Jan 16th, 2013

Wii U OSThe operating system has been one of the major criticisms of the Wii U: it’s just too slow and cumbersome to use. Nintendo has already improved it somewhat, but it’s still nowhere near where it should be. Things often take way too long to load, and switching between simple pages which should be instant can take a long time (by today’s standards). Loading basic apps can take up to a minute, which is unacceptable, no matter how you cut it.

In a recent interview with Japanese trade publication Nikkei, Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata promised Wii U owners that the company is working on improving the speed of the Wii U operating system.

Nintendo made some interesting decisions with the Wii U operating system — an OS which Nintendo dedicated a whopping 512 MB of system RAM, yet, it remains painfully slow. Nintendo has a lot of optimizing to do, and the good news is that they are already at work.

Source (Japanese)

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  • Ultranist

    even win vista is faster on a 512MB machine lol

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    I don’t find it painfully slow but there is a lot of room for improvement.  If you compare it to the 360s instant page capabilities then it is slow but maybe I’m just a very patient person.  Good work on the site WiiU daily.  Well designed and easy to navigate. =)

    • ConCity Soldier

      I’m right there with you. I used to just nod my head to the music, thinking about the time wasted after clicking into an app.  BUT I have gotten used to it and it doesn’t bother me as much.  I can be a little patient with it now. But I’m still glad Nintendo is fixing it though.

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    Dat zou eens tijd worden zeg

    • Lol ik kom ook uit Breda hahahaha

      • Tim van Broekhoven

        Das grappig XD waar precies?

        • <–Etten-Leur 😛 Mijn pa woont in Breda, Haagse Beemden heb er zelf ook zo'n 5 jaar gewoont 🙂

          Anyway back to topic, Nintendo indeed should fix it, I don't know much about the slow OS, but I hear complains about it everywhere. Not only here, many mags and other sites state the same about the slow os, so N fix it pls.

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            Ik woon ook in de haagse beemden!

        • Tuinzigt 😛

  • Ness Troll

    The Home Menu/Button could use some work too. How about having the Home Button light up and showing a notification display on either of the screens when getting a message or a call? It’d be nice to also view your friends list through the Home Button, not by opening the app.

    • it already has that in settings you can switch it on and the home button lights up doing exactly so?

      • Captain Falcon

        I think he means that the there shouldn’t just only be the Home Button lighting up, but a TV display notification.

        • Revolution5268

           i would love to see that like the xbox

    • Kuzon

      The overlay menu needs TONS of work. I would also enjoy to  be able to see the friends list, notification, and message notifications with out having to open an app and or leave the overlay.

      • Captain Falcon

        I see you like ATLA. I too, like ATLA.

    • MujuraNoKamen

       Very true, I love my Wii U but the menus and OS are nowhere near as good as that of my XBox 360. On the 360 you get on screen notifications as opposed to the quick flashing of the Home button. Also on Xbox the home menu allows you to see who’s online without loading for a long time and lets you send/read messages whereas on Wii U you have to be on Miiverse to do that and that means cutting away from your game and waiting for a long time! I love Nintendo but I fail to see how when designing the menus and OS they made it so slow and disjointed – how did they not think to check out what made their competitors menus so great and not think to replicate that, instead we get a load of slow load screens all in separate pieces of software when in 7 year old systems, everything could be accessed through one quick menu (which is what you’d expect) that wouldn’t keep you waiting till you’ve grown a beard. The bright side of his is Nintendo cares about its fans and these issues and will rectify them, please Mr. Iwata, release a patch that will improve the OS and alter the menus to make them more accessible (like everyone else did almost a decade ago) Thank you.

      • bizzy gie

        Idiot. The OS of the Xbox 360 was majorly updated WAY LATER in the Xbox’s life cycle. That windows live tile stuff wasn’t the UI from the beginning.

        • Zack Smith

          Nintendo has had many years now to learn from the updated 360/ps3 OSs. Just because a 7-8 year old product started out sucky doesn’t mean a modern system has to go back in time.

          • bizzy gie

            Ok? I didn’t really say it had to. In fact that has nothing to do with what I posted. He just thinks that Xbox popped out perfect and I was explaining that it took a whole console remodel and OS update in 2010 to get the Xbox 360 up to where it is now.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            I never said 360 “popped out perfect” my point was, if 360 has been using a great OS and menu system for a few years, why didn’t Nintendo draw inspiration from that? as Zack Smith said, “Just because a 7-8 year old product started out sucky doesn’t mean a modern system has to go back in time.”

    • Kirbyomega

      … The home Button already lights up when you get a message. It Blinks twice rapidly then twice again a few seconds later. Then it glows lightly for a few seconds every five or ten minutes after that.

      • Captain Falcon

        He says that it would also be useful if there were also a TV notification

    • Destiny64

      wii-u is slow,  no OS!!!!!!

  • Nintenjoe82

    There is almost no logic to the slowness. The only thing that is a guaranteed wait on mine is the system settings but now and then a bizarre long wait will crop up. I remember when Nintendo used to use loading times as a reason to purchase their console over others. Hopefully they fix this and the other pretty silly things like the VC and integrate the Wii channel and allow Wii U system memory for Wii downloads.

    Problems aside, I still think the overall user interface is infinity billion times better than on PS3 or Xbox (especially in the launch windows of each console).

    • ECM

      I agree wholeheartedly with the first part of this post.

      Nintendo always made it a point to stress that long load times suck and they went to great lengths to make sure this wasn’t the case in every platform they’ve created minus the U.

      Really,it’s just another sign that the system was incredibly rushed and they’re still not through getting it into launch shape, even though we’re nearing two months after the fact.

      Love the games, HATE the speed of the OS.

      • TheLast

        It’s going to take a bit to work through the launch problems, but I’m guessing after that there shouldn’t be too many problems hardware-wise. My guess..

    • Ford Crews

       I’d bet 99.9999% of the slowness is crap security checks doing checksums of then entire system over and over trying to make sure nothing is compromised.

  • DemonRoach

    Application switching is painfully slow. The CPU is a solid tricore processor that would even be able to run windows 8 well, so it’s obvious that this is a OS programming issue.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    Where’s that 512MB coming from?  My understanding is that 1GB is dedicated to the OS.

    • sdmac200600

      512MB is equivalant to 1GB

      mistake. everyone just shut the hell up. why are you guys taking the internet so fucking serious. get a fucking life or something. it’s not that serious.

      • no it isn’t 1024mb is equivalent to to 1gb

      • 512MB is half a gig.

      • Letha1Rage

        If you are not a troll then you have to be one of the biggest idiots I have ever met.

        • No need to get nasty. But by looking at your name, you are probably too tough to keep the fury within.

          • Letha1Rage

            well anyone who is on a computer making these kind of statements clearly needs some troll counseling or some mental counseling.

          • sdmac200600

            i made a mistake it’s not that serious bro. taking the internet too serious. take a break from it

        • sdmac200600

          it’s called a fucking mistake. no need to be a fucking asshole.

          • BEAN508

             Dude…chill you made a dumb mistake.

          • sdmac200600

            exactly which is why im pissed. it’s clearly a mistake but apparently, anything said on the internet is suppose to be 100% accurate like everyone is a fucking robot

          • BEAN508

             Yea, so drop it, it was a DUMB mistake.

          • Letha1Rage

            wow over react much I was just messing with you never intended to make you pee your pants like a 3 year old little girl

          • sdmac200600

            oh yeah sure ok…..

      • oontz

        HA HA… 

  • Chris C

    It’s very humorous to me that every criticism that I and others have voiced just weeks ago, which get viciously shouted down by the Wii U Daily members, are now being posted in article form by Wii U Daily themselves.

    Guess I just admit reality before everyone else. 

    • bizzy gie

      Yes, but people like you just complain. If this had been an article on the slow speed of the OS and nothing else, then your comment would be credible. However, this article isn’t. It was only posted to state that the OS is being improved. In order to do that, it had to bring up the initial problem that’s being fixed.

      • Chris C

        No, I offer solutions to the obvious problems.  People like you blindly champion Nintendo.

        • bizzy gie

          So, if I’m correct, you’re asuming I’m a Nintendo fanboy because I disagree with your post? I myself am very informed on the strengths and weaknesses of Nintendo consoles.

          However, if I notice a weakness, I’m not going post a novella of a rant to hundreds of owners of the product I’m concerning. People don’t like being told that what they paid hundreds of dollars for is inadequate. Yes, I agree, people need to open their eyes, but most don’t want to which is very understandable.

          You can’t genuinely believe that if you go to a Wii U dedicated site pointing out its flaws that tons of Wii U owners who just spent $300 on the system will wholeheartedly agree with you. Can you?

  • AAAkabob

    I barely mind most of the waits any more, settings is the only one that still feels long. However they need to improve the way it notifies friends are online & make an easier way to communicate w/ them. Also to the guy commenting about call notifications, it is unmistakeable when it starts lighting up like crazy so that’s not a complaint of mine.

  • ECM

    Crippled tortoises are faster than the U’s OS, and it gives me no pleasure to say it.

    • ConCity Soldier


  • Mark Thom

    just fix it nintendo 🙂

  • Who really cares about load speeds as long as i can play cool games on it..That’s all i care about

    • Laud

      Uhh, I do? Maybe you don’t care but I like having a quick load times. 

      •  Maybe for you that is fine me i just want to play plus ps3 has some of the same problems

  • Graham Gillman

    Where are you guys getting 1 minute? Most of the time it’s 5-25 seconds, which last time I checked was’t bad.

  • Mauricio Guaura

    ” Nintendo dedicated a whopping 512 MB of system RAM”?

    I’m pretty sure it dedicated 1GB, not 512 mb…

    • ThunderGod_Cid

      Based on what I’ve heard/read, 512mb was dedicated to the OS, another 512mb is used to stream data to the GamePad, and 1gb to games.

  • Ford Crews

     I’d bet 99.9999% of the slowness is crap security checks doing
    checksums of then entire system over and over trying to make sure
    nothing is compromised. 

  • Well Nintendo is now on the clock to get this embarrassment resolved. There is absolutely no reason for a next gen console to have this type of lag when going from menu options to the next. The only logic i can think of why this happens is because the Wii U OS have to communicate with Nintendo servers before doing anything (hence the lag time) but even that doesn’t seem necessary or makes sense. 

  • Daniel


    • sonicfan1373

      You can do that already to some degree. Press the home menu button, click on the Gamepad settings, and press Turn off display. Unfortunately, this function is only useful if you have other controllers that are compatible with your game, as you cannot turn the Gamepad screen off and just use the buttons on the Gamepad because doing so will turn the Gamepad back on. Nintendo should provide such an option on the TV options screen within the gamepad itself and they should let you use the Gamepad buttons even if you are not using the screen.  

  • Ryan House

    The Websites I have read have said the Wii U has 2GB/2048MegaBytes of ram and that 1GB/1024MegaBytes is Dedicated to the Wii U Operating system

  • Marcell Wade

    I’m so use to it now, but some apps are still noticeable slow, so this is excellent news that they are working diligently on this problem for everyone.

  • Stupid carpid !

  • Jay

    Sure it’s relatively slow compared to other things that we’re used to now, like angry birds,  but even if you were to have a race between powering on the system, logging in, and starting a game between a Wii U and a high end PC, the Wii U is faster.  I definitely remember waiting much longer for say, Castlevania Lords of Shadows on my 360, and waiting nearly an hour, before I could play Metal Gear Solid 4 on my PS3, due to the fact that it had to load the entire game onto the hard drive BECAUSE it would have had ludicrous loading times. I hope they fix it, but to have such a gripe fest about a brand new system that will be tweaked and re-tweaked, is just not necessary.

    • GoldenTiger

      Not likely, considering from pressing the button for power-on to Windows 7 finishing loading and being on the desktop is about 15 seconds for my gaming PC with an SSD in it, and I can have a game loaded within another 2-3 of clicking the shortcut on the desktop. Seeing as how my PC runs 24/7 since it sips basically no power when idle thanks to having modern components…. yeah, no contest. But hey, live in fantasy-land…. consoles are fun but they’re not high-end gaming PC’s. Heck, I can be in the character selection screen for a match of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition on my PC in multiplayer online, within ~10 seconds depending on matches available, from clicking the icon. ~1 to load the game (it’s almost instant), ~2 to skip intro movies with my controller’s start button (I use a wired 360 pad that goes in the USB port), a couple more to connect to the online service, and another couple to choose a match and accept it. Done.

      I love my Wii U but it is a supplement to my PC, not a replacement. And, frankly, that’s what it should be…. many consoles *cough*360*cough* have most of their titles available on the PC too and try to be “mini-PC” units that end up being a bad value to people who own a decent computer. The Wii U on the other hand is a great addition for me and well worth the cash.

  • xdlugia

    It’s not because of the RAM, it’s because of the underclocked CPU. The Wii U has a powersaving solution which makes the hardware slower. It used half the power of the PS3/Xbox 360, so it’s not that surprising.
    Still, it is possible to optimise the OS speed some more.

  • Srpg2ishere

    Miiverse on computers. 2013. 😀

    • Genesect4ssb4

      Can’t wait for it on phones! I hope the app is free! BTW i subbed to ur utube channel

  • MetroidZero

    Yes, this needs to be addressed…especially the Wii part in the Wii U. The whole system has to reset itself to switch to Wii? The original Wii never had to reset itself to play GameCube games. The Wii U OS *might* just need an overhaul. That would be a big update, I’m sure.

  • InterTriplete

    Software = OS = changeable. Hardware = GamePad = unique. People saying: “I won’t buy it because it’s slow” are making a very big mistake.

    • Val Berger

      I don’t really think anyone would say that. People also got used to that XMB of the PS3 which is plain bad usability (which will never change 😉 )

      • InterTriplete

        This is the effect of some silly comments from “analyst” like Patcher, who hates Nintendo for personal reasons, and make people believe the CPU is a drama, Wii U has no future, and stupidities like this. So, when they read about slow SO on Wii U, this should confirm their doubts. It’s not their fault, Wii U has been receiving too much critics, imo, sometimes also false critics, like this one. As far as usage experience is concerned, Nintendo is easily #1. Since Wii Nunchuck to Wii U GamePad, passing through the NDS touch screen. Revolutionary hardware all imitated by competitors. This is the real difference! 😉

  • Val Berger

    I’m missing a possibility to just turn of the gamepad without turning of the console. I can go to the Home Menu and then turn the screen off, but I think it should be faster accessible like hitting the shut down button to turn off the gamepad, holding it to shut the whole system down.that would save me some battery.

  • BEAN508

    I’d love to ahve a music player built into the wii u. Any word on this coming?

  • Will

    Satoru Iwata has a MacBook Pro Retina. That’s sick.

  • Destructonator 101

    Awesome Idea! I think. Nintendo make gaming Laptops and desktops!