Jul 26th, 2017

Nintendo waited a long time before it jumped into the smartphone business, and even when they did, they were very selective and cautious — they’ve only released a few smartphone games to date.

But those games have done very well for the company: Nintendo’s smartphone business has made over $110 million to date, led by Super Mario Run and Pokemon Go.

If anyone ever doubted whether Nintendo would be successful on smartphones, that doubt is now officially over.

Super Mario Run and other smartphone apps accounted for $81 million in revenue, while Pokemon GO contributed with $29 million.

That’s $110 million total for the quarter, and is more than the company made on 3DS games ($105 million).

The company is now in a position where its new smartphone business (which only has a few games) is raking in more money than its long-running dedicated handheld console. Granted, the 3DS is in a bit of a slump right now, with no notable games released last quarter.

The numbers don’t include revenue from 3DS consoles sales, but it’s an interesting look at the current state of Nintendo’s mobile business, and just how much money they can make if they released more smartphone games.

Nintendo has said that they plan to release two smartphone games each year, starting in 2017 with an Animal Crossing game.