Jun 28th, 2012

Used Wii U games
Used games on the Wii U will be allowed, according to Nintendo. There has been much debate over whether next generation consoles will ban used games from being played, as publishers have complained for a while that used game sales hurt their bottom line. Nintendo of America executive Scott Moffitt says that used games are “a reality in the marketplace”, and that Nintendo hasn’t implemented any features into the Wii U that would block used games from being played. In an interview, Moffitt says that while the company has no formal position on used games, he stressed that used games won’t be banned on the Wii U.

These rumors were originally sparked by the PlayStation 4 “leak” that suggested that Sony would block used games on the console. While there’s no doubt that used games hurt publishers, as they don’t receive a penny from used game sales, it’s hard to argue that it’s bad for the industry. Most gamers who trade in their old games usually use the money or store credit to purchase new games. Publishers have tried other measures to counter this, including blocking online multiplayer for used games. Players are expected to purchase an “online pass” from the publisher in order to play the game online. This was the case with Battlefield 3 on consoles, and it’s likely that something similar will happen with online multiplayer Wii U games.

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  • HyperSonicN1

    Thanks Nintendo, for staying consumer-friendly in a market in which the consumers are more like consumed from the developers’ greed

  • markw1982

    well thank god for that is all i can say

  • The Skeptic

    I am seriously on the fence on the matter.

    • Wii Who

      On the Fence, really? Shouldn’t bother you either way?

      Some people don’t have much money to spend on $50 $60+ games or just like to save a little money and buying used games is a good way to do that.

      Beside.. you don’t have to buy used games. Just buy them new. Problem Solved. It’s not like your forced to buy used games. It’s just a nice option for those who do.

      • The Skeptic

        I phrased my comment terribly, I have no problems with anyone buying used games AT ALL. The arguments for used games and the arguments against them is what I am on the fence about.

  • Mike

    This is what I think will happen. Nintendo will not ban used games, which will make developers and publishers angry. Sony and MS aren’t going to completely ban it, but there will be strict measures, about which devs/publishers will be happy, but gamers won’t.
    So, bottom line, the Wii U could receive less multiplats, while people will go over to the Wii U, which will force devs/publishers to develop/publish their games on the Wii U.

    • Skozo

      Exactly what I was about to say.

      Point being, used games may not be short term; but long term everyone benefits. Profits come in when the consumer has money, used games help save money for a new game to pass the time.

      Nintendo is in touch with gamers more than people think and know that this will open up the market.

    • The Kid

      I was thinking that exact same thing earlier when I read this. But no one knows if PS4/720 will ban used games or not. But if so I could see this happening also.

    • pach

      I don’t know why publishers/devs always think that someone who buy a used game would pay the full price for the same game if they could not buy it used. Not everyone was money to afford every game they want. Sometimes we have to pass some because of lack of money or because we think it is not worth the price. Buying it used help can help someone raise money to get a new game. They are just hurting themselves stopping that.

    • Alienfish

      I don’t think MS/Sony will have any choice but to continue to allow used games since, like you said, if they don’t they will pay for it dearly. You know, I kind of hope they do try and block used sales because then people will be flocking to Nintendo even more than they already do.

    • Mike

      I just fought of something else. What if Sony and MS go full online? Almost everybody loves buying retail copies, that would bite them in the ass more than banning used games.

      • swic11

        just read an article on IGN stating that 1/3 of gamers prefer digital gaming. So this wouldnt be that big of a deal.

  • Sojiro

    At this point in the game it is very stupid to ban used games for ANY of the 3 console makers. Physical media is slowing down, and trying to force digital copies only right now would be suicide when you launch a new console. The problem is going to sort itself out eventually, there is not need for any of them to risk their consoles stake on it now. The whole no used game rumor has been BS since the beginning imo, even for the PS4 and 720.

    • Alienfish

      But no one hates used copies like MS. If anyone tries to block those sales, it will be them.

  • Ed

    I buy all my games new, but if Nintendo does not worry about used games, maybe developers need to see why Nintendo doesn’t. Maybe it is because the quality of Nintendo’s games make ppl want to buy it new, which covers the cost on developing the game with extra for profit?

    There is also the fact that if Nintendo makes well quality games, they don’t stay on the ‘used’ shelf long enough for ppl to see them, so used games purchaser give up, and buy Nintendo games new?

    Or could be that Nintendo rarely drops the price on there games make saving 5 bucks on their games almost a moot point?

    Or maybe we just Nintendo fans love our Club Nintendo Points. <– my bets on this on! :-p

  • 3rd.Disciple

    Thanxz Big N!!! It’s clear you love us more than Sony or Red Ring Box…

  • swic11

    I’m not a buyer of used games, but I think that for every used game sale, a percentage of it should go to the developer. Gamestop makes BANK on used games by giving crappy amounts of cash for then marking that up 1000%.

    I can see in the future a system close to what PC has now. A 20 digit code or something that you have to enter into your system to play the game. If you want to sell it, fine, but the person who buys it has to pay a fee of some sort to unlock the game and get a new code.

    • Alienfish

      I don’t pay car manufacturers when I buy a used car, I don’t pay TV manufacturers if I buy a used TV, and I don’t pay video game developers if I buy a used game. Better example: I don’t pay musical artists when I buy a used CD nor do I pay an artist for used artwork that has already been bought from them. Games are not licensed software, they are chunks of plastic and metal that contain one copy of something, just like a painter making copies of his painting to sell.

      • swic11

        you guys can hate on my comment all you want… lets see if this site is still up for not this generation but the next and see what used game sales are doing

  • Andrew

    I rarely buy used games unless it a game than was made 5+ years ago and I can’t find a new copy and I keep all games that I buy forever. To shut down the user game market means people who buy beat sell and buy will buy less games. Meaning even less money for developers and Nintendo.

  • CyanideInsanity

    This has got me thinking, what will happen if used games get banned, and someone wants to purchase a game from a couple years back that isn’t in production, and they can’t find a new copy?

    This could be quite problematic in the future, if not all games are available for download.

    • pach

      That would be totally retarded. If they want to charge for online services like online multiplayer, fine, it is a service, they need money to run servers and pay people. But when they sell a game disc, they are selling a product, not a usage license. I can cut in half and burn the disc if i want.

    • AwayToHit

      on Wii U, all games will be available on the eshop 😀

      • CyanideInsanity

        I was referring to the entirety of consoles not just wii u.

    • LizardLee

      That is what I was thinking!

    • Draco Breach

      Digital is already the answer to that.

      Now to be clear, I’m with Nintendo. I don’t think the used game market hurts developers nearly as much as they think. While I do prefer to buy new – even if it means waiting for price drops, there is the odd game out that I don’t think is worth the “new” tag, or I can’t find it new.

      Now, to explain my answer. Digital.

      We see it more and more. You can buy classic titles as either a rerelease on a new console (Crono Trigger on SNES, PSx, and DS) or digital release (Crono Trigger on Wii Virtual Console). Companies are more than willing to dust off classic IPs to make a few extra bucks, and consumers have proven more than willing to pay for these well made classics. Baldur’s Gate and Planescape Torment have even seen digital release twenty years after production.

      The problem with a lot of classics is very simple. They are outside the price scope of all but avid collectors. A few years – even five – can see used cost skyrocket. A savvy gamer can easily predict that, say, Xenoblade Chronicles – a limited release game – will be worth serious cash in the near future. You buy two, three copies of the game, and you sell what you don’t want for $2~300 each to make a tidy profit.

      Buying used for pop hits is fairly easy. You can’t throw a rock over your shoulder without finding a copy of FFVII, Halo, GTA, Guitar Hero, et cetera. While I admit they are hits, they are rarely in short supply. You’ll see inflated prices on eBay, but find bargain prices on Amazon. It’s the way the market is. Now try finding a real gem, and you’ll quickly enjoy the digital goodness of Virtual Console (VC) on consoles.

      I think VC is the best answer to ROM Emulators. They give a legal option for purchasing classic, hard-to-find games.

      Of course, there are the good ol’ rereleased games and platinum hits collections.

      • Michel

        I agree about the VC being a good answer to Emulators, but I feel they’re pricing themselves out of the market on many games. I think $5 for the original NES Super Mario Bros. is a bit much for 3DS eShop.

  • Slipsevenfold

    The whole idea of banning used games sounds really stupid to me!

  • Wii Uoops!

    And the heavens rejoiced and Earth sang with glee as Moffit announced, “We will not ban used games.”

  • Adam Fox

    While I like the whole PS4 and 720 possibly banning used games because it will really hurt GameStop, whom I despise, at the same time it will also hurt GameFly who is a great company. I have not liked Sony since the 2 or 3 month PSN downtime in 2011. They have really been less and less for the consumer. I had a Vita and really hated it. They were pushing too many mobile apps on it like YouTube, FaceBook, Skype, Twitter and Netflix. Now granted all 3 current-gen consoles as well as PS Vita and 3DS have Netflix, the Vita just has too many mobile apps. I honestly think the majority of Vita owners have a smartphone or a tablet or an iPod Touch for these type apps, I think it’s just Sonys way of pushing content out to the Vita while games are being made (are they making games for Vita??? J/k)….anyway, kind of got off topic there, but just wanted to say that Nintendo is making a smart choice to NOT block used games. They have always been a great company and I do expect Nintendo to still be around when/if Sony and MS are out of the gaming market.

    • Andrew

      Adam you made some good points. I was all for the playstation when my friends were saying Nintendo all the way years ago. I still loved Nintendo and Sega (The loss of which I still have not gotten over. Loved the Dreamcast.) but I made room for Sony in my life. Then I got hit by sticker shock at the announcement of the PS3 price. Everything they have done since then has made me not get a PS3 or a Vita. I am finally planning to get one during the Holiday Season just to play Tales of Graces F (which I waited for years to get on Wii). I’m not even considering getting a PS4 because of their track record.

  • Chris

    Nintendo, every gamers best friend

  • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

    Nintendo may be one of the few companies to realize that the used game market can be used to introduce people to ips that they haven’t tried before. Then, if the company did a good job on it, then that person may get the next entry immediately, without waiting for a used copy. That’s why Nintendo puts so much effort into their games and keeps the basic formula for their games fairly consistent between entries. I remember that I never really cared much for the Super Mario games, for instance, but decided to get galaxy not to long ago cause Mario is Mario and I figured I hadn’t really given it a fair chance. Gotta say, I’m sold. It’s not my top game, but it’s more than decent and looks amazing for a Wii title. I’ll probably get the Wii u game right after it comes out. That’s how used games can be really useful. I was also able to get into the no more heroes series this way, and I remember getting into the 1080 series after getting avalanch at blockbuster way back. Used games are a way to expose consumers to the options that they have available, and can lead to immediate purchases of future entries. Granted, I think they’re gonna start to try to do this with free demos, cause honestly, I never considered Rayman, but after the demo on the 3DS, I am very intrigued. Using both, not only do consumers have access to pre Digital release games, but a preview of what is to come and the old games and demos they have will sell their future releases. Point is, Nintendo rocks, I like hard copies of games, and if anyone can find a website with the metroid prime trilogy for less than $50 bucks, let me know cause none of the gamestops I’ve gone to have it anymore and Amazon is way overpriced. Game on!

    • Mike

      eBay I guess? I don’t know, but you have to continue looking, it is probably the best compilation of a trilogy I have ever played. It’s just like a VERY VERY expensive desert, just not expensive in a literal way.

  • Daemonrunner

    This is the logic I don’t understand – developers and publishers make this huge fuss about used games killing their business, yet how often do you see real sales on boxed items? I would think ANY money is better than no money at all. I mean people buy used because it is cheaper.

    Here is an idea, instead of tacking on a bunch of stupid “exclusive” pre-order DLC that will become widely available a few months after the games release, why don’t publishers offer a choice of pre-order with DLC at full price and pre-order at a discount with no DLC (I bet the latter would sell more)? They can also offer semi-regular sales on their games!

    I know there are manufacturing costs associated with boxed games, but sales can still happen. I seriously doubt that the costs are THAT much more than a digital release that they can’t have sales on physical copies of games.

  • A1424andy

    we all knew Nintendo wont ban used games for the wii u.