Apr 25th, 2012

Crysis 3 on Wii U
Developer Crytek recently announced Crysis 3, the third installment in the Crysis series. However, despite supporting the Wii U with its CryEngine 3, Crytek’s Rasmus Hoejengaard, Director of Creative Development, told Destructoid that Crysis 3 won’t be coming to the Wii U. Specifically, Hoejengaard said, “there’s not a fat chance of Crysis 3 on Wii U”.

Crysis 3 will be released in 2013, around the time when the new generation of consoles are expected to launch: the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4. It will be powered by the same CryEngine 3 game engine as Crysis 2. Last year, CryTek said that this very engine would be available and run on the Wii U. CryTek’s Anvi Yerli said in an interview last year that Wii U’s specs are “very good“. Despite the kind words for the Wii U, it appears CryTek won’t be supporting the console with games, only with technology.

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  • ACSL8R1996

    Seriously? Why would he do that? they just want Microsoft & Sony to stay to the top but Wii U will destroy the next 2 coming consoles, this developer is a disgrace if he isn’t putting Crysis 3 on Wii U.

    • Nope.

      “but Wii U will destroy the next 2 coming consoles”
      Yes, you sure can predict the future. Fanboy.

      • ACSL8R1996

        haha i actually like all consoles, and thanks for your opinion xbox/ps3 fanboy

    • alienfish

      If by destroy, you mean powerwise, then no. If you mean sales wise, then you might be right, but there’s no way to tell at this point. We can all only hope that WiiU is strong enough to stand next to PS4 and Xbox Next as far as power is concerned. If WiiU can do this, then we should still be seeing some good cross platform games come to it. You shouldn’t wish for the other consoles to fail, only for your favorite system to do well enough to deliver an experience that is satisfactory to you.

      • mkdhdh

        oh and the chance of ps4 being good and not being very high priced or it even coming is kinda big because sony is on the brink moneywise it wouldn’t surprise me if it will not come. bet we will just have to wait for E3 as ALWAYS

        • alienfish

          Actually, I would count on it. Sony is refocusing their entire company right now and shifting higher priority towards gaming. In fact, that’s the one area that they aren’t entirely sucking in right now. I don’t think they’ll release anything overpowered again though so we’ll probably see something just a little better than what WiiU is capable of.

          • mkdhdh

            yeah because ps3 was a bit overpowered compared to ps2 the leap was to big and it was very expensive at first. and all multiplats were ported because it takes to long to dev for cell CPU so they have to make something a bit more powerfull so it ‘ll “win” but not expensive. and all i’m scared of is microsoft. if they release a console with kinect only (and a small amount of gamepad games) -because they are so stupid tat they would do that- we’re fine but if its a beast of power easy to develop game system even ps4 is going to get shit on

          • Mirana

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      • ACSL8R1996

        I know what you mean, but look Wii U is pretty powerful by the info nintendo has told us, 2nd i like all consoles, but its just the Wii U is actually getting 3rd party like AC3, Darksiders 2, tekken, ect. And it has more RAMS its pretty surprising to know they could do that, but yeah we will have to see the next xbox & ps, but i heard not a lot of people are gonna be buying the next xbox because they rather keep their 360, and i actually like all systems, i didnt mean to say that at first, i just like more nintendo thats all, doesnt mean im a fanboy, i just like them more than microsoft & sony, i like their games but i just like more nintendo, just saying.

  • stevep63

    The Destructoid guys are morons, because “NOT a fat chance” (emphasis mine) means that it’s very likely to be on the Wii U. It’s a double negative statement, which is a positive statement.

    • Wildman

      That’s what I was thinking….

      Oh, I just can’t wait for E3!!

      • mkdhdh

        i was thinking the same thing and oh reviewtechusa made a vid on this

    • alienfish

      Either that or they knew what they were saying, but just wanted to fool people. Maybe they just confirmed it? Probably not.

  • Venom Jamaica

    Yea I totally agree with you StEVE63… I was reading it that way too… just wait till e3 we gonna be all surprise.

    Get N or get OUT!!!!!

  • SomePerson

    It could also be the fact that they haven’t had time to develop something special for the Wii U

  • CaptainFalconfan

    This guy looks like he never even touch the Wii U, why did he say is not possible for the game on Wii U? I wish E3 comes already though, maybe he’ll change his mind I guess..

    • mkdhdh

      DUDE ITS A DOUBLE NEGATIVE WICH MEANS THERE IS A FAT CHANCE. read steve’s comment. and watch reviewtechusa’s last vid its about this article

  • uPadWatcher

    Why Crytek, why…? Rasmus is a freaking disgrace to the company. At least Epic Games, EA, etc. are still supporting Nintendo and the U.

  • tron:6Rsd4

    From leaks i read crytek stated the tech specs are good, so specs rival but wii u may further not qualify by reason of overall asthetic. Branding and color and over all design of machine may not be to apealing. New console should get a badge for cpu, maybe even gpu, but overall marketing apeal to core gamers further entice 3rd partys.

  • loko

    questi giochi su WiiU non venderanno. chi è appassionato di questa tipologia di giochi, vuole il meglio della tecnologia. E WiiU non darà il meglio della tecnologia. WiiU offrirà innovazione e prezzo.
    scordatevi una programmazione in parallelo su PS4 X370 e WiiU. non accadrà MAI.

  • Indoctrination

    its suck being nintendo now there not getting anything really

  • GirlGamer

    Why is this happening to me! I love this game. sħit (sorry for the foul language). This is shit not bull śħit, becoz bull şħit is well more bad(sorry for foul language again). Crazy news and i dont care if you guys rate this comment bad cuz this is just really shocking news 4 me and i hope u understand

  • Paramesh

    1st of all they have to fix CF/SLI issueswith my 5970 got arcttafes / dark lines / vsynch refresh buged in 1080pall i have to do is disabled CF and with a lonely 5870 game / demo runs fine but not crossfired so they got to fix this issue obviously 6990 and 590 will be amazing GFX’s but with some drawbacks because these babies need more attention , more driver feedback to maximise performance in game without graphical issues.I mean crysis and warehead were both cf / sli friendly at time of the release on the market.for crytek iT’s like a U-turn , hardware issue and ok now the cryengine runs even better on hardware nowadays but you have also to look of the visual quality .. and maybe explain with the 3rd version of the engine is not complient with dx11 API.crytek want to hit the mainstream market .. aka PS3 & Box 360 So all you have to do is a Cross platform game .Indeed , but poor quality of the visuals .on pc with a good rig it’s stiil looks good but really i thought that crytek will push their custom 3d engine to the top like always like farcry long time ago like crysis in 2007 they could tune and max out level of graphics to fit with GFX of 2011 : 6 terraflops of horsepower ..

  • Cristian

    There are two people who slhuod even think about getting this game. One is a diehard Grease fan that hasn’t played any other singing on rhythm game on any console. The other is a 5 year old. I bought this game because I love Grease and was hoping this was Just Dance meets American Idol . It’s nowhere close to both. I will bullet point the issues 1. The rhythm parts don’t sync to any actual dancing. You simply flick the wiimote up, down, left, right to the beat of the song. How is this fun? Every dance in the movie is basically a line dance. How hard could it have been to put motion controls to these moves? The choreography is already done for you!! 2. The guitar minigame is a little more thought out, but it’s difficult to play since the buttons you are required to press are on the same controller you are trying to simulate strumming with. Why not use the nunchuck?!? 3. Both of the previous controls are hit and miss. How can you make gameplay this simplistic, and then mess it up?!? 4. The driving isn’t bad if you’ve never played a driving game on the Wii. The gameplay is again simplistic. Move left or right avoiding obstacles and the scorpion’s car. However the camera angle is weird and the controls are too loose. The car is all over the place and it hard to judge what lane the obstacles are in. 5. Let’s get to the singing. The real reason I got this game. Wow, awful simply awful. This was the biggest disappointment. First the characters don’t sing. Their mouths never move, making the visuals extremely off-putting. Then they censored the songs. Really? I watched this movie when I was a little kid, and if your kids are playing this I assume they’ve seen the movie as well. Also you can only sing in a two-player game. So player 1 plays the awful minigame, while you sing. Really? Really?!?! The singing in a Grease game is secondary?!? Really?!?!? Now if I’m by myself, I have to fire up two Wiimotes and let it fail the minigame while I sing (or sucker someone into playing it). And lastly the karaoke is non-existent. If you’ve never played any ANY other singing game you don’t know what you are missing. But there is nothing about the karaoke part of this game that make you feel you are a part of the movie, or even lead singing the song. So in conclusion, your money is best spent on buying the Blu-ray, cranking the stereo, and turning on the subtitles. Please don’t support this obvious cash grab on the Grease franchise, or at least go get my used copy at Gamestop as it’s practically brand new!