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Nitnendo Satoru IwataNintendo’s upcoming Wii U console is more comparable to the current generation game systems when it comes to power and performance. The next gen systems from Microsoft and Sony will undoubtedly be very powerful, but that doesn’t bother Nintendo. The company simply “doesn’t care” how powerful the other consoles are. This comes from Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata, who told Gamasutra in a recent interview,

We just don’t care what kind of “more beef” console Microsoft and Sony might produce in 2013.

Iwata added that Nintendo’s focus is on how they can make the Wii U different from the other consoles on the market. The last time Nintendo competed on hardware specs and graphics alone was with the GameCube, which lost out to the PlayStation 2, despite being more powerful. Nintendo has since taken a radically different approach with the Wii, and now the Wii U.

When the Wii came out, it was criticized for being a “GameCube 2.0” and not a true next gen system like its rivals, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. However, the Wii proved everyone wrong and outsold the other consoles by a huge margin. Wii sales are now approaching 100 million units sold. While the Wii U probably won’t reach those kinds of sales, it has definitely positioned itself as a “different” console compared to the others. For Nintendo, “different” is good.

Via Gamasutra

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  • Kyle

    Do people not remember how bad some of the games looked that originally came out for the 360 and PS3? They looked barely better than the Xbox and PS2. There has been exactly zero evidence of how the graphics look for the next Microsoft and Sony systems, so why does everyone keep talking about them as if they know how big of a jump they are from the current generation?

    • SuperShyGuy

      That’s what I tell people too. Look at something like Ninja Gaiden Black for XBOX and then Perfect Dark Zero for the 360. The 360 games didn’t look all that much better.

      • zam

        360 and xbox are the same thing its called xbox360 dumbass

        • zam2.0

          LOL!!! Xbox360 and Xbox are 2 different things. Dumbass.

    • Hugo

      A lot of people’s logic is that games have to have graphic to be a good game, man get out of here with that. Graphic’s aren’t everything.

      • greentunicguy

        I agree, if i want graphics i’d just buy a new gpu for my computer. wii u + PC = me happy

    • 007 1/2

      There r tricks to make the graphics look better than they actually are. 1080p doesn’t look that much better than 480p.

      • zam2.0

        I’d have to disagree. But 1080p doesn’t look better than 720p

  • Doopliss

    I really like how nintendo doesn’t care about the competiton, thats why i am always with them



      • Sqarticus

        Paper Mario TTYD will always be may favorite gamecube game.

        • Braulio500

          Yeah… mine too! =D
          It’s just… perfect… =3

    • BananaPwnz

      Amen Doopliss

  • Madara

    Is anyone one else wondering why alot of the news/rumors are repeats or small expansions on the same subjects? I don’t care to know the system specs, but I do want more details on the Nintendo Network, which Nintendo has so far released little information concerning it. You can’t spell news without NEW, and these reiterations are getting a bit annoying.

    • Zhaf

      you won’t get any real news regarding wii u until this fall conference… so yeah I suggest you go off net about anything nintendo until then…

    • not.tendo

      Hey we are getting the same news just in a different angle, but it’s OK since the Wii u is still hidden under seven doors lol

  • Gamer

    “Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console is more comparable to the current generation game systems when it comes to power and performance.”

    Wii U daily, Iwata did not say the above highlighted sentence. Don’t become an IGN or game informer in a matter of minutes. We all know the Wii U is powerful so pease do not become sheep or fools too.

    • Wii U Daily staff

      We never said those were Iwata’s words — they’re not, they’re ours. What Iwata said is clearly quoted in the article.

    • ConCity Soldier

      I think graphics are to a point where I’m good. Just have more hardcore games on the Wii U & I’m happy. The Wii didn’t get me to buy due to that. If u want both the core & casual’s, simply put more core games out there. Wii U has certainly gotten off to a great start. But Iwata has also said that the Nextbox & PS4 wouldn’t be much more powerful, which I definitely believe. The rumors even admit to that whether the rumors themselves are true or not idk though. He also said that develops haven’t tapped into the Wii U’s potential graphically yet. I think the power of Wii U will compete just fine with next gen consoles. PS4/XBOX 720 wont be much more powerful & it will come down to both games & gameplay next gen. So, I think Iwata isn’t worried & he has admitted before he cares about power, but not being the most powerful necessarily, just being powerful enough to compete while bringing something different. I think Iwata is just tired of people saying ‘power this & power that’. This statement was basically a STFU statement to the press. He’s like it’s not all about power anyway STFU lol. He’s right though because the most powerful consoles never win the generation. The Wii U doesn’t need to be most powerful, it just needs enough to compete and bring it needs to being something new to the table, done & done.

      • ConCity Soldier

        *The Wii U doesn’t need to be most powerful, it just needs enough to compete and it needs to bring something new to the table, done & done.*

      • Freeman

        I agree with you, but one thing that is important too is the respect that 3rd party developers have with console, look a the Wii 1st party games are awesome and some 3rd party( most of EA) has n64 graphics, for example the nfs the run, the version for 3ds have more graphics.
        I think if the wii has the core titles that gamecube have them wii will be around 120+millions selled

  • Christopher

    Well if you look at how well the Wii faired against the PS3 and XBOX 360 its no wonder why they aren’t worried. Wii U will be just like the Wii, gain in popularity for its titles, unique controllers and most importantly the price.

    I love Nintendo for a reason, they make better consoles than Sony and Microsoft. Wii U might not as powerful as the PS4 and 720 (if rumours are true) but it has one thing that those console don’t have.. Uniqueness.

    • Macarony64

      and endurance ps3 and xbox360 still have the fame of the red ring and the orange blinking light

  • Skozo

    “We don’t care how powerful they are. . . Because they won’t be any more powerful.”

    • Skozo

      There are people still having a boner for the Shitstation and Xfuck that are coming up and won’t admit graphs will not defy the next generation. You disappoint me.

      • Kirsti

        Thank You for making my day.

  • darling

    you tell em nintendo

  • DerikGotro64

    The Nintendo U will be powerful none the less, but the one thing that will stand out most is the experience.

    In sony and microsoft’s case, they are both so very similiar in experience you can never tell what’s what until you look at the home menu’s. If you ask me, they are competing against each other to see who will compete with nintendo.

    If sony and microsoft only have to offer just prettier graphics by 10%, I won’t bother. if its multiplatform, I’d run with Nintendo U.

  • Nintendo Defender #1


  • Wii Uoops!

    Those Micro-softies and that Phony think graphics make a console. I’m proud of Nintendo! Instead of getting into a huge war with the other companies, they’re simply like, “Meh. We don’t care!”

  • South Forty

    Unfortunately, I believe this is Nintendo’s undoing. The very audience, or market, that Nintendo is going after is the same that want the extreme power and graphics, being the core gamers. Nintendo is putting themselves in the same predicament that they got in with the Wii, with no blockbuster releases, which is why PS3 and Xbox, are now rated as better consoles. I thought Nintendo would try to compete. This whole view of their’s, stating they are not competing with the other consoles is BS, and investors know it. This is the wrong path for Nintendo, in my opinion.

    • Garvensman

      Not every core gamer is a graphics “whore” my friend. Nintendo was pushed aside by core gamers partially due to graphics, but also due to the controller. The situation Nintendo is facing will be very different this time around. They have a controller which functions exactly like any PS3/360 controller. That’s huge for those so called “core” gamers, ie FPS junkies. That aside, even if the Wii U isn’t as powerful as the PS4/720, the difference this time will be much smaller. Lets say that PS4/720 are beasts, and can fully run Unreal Engine 4. The Wii U has already been said to be able to run Unreal Engine 4 in some capacity, scaled down a bit. That would create a situation where a game on PS4/720 would be like PC max settings on the game, while the Wii U would be like playing it on mid settings. You may lose some particle/lighting effects, maybe slightly lower textures or something to that effect, but it won’t be like comparing a PS3 title to a Wii title, that’s for sure. Lets not forget that it’s also very unlikely that PS4/720 will be able to take full advantage of Unreal Engine 4, as only very high end, ie expensive PC’s can do that. It’s not necessary, nor is it really cost effective for developers or the console manufacturers. One last point, even if the Wii U could only max out the Unreal Engine 3 for example, if every game looked like that Samaratin Demo, would that be so bad? I don’t think so.

      • Britton

        Well said. People like South Forty are ignorant. Although yes, they are entitled to their opinion… however shallow it is.

      • pach

        well said.

      • Andrew

        I do not know many people who would buy a $1000+ system that can run Unreal Engine 4 fully.

        • Christopher

          I can build a computer for half that price

      • Yan

        next sony and microsoft consoles will have games with 4k resolution thou, completely different thing! the games will look realistic as hell! also they will probably copy wiiu tech on gamepad as well! i dont see the reason why developers would make games for wiiu after ps4 and xbox come out…

    • darkfox

      UMM Wii ha Zelda TP at launch. And I LOVE PIKMIN and Mario btw I am sure I am not alone and I do believe there are still so unannounced games remember facebook?

    • theunknownhero

      It’s statement’s like this that confirm what i know to be true. You new guys call yourselves the core gamers because you play the popular title with online multiplayer so that you can boost your ego’s. The only reason you play them in the first place is because one guy somewhere decided to pick up halo and the Fps generation started big time and ever since then you all go around a look for the next big Fps and declare yourselves the core of gamers, but the truth is your not core at all and i don’t like that you have taken that title from the true gamers most of which are probably here defending nintendo. It’s us that stayed up all night for countless hours saving Zelda and rescuing peach from bowser long before gaming was the cool thing to do. The truth is you are not core gamers you are a fad. A trend that is just waiting to die, and when sony and microsoft burn up all interest in the shooter market and they have no creativity left they will wither and they will die. Nintendo will be the one to survive because of innovation. they always survive just like the true gamers who love them so if you want the title of core gamer you can take it. What it means now isn’t worth fighting for anyway. We are the true gamers and Nintendo knows it and they know no matter what they are going to sell consoles because we support them in their time of need just like they support us with originality in a time where creativity seems lost.

      • Wow dude… Thats like the best kickass comment I’ve ever heard! EVER! I felt the power brotha wooooo! I almost felt the holy gamer spirit lol. Go NINTENDO 4LIFE!!! Wiiu id JOELofYHWE777

    • Non-Specific Action Figure Sucks

      The audience that want ‘extreme power and graphics’, would already have a pc, as long as the wii-u plays games in 60fps with smoother visuals, then most will be very happy, when I went back to console from a bit of pc gaming what most bothered me was not the graphics but the jarring and slow fps.

    • 007 1/2

      Many core gamers play Mario games which can only be played on Nintendo consoles. That gives nintendo an advantage from the start.

  • swic11

    My question is why cant we have both gameplay and graphics? I REALIZE the graphics are going to be much better than whats available now, and I love all of Nintendos games, im just a graphics whore as well. I will still be buying the “U”, but I can dream for gameplay and graphics cant I?

    • rafael

      I supose the system would become too expensive to atract the casual. Nintendo’s ideal is to appeal to both casual and hardcore, not just the latter.

    • Case

      Yeah I know I would like gameplay and graphics too, but I think if company’s did that they wouldn’t have a new and better model ever too release in the future.

    • Britton

      Your comment confuses me a little. You said you realize it is going to be better graphics than whats available now. Meaning… it’s graphics are amazing. Yet you set a negative tone implying someone is preventing you from dreaming about a console that offers both gameplay and graphics. Nintendo is releasing that very console. The difference between the Wii U and whatever MS and Sony come out with will MOST LIKELY be minimal. Though everything is speculation as NONE of the consoles have been released and Sony/MS have not even mentioned the next consoles.

      • Andrew

        I feel bad for Microsoft and Sony they set the bar to high for themselves. They will never reach as great a leap as between the PS2/Xbox and PS3/Xbox360. So many Sony and Microsoft fans will be as disappointed as they where with the Wii. Just imagine all the enjoyment of all the I told you sos we Nintendo fans will get from this. We may get some converts out of this. Nintendo Wins, Sony and Microsoft loses. Nintendo graphic wise set the bar so low that an improvement would be seen as positively no matter how small for those who care about graphics. All long as Nintendo has good story telling and gameplay they will stay on top.

      • Swic11

        What I’m saying is that muckrakers and sonys console will be more powerful. Sony executives have said themselves that they do not plan to make anew console until a significant leap in power can be made. I know nintendo is shooting for both casual and hardcore, and business wise it makes sense. But I for one am willin to pay the extra $100 for a more powerful console. I know everyone can’t do that and Nintendo knows that too.

        • Andrew

          Significant leap is a generic term that can mean anything.

        • Skozo

          Basically an excuse to “Fuck that, we don’t want to be broke.”

        • weegeeFTW

          Erm, sony’s console won’t be that much more powerful than the wii u, because sony are in a major financial crisis, losing $6.4 billion last year and never made a profit in the last 4 yrs, so they can’t do a ps3 in nxt gen and the best thing they have to do is to do a Nintendo: innovate

    • pach

      Graphics are already good. Look, i think they are more focused on things like the console being affordable for consumer yet profitable, how much it will cost to devs to make those games, and their final price. If Nintendo found out how to get this well balanced, they win, end.

  • SiSu

    I never really cared about graphics i just care about how fun the games are.

    • Nintendo Fan Forever


  • rafael

    I love how confident they are! Cant wait to see what they are holding back about the Wii-U, there seem to be more to it.

    Its going to be fun to watch nintendo prove wrong the unbelievers, if that happens.

    • rafael

      uhh..is it ”unbelievers” or ”non-believers”? Not sure 🙂

      • gNat

        non belivers

        • 007 1/2

          Who cares

          • 007 2/2


  • Lee

    And dont care about your new HD mario lol nintendo. Ive been tired of the lame and silly same mario games. Cant wait for 2012 ps3 games like GTA V and cant wait for xbox 720 and ps4

    • Wii UoopsSucks

      I herd u liek mudkipz

    • pach

      How is it possible to someone waiting for “another GTA” call mario silly and lame?

      • Marmor

        Must be the same people who ain’t getting tired of telling you how awesome ps4/xbox8 graphics will be but fail to understand that nowadays PCs are already ahead of them.

        And because the PC market is so huge that any game – that gets released for PS3 and Xbox360 – also gets released for the PC today the same will happen with next gen. NONE needs those next gen consoles beside Wii U. Because it is about the experience.

    • Christopher

      So you are saying that the Mario games are “Tiring and Lame” yet you are waiting on GTA V which I may remind you is the same game just with a different story, characters and vehicles.

      GTA is becoming more outdated by games such as Saints Row and The Mafia games. Face it, you just pwnd yourself

    • Mr.Chimera573

      Uhhhh, you do realize Rockstar said that GTA 5 is going to be on the Wii U right?

    • 007 1/2

      The graphics won’t be any better the highest resolution tvs have is 1080p. The graphics won’t go higher than 1080p for now.

  • Vulture


    I.E Go Nintendo!

  • South Forty

    I hope you are right, Garvensman, I really do. I want Nintendo to succeed a hundred times over PS4/720. What other system is going to give us Zelda?!! Hopefully in the fifth and sixth year of WiiU’s launch, it’ll be getting the same releases as PS4/720, and of course I am referring to major titles. I don’t believe anyone can argue that this is happening with the Wii. My thought is that Nintendo is in a cycle “trap”. PS4/720 will most likely come out with a type of mirrored version of WiiU, just like they did with Wii, but won’t they have the tablet controller, and the horsepower? Again, this is only my opinion. Sorry if anyone becomes upset or worse.

    • gPadWatcher

      Nintendo doesn’t give a flying squirrel about the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 8. Instead, they rely on not only the graphics of the Wii U (especially when it’s powered by Crytek, Epic Games, EA, and Ubisoft’s graphics engines, but the overall fun in playing games on Nintendo’s future proof console.

      If I had purchased the Wii U, I don’t care what controller I’ll be using whether it’s the traditional Wii controller and ‘chucks, the revolutionary Wii U Game Pad or the alternative Wii U Pro controller. The only thing I care about playing the Wii U is to have fun playing with my family and friends on Nintendo Network and Miiverse.

  • Nintendofreak

    Well xenoblade chronicles is not in hd but still looks badass….except for the chracters but d rest is fuking amazing like 20 time better than final fantasy xiii

  • realstic prizing for the wii u

    i simply do not understand how people think that the wii u is going to be priced at 299.-$

    now in all honesty, the tablet is probably priced around 149.-£ -199.-£

    the consol from 249.-£-349.-£

    that my friends, is a LOT more realistic than 299 $ us

    bottom line, you people need to be prepared for the price to be bigger than 299.-$ us. just want you guys to know 🙂 (long live Nintendo!)

    • Marmor

      The GamePad is a DSi XL without anything costly inside. No big RAM, no big CPU etc. You can’t compare its price with a real tablet or even a Kindle.

    • realstic prizing for the wii u


      tablet 99£ -149£

      consol+other stuff, like manuals and such 199£-249£

      = 299.- british pound (minimum)

      • ConCity Soldier

        Yeah, I think it’s going be $300.

        • Jonas

          he was talking about 300 british pounds, that equals 468.51 Us Dollars.

  • Captain Falcon
  • Andrew

    The only way I can thank of that made the Playstation 2 better than the Gamecube is that the PS2 could play PS games. The Gamecube had it all graphics, gameplay, story telling, 1,2, and 3 party. I almost used the bathroom on my self the first time I play Resident Evil on the Gamecube. I searched for 5 years for a copy of Zelda collectors edition and loved the uniqueness of Wind Waker. In my book that generation was GC>DC>PS2>Xbox.

    • icanseeu

      Gamecube had better 3rd party games then the PS2? I’d like some of whatever your smoking!!!

  • Enigmatic

    Yes, the Wii did so well because of the motion control fad. But will Nintendo be able to use the tablet controller did this some kind of effect too? I doubt it.

    The Wii has died with the motion control fad. Look at the sales for the past few years for the Wii compared to the PS3/360. The Wii had explosive sales at the beginning, that’s why it is still ahead in total sales. The PS3/360 were quickly catching up before the Wii U was announced. The Wii didn’t have 3rd party support that it needed because of it’s power. Will the Wii U be able to get enough 3rd party support when the PS4/720 come out?

    Also, keep in mind that the PS3/360 are basically the same thing. They have had to compete with each other directly. Imagine how much sales the two would have had without that competition.

  • Dustin

    The difference between the Wii and the WiiU is that when the Wii came out, there wasn’t 16% unemployment among young people and they were willing to buy two consoles (one of them being the Wii); but the WiiU is entering a market that is looking for one new system to buy that is good enough that there is no need for a second purchase.

    For the WiiU to replicate the second console strategy of the Wii; the system is going to have to be $150 when the next Xbox comes out.

    • Oii

      But if people wont be able to afford the wii U by the time the next xbox comes out, what makes you think they’ll be able to afford whats obviously going to be more expensive.
      Its these kind of statements from press and people that are simply illogical. As long as a high-quality product is compelling enough, and set at a price below 300 and IS NOT a Laptop or PC or anything made by apple, it will sell. especially with nintendo. Gaming consoles and portable media devices however are definitely changing in their pricing climate. To carry around a smartphone or tablet or even to buy a blue ray player or anything like that consumers are not willing to pay more than 500 for it (if its that compelling or sold by apple) because the bar for affordable tech is being raised so high.

      • Draco Breach

        I think it highly unlikely the Wii U will be released below $300 with what we’ve heard from companies like Gearbox, Epic, Ubisoft, Bandai-Namco, Sega, EA, … Wait, I should stop.

        Anyway, I still have a $400 price point estimate. I think the GamePad itself will cost $75~115 at retail when purchased separately. I don’t think a console – at this time or for the foreseeable future – will be able to survive much beyond that price point.

        To me, the Wii U is compelling for the features and immersion it brings to the table, and I think some hands-on play time will make it compelling to a large number of people. Still, I doubt it will achieve the success that the Wii achieved.

        Keep in mind, Nintendo is a lot like Apple in some regards. They have a very energized following. I mean; just listen to grown men squeal genuinely excited like little schoolgirls whenever Nintendo announces a console Kirby game. However, the 3DS proved that market pressures can limit what a gaming system can go for.

        Now, I don’t think Nintendo is trying to replicate the whole “second console” thing. I’m not sure what their strategy is to avoid that, but I seriously doubt the next Xbox or PlayStation will be a significant leap forward without pricing themselves out of contention. They also seem quite poised to try to capture the tablet controller idea.

        They will be more powerful, but I seriously doubt the average gamer will be able to see any difference. I’m not even willing to say if we’ll see a definitive winner next generation. It almost seems pointless to contest. I want to see a return to “game is an art” development.

        Ironically, the return of 8- and 16- bit games seem to be fulfilling this ideal. However, I want to see developers use the horsepower available to really showcase an artform. I want style. I want well designed architecture, physics, and effects. I want gameplay and story to keep me hooked and draw me in.

  • Man

    Nintendo=Real GAMING company!
    Sony+Microsoft=Graphic whores!

    • Enigmatic

      Yeah, no.

      • 007 1/2

        Sony and Xbox is for graphics whores.

  • alex

    I care am a nintendo fan since 85 i stell have my nes,snes,n64.,ngc and wii a.d i own gb anb a ds…ds lite…dsi and a 3ds and i want a wii u but is do not have power it will be like the wii getting the poor ports when playstation and xbox getting tbe betters vrsion of the gamez am not a graphic fan but third parties company are and the true nintendo gMes are not enough the is the reason this generation i own a ps 3 and not only a wii

  • Rasta

    Isnt this why we luv ninty only one time they gave in to all the power Bull S and lost now they just do themselves and continue to win this race with inovation and GOOD games(yet holding the HD down ya fell me) And Sony and Microsoft proceed to wounder whats going on.

    Like my Grandpa said a man can have his best suit on but if his shoes aint polished it means nothing.

  • Nintengoth

    Heys Everyone!!! :)… Go Nintendo! im another one who does not care about the power of 720 and ps4 that will be all they can do.
    Ninty has always done somthing different and thats why i love them.
    I mean if you look at the games coming out for ps3 and 360 at the end of the year they look amazing, how much more can you improve on that? obviously the WiiU is more powerful than ps360 so think in like 3 years how amazingly amazing the games will look lol

  • Paul

    nintendo do care about graphics as who the heck would buy this system if the graphics was the same as on wii version as i wouldnt

  • Maverick-Hunter

    First Off I never been impressed by Sony/microsoft one game got my attention for each system god of war was one and cod was the other

    I’m a pro when it comes to puzzle games GoW didn’t even phase me in the least of way I practically just walked threw the gaming not having to even think from how easy it was. Sure it looked great but it plays like devil may cry but even easier because the controls are better. Bottom line I wasn’t challenged at all unlike ninja gaiden for the super nintendo which was extremely hard damn it’s up there with impossible.

    Call of duty- I suck at these first person shooters where it’s chaos like a war yeah yeah I get it that’s the whole point of the game and you can call me a noob all you want. But personally and honestly I already got comfortable with holding a gun and shooting I’ve done that since the arcade days, I’ve done that since nintendo days, I’ve done that during the wii days, so to switch from holding a freaking gun to angling a cursor with a joy stick is too drastic of a change for me. So calling this franchise a first person shooter is retarded your not even holding a gun. Bottom line it looks pretty but its gamplay isnt up there with my expectations.

  • Sikora

    … Reminds me of the… wii… God please, no.

  • Raka

    Nintendo’s master plan

    1) Cheaper console for consumers, leading to a larger early install base.
    2) Game developers getting Havok engine (and others) for free, for cheaper easier game developement… as long as the Wii U is the “primary” system, and not a port.
    3) Easy to port already-developed games from this AND next gen consoles. (Unreal 4 will run on Wii U, but Unreal 3 runs slightly more efficiently, according to Epic)
    4) Developers get a better slice of the pie if a game is avaiable online. (and more accessable to players)
    5) Miiverse helps the gaming comunity figure out what games are popular each week, (and ignore crap wii-waggle-games) so we dont need to wait for hype magazines to know what to buy.
    6) Games cost the same in retail, ensuring an equal slice of the pie.
    7) NFC skylander toys in game stores, giving Gamestops something you CANT get online, however hard you try, thus keeping Retail involved in sales, and more willing to promore their console.

    Which brings us back around to… a cheaper console, with a larger install base, more games, self regulated for GOOD games, and everyone involved willing to say good things about Nintendo. It’s like a Vicious Cycle, but everything keeps getting better and better. (for nintendo)


    I gotta agree that the next Xbox and playstation won’t be much more powerful…if you think about it, the last 2 generations were released during home entertainment innovations. When the 6th generation came around we were going through that whole VHS to CD stage and in-house visuals improved, and flat screens started popping up.

    During the 7th we saw flat screens become the norm, Blueray came around, and the HD fad begun with the 3D fad coming around within the last 2-3 years or so.

    This time around we’re still in the HD and 3D phase. There’s definately room for improvement but were not going through a whole technological overturn like we have in past years. granted of course that doesn’t mean we haven’t made improvments. but for household technology we haven’t made a huge leap outside of obvious things. maybe this is a simple outlook on things but it makes some sense XD.

  • mr.nintendo

    nintendo doesn’t care about the graphics of the games, nintendo wanna to provide good games like mario and zelda

    • Paul

      nintendo may seem to say this but in reality they want graphics near or on the same level as the xbox 360 and ps3

      nintendo cannot rely on mario or zelda forever as 3rd party support is number one

      • Anonymous

        Even though those 2 are massively popular and Mario is on his 27th birthday whereas Link is on his 26th birthday.

  • Shadriczo

    I spy a lot of good thumbed up comment getting thumbed down.

    This clearly proves that MS/Sony can’t take a beating, but they’ll soon understand who will dominate this fall..

  • Frog Freenzy

    Who remembers watching the videos for DSI good times good times good times.

  • Bolo69

    Ok today a leak about the Xbox 720 appeared on IGN and guess what, it has 8gb of ram and is more like a gaming pc than a home console, so with more power, more power craving devs to forget about the Wii U, and I want this thing so bad :'(

    • Myles Williams

      But if the Xbox 720 be more like a gaming pc, wouldn’t the price be like 500$?

  • chito.

    I’ll put it this way never judge a book by its cover

  • sametang

    The Wii was a straight up advancement in gaming, So Sony and Microsoft of course competed with it. The Wii U is different from the previous console, and Nintendo has always been more friendly towards all age groups, but now there letting out games I never thought would be released shows there trying to attract more players despite the other companies systems. I guess I’m rambling, but putting these games will make me sell my xbox any day now.