Jun 12th, 2012

Nintendo Smartglass
Microsoft revealed Xbox 360 SmartGlass at this year’s E3, something we called a complete gimmick and a pointless attempt to compete with the Nintendo Wii U. Now, Nintendo didn’t have any harsh words for Xbox 360’s knockoff feature, they simply called it “flattering”. According Nintendo’s Scott Moffitt, VP of sales and marketing, it took Sony and Microsoft 3 years to add motion control systems to their consoles, but that this time, there were a lot quicker to copy Nintendo’s technology. Here’s what he had to say about Microsoft’s new “idea”:

“We announced second screen gaming last year, and it’s somewhat flattering that it only took people a year this time around.”

He added that SmartGlass doesn’t look like it’s made for a games system, and that players would find themselves “limited by their number of hands”. Since, obviously, you still have to use a regular controller in addition to the SmartGlass device. Moffit throws in another little zinger at Microsoft:

“I’m not sure how, as a gamer, I would manipulate a second screen with most hands on my controller. We don’t have three hands, unfortunately.”

Indeed. SmartGlass has other major disadvantages, namely, developers can’t count on that players will have access to a secondary screen. This means that the screen can’t contain any major gameplay feature since there’s no assurance that players will have a screen at their disposal. The Wii U on the other hand, includes a touchscreen controller with every single console.

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  • Skozo

    Nintendo. . . You just proved you’re more badass than Master Chief. I never played those games, just poking some fun at the fans lol.

    • Swic11

      Nothing wrong with halo lol

      • Skozo

        Lol I never said there was, just poking some fun.

    • Johny

      why are you disliking “nothing wrong with halo” ? … cmon guys… sure nintendo is superior in every way and stuff… but some games are good on other consoles too…dont get to the sony fanboys and microsoft fanboys level by just auto-disliking whatever is not nintendo (:
      halo persay is a good game… GoW too
      and games like God of war and uncharted have its own value..
      and we have sonys innovative All-stars battle royAHAHAhA X’DD … couldnt say that with a straight face

  • Chthonic

    Haha! I’m loving this. It’s about time Nintendo snaps back! They need to do this more often. I honestly got a huge laugh.

  • DerikGotro64

    I stand correct: Smart Glass is a bonafide multimedia device.

    • uPadWatcher

      I believe the Xbox SmartAss is a bonfide gimmick device. 100% epic fail by Microsoft.

  • swic11

    I am liking the “smart assness” of our lovely Nintendo. Its about time they fire back! Go big N

  • fgsdfs

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
    And Nintendo appreciates it.

    • Techni

      But Nintendo copied it from RemotePlay

      • fgsdfs

        Remoteplay with PSP/PS3 or PS Vita/PS3 is different from the Wii U.
        You’re using another handheld console as a controller, not a dedicated tablet.

      • qaz123


      • LazerK

        I believe the first concept of “remote play” was the Gamecube and GBA interaction?That’s right,by NINTENDO

  • john

    Yeah and that thought goes to the vita as well developers are not programing for two screens for sony if they don’t know who owns the dame thing. Lol that’s. Why the ps move failed call of duty and battlefield had no ps move support. But the wii had motion support for call of duty! Add on consoles don’twork

  • Rez

    And Apple thanks you Nintendo.

    • Poncho

      And Nintendo thanks Apple

  • yannis

    nintendo you are wrong! with every xbox microsoft will throw in an artificial hand as a gift for the purposes of smartglass gaming. Also vouchers will be provided for free operations at microsoft labs that will attach this artificial hand to every gamer. if you dont mind looking like GORO get an xbox or simply buy a wiiu!!

  • Richnj

    For the last 7 years the 360 has been my main console. My view isn’t that smartglass is suppose to compete with the Wiipad. In fact before I saw smartglass one of my hopes is that there will be some Wii U games that allow 1 player to play with the pro pad (Wiimote way back when I concieved the idea) and stand the Wiipad next to me for adiditional data.

    Allowing me to manage messages, parties, invites and game tactics on the touch screen and leave all true gameplay on the TV would be where smartglass becomes a valuable tool on 360, not competeing with the Wiipad. Hopefully MS knows (or atleast allows) this.

    • Alienfish

      Yeah, it could be good for monitoring your Live account and friends, but I don’t think developers will be using it for anything serious for games. Like the article states, “developers can’t count on that players will have access to a secondary screen.” They’ll probably even have a touch pad controller in their next gen console, but it still won’t matter because they don’t have Nintendo games or Nintendo insight, innovation, or gameplay.

      • Richnj

        Yeah exactly, but I’ve had many times on Halo I’ve wanted to send messages or invites in game, or wish I could see a friends camera to help me, and I’ve had trouble ’cause bringing up the in game guide can be very slow. Hell you could even have Halo waypoint, commendations, achievement progress appear on smartglass. I for one check that stuff constantly when I play games, it would really help having it. That would be the best smartglass experience.

        Wii U on the other hand has no just a touch screen, but the buttons and the gyroscopes, cameras and all the other bells and whistles. That would really work as an in game tool. Like a scanner.

        I’m not going to sit here and think that smartglass is the same as the Wiipad. I’m not going to get the same experience with smartglass and xbox as I am with the Wii U. Maybe it was just me but I thought it was blantantly obvious from the get go. I’m eagerly awaiting the end of the year to get my hands on the Wii U because I know how unique the experience will be.

    • Crapcake

      Thats exactly right, butt the gamepad IS the controller

  • Paul

    Smart Glass can’t compete with Wii U period. The Wii U has A fully integrated Screen connected to the controller, but Smart Glass you have to go out and buy a tablet if you don’t have one and even then it’s not connected to the controller. It’s like Moffitt said you need three hands!

  • Hafid

    No way !!!
    Microsoft is Like : gimme money !!!
    I know for sure That Microsoft had just copy Nintendo …
    As usual …

    • Ninty1

      -_- Microsoft’s not the only company to copy Nintendo, look at the PS move.

  • Richnj

    Why am I being downvoted. I’m not saying smartglass is betterthan the Wiipad, I’m not even saying it is equal to it. I’m saying it’s stupid to compare the two. Wiipad will be an awesome controller that will immerse players further in to a game.

    The smartglass? obviously has it’s benefits elsewhere.

    I know N are coming in to the HD world, but that doesn’t mean the fans have to join in with the rampant blind fanboyism that the PS3 and 360 had :/ it’s childish.

    • BluChuChu

      Maybe you were downvoted for poor grammar and just an overall confusing comment. I also wouldn’t sweat my stuff over a single downvote on a comment…

      • Richnj

        I had actually been downvoted 5 times, so my comment was hidden. I wasn’t sweating it but I was left curious to which part of my comment people found unreasonable. It’s hard to clarify points and have a constructive conversation without feedback.

        If I got downvoted for bad grammer, then I’m the only one.

  • markw1982

    Does anyone know if the new wii u gamepad has wifi built into it I think it would be a good idea if it did

    • anon12

      the wiiu is connected to the internet by wifi and the pad is to the wii u so you can use wifi on it yes

  • Tom

    Microsoft and Sony must have no confidence in themselves to consistently copy Nintendo’s ideas. Besides Asian’s are more clever and they rule!

    • Babybooomomo

      But if they are so clever I think they would have come up for something smarter and better for the “hardcore controller”… instead of copie the xbox 360 controller..

      • qaz123

        to trool them like they always do

  • 3ds guy

    Micro should of jus stuck with pc wot there good at dont like there first party games i have vita an now ps3 r going to turn it into a controller to but i dont think will be good. got rid ot ps3 so wont be trying it wii u all the way

  • Chan

    Guys, it’s been a very long long time that Sony and MS has not innovate anymore. they are so huge company and their investor just want to get money that investing in innovation is not a option anymore. Since Windows3.11 MS has never innovate anymore..Look at Apple and their investment on innovation. Sony has the same path than MS… since the walkman, there were no real innovation… So not suprise to see MS coming to something closed to Mablet…XBOX and PS3 just become more and more close to PC harchitecture.. why do we still call that Home console and not Home PC??
    Go on Nintendo, keep innovating.. think about VR tracking!!

    • Techni

      “Guys, it’s been a very long long time that Sony and MS has not innovate anymore.”

      Yet Nintendo copied WiiU from RemotePlay.

      • silentbates

        didn’t nintendo and sony announce the same stuff at the same time at e3 2011? its called a coincidence. It happens alot, you know like how lightning might strike in the same spot? Yea its kind of like that…

      • paperchao

        But didn’t Nintendo have remote play with the gamecube and gba?

    • MadCrain

      Don’t be an ass-face, Nintendo’s been trying to make this console since 2008, If anything it was a coincidence, Drown in a puddle.

  • Fouserd

    is funny how Ps fans and Microsoft fans say Nintendo is pure crap and how stupid our systems are when their beloved company always copying new ideas from our beloved Nintendo, also how funny it is that they say our consoles are for kids when i have seen more Kids playing PS3 and Xbox 360 than on Wii and now with the WiiU im sure Hardcore games like me that has always being loyal to Nintendo will be more fire up and will leave other the other 2

    • Techni

      “when their beloved company always copying new ideas from our beloved Nintendo,”

      Nintendo copied WiiU from RemotePlay though

      • Skozo

        You’re an idiot. . .

      • silentbates


      • paperchao

        Again, gamecube and gba had remote play too

  • Pepe Timbale

    I do hope that Nintendo do not get into the bragging crap that Sony and Microsoft have done for this console generation with their marketing machine, putting down the other console(s).

  • Jose


  • Colton

    Awww.. Two-handed Jimmy can’t use the SmartGlass, but two handed Jimmy CAN use Wii U because it only takes two hands!

  • jamin

    I am a huge Nintendo fan, and i am pretty fond of my PS3 also. But when people start saying “Nintendo totally copied them!” or other sh** like “Sony is better than Nintendo!” i just wanna kick them in the mouth! Nintendo has all of the best and most original franchises, ideas and systems in all of the gaming world! sure, i have a PS3, but with the Wii U coming out soon, i would gladly trade my PS3 in for it (except my brother would piss himself with anger if i did xD) ! honestly, the only “original” ideas Sony has ever had were Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, and LittleBigPlanet. the end.

  • qaz123

    nintendo may not have system power but they do have game power

  • You Know People Copy Nintendo For a Reason

    EPIC FAIL by Microsoft for a number of reasons.
    1.Wii U is more powerful then XBOX and smart glass will be only for the dumbest of this gen.
    2.XBOX smart glass will not be compatible with games that came out before it.
    3.We don’t have 4 hands.
    4.The games for it might suck BOWSERS BALLS!

  • Ninty1

    I have both Microsoft and Nintendo consoles, but Nintendo’s statment is true. I think it’s just a way to get more people on board with the Xbox.

  • Ninty1

    P.S also why is everyone hating microsoft for?

    • LyingTuna

      Because of all the times Microsoft took influence from Nintendo, then insulted them.

  • Ninty1

    Also why are Microsoft and Sony making cross-play and multimedia playing stuff that “directly competes” with the Wii U?