May 7th, 2013

Last week we told you about the first DLC piece for Injustice being the character Lobo, this week it has been revealed that the second character will be Batgirl. Wii U owners are understandably upset, since two pieces of DLC have been announced for the game with no confirmation that it will be coming to their chosen console. Several users took to Twitter to ask the developers what’s up and they were met with the following reply:

It’s unfortunate that Injustice owners seem to be getting shafted here, as it looks like Injustice will be another DLC-heavy game that doesn’t get the support it deserves on the Wii U. Will this affect your buying decision? We reviewed the game favorably upon release, but this questionable silence on DLC may be too much for some who are considering getting the game.

  • Paul

    Will it effect my buying decision? No because I already bought it. I just dont see why they don’t want to sell more copies on Wii U…by not supporting it with DLC they’re pretty much saying buy the 360 or PS3 version

    • It be interesting to see if anyone raises any concerns about unfair business practices. Some of what is going on can be construed as anti-trust type tactics in an effort to harm Nintendo’s business.

      • That’s an interesting perspective. With all the class action lawsuits, it might be something we see soon, too.

      • Elem187

        Its not unfair practicies, its a business decision.
        Unfortunately the game bombed hard, less than 20k copies sold to a game starved audience……

        Same thing happened with Need For Speed: MW… I thought for sure my fellow Nintendo fans would have bought the crap out of a game that pushed the hardware way past the level of the PS360, but no, it sold 10k copies in both NA and EU… that is pitiful and embarrassing.

        wow I just looked, Injustice bombed on the PS360 as well, less than 600k copies on ps360

  • AWwriter

    Yeah, a lot of fanbois argued with me when I posted this was going to happen. I wish I had been wrong. It was painfully obvious that it was going to happen, every sign was there. I mean, people were playing that iOS app for weeks thinking they would unlock things I the WiiU version, even though everything out there having to do with DLC was only labeled XBOX 360 and PS3. Now with Batgirl reveled, the first character I feel is a “must have”, I’m really bummed, even though I saw it coming.

    It sucks, especially because we payed the same $60 as other platforms, yet get a game gimped. I know a lot of people don’t like DLC to begin with, but not having the option is dire bad news for Wii U – the publisher doesn’t think it’s worth it for whatever reason to take our money for stuff that has already been developed. DLC is such a cash cow, it’s really telling that they aren’t offering it to us as making $ off of skins and such is basically like printing money.

    • Elem187

      The decision has nothing to do with the console itself. tis not getting dlc because it sold like poop.
      If my fellow Nintendo fans want DLC/Support, you need to actually purchase the games… Injustice on Wii U sold 20,000 copies in NA… pretty laughable.. Although the game kinda bombed on PS360 as well, under 600k between the two.

  • B3NN-TH3-B3AR

    If they want to sell more on the wii u then they have to start supporting it.Got the game on wii u and it doesn’t disappoint .

  • I know that a lot of people probably won’t agree with me on this one. However; if you can’t find the time to port over DLC content to the Wii U, then please don’t bother putting the game on the system. I can’t wait for he day when one of these companies get sued for this unfair practice. If they want to put the game on the system say for 30 bucks and make it very clear that no DLC is happening, then I might be game. At least I would know before they got my hard earned money.

    • prettypinkpanacea

      It is simple. Do not buy the game until you hear that wii u dlc has been released.

      • I agree with that fact. If you don’t like it, then don’t give them your money. However, they release these games and then stiff the people by not providing DLC. Once this happens, people assume that it is going to happen with other Wii U titles, and 3rd party games on the Wii U take a hit. As it is, we already don’t have enough 3rd party support to have this kind of thing going on. I will go back to my earlier statement. If you are not going to bother to give Wii U users the opportunity to fully enjoy the game as other system owners, then why bother?

        • To add to your point, the packaging specifically says, “Downloadable game content.” There is no implication here, just what it says. Warner’s statement alludes to the thought that there may be no content. That is where a lwasuit may wake some folks up. If you have no intentions, mention it and do not allow the inference to make it to the box art. That is misleading and bordering false pretences to garner a sale.

    • Elem187

      There is nothing illegal about not bringing DLC is over…. Unless they advertised it in clear letters that DLC was coming to the wii u specifically.

      I really wanted Need For Speed to do well on Wii U because Criterion really did a fantastic job by pushing the hardware much much much farther than the PS360 and my fellow NIntendo fans rewarded them with a paltry 10,000 copies…. I’m disgusted, we finally get a game that really shows graphically some of things this box is made of and its rewarded by selling like poop to an audience who didn’t have any games to play the month before release.

      • I think at this point, it does not matter anymore, because DLC has been confirmed for Wii U.

        Yes, I too get angry when a good game is ported over and it doesn’t sell well on the Wii u. However, no one wanted to buy a Wii u to play older ported games on their new $350 or $300 dollar system. Plus, most gamers do not want to wait several months after the release date to play their favorite franchises, which means they get them on 360 or PS3. I also hate the fact that when we do get me some hand-me-down ports, Nintendo fans get punished for them not selling well.

        I mean who wants to buy Mass Effect 3 on the Wii u, when you can’t get any of the DLC. Want to get a map pack on COD: BO2….Nah! I feel like the DLC plan for Wii U goes something like a Seinfeld Soup Nazi episode: NO DLC FOR YOU!

        I think the companies need to try new IPs on Wii U, or at the very least give us same day launches on many of their triple A titles. If this has been done and people are still not buying, then we can start pointing fingers.

  • Jason Setley

    Class Action Lawsuit, just like Sega and Gearbox on Aliens, Why it has the Downloadable content printed on the back artwork.???

  • Christian Anker

    It really sucks, but at least I won’t spend any more money on the game.

  • This is what happened to me when I asked them to release it the DLC on Wii U

  • Ducked

    Why are companies to scared to release DLC on the Wii U version of the game? They can’t make money off the PS3/360 forever. And for those who think all this DLC will come to the PS4 and 720 when they launch are wrong. It takes a while for developers to realize they need to move to the next generation.

  • prettypinkpanacea

    There must be an issue releasing downloadable content on the nintendo wii u. Given the fact that COD BO2 for the wii u has failed to received several dlcs. It is strange. I read somewhere that Nintendo are separating the Nintendo Network ID from the console. So in the event a wii u console bricks, the owner will not lose all of their data, including downloaded purchases. I don’t know if this has come to fruition or not though.

  • brian murphy

    hell i pre ordered this game on wii U gamestop sold me a season pass with it and when i picked it up they told me there wasnt one and there wont be any dlc for the wii u version that pissed me off

  • Sure does. I recently bought it. I specifically wanted this on Wii U. I was going to buy it on day 1, but waited to see if they would support Wii U. Glad I waited, as it’s going right back to the store. I have a PS3 and 360 as well, but this left a bad taste in my mouth. Instead of jumping to another system, I’ll pass entirely. Got enough backlog to keep me company.

    • Jeffery02

      My problem EXACTLY!

  • Joel

    Guess I’ll have to get it for PS3.

    • Jeffery02

      Sadly I cannot blame you. I want to support the Wii U so badly, but this is just awful. EA skipping the Wii U is fine by me. I never cared for them. Black Ops 2 not getting DLC is disappointing, but I am thankfully not much for CoD. I really wanted to get this game though, and I felt like they were insulting me for even wanting it on the Wii U. What gives guys? The Wii U can easily handle the DLC and patches, so where is the other half of the game?

      • ICHI

        I’m not much of a CoD fan but as I do like the occasional shoot online I’m forced to resort to it and no DLC irritates me as the same few levels isnt enough. I wish DICE would have actually tried with the frostbite engine. Sounds like they made it processor heavy to cope with xbox and ps3 which dont run it very well but criterion can do great things with the Wii U so I dont see it being a hardware problem, just a problem with EA and Dice’s financial and personal priorities. Companies not being honest dont help the perception of the console and probably in turn make others cautious about things like dlc, when by all accounts nintendo’s online is the easiest and cheapest of the consoles to patch extras into games?

        • Jeffery02

          Just wait until Nintendo releases their system sellers. If third parties are still acting like this when the Wii U is more wide spread than the PS4 or Durango, then third parties will never get past the Nintendo stereotype. It will be their loss really. Indies may just take over and eventually become the new major 3rd party developer group for consoles.

          • ICHI

            I’d be happy with that, I’ve often said before I spent more money and time on XBLA than on xbox360 games. Honestly, Trials HD & Evolution, Minecraft, Bastion, From Dust, Section 8, I am Alive, Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun, Fez, All the SEGA arcade classics, Spelunky, Braid, Limbo the list is endless so I’ll stop there. I filled a 250gb HDD on my XBOX with more creative and fun games than any of the big yearly releases could manage on the most creative day of the year, even if they had an electrified creativizing machine! I’m here for the Indie environment 🙂

          • Jeffery02

            There are a few third party characters that I’d miss, but then again they don’t usually last as long as first party characters anyway. Especially if you’re dealing with Nintendo’s first party.

          • ICHI

            I just like innovation, if its something Ive not seen before and its fun it doesnt have to be perfect. So many big devs are affraid of losing money on their massive investments these days all we really get are the same games recycled because they sell. Nintendo has the bonus of some great franchises they can experiment with, zeldas always play differently, metroid has evolved all over the place and the 3D marios are just a lesson in game design. You only get this kind of innovation on a ninty console or something like steam where indie devs can go wild.

    • Zuxs13
  • Nintyfan

    Lol, they are totally avoiding the question. Yes or no? Its that simple.

  • HillKrowns

    I’m so pissed about it, curses!!!!!!! Now I will not REBUY batman arkham city and buy arkham origins if we don’t get it the 9th

  • ICHI

    Did anyone else have their multiplayer xp reset yesterday? That was a surprise!!!

  • beerkin

    Good game to rent. Not gonna spend sixty on a MK clone.

  • Gregory Edcius

    Yeah it affects my choice i already made the mistake with black ops 2 and most wanted not going down that road a third time

  • Christopher Westcott

    What’s the reason for not supporting DLC? I’m confused seeing as how they’ve already invested into releasing the game…

  • Revolution5268

    people do not buy this game its not worth getting back stab like this, don’t let 3rd party do this to you.

    • $41809923

      feel look crying i have this game and no dlc box said dlc are coming hope that super smash bros 4 is coming soon

  • Elem187

    The game bombed on Nintendo’s console… There is no financial reward to bringing the DLC to the Wii U.
    But Activision I don’t understand, BLOPS2 actually sold really wells on Wii U (10% of Wii U owners bought it…. its an even higher attach rate than the ps360 versions)

  • Zuxs13
  • Nintyfan
    • ICHI


  • JeanPaul
  • Justin Jefferson

    Ill be super pissed if they dont give us DLC, Thats half the reason i bought the game! to buy more crap! YAY

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    it was announced that the DLC will come “this summer” which could be as early as next month