Aug 12th, 2015


Last week a huge update for Splatoon went live across the world, raising the level cap from 20 to 50, bringing two new weapon types, and several new maps and modes for players to splat each other. All is not well in Inkopolis however, as some players have been reporting connection issues when trying to play online. Nintendo is aware of the issue, as a customer service representative has confirmed.

I am sorry to read that you are continuing to experience an issue with your connection on Splatoon online.

We can confirm that due to the update that has occurred, some people are still having their connection affected. However this has been identified and escalated to our Head Office, and we are looking to ensure that this is resolved and that our servers are stabilised within the next few days.

We would recommend for you to continue trying over the weekend to see if you notice any improvements in the connection. We sincerely apologise for any upset or inconvenience that this issue has caused to you.

Over the weekend, Nintendo’s Splatfest for marshmallows vs. hot dogs launched and several people on reddit have reported issues with getting the game to connect. One redditor reports getting disconnected around 9 out of 10 of his games when the issue is on going.

Have you experienced any connection issues this past week while trying to play online?

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