Aug 8th, 2017

Nintendo World Championship is back and will be held in October in New York. Qualifying events will be held around the United States at local Best Buy stores, where the final contestants for the main event in New York will be found.

The last Nintendo World Championship took place in 2015 at E3, where players competed to see who’s best in popular Nintendo games.

This year’s championship will start with qualifying events at eight Best Buy locations in the US on August 19.

Players will be divided into two groups: younger than 12 and older than 12, and the games played are Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS. Here’s how Nintendo explains the qualifying system:

“Players will be divided into two groups based on their age, and both groups will play Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

The first age group, 12 and Younger, will play as Mario on the Nintendo DS “Luigi’s Mansion” course using Standard Kart, Standard Wheels and Super Glider. The second age group, 13 and Older, will play as Bowser on the Game Boy Advance “Bowser Castle 1” course using Standard Kart, Standard Wheels and Super Glider.

The player with the best Time Trial entry in each age group at the end of the two-day event at each location will qualify for the Nintendo World Championships 2017!”

The qualifying events will also have demo stands with Super Mario Odyssey, and anyone who visits will get 100 Platinum Points on their My Nintendo Account.

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