. After the announced pricing, analyst Michael Pachter predicted that Nintendo would cut the Wii U price in 2013 as a response to the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

But Nintendo won’t. That’s according to company president Reggie Fils-Aime, who believes that the current $299 entry price offers “great value” to the consumers. In an interview right after the pricing reveal, Fils-Aime told GamesIndsutry that Nintendo doesn’t “believe in pricing a product and then having to reduce the price some short time later”.

Wii U priceOf course, this is exactly what happened with the 3DS in 2011, which received a price cut shortly after release. Fils-Aime acknowledges this and says it was a “very painful proposition for us”. He went on saying that Nintendo feels they have the right pricing structure with the Wii U, which offers consumers great value and makes a profit for Nintendo.

Finally, he mentioned how the Wii stayed at $249 for over three years, and that this is “consistent with our pricing philosophy”. Which means: don’t expect a Wii u price cut for a long time. Regardless of what analysts think.

Ultimately, consumers and the market will decide whether the Wii U price is correct or not. Recently, some analysts have claimed that the Wii U is priced too high for mass market. Clearly, with the 3DS, the price was too high, and Nintendo learned an important lesson. As for the gamers, not many have complained about the price. In fact, the console has sold out of pre-orders almost everywhere, which is a good sign for Nintendo.


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  • JulioHB

    anyone know the price in mexico?

    • Allon

      for every american $1 its 13 pesos.

      • Madmagican

        O.e …that’s like 3900 pesos for the basic unless it’s 300 pesos in which case that’s roughly… $25… huh

        • Captain Potato

          3887 peses for basic…4537 pesos for deluxe mi amigo!

          • Captain Potato

            Pesos…I meant PESOS!

          • Klesto92

            Don’t be so naive, it will cost almost double the price, that was the case with the 3ds, in Mexico it was at like 460 US dollars. Don´t expect the Wii U to be priced the same as in the US, it never is like that.

          • Leeroy

            Thats a lot of fish…

          • TheWholeTruth

            “Won’t drop the price for years”
            That’s bad, that’s really really bad.

            Just look at the Vita compared to the 3DS.

            People couldn’t buy a 3DS because of it’s price until they dropped the price and sold like crazy.

            Vita hasn’t dropped it’s price and it’s struggling to sell.

            Nintendo better have a good console that will last a long while.
            We want to see the specs of the CPU and GPU. (Processor and Graphic Card)

    • BLACK OPS 2?

      it will be 3,000 pesos!

      • Braulio500

        How do you know? =D

      • Nintenlord

        i dont know about exchange but it sounds reasonable

        • Klesto92

          Hahahaha as i already told in a comment above, that will not be the case, i expect it at 6000 pesos (probably a little less). Thats why i always buy my consoles in the US not in Mexico xD.

          • Kav

            Exactly, $6,000, I already commented it, check my comment for more details.
            I bought mine on Mercado Libre at $6,300, but that store is sold out now, you can still find it at $7,500 the deluxe and $5,700 the regular one.


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      [User banned]

      • Ed

        I am sorry, I am too weak to follow ur advice, i have already pre ordered and paid for the system and 3 games. But thanks for trying to save me.


        Dude Go cry somewhere else. No one cares what you think and for your info the vita is a huge fail and sony is going again get your facts right before you comment on here again troll

        • TheBoldman67

          HEY, I have you added on Black Ops for Wii!!!

      • Dr. Device

        Wow, ok because the 3ds has sold approximately 20 million units while the vita has sold how many? Oh yea, 2 million. Whoops there goes your argument.

      • Shankovich

        Your grammar and spelling are atrocious and sad.

        The 3DS lacked games in general at the launch. If they had a better lineup you’d be paying 250$ for the XL right now. This is also the same reason the Vita isn’t selling, plain and simple. The fact that the Wii U is a home console that’s far more powerful than the current generation home consoles and is 50$ more expensive than the vita kills your argument.

        To be honest, I don’t really see you as a troll so much so as a person who can’t think before they speak/ make a sound argument based on facts and not pure steamy bull sh**.

      • CheckItNow12

        Can you just shut up and do your bitching somewhere else?

      • Captain Potato

        Imposter Lucid Turd! Has to be! This guy has no pic, spells bad, and forgot his smh!

      • ZombieGuns

        Your comments always appear to be written by a 7 year old. Why don’t you lay off the internet for a while and pay attention in English class.

      • Ninjafish

        HE GOT BANNED!!!! YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! 😀

        • revolution5268

          wii u daily is safe but not the other blogs that he goes.
          (you guys know which one, as soon as we said the [insert Nintendo blog name] he will go there and bash it like crazy.)

      • NavyBlueYoshi

        (Some will get it)

        • Game Master

          He got banned two, I gess he diden’t learn when he keped on seeing the thumbs down go up.

      • Jeffery02

        Am I the only one that missed what LUCIFER said and are curious?

      • dr scoobie

        he finally got banned.
        why does michael think the next sony and microsoft consoles
        come out next year?

        they havent even been announced yet.
        that guys a dumbass.

        • dr scoobie

          actually know that i think about it hes more of an ass
          than a dumbass

      • MujuraNoKamen

        What is the point? get off this site until you can at least structure an argument properly rather than spouting s**t.

      • ninty1


      • Guhtere

        I never knew that a comment could be downvoted to oblivion.

        • ninty1

          Well it can, so don’t troll!

    • Kav

      $6,000 on sanborns i dont know the prices on other stores, i think its the same one, lo malo es que lo venderán hasta el 25 de diciembre (the bad thing is gonna be out at xmas) y no dicen si es el normal o el deluxe (and it doesnt specify if its the regular one or the deluxe one).

      But you can look for it in Mercado Libre, they do specify if its the regular or the deluxe and will be deliver on November.

      • u mad bro

        HA! Troll Patrol is hilarious. anyways for the hundreth time i can’t wait for the Wii U.

        I don’t know why but did SanPharoh, trainer blk, and Enigmatic…suddenly…disappeared off the face of Wii U Daily?

    • Madmagican

      umm… vita was out before the 3ds wasn’t it?

      • JumpMan

        no it came out a couple months after.

        • JumpMan

          whoops, @ madmagican! i was replying to you!

        • Jeffery02

          No, the Vita came out a few weeks shy of a full year after the 3DS. The 3DS released (in the US) on March 25th 2011 and the Vita released (in the US) February 15th 2012. In japan, even though they launched the same year, the Vita came out a full 10 months after the 3DS.

      • AcesHigh

        Vita came out a long time after 3DS, as Jeffrey02 stated. You might be getting confused with the 3DSXL. That came out a couple months after Vita.

    • Ed

      You can’t save us, Wii are sheep, so let us eat our Nintendo land grass in peace.

      • Bosmur

        Sorry I was meant to thumbs up your comment

    • LazerK

      Trust me,more than you expect
      I posted a while ago on how much I got my DSi for.DSi cost at launch:$170USD,should’ve been around 2060 pesos,got mine at 4000 pesos.I doubt the Wii U will cost under 5000 pesos
      Time to get a job :1

      • ei8bitNinty

        Why is he always hate Nintendo that much? I don’t like Xbox and Microsoft but I don’t usually bashing around and say things so rude… I mean every company has pros and cons, right!? Damn, I think you got psychological issues man!

        • LazerK

          Um,I think you replied to the wrong person dude

    • pach

      Fun fact. I heard some stores in brazil are taking pre-orders for the Wii U. Only 750usd. 6000 pesos does not look that expensive now.

    • ax-el

      IMHO around $6599 and $7699 (or $507/$592 USD), just compare the release price of PS Vita, in USA $249, in Mexico $5499, so $1100 pesos for every $50 USD, “Haz la cuenta”.

    • elbossmx

      We won’t know the price in Mexico untill it gets here. The reason is because from today to November 18th, the USDollar-MexicanPeso exchange rate could change a lot, or nothing at all. For an estimate, with today’s exchange rate USD$350 would be MSC$4725. So expect to pay, at least $6000 pesos for the WiiU, if not more. Videogames are always overpriced in Mexico. I suggest waiting untill around March and travel to the US to get your Wii U, that’s what I’m gonna do.

  • Armani

    Its a great price! dont lower it! keep it that way!! 😀

    • AKA-Link77

      Yah the price is great!
      Plus. . .since Micro. & Sony care too much about power their price will surely be higher.
      “Five Hundred and Ninty Nine US Dollars!”


        I like Nintendo an all…but price cuts aint so bad. But still…im addicted to these shrooms and i just gotta get one right now! 🙂

    • Cugno the Swiss

      You know what this means? I’m talking about the premium pack, because it’s an obvious choice for me, and it costs 349 $. The price will magically be converted into 349 €, which again will be converted into 429 CHF. I won’t buy a gaming console for that price. I would, if I were American, but being Swiss it’s just too much. No gaming for years.

      • Cugno the Swiss

        Using XE (currency converting website) and being one dollar 0.93 Swiss francs, the Wii U will supposedly cost the equivalent of 458.856 $ here in Switzerland, roughly 110 dollars more. The Wii U looks very promising, I like the hardware and the fact that Nintendo bought Project Zero, so they’re likely to make a new one, but as much as I love exploring caves in Zelda, I’m not going to spend all this money on gaming anytime soon, sorry.
        The Wii here launched at 399 francs, which was already too much.

  • Firebro

    Its the perfect price for a new console at launch. I guess near the end of the cycle it will go down to 250$

  • Michael

    $300 – 350 seems like a pretty good price to me. Considering for $50 less you would be able to afford a used Xbox or something, I can’t see where analysts get off thinking that the price is too high.

    • BLACK OPS 2?

      it’s to high for a guy like me that only gets 10 a month! (I’m not an adult)

      • jat

        10$ a month?!?!? Dude you need to start asking for donations!

      • JumpMan

        $10 a month!? gosh, your parents are ripping you off… i get $5 a week if i finish my schoolwork in time every day… of course, that’s only until the Wii U launch… D:

      • Alex

        Just save up for 30 more months!

      • link 5

        Should have started saveing up ur money at the start of the year I am only 14 and I put 100$ of my own money on the wii u and I bought a game

    • nintenfan

      very true. plus, i don’t even now why you would want an xbox, let alone a used one.

      • Cugno the Swiss

        to play multiplatform titles on a cheap console? I have an XBOX360 too, because I wanted to play Portal 2 and Tales of Vesperia, so what?

  • Bobsingh

    Its okay. The price is already affordable.

  • Anubis

    Judging by the sales, they won’t have the ssame problem.

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    • nintenfan

      i am officially taking up the badge of the troll patrol!

    • JumpMan

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      • Nintendonoob

        Im the NintendoNoob and I approve this message. HELL DON’T DOWNVOTE INSULT!!


      what happen to Nintendward……???????????

      • revolution5268

        he is on another nintendo site.

  • Nintendude

    I really don’t see a reason for a price cut next year. So what if the next Xbox or PS4 comes out? If it’s going to be decently more powerful than the Wii U, then it will probably cost a lot of money, which may draw some people away from buying one.

    • Wii u not

      thanks to you guys (pre-order a console that should have been realeased 3 years ago) now nintendo and microsoft,sony going to think they can sell customers half of product because their loyal and still will buy it.


        Goodbye troll

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      I wonder that …l If the next Xbox or PS4 will be like 400$…do they original price (manufacturation) will be like very high…like the PS3? (600$ at launch, 900-1000$ to manufacturate)

    • Kahhhhyle

      They might try to price it more competitively. I doubt they’ll wanna give Nintendo 2 advantages. First out the gate and the cheapest… And with the wii’s brand recognition (good or bad), Sony and Microsoft can’t change too much more, any more then 400$ would be a very bad idea unless they’ve got some amazing tech built in. (not kinect)

  • Carlos Hugo

    I think they should have gone with 250 for the basic package and 300 for the deluxe, I’m starting to see some of the green greed on nintendo strategy market.

    • Nintendo is da best

      i personally like the pricing but the reason its “high” is becuase of how much money nintendo lost with the gamecube

      • Trev

        I dont think nintendo lost money with the game cube. They mske money on each console sold. While they may not have made as much as they would have liked i think they still did ok.

      • revolution5268

        they did not lose money on the gamecube, don’t you remember last year was the first time nintendo took a loss.

    • Bobsingh

      greed? really? they could’ve easily priced it at $400 and $450 or $350 and $400 if they were greedy.

    • Kahhhhyle

      I dunno if it’s greed but I do agree it should nave been a lil cheaper… If not then some more built in memory or a wii mote… SOMETHING!

  • dustin

    There is a real easy way to cut the price $100 for next Christmas. All they have to do is offer a package without the tablet.

    Nintendo can have a real price advantage over the next Microsoft console next fall if they offer a base package that contains just a traditional gamepad as Microsoft’s is expected to. Microsoft could have $100-$150 more invested in graphics and RAM over the WiiU, but could easily be priced the same as Nintendo’s $350 model given that Microsoft doesn’t mandate that gamers can only purchase their new console with the new Kinect or some other new interface.

    • Axe

      Offer a console without a controller? Brilliant. I haven’t heard of a better idea in all my life. Controller’s just get in the way, anyway. Watching the title screen is where it’s at.

      • Ibiexplorer4

        LMAO That’s hilarious!

      • Nintenlord

        he should also remove the power and video cables wile he is at it

    • Grodus

      Lets say the GamePad is, I don’t know, $100. VERY EFFECTIVE. And all that advertisng, and the thing that ITS THE WHOLE PONT OF THE CONSOLE, and that you need it to PLAY, I’d buy that package. Totally. Sorry for all the CAPS.

      • dustin

        1. Why did 11 people take the time to dislike my comment. Lol, what I said was the truth about the pricing. It wasn’t negative.

        2. “Offer a console without a controller?”
        I explicitly stated that the basic ($200) package would come with the traditional (“pro”) controller.

        It’s a $100+ controller for map displays.

        Fact: The traditional controller has the same number of buttons and thumb sticks as the tablet.

        • Shankovich

          You said “Microsoft could have $100-$150 more invested in graphics and RAM over the WiiU”. The 360 or the 720?? I really really hope you mean the 720 lol.

          I think your idea is a good one for a pure hard core gamer who mostly plays shooters and alike, but at the same time it’s kind of risky; I mean, you’re for sure not going to be able to play any 1st party games without the game pad right? And so forth…

        • Jimmeth

          where exactly was it that you said it would come with pro?

          • dustin

            “where exactly was it that you said it would come with pro?”

            The third sentence.
            “a base package that contains just a traditional gamepad”

            “You said “Microsoft could have $100-$150 more invested in graphics and RAM over the WiiU”.”

            That’s the truth– there is no negative spin there. If you find the truth negative; then blame Nintendo for not investing in graphics.

        • revolution5268

          the ipad has one button, just one.

    • Nintenlord

      Hell no i dont want a ps360

    • ei8bitNinty

      If your working at Nintendo as head of the Marketing job…

      President Iwata probably says:
      “WTF! Are you out of mind!? You fired!”

    • Zhenya

      The Wii U has a Tablet?

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Well Done” Nintendo 🙂
    also Nintendo is always smart when it comes to making decisions weather its games or consoles Nintendo alway’s makes a smart move.

    Job well done Nintendo! 😉

  • Nintenlord

    this is new tech and find that is giving more value that the 3ds ,vita,xbox and ps3 did

  • bandit

    I believe Nintendo will be able to hold off price cuts for a few years as with the Wii. Nintendo would have to miss its sales estimates by a significant percentage before considering an early price cut. That said, Nintendo HAS to say it has no plans to drop the price anytime soon.

    • Joeyperez

      i say at least for 2 years.. as it will take a good year and a half for the new players ‘sone,microsoft” to unveil and retail they’re new consoles.. lots of time to make good money for the big N

  • Raul

    350 is perfect! It is such a well priced console for everything that your getting. I don’t understand why all these analysts are whining (attention seekers).

    If it was too expensive, the Wii U wouldn’t have sold out so fast the way it did… Basically, the people have spoken and the people agree: The pricing is affordable and a great value!

    • Kahhhhyle

      Dude they could have charged 1000$ and it still would have sold out

      • revolution5268

        not console, according to history the console with the high price don’t sell well.

        • Kahhhhyle

          They don’t in the long run. But preorders ALWAYS sell out evn if for months after that the units collect dust on the shelves like the ps3 and 3DS did

    • ei8bitNinty

      Wii U Deluxe is a great deal!

  • darks

    depends on price

    • JumpMan

      um… what?

  • Marioracer1st

    I think the price is okay in the uk £329 for the ZombiU Premium Pack plus i plan on getting sonic racing transformed which is about £30 to £40 all together that would cost me £369 on Amazon anyway.
    I think its £350 in gamestation and game not sure how much the games are probably £35 to £45
    (Prices don’t bother me)

    • Troll patrol.

      Nintendo is surely not trolling the UK with those price tags ! .

      *we have a 43 alpha bravo tango in progress bleep *

      oh sh$t I have to go !!!!!! vroooooooom !

    • Troll patrol.

      £250 , £300 , £350 sku’s – you cannot go wrong 😉 .

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Regardless of the no price cut we as nintendo fans are way ahead of 720 and ps4 price cut 😛

  • Phrog

    I like the prices, seems reasonable for anyone looking for another system.

  • Dmonkeyman

    I dont think they will have to lower the price but it would be a smart buisness move to lower the price so they can steal microsofts and sonys thunder and if they dont lower the price for the 2013 holidays than i think they will lower the price in 2014.

  • CheckItNow12

    Oh well. $300 is enough for a system with 2GB of RAM, the most advanced controller ever, and tremendous third party support.

    • ZombieGuns

      Damn straight

  • kingtendo


    so i go in to gamestop today to get a game for my daughter and i see the ups man moving 10 box’s into the back room of the joking, i say to the cashier”look’s like the wiiu’s are already here early right?” and he say’s to me,”yea i didnt expect them to come so early”.i was fucking tripping ball’s,i think he spoke with out thinking first.i dont think he was suppose to tell me that gamestop had already been stocking wii u’s up in the back room.

    and i have my wii u pre orderd already,the 32g black one….


    • Troll patrol.

      Troll patrol suggest maybe they either could be demo wiiu’s , or you smoked some really strong stuff .

      • Hangman

        I have known several GameStop managers and worked there for two years in the past, they are willing to play with people’s heads all the time, the have not received consoles two months early, way too much of a cost liability

      • JumpMan

        or he was screwing with you…

    • Kav

      Seems like someone trolled you, Kingtendo.

      • Nintendonoob

        LOL I love how troll patrol is talkin in a third person text.

  • ZombieGuns

    Good, this doesn’t surprise me. It’s not like Nintendo will have a hard time selling the console, so a price cut will be unnecessary.

  • Blake

    A price cut is inevitable, however, I’m still buying it day one. At least we won’t have to worry about receiving a swift kick to the nuts like the early 3DS adopters felt when Nintendo announced that new price.

  • Elite

    I Don’t even think Nintendo will need to cut price once the ps4 and xbox 3 comes out. I can see those consoles being twice the price of the wii u.

    • PSWii60

      I don’t see Microsoft or Sony bringing out another $500-$600+ console. Especially Sony after the $$$ the lost the PS3 Console for nearly 6 years straight (wasn’t till just recently that they are now making a profit off each console sale).

      • Kahhhhyle

        Agreed they’ll want to price more competitively this time. Next Christmas should be interesting.

  • Dr. Device

    Good, lets try and not repeat the 3ds c:

    • JumpMan

      already got the launch line-up beat and kicked on the ground!

      • revolution5268

        also 3rd party support and mario at launch.

  • Mac

    I think the price cuts will come around the time the new smash bros or zelda comes out which I was expecting already.

  • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

    My wallet is ready (I guest)

  • Smurfman256

    You know, I don’t think that the 3DS would have recieved a price cut so early if its launch lineup wan’t skimpy. Nintendo seems to have fixed this with some great big-name launch titles and more to come in the following four months. The big 3DS titles didn’t even come out untill about a year after the thing launched and the Vita still has about, what, four games if you don’t count emulators? My point is that people don’t mind paying a higher price for a console if there are some quality games right out the door, which there are.

    • Trev

      Very true right now therr are some awesome games comming out for the wiiu!

  • RSBzero

    Patcher is wrong again, who the hell pays him lol

    • D2K

      Wedbush Securities Inc. For future reference, stay away from this investment firm.

  • ridley vs. samus

    darn… i was gonna wait a few months to see if the price dropped… oh well, guess it just means i can get it earlier without feeling guilty 🙂

  • MadPopGaming

    I would say it’s a perfect price if they had a $300 bundle in black — but I think Nintendo’s probably banking on the popularity of the black console to get consumers to pony up a little more cash. Smart of them, actually.

    • Trev

      Maybe but the black deluxe bundle comes with so much more for only fifty more dollars. I dont think they are making alot more off the deluxe bundle

  • Allon

    The next xbox and ps is going to be in the 499-599 range so…..why would they cut prices???

    • D2K

      I can almost guarantee that they will ‘NOT’ being that that price range. Especially the 720. They cannot afford to release a console for a loss, AT ALL. Period. It took 5 years to make a profit o the 360 and PS3 respectively and even though they both turn profits now themselves, that profit gets eaten up by all the other accrued debt of the 360 and PS3 respectively.

      In order to release a system with any noticeable and useful advantage over the Wii U that would last at least as long as the current-gen life cycle the 720 and PS4 would have to cost nearly $800 and it STILL wouldn’t turn a profit.

      The most expensive the PS4 and 720 would be is $399.

      • Nintenlord

        you mean the cheapest rhey can get

      • On The Fence

        Fair enough I’ll pay $800 then I’d rather save for a leap forward than pay $300 for a step side ways.

        • Collected

          SO you would have a game system that developers initially bemoaned and couldn’t work with for about 3 years then finally get their act together and start porting games. Only for certain developers to port the games for cheap costs and badly damage the experience of the games. Cause that is the state of the PS3, don’t believe me, fine look at Skyrim and Bayonetta and tell me that PS3 is a “step forward”.

          Seriously the power argument is futile; especially since it bankrupted over 120 developers in just this generation of gaming. There’s your future if you push forward blindly and with no back-up strategy. Costs are too high for AAA games which means most developers don’t try to take risks with new or inventive IPs, which is why people feel that there has been a lack of originality and a storm of squeals this generation.

          • Collected

            *sequels this generation

  • mike

    considering what wii u has to offer i cant complain in fact its kinda cheap

  • Jetty

    Worst case scenario, ambassador program.

    • JumpMan

      unless it’s like 100 games that wont ever be released on VC…

      • JumpMan

        but even that would still piss me off.

        • Jetty

          Hopefully we can choose our games this time. If there is a “this time”.

      • Nintenlord

        So you bought a 3ds on launch and got ambassador? Il give you my 3ds and 50bucks you give ours whit the ambassador

  • Whirlwindyoshi

    I have a feeling that the analysts that say the Wii U is priced too high are one of those people that think the gamepad is an expansion for the Wii.

  • Grodus

    The Wii U has a price from the gods. ‘Nuff said.

    • On The Fence

      Which god is that Nintendos god of greed, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ cha ching

      • Collected

        Hypocrite much

  • Dan

    299 for a console is puny,,, especially with built in wifi, and 30 G flashdrive, HDMI AND a game!!! not to mention that controller alone is over 100 separately!!!

    • D2K

      Makes you think of how cheap the console could have been without the controller.

    • XDLugia

      WiFi isn’t really a big deal. Even the DS Phat from 2004 had WiFi connection.

      • Dan

        I bought 360 wifi adapter 79 bucks 3 yrs ago

    • Hangman

      I have to apologize my fat figure hit dislike I meant to hit like! You made a good point, this is the first system to come with HDMI cables!

    • JumpMan

      *32 GB, and don’t be all “notta big diff!” cause that’s two VC games right there, that is!

      • Nintenlord

        You mean eshop and actualy dl games take less space in dl format

  • Dan

    Im hoping early price cuts so i get to download eShop games!!!!! Yipeeee

    • meliza

      Idon’t think the price cutting has to do anything with eShop.

      • Dan

        What did nintendo gave early 3ds buyers after they drop the price? Free downloadable games isn’t?

    • nintenfan


  • meliza

    Good think we all have money (Well most of us). 🙂

  • Joao Paulo Fink

    Price ? Here in Brasil(Brazil) the price is Equivalente to U$ 750,00!

  • snestendo

    That means Nintendo actually has faith in the Wii U or they known ps4 will be $600 and Xbox will be $500 at launch

  • nintenfan

    Nintendo’s price is very reasonable, considering that their new consoles don’t just up the graphics, but they also revolutionize gaming. the only difference between the xbox 360 and the 720 will be the speed, graphics, and sound. perhaps they will also copy Nintendo again in some way.

    • JumpMan

      only in add-on form, as always. smh ._.

  • logan7699

    $249 for the Wii at launch
    $399 for a 360
    $499 for a PS3…

    The reason that they wont need to do a price drop is the WiiU is more advanced than the 7year old consuls..and if the next 720 or P4 are going to be power houses they will launch higher than the PS3 did price tag over $600…if not then they will be the same power as the WiiU… and same pricing…$349 is still a great price….

  • Paul

    as long as retailers like hmv and zavvi keep the basic model @ £250 ill be happy

  • marioU

    Does anyone know if NSMBU will be a digital download at launch? I’m not sure if I should pre order.

    • Kahhhhyle

      I think I heard the entire launch lineup will be available for download… Don’t quote me on that though

      • marioU

        Thanks. I want to try a digital download with the Wii U but I don’t want to miss out on NSMBU because Ninty didn’t make it available until like a month later.

        • revolution5268

          nintendo network and eshop for wii u will be ready when wii u comes out, miiverse will be ready for wii u at launch and the other platforms on 2013.

        • Nintenlord

          Just first party titles will be avalible to dl on lauch third party. Willl come later

          • marioU

            So I can download my copy on launch day?

  • SteampunkJedi

    I believe it’s a good price, and I hope a price cut won’t be necessary. I think the 3DS’s problem was that it was priced nearly the same as home consoles, and while it’s an awesome handheld gaming machine, I don’t think it was worth quite as much as the original price in the eyes of the public.

  • marioU

    I still think that the ideal proce points would be $250 and $300 for basic and deluxe. At that price no one would even want to buy a ps3 or xbox because the Wii u would be cheaper. (I still preordered the Deluxe, though 🙂

  • TheUNation

    Nintendo– IT PRINTS MONEY!!!!!!

  • KalebTaylorX

    Why are these PS360 fanboys on a Wii U site? GTFO.

  • Dan

    They are because they are bored playing Halo and Granturusmo,, and the their true “next gen” consoles won’t launch until 2014 the earliest

  • Dreamynintendo

    well it’s kinda sad since it will be too expensive on brazil D= oh those tributes

  • Novum Magus

    Pachter is a moron. If one of the other gaming companies brings out their new console in 2013, I’ll lick his vagina. Sony’s is years away, Microsoft’s is bound for 2014. Nintendo must have slept with his mother when he was a kid, he really has something against them. Baseless hate from the biggest idiot in the industry

    • Kyou

      AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! That was a good one!!

  • marioU

    It makes no sense really, to make any price cuts until the hugely overpriced successors to ps3 and Xbox 360 come out. Sony actually increased the cost of a ps3. All they’re really saying is “no new console until 2014 or later.”

  • AcesHigh

    Not really surprised. I said the same thing here when articles were posted about Pachter and other analysts calling for a price drop within one year. Morons… Just because Nintendo dropped the price within the same year of launch for one time in their entire history of hardware releases (3DS and MAYBE Virtuaboy? Not sure if that took a year), they think it will happen with this one.

    They fail to analyze the full potential of the Wii U by looking at factors such as the strength of their launch line-up (which, by the way, in all objectivity, has to be the strongest launch in all console launch history), the strength and commitment of 3rd parties (as demonstrated by the launch library) and the unique value added in this new console. The pre-sale sell-outs happened after their pre-mature proclamations, BTW. Not sure why any analyst would want to make a call on price reductions before they could evaluate the market reaction on initial pricing announcement anyway. Probably just wanted to be “first”… to sound like an idiot. Again, I’m amazed, but not surprised by the immaturity and mediocrity of analysist in this industry

  • Brandon K.

    At least they’re being firm on the price. Will they make newer models with more storage? Maybe. Although it’d get rid of simplicity. I want the black model, ton of storage plus the Wii U’s strong library of games looks exceptional.

  • Kyou

    $300!? Really!? Why not just be at $250 and we’ll be all right!! Wii U games should cost $40, not $60!!

    • lol you are complaining abiut a 250$ price? What about Italian Prices?349 Euro more or less… means 500$ …. What about us? The middle class earnings per moth is about 1300 Euro… I think we should be the one complaining not U!

  • bacardi

    the psvita dosent look like it is worth it. some people say the 3ds sucks, and the ps vita rocks. well the psvita is NOT in 3d, more expensive, and has a little selection of video games! 3ds has a ton of AWESOME features! like if you agree!!!!