Jun 9th, 2012

Wii u price
According to Nintendo designer Katsuya Eguchi, the company doesn’t want to sell the Wii U at a loss when the console launches later this year. Usually, when new consoles launch, their hardware is very powerful and advanced, which makes it quite expensive. Therefore, the console is initially sold at a loss, and money is made in the long run. For example, when the PlayStation 3 launched, it cost Sony over $800 to make a PS3 console, while it cost $500 for consumers.

The Wii U is far from a very advanced machine compared to current generation consoles, and Nintendo hasn’t sold console hardware at a loss for a long time, both the Wii and GameCube were profitable from day one. And it looks like the Wii U will be profitable for the company on day one as well. Speaking to GameTrailers, Eguchi said, “We would like to avoid taking a loss on the hardware, so we are gonna be seriously considering how it is priced”. Lately, there have been many rumors suggesting Wii U prices anywhere from the very high end of $399 to the lower ends of $199. Nintendo has been losing money over the past few years, and its share price has equally diminished since the Wii reached its peak a few years ago.

With a successful E3 behind them, Nintendo now has a tough job ahead to figure out the right balance between a launch price that will appear to as many gamers as possible, and a price that would ensure the profitability of the console. Microsoft and Sony will almost certainly lower the price of their consoles as a respond to the Wii U when it launches. This will make the Wii U launch price even more important.

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  • Buzzeh

    the price will probably be $349.99, this seems to be the most reasonable for the rumored parts it contains.

    • Madara

      “The Wii U is far from a very advanced machine compared to current generation consoles…”

      The above quote and the last paragraph concern me. You may be correct with your estimate, but how will a price that high compete with the prices of last generation consoles? I think a price that high would turn many consumers away. I like Nintendo products, and they’re all I’ve ever had. However, I don’t want to end up having no good offline competition due to the Wii U not gaining enough supporters with people I’d play with. Playing with other humans in person is much more enjoyable than playing online or alone, but if the Wii U isn’t able to capture a significant portion of Sony or Microsoft followers, then I may indefinitely delay my purchase. Few people I know/knew play the Wii or the Wii games I own, so the novelty wore off after completing the main game and playing CPUs excessively.

      • arcadian

        Don’t worry the Wii u is very high end it’s just a balanced approach. Lots of people talking about the specs don’t really understand specs or why they matter.

        To be realistic most PS3 games that where high end graphically to gamers ran at an avg of 15-25 frames per-second. The zelda demo, an un-optimized demo on a very old engine that only had a new lighting system ran at 60 frames a second easily. In many respects it did many of the things the new unreal 4 engine did in real time minus the over use of particles.

        So to say the wiiu is not advanced is a little uninformed and almost sheepish. The percentages don’t matter because its not designed or marketed with false claims of tech superiority, like other over hyped console makers.

        The edram is very real and pretty big, the GPU is capable of many of the newer direct x and open GL functions, with hardware enhancements from newer tech lurking under the hood.

        You have to understand that most of the things being done on the older HD consoles where not suppose to be possible. Yet here they are…. Any thing done in hardware can be done in software but at a performance hit.

        The industry is still trying to figure out what the next big thing is going to be that needs to be put in the hardware, which is why you don’t see a new xbox or PS coming right now.

        Yet if you took the Wiiu setup and matched it with my current works station, An i7 3930 with 64 gigs of ram and a touch 27 inch monitor you start to understand over kill. No game uses more that4 gigs of data, your hard drive , blue ray will not even load enough data to fill that.

        Yet there will be no games made for my workstation even though it will even out class the next xbox even if the thing had 16 cores!

        In reality the fear is that the wii will be left behind… The truth is the Wiiu is the sweet spots for content creations. The most that the next xbox or PS4 will get is more lights and a bigger output resolutions which is the focus of the current high end cards. If you go beyond that then you run into content problems where it simply cost too much to make games for those systems.

        The end game to this is that the high end will eventually purge it self unless it is tied to other uses like my work station for example. The example of this happening is the death of the arcade market once they went 3d. This is the real reason why sega is not a console maker any more. This is also why sony has suffered.

        Nintendo is smart they are playing it correctly. They are releasing a console that the current market they are shooting for can handle not what the Ipad buyers can handle. The only reason the old HD console buyers don’t want another console is because they know it will be a $600 investment. That is a new dx11 video card to many people and if graphics are important then that is the correct route to take. Yet if you want games and you have played any of nintendo franchises you will know that this system is almost over kill, yet expect new styles to emerge from the 3 rpg making 1st party studios.

        Console gaming has always been cheaper gaming… with dedicated high end parts. To a tech head the wiiu insides are truly powerful next gen setups, with nothing being wasted. If you are a PC builder then you have no idea what sram ram is or Dram or why an optical disk doesnt have to be blu ray to hold 50 gigs of data, by the way next gen models are around 200 megs for the mesh and 500 megs max for textures or animated textures.

        There simply isn’t a site educating the common web informed gamer on what this tech means and the trade offs. It was easy to keep up with the 16 bit age yet things are taking totally different paths due to cost of real walls being hit.

    • john

      The ps3 was excpensive because of the blueray drive

    • mario

      the price will probably be 249-299$ it will have the same technology as the ps3 or xbox 360 throw in a tablet and you have wiiu if they want success they wont go above 300

  • markw1982

    Because of the current economic climate i dont think people will spend lots of money on a new games console especially when you need to buy it plus a game as well here in the uk i think if the wii u was around £250 that would be a reasonable price but anything more than £300 and i think i will wait a few months until the price comes down

    • Tom

      People buy iPad’s costing circa £500 even when they own iPhone’s and Mac’s which to me seems pointless, I mean what can an iPad actually do that the other two devices can’t. People complain about the recession but the size of their wallets would suggest nothing about recession. Stupid really!

  • david6

    Nintendo seriously, we dont care if its 400$ or 500$, as long as people like it. So heres my list:

    1st i dont like the way console looks, im not buying that.

    2nd the controller should be an accessorie or not at all, put money in hardware. I dont mind avatar wearing x-ray glasses or taking a break to menu items. Its unuseful, and my eyes dont want to focus off focus and i dont want distraction of screen i want roots, pro controller ever game.

    3RD give people what we all want, disrupt with power, we want power and graphics. Then youll have all the best games, Mario will get his redbull, and third partys knockin down the door.

    We are jaded, bored diseased by meh-derocity.

    Theres a time and a season, and this is the time for ‘Core’. Peace V

    • Miks

      Who are these ”we”, because I’m certainly not part of your ”we”.
      1. Wow, it’s a console, not a suit. What’s next? Are you going to complain about the name?
      2. It should not, because that would mean that all the consoles, from now on, would be just hardware upgrades. I want a unique gaming experience, dammit! Not just more detailed graphics. Go to the PC if you want graphics.
      3. ”…what we all want, disrupt with power, we want power and graphics.” Yup, you pretty much described a ignorant child gamer, maybe some adult ignorant gamers, but mostly children and teenagers. Graphics and power =/= good games, remember the CDi? That console was pretty powerful, yet, it’s games were HORRID!

      And to top it off, you have horrible spelling issues. Might I add that the console is going to be powerful? If the fact that developers like Gearbox said that the console is very, very powerful isn’t enough for you. The hardware can display the game 3 times. 1 time on the TV, 2 times on 2 GamePads. But you probably don’t know what that means, since you seem to not know what console specs are. You probably think a AMD CPU and a Intel CPU is the same thing.

    • david6

      Or be creative and make 2 machines, one for core and one for casual, because its obvious some people some love power and some hate it. Twice the bussiness; what if chevrolet only sold cheap economy cars and not corvettes? What a terrible world. I want the corvette of gaming machine.

      • arcadian

        Another gamer that believes his PS3 or xbox 360 is a corvette. THE PC is the corvette and they avg $2500 and up for a good PC gaming system that will be very high end, not even the ipad can touch it, since we create your games on those very PC yet around the $5000 range.

        You just seem frustrated at the current state of games and believe more power will fix it. Or maybe you want more power for free?

        There is no amount of power that will make these games more fun, only the control system with the games rules will do that, an no amount of ai will do that either, Pcs have way more capable chips in them and they have yet to make those game even on the PC.

        Also there is a lower brand of console, it’s called last gen. The Wii will be the super casual and the wiiu can be your high end, its very easy.

        Once MS and SONY put out their plans for the next gen or when nintendo is closer to releasing their projects then you will get to see some power. Its not in the chips its in the creativity now.

    • Seth L.


  • The Kid

    The PS3 was $600 dollars. That was insane!!!

  • Nintengoth

    Nintendo i will always buy your stuffs, i think a good price should be around £250-£300 no more, and throw a game or two in with it aswell lol

    • alienfish

      I agree. They should at least include that Nintendo Land game, but I’m hoping they give us the new Mario one.

      • Nintyfan95

        Like the Super Nintendo.

    • alienfish

      Adding to my other comment:

      If they aren’t going to take a hardware loss then the least they can do is make the deal a little more enticing.

    • Nintengoth

      Ninty should keep the price down coz it will have things i dont need, i dont want it to have DVD or Blu-Gay (joke, sumtimes i make jokes), to have internet browser, play CDs (mp3 yea so i can hook up my mp3 n listen to mooosic while i play). i have a laptop and blu-ray player for those, i want it to be a true gaming system not a media center.
      the price will be kept down coz it wont have so much crap in it, wheres the olden days of just a games console with 4 player splitscreen eh? thats when games were GOOD.

  • F

    $300 seems like the most likely price, but I personally think it’ll be $250, no more, no less.

    • alienfish

      If they give it away for $250 I’ll be surprised, but extremely happy. $300, that’s my guess. Hell, it’s been my guess for almost a year now.

      • F

        Yeah, I’m being very optimistic about the $250 price point. I wouldn’t mind too much about paying $300, but at $250 it’d be an absolute no-brainer for me.

  • Dan7el(Wii U day one purchase)

    Good for Nintendo! I love love the console and the three main 1st party’s I plan on owning day one and then getting some good 3rd party games later. I hope that this console actually is a good chunk more powerful than the current gen consoles; but if not I will get one and live with it. I cant wait to see how good it will look in a couple of years when the first party(or third party)devs are familiar with the console and how to really utilize its graphics. I’ve never been one to say that graphics determine if a game is good or fun but it always helps. But I still have a lot of faith in this thing. It will be awesome. Cant Wait!

  • ErionHashimoto

    You lost me at “With a successful E3 behind them.”

  • david6

    Why do you guys keep my comments in moderation for so long? Am i really that scary. No trust, your paranoid, i just want a revolution in gaming. And ill send you an email picture of my wii (wait that didnt sound right) but i have a wii and i had a game cube and 64. And nintendo T-shirt collection. So what up. And also your email doesnt work, and nintendo corp doesnt work eithor, except their press and some other piracy contact. Like did you know about disclosed other corp…………………….dont you wish.

    • Skozo

      You’re an ignorant ass, that’s why; you don’t even make any strong arguments just childish rants.

  • david6

    You cant handle the truth. You castapo? Wii is there for casual and i pad and smartphones. The fad is over, were ready for nex gen, not just equal to current. I get around, look at other posts, everyone agrees except a few moral police. Im out of this biased site, its like playin soccer with cheaters on their home field. You guys thumb down everything unless i say i like it and i dont like it. I just wanted what i wanted.

    • arcadian

      Nope its because you are wrong. All gamers are casual until they are forced to master a game, then they are hardcore or l33t, which means very skilled at gaming. The current gen of hardcore gamers do not produces these type of gamers because the games are aim assist ridden, action kill script mess that doesn’t really require skill. This weeded out the bone heads and scream children.

      If you have a Wii and you could not find the hardcore games then that makes you a media bro gamer or talking PR parrot. If the PR is about something that is not about game play or game rules then it is bro speak.

      I like stories but I like gaming more and would rather have a gaming platform than a do it all cheap, or poor man PC, which my phone does pretty much every thing a PS3 can even play blu rays, streamed online..lol

      The casual talk is only an accepted mislabeling that will cause a bubble to happen. Then a crash will come… so this is the real reason gamers stick to nintendo… they simply make games for every one… Not just one segment, that is very vocal and cash poor.

  • 3ds guy

    I agree my friends and many people are spending £300 on i phone 4s which dont compare to a wii u for gaming also i brought a ps vita at launch £280 then £30 memory card £30 on a game. i pad £500 wii u is better than all of these anif it runs unreal 4 definitely worth £350-400 i would b happy

  • 3ds guy

    but i think at least £300 as the controller is not cheap and at most £400 if got alot of power eg unreal 4 fingers crossed i dont jus like fancy graphics either but this will def bring over the core gamers and give them faith in the big N

  • david6

    I get it, we all have to accept that Nintendo will never be as good as ps or xbox. Which is boring. But couldnt they have at least made console and controller design better, and i hate the name wii u. It looks boring, dull, plain, and the name is like regginald fil aime cannot do something new. I hate wii sports and gimmicks and the whole lotta shit nintendo became after regginator came.

    And this time we all have to wait till november, wait till it fails and nintendo learns their lesson and cannot be excited till ps4 and 720 come out. Nintendo isnt my meal ticket, but even if they were i would mutiny, cause i say what i want. :p

    • Skozo

      What the hell is wrong with you? You are not a fan, your are just a child who rants and make the worst of all points. You are really getting on everyone’s (general) nerves and it having a negative vibe that this site doesn’t need. Go f-ck the red ring as that is all you ever talk about.

      You are not a fan, just a mindless, insecure, superficial, ignorant and just the we dsh-it don’t want or need here. Don’t compare what is irrelevant, don’t rant sh-t that has no viable argument or justbullsh-t coming from an immature kid.

      You’re not a fan, be reasonable or get the f-ck off.

      • Skozo

        The sh-t we don’t want or need*

    • F

      Geez, man, there is nothing wrong with the console or controller design! If the controller will have a touchscreen, what is it supposed to look like? An iPad? Nintendo has never been known to design the sexiest hardware, anyway. Many thought the Nintendo 64 was ugly, it’s been said the Gamecube looked like a toy, the Wii has the most boxy design I’ve seen in recent history, and now here you are basically saying the Wii U name and console design could’ve been concieved by a 4 year old. Many people hated the name Wii, but they had 6 LONG YEARS to get used to it, and many probably did. But now, you and a bunch of other closed-minded people whine like babies because Nintendo added one vowel to the name. The Wii U, its name, and its controller are just fine as is, and probably won’t change now, or ever.

  • david6


    • uPadWatcher

      Get the hell off this blog. You’re freakin’ embarrassing yourself!

  • 3ds guy

    David 6 i would not be bothered if wii u shell was a cardboard box as long as it plays quality games. same as i dont care wot my hoover,fridge,mirowave an dvd player looks like aslong as they do there job i will be looking at tv screen not wii u even tho it looks better than ps an xbox.To say it not as good as ps it already better as the old wii beat x an ps on sales by miles with only half the power.controller is fine by looks jus got to wait to feel before i make full comment

  • 3ds guy

    wii u going to be amazing as i would bet my 3ds onit hope there midnight launch

  • Smurfman256

    “The Wii U is far from a very advanced machine compared to current generation consoles, ”

    There is no real proof of that. Everything that Gearbox Sorftware has said points to it being actually quite powerful. Oh, and to anybody who says “LOL! YOU CAN’T PACK A POWERFUL MACHINE INTO SUCH A SMALL FORM FACTOR!!!!” What about the GameCube? It was actually quite powerful at the time and it’s motherboard was litterally no larger than a napkin. And it wasn’t “half the power of the Xbox” either as people like to claim. They are involking the megahertz myth. It was actually closer to 2/3 the power of the Xbox. It has as good of a CPU despite it being clocked slower AND had much better RAM. The only thing holding the Cube back was the GPU which didn’t have as may shaders or features as the Xbox (it lacked normal mapping, for one thing.)

    • alienfish

      Not to mention the Xbox was a year newer if I’m not mistaken. I’m pretty sure it was also more expensive.

      • Smurfman256

        Not a year newer. It was actually three days older. The reason why the Xbox was $300 and the GameCube was $200 is becasue the Xbox basically used off-the-shelf components which (as far as I know, don’t quote me on this) are more expensive to use in mass production versus customized components.

  • Britton

    David6…. you are either really young or foreign. You’re grammar is embarrassing. Your intelligence seems limited… and because of that your insults to the WiiU cannot be taken seriously. You think you speak for everyone which is very comical. It’s interesting that you seem to be so passionate about hating the WiiU, yet you linger around like a crap that wont flush. I would suggest two options… either get off this website or change your name so no one knows its you anymore. Anyway, I think a good price for the WiiU is roughly $300. I would pay $350, and I would be happy if it was $250. Though I think $250 is too low and there is no way Nintendo will go for that.

  • RPG Dude19

    well to me when i read the article it seems to me like nintendo is going to take the risk at atleast thats wat i see and they just might consider pricing wiiu at $250 cause remember nintendo is going through some hard times right now, they lost a of money following the wii’s near end and i can actually see them pricing Wii U at around $250-$300 thats the price range im predicting and nintendo has been my favorite game co. and i own every ninty console except nes i just dont like that one.

  • Paul

    sorry guys and girls but nintendo wont go higher than £300 mainly because it only has 8gb internal hard drive and offers no hard drive like the playstation 3 and xbox 360

    if nintendo do annouce the price greater than £400 then ill just buy the red playstation 3 with 320gb hard drive for £250

    • Majin

      “has 8gb internal hard drive and offers no hard drive”


      Meh. £300 sounds about right. I’ll nab one in a year when they’re £150.

      Or if they’re $350, I’ll import one.

  • 3ds guy

    Ive had ps3 for 4 years got rid was board as y the hell would u want to buy ps3 this day age at least get a vita something newer but for me wii u day 1

  • DazJ

    I think GBP299 is a good price to pay and it I’ll sell very well at that price. I think GBP349 is too much. It should have a pack-in game which I think will be NintendoLand.

    Can’t wait!

  • Eddy120876

    Every time i hear a company say “we won’t sell it at a loss” automatically it remains me of the PS3 stage show where Kutaragi said “[PS3 is] for consumers to think to themselves ‘I will work more hours to buy one’. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else.” Unfortunately for Mr Kutagari he forgot that folks have more pressing expenditures before they buy a new system, and I shiver at the thought of Nintendo following Kutaragi example.

    • david6

      Well the majority of people can buy computers, ipads, labtops,microsoft stuff, and sony stuff. So im sure they can afford a wii u if they wanted one, that is ‘if’ they want one. And still have a nice stash to invest and buy a few shares in their favorate company that they think will win.

      • arcadian

        David6 this is about worth.

        Im sure you have not forgot how much a Wii fit and a Wii cost? It was more than a low end PS3. $250+$150+wiimotes+game, and it out sold the PS3 simply because people saw the value in that compared to watching blu rays.

        As soon as the games start rolling out the interest will rise. It is really that simple because this is about video games not power… that is what PCs are for.

  • Paul

    david6 sorry but you talk a load of rubbish

    1. nintendo havent annouced a price or even release date
    2. gamers and parents need to save up for it as nintendo could say its £300 but then add on a few games and extras and it goes up another £200 plus

    do you have £500 laying around ??

    plus then theres no hard drive as you need to buy a external one which puts more money on the console

    pcs can be upgraded anytime, consoles carnt FACT

  • Kirby

    Can someone just ban David6?

    • TheBoldman67

      I wish

      • Ninty fan


  • david6

    YOU BETTER NOT, the wii u will fail and you will see who is better with thier Xbox 720 and PS4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wiiufanatic

    if Microsoft and sony are going to reduce prices for ps3 and xbox 360 i think that nintendo will make a smart move and sell the console at (sorry if this is hard to believe but i live in england) roughly £210 -£260. $230-$300
    to get more customers. besides, why is poundland succesful? because everything is a pound so you save a bit