Oct 25th, 2012 publishUpdated   Oct 27th, 2012, 11:05 am

Over the past year or so, Nintendo has stuck with the mantra that each console needs to make a profit for the company. Now they’ve confirmed that the Wii U will be sold at a loss when it launches on November 18.

Wii UThis is likely the first time in history that Nintendo loses money on a home console. In a statement released to shareholders, Nintendo said that the Wii U is currently in production and will be sold “below cost”. Yesterday, Nintendo revealed that they expect to sell 5.5 million Wii U consoles by March 2013.

Nintendo has been in financial trouble over the past year. An unsuccessful 3DS launch resulted in the first ever financial loss for the company, but they managed to turn things around with an improved and cheaper 3DS.

The Wii U will launch at $299 and $349 on November 18. Most people expected a price at around $250, but even at $299, Nintendo is unable to make a profit on the console. Which isn’t a huge surprise at that price point: the Wii U is a modern console and the GamePad controller is the most technically advanced — and expensive — video game controller ever made.


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  • D2K

    Nintendo lost money on the N64 so this is not a first. It just has been awhile.

    • Tobbe

      ” For the first time in history, Nintendo will be selling a home console at a loss”
      So wiiudaily lie?

      • pach

        It was profitable from day 1. The 3DS was the first, and only because they fucked up the launch. Now they are doing this with the Wii U because they want a large installed base since the beginning.

        • AKA-Link77

          It sux to hear this news. 🙁 Nin was always saying they wanted to sell the Wii U at no loss after they realized the mistake with the 3DS. 🙁
          Hopefully and likely, they stand back up after this big blow. :-/

          • goginho

            Ah ..no need to worry. Nintendo will be just fine, they always are 🙂 stay positive guys

    • td,y,i,.

      The Wii U will catch on

    • Colton S.

      Don’t care!!! Still gonna buy it!!

    • Sobari

      And they also started selling the 3DS at a loss after the sudden price cut.

      • D2K

        Yeah. I think it is back to selling at a profit again, but the sales overall have slowed down a little. It’ll pick up over the holidays no doubt.

        • Schizza

          Selling an item at a loss has nothing to do with the attach rate. Regardless of how many 3ds systems they sell, they will always be at a lose until the internal components reduce in price making their manufacturing process cheaper.

          • D2K

            That is interesting information, but I didn’t mention anything about an ‘attach-rate’. I was talking about the 3DS system itself.

          • D2K


          • SteampunkJedi (3DS FC: 5284-2360-9145)

            I think they’ve said the manufacturing cost is below the MSRP now.

    • BubbleMan v2

      Also, the statement “Nintendo has been in financial trouble over the past year.” is completely untrue and just plain ignorant. Did the 3ds not do as great at first? Sure. But does that mean the entire company is suddenly in financial trouble? Absolutely not. If they were in “financial trouble” there is no way they would have made a new console (Wii U) and handheld (3ds XL) this year. Nintendo is doing perfectly fine, as always.

      • What?

        I’m pretty sure Nintendo lost 800 million last year… That ISN’T doing well. Get your head out of your a$$.

        • BubbleMan v2

          800 million dollars is not that much compared to the billions of dollars they have. Financial loss does not mean financial trouble. If you are going to disagree, at least have a valid point and try not to swear, it only makes you look ridiculous.

        • dr scoobie

          what currency?
          i think thats yen.

          besides that sony lost like 40x more

        • D2K

          Every company is losing money and the fact that companies like Sony lost 6 billion and Nintendo go by with 800 million in a loss is much different.

      • D2K

        Yup. Nintendo may have posted losses last year and are projecting another one for this year, but they have such a surplus from the Wii and DS that it’s not a major issue.

        They’ll be alright.

    • Master Awesomeness

      Old news…

    • FireRed

      Same with the Gamecube

  • Carlos Hugo

    I would make a bad joke about that not happen in Mexico and other Latin American countries, but I am well aware that here the only one who will win money with every Wii U sold will be Latamel; everything because Nintendo does not want to go back to the Latin American market and prefers to leave the job to a intermediary such as Latamel.

    Haría un mal chiste de como eso no ocurrirá en México y otros paises de Latinoamerica, pero estoy perfectamente consciente de que aquí el único que saldrá ganando dinero con cada Wii U vendida sera Latamel; todo por que Nintendo no quiere entrar otra vez al mercado Latinoamericano y prefiere dejarle el trabajo a un intermediario tan abusivo como Latamel.

    • Ricardo

      Y por qué no quiere entrar otra vez al mercado latinoamericano? Qué pasó? cuentame a ver!!!

      • Carlos Hugo

        100% seguro de por que se fueron, no se, pero la teoría más aceptada es que por temor a la piratería.

    • KMaziuk

      Well, maybe Australia might make money off of it, because video games there are extremely expensive!

      • Carlos Hugo

        On a show called “Extra credit” they talk of the reasons why the videogame industry in Australia is soo expensive, but for what I understand, like with México, Nintendo would not make money out of that situation.

      • dr scoobie

        the government/store takes the extra money.
        greedy buggars

    • rafael

      Reggie said Brazil will be his second biggest market in the Americas, after the US…so i think they are taking South/Central America seriously.

      • Carlos Hugo

        Brazil is a fast growing country right now, so it will be fool not to see potential market on him.

      • Yamiryuu Zero

        But they won’t make anything as long Brazil keeps those highly and abusive taxes over video games and factory productions!

      • pach

        Yes, Reggie said they would focus on selling the “Wii” in South/Central America. Don’t rise your hopes, NoA never gave a single fuck about South/Central America.

  • Nintendude

    Disappointing isn’t it?

    • Nintedward .

      NO!!!! I know some people won’t be able to fully grasp the ”loss” situation , but it’s great for the fans and consumer.
      Basically Nintendo is giving us the wiiu for free 🙂 paying us to buy the wiiu. It packs tremendous value for the price and is probably using a capable up to date GPU etc…

      • Kahhhhyle

        They’re not giving it to us for free, they’re just being smart. Many people (myself included) thought that it costs too much. If it were any higher they would have a much harder time selling it. It’s all business dude, besides I would think Nintendo going for the same thing Google does with their nexus line. Sell hardware cheap and make up for it with software and other services

        • Nintedward .

          Example- If Nintendo manufactures the wiiu for $350 and sells it for $350 , technically that’s giving it away for free.

          If Nintendo Manufactures the wiiu for $400 and sells it for $350 , the buyer is buying $400 for $350. That’s a free wiiu and $50.

          Would you swap $0 for $0 ?? would you swap $300 for £300 ?? would you swap $400 for $350 ???? exactly…

          • ProWiiU

            Nintedward, did you change your pic??

          • The Doorknob

            If it costs $350 to the consumer, it costs $350. Consider this scenario:

            You have $350 in you wallet, walk into a Gamestop, and purchase a Wii U for $350. Surprise! You now have $0 in your wallet. Was that free? No.

            When something is free, that means the consumer pays absolutely nothing for it, no matter how much it cost to make. The reason these consoles are sold at a loss is to help get the consumer over the initial price of the hardware so they can go on to buy games and accessories that are highly profitable.

          • Nintedward .

            That does kinda sound stupid lol.
            Its not like they are giving you $350 for free obviously….

            But for Example!!!!!! If you swap your friend $20 for $20 , nothing has happened or changed. If Nintendo sells you a wiiu for $350 and it cost’s them $350 , nothings has happened or changed.

            If Nintendo sells you a wiiu for $350 and it costs them $400 to manufacture , nothing has changed except you have theoretically gained $50 of nintendo’s money and swapped your $350 for $350’s worth of tech.

            It’s a good deal.

          • BubbleMan v2

            Except that this is obviously not the case because they are selling at a loss, which means it costs more to manufacture and distribute and everything else then the amount of money that they receive from sales stock. –__–“

          • Kahhhhyle

            Ok I guess in that round about way of thinking you are right. However the door knob is right 350 out of my pocket is not free

          • dr scoobie

            its not giving it for free!
            its manufacturing it for free.

          • 0soul

            Lol stop giving this kid examples. He simply won’t understand, people are dumb like that

    • sorry

      no. you wanna pay more?

  • Roedburn

    If anyone can pull through, Nintendo can.

    • Castamere

      Definitely. It should be pointed out that Microsoft and Sony had been selling their respective consoles at a loss for several years.

    • Axe

      For a company that survived pretty much inventing their primary competitor, this won’t be a problem at all for them.

  • Elite

    I wonder what the loss is.

    • sorry

      no loss… just no profit in the first place. 2nd generation generates profit… and normally the big win is made with games. never with consoles. most hardware is sold without big win situations at release.

      • Elite

        Let me refraise that. I wonder what the loss would be per console. Without any other figures, accessory or games sales. Just FYI I am not stupid.
        I remember hearing the same thing from Sony and Microsoft back in 2005(Microsoft) and 2006(Sony).

        • Nintendonoob

          That’s what I hate about Sony. When the ps3 came out it was sold for $600 and even then it was sold at a loss. At least Nintendo does not make their console a graphics whore And over $500 dollars. Proud of you Nintendo 🙂

          • dr scoobie

            in australia it was $1000
            at that price drug smugglers probably dropped what they
            were doing and started smuggling ps3’s into the country!.

      • Schizza

        What part of selling something at a loss don’t you understand? They are selling it cheaper than it costs them to make, there for it’s being sold at a loss. They are hoping to make money off of software sales the same as MS and Sony.

    • Shankovich

      I’m guessing around 100$. The GPU and the transponder in the game pad, some pretty epic electrical engineering going on in there.

  • TheImaj

    Man I love Nintendo. I hope they’re not in any real trouble. A lot of dummies out there doubt Nintendo. We’ll see what the future holds.

    • Nintendo is da best

      They are richer than sony sooooo yeah i bet they will be fine

      • Axe

        They aren’t richer than Sony. Not even close. But they make more money in games than Sony does.

        • D2K

          Um, actually Sony’s market cap is at 11-billion dollars and Nintendo’s is at 17-billion. And that is Sony OVERALL, not just the game division. So they are richer than Sony.

          What makes it so bad is that Sony does do so many other things yet they have lost nearly 90-billion dollars in 10 years.

          Nintendo posting losses and the like was something I think we should have expected. Even they couldn’t escape the bad economy for long.

          • Schizza

            Um, actually you’re wrong. Sony is worth around 83.3 Billion and Nintendo is worth around 18.6 Billion. Furthermore Sony is only in debt to the tune of 13 Billion.

            The fact you actually think Nintendo, a niche market company is worth more then a Japanese electronics SUPER giant is laughable. Sony owns, operates and makes so many different main stream products, NOT JUST electronics… The Sony Music label includes such artists as Karmin, Kellie Pickler, Michael Jackson, Usher, and Paul Simon. Sony Pictures has produced popular shows including Community, Seinfeld, and Rescue Me; and recent movies including, 21 Jump Street, and Men In Black 3. Playstation is a very small fraction of their business. If the playstation brand failed today, Sony would still exist and still make money.

            Where as Nintendo makes one type of thing… Videogames. If the Wii u failed, nintendo would be bust.

          • D2K

            @ Schizza:

            Current Sony market cap

            Current Nintendo market cap

            Sony’s total liabilities are $135-140 US billion dollars. Net worth involves the worth of all your assets minus your liabilities. ‘At the time’ these figures were drawn (end of Q2) that would have put Sony’s net worth at approximately 20-25 billion. I’m not sure how appreciation and depreciation figures into this and not ashamed to say so.

            Sony’s total assets are about 13 trillion YEN which converts into about $160 billion US dollars. Minus the 135 billion in liabilities it takes their net worth way down.

            Nintendo’s net assets are around 1.3 trillion YEN which equates to about $16 billion US dollars. Nintendo total liabilities are about $1.9 billion. That puts their net worth somewhere around where their market cap is.

        • BubbleMan v2

          Nintendo has had more market value than Sony for a LONG time. This is however rather counter-intuitive though, since Sony develops cameras, televisions, games, etc. while Nintendo is just video games. However, the numbers don’t lie.

          • D2K

            Hmm. After doing some research I’ve seen the Nintendo’s market cap at one point was at high a 85 billion. Now it is down to 17 million. Interesting. The economy is kicking everyone’s butt.

            One thing I can say now is that Nintendo could have definitely afforded to make a system that could run circles around the PS3 and 360 (the way the Wii U will) back in 2006. They just chose not to. Probably because they don’t like selling at a loss if the can help it which is why this current situation must have some extenuating circumstances.

      • dr scoobie

        lets not forget that sony makes televisions.
        like the one recently released that costs over $10,000

    • sorry

      maybe they can beg you for one or two billions? those poor millionaires…

      • BloopbopBeepbop

        You’re saying everyone at Nintendo are millionaires?
        Exactly, when a company goes down everyone in the company goes down with it.

      • TheImaj


    • Kahhhhyle

      We don’t need to worry about them unless then wii u flops

    • Derp

      This is the first time in 25 years since they have actually began to lose money. This is probably because of funding the Wii U development/manufacture.

  • DiMM

    Damn, this console is more powerful than what most people realize. I personally, would pay more than 350$ for it, and I’m sure the majority of crazed people who pre-ordered the WiiU as early as I did would pay a bit more for it too. I expected this price-range on the WiiU and was even prepared for a bit higher.

    I’m sure once WiiU’s are in people’s homes & others see how awesome the WiiU is, others will be buyin’ them like waffles.

    • sorry

      typical idiot saying. you have absolutely no idea what you are talking of. but it keeps my stereotype of those us-citizens up… thanks for that.

      • Laud

        Yeah, keep those stereotypes going because people like you are definitely better than us.

        It’s so nice to see someone who enjoys creating and making fun of stereotypes. You’re definitely much better than those US citizens, idiot.

    • Kahhhhyle

      I prolly wouldn’t have preordered for more then 350. And Nintendo would have real problems selling it for anything more then 400

    • D2K

      I hope that is the reason. Not that is matters but if Nintendo is taking a loss because they are trying to squeeze a little-bit more power into the Wii U then I’m all for it. Maybe they did stick a custom Power7 CPU in there after all?

      However I think it is because the the Yen appreciation against the US dollar and the Foxconn fiasco that caused this.

    • big business

      I Will pay more than 350 too! I need some information technology genius on my team so we can design somthing bigger and better than the wiiu because right now it is the future. 1987 NES

  • Dazz

    That is one of the stupid things nintendo need to fix all the time.

    • Mac

      meant to boo 😛

    • Gangsta

      What..? I don’t even…

  • Britton

    I loved coming here for news and the forums before. Then you merged with WiiU Forums which at first I did not like but I got used to. Now I only come here for the forums because the news is always a day or two behind. The articles are good and the writing is good… just late. Is the staff on vacation?

  • Tobbe

    Bad ecvation. nintendo will never raise the price on the Wii U. They earn money on accesories and games. But anyway, bad ecvation.
    94 million sold wii, so how much loss in total is that? Why dont they set a few $ higher than the cost. Thats maby 80 million sold Wii U with 1-2 $ profit. Boom… +ecvation?

    • D2K

      The answer is ‘zero’ because Nintendo made a $40 profit on each Wii from day one. That’s why they can gamble a little bit right now. The success of the Wii and DS is one of many reasons why their market cap is 17-billion dollars.

  • Dan

    Blame the controller 🙂

    • totesawks

      Absolutely agree.

    • simple maths like a3 yr old

      blame nwo and the elite bankers DERP

  • awesome sauce

    im sure nintendo is making profit from the games – £50 ($60) is a bit expensive for a game but i now know why an i think its reasonable

    • RoboticLink

      It costs as much as Xbox 360 and PS3 games and will cost less than PS4 and Xbox 720 games.

  • nintendofreak

    so how much of a loss?

  • King rat

    I bet they aren’t making a loss selling it in the uk at $450 for the premium bundle.

    Still any loss will probably be made back within the first few games or peripherals sold so its not such a big deal. Nintendo have cut back on losses over the last 6 months compared to the same time last year so they are headed in the right direction.

    • Tobbe

      Still u have the cost for pro controller, accessories and a game?

      • King rat

        That was the basic premium pack I was quoting, not the zombi u pack. To be more exact, based on the currency market exchange rate the base premium pack in the uk comes in at $480 with Nintendo land.

        The extra accessories such as controller dock, console stand etc are cheap to produce. Accessories such as the pro controllers are also high margin sales for Nintendo

  • Dan

    I knew it!

  • Zero

    Sort of dissapointing, but i’m sure that with a few games sold it will compensate the loss. I still don’t think this is a good move but if anyone can make it, its Nintendo.

    • Kahhhhyle

      Lots of companies do this. It won’t be a problem, in time components will become cheaper, production will become cheaper, and if they make a slim like Sony and micro do shipping will get cheaper too as long as it continues to sell they got no problems

  • Axe

    And yet, people think it’s too expensive… Meanwhile every iPad is making 1000% profit.

    • Britton

      Man the iPad is such a rip off. Then Apple spews out the iPad Mini for $329. What a joke. The WiiU is by far the better product.

      • Derpy

        I’m sorry, but I could say the same thing about the 3DS XL.

        • Britton

          The iPad Mini costs more than a WiiU. That is absurd. The 3ds XL was a needed upgrade and is worth the money. I could see you saying the same thing about the DS however. Considering there were like 50 different models. Whatever the case, Apple over charges one all of their products.

  • D2K

    Just so people know, Nintendo has a surplus of profit from the Wii and DS so any loss on the Wii U will be absorbed.

    It’s never fun selling a console at a loss, but it’s not really a big deal. If people didn’t panic after Sony and Microsoft took a loss for 5 years straight on their system they shouldn’t trip about the Wii U selling at a loss. It’s par for the course.

    • simple maths like a3 yr old

      about 20 billion plus land plus investments plus real est there worth about 40 billion in get able cash there value and war chest are both massive vs the entire sony corp

      if sony continues downward nintendo has the might to buy them thats how strong they are apples power is manipulation they have the nwo scum backing them up and a pretend market value so that bankers can pretend usa matters its pathetic really

      • D2K

        I think Microsoft may buy them before Nintendo would. It would be delicious irony if Nintendo were to buy out Sony after all the junk they’ve talked about Nintendo, but it would be more advantageous for Microsoft and Sony to join forces. Then Nintendo would have a fight on their hands.

        At that point Nintendo would have to at least ‘consider’ some type of partnership with Apple.

        • dr scoobie

          dont be absurd.
          apple would charge an arm and a leg
          for the wiiu if they could.

          and its not exactly easy to come by
          human chop shops these days.

  • WiiUHyper

    Well, thats not good, I like nintendo, I hope they dont lose SOOOO much money it shuts them down (and I know it wont)

  • NoPUNintendo

    Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This is no surprise to me. I saw this coming, much like how the Gamecube was. But Nintendo will, hopefully, pull through at the end as always and release a new console in about 7 or 8 years.

  • sorry

    sony sold it´s console for 5 years without making profit…

  • Wii U

    PLEASE NINTENDO DONT FAIL! i dont care about the economy. Two only reasons i buy nintendo products. To buy top selling innovative consoles and games & to make nintendo make a profit so they can continue to make better innovative technology. I love you nintendo you brought my family together. Thank you for bringing so much fun. I hope you find a way ti regain that loss of money and continue producing happiness.

    • Axe

      Games. Nintendo won’t make a profit on the Wii U but they’ll make a profit on all of their games. They’ll be fine. They’ll pick right back up next year.

    • simple maths like a3 yr old

      nintendo know they have no choice but to ride it out

      • Wii U

        wow i recieved so many dislikes. but i might be directing it towards another reason, such as .. maybe the person disliked that nintendo is losing profit… but anyways. nintendo is the best… dont get me wrong.

  • RoboticLink

    This is kinda scary, but I trust Nintendo. They probably thought this through before selling it at a loss and they’ll most likely succeed will all the awesome games.

    Anyway I don’t see a quotation validating this statement (although Wii U Daily might put one because of this comment so don’t hate me if they added one and I’ll be wrong) so this might be a mistake or a misunderstanding.

    • simple maths like a3 yr old

      they didnt decide this its the exchange rate this is out of there control if they added $40 it would still likely loose money its the dollar and euro there weak

      it wasnt like sony delibrate loss then make it up nintendo goes to market at profit we are in a global melt down bigger than ever in history and europe and usa have declared currencie wars on china

      jesus think like a grown up

  • Noteak

    Is it just me who thinks 250$ is an extremely low price for a game system.

    • Kahhhhyle

      Well that was nintendos typical selling point in the past so it wasn’t that unrealistic to expect it

      • Noteak


    • dr scoobie

      compared with every single console ever made
      yes. it is cheap(disregarding ripoffs)

  • Mike Fraser

    When PS3 first came out in Canada it was 700.00 + tax. When I saw the price of the Wii U I couldn’t believe how cheap it was especially with the controller it came with. I’m sure the loss they are going to take won’t break their bank too much. They will make it up with games and accessories.

  • ziggy

    look at the games coming out for it its not the consols power that sells a unit its the games and in 30 yrs im impressed its got kid titles and adult titles nintendo nation has not failed yet so dont worry

    • dr scoobie

      the gamecube failed and it was more powerful
      than the ps2.

      its was brilliant however.
      i bought mine for $21 autralian dollars.
      (the most expensive place in the world to buy consoles)
      i also bought 3 games for $15
      a few months later super smash bros melee increased to $70
      and the gamecube to $50

  • PKUltima

    With all the launch games and cool accessories they will overall make a profit. Don’t be worried guys, this IS Nintendo we’re talking about, the one that saved the gaming industry.

  • Lusunup

    so there going to sell at a loss and yet they sold out on pre orders in all retail stores? And its not even out yet

  • Zhenya

    this is some kinda business tactic

  • Benjah

    Hey everyone don’t worry, everything is going to be alright. Just think of it this way guys you have to take a lost to gain all the back later on. Its properly something small. Get N get out. Nintendo fo ever…

  • NesToWiiU

    Virtual Boy, anyway again people we all know Nintendo doesn’t care about the money.

  • Dan

    Dont worry about nintendo failing and loosing money, they wont, their games just sell period….. Pokemon, anything mario, zelda, kid icarus, metroid, Donkey kong, pikmin and some i forgot sell millions,,,,,

    • rp17

      @Dan you forgot Kirby!

  • lakersfan

    So if Nintendo wants to make their profit on games accessories etc., how much do you guys think an extra game pad is gonna cost?

    • D2K

      It’ll be awhile before we find out because I haven’t heard of any game in the launch window that uses two Gamepads.

      • lakersfan

        Well that makes sense, although wouldn’t it be logical for Nintendo to make an option for the gamepad to turn off its thouchscreen and all that and play as a pro controller for games that aren’t compatable with two of them or if you just wanted to play multiplayer with the highest quality tv picture? Just a thought.

    • Tobbe

      Daily deleted my comment about the gamepad. I know a place where they sell extra pads. I linked it, but my comment where deleted. Thats bad cos it helps Nintendo. Bad daily

  • Kirbymon123

    At the gamestop I went to today, it said $249 and I asked the guy and he’s like, ooh, they’re really $299. Way to false advertise…..

  • wiiUS

    ummm idc and im sure nintendo doesnt either if their doing this

  • simple maths like a3 yr old

    you people need to check into reality its not the console its self at a loss its the EXCHANGE RATE the yen is worth far to much vs the worthless dolar pound and euro

    this isnt a nintendo issue its a currencie issue they simple cannot profit because the conversion to yen just kills the profits

  • boss33

    Wait, hold on, well, surely they could claim profit loss on the basic machine, but profit loss, on the deluxe machine, hmm, surrpose, only untill depelite of the first sku patch of machines.



  • logan7699

    it is because the yen to $ is so off..the system is not being sold at a loss in japan.. and that the euro is better so less loss in the uk…and in the us it will sale in volume and they will make the money in games sales…and with the billion they made on the Wii and Pokemon the company is fine….

  • TheBaconator

    Them selling the Wii U at a loss could mean that they care for us and would take a blow for us. Like taking a bullet to save somebody else?

  • Shane

    I think it’s a great tactic. It’s still trying to appeal to less hardcore gamers. I honestly thought that the Wii U would cost $400 or $450, w/o the Basic and Deluxe options. The Deluxe option is obviously better if you can fork out $50 more, but even if they would have made the price higher, hardcore gamers would have bought it anyways. I just think Nintendo is less aggressive overall with how they market their products, and as a result, it’s reverse psycology in a way. People will buy it, and obviously have(pre-orders). It’s still expensive for what you paid 15 years ago for a console, and it’s literally over 100 X better. Hardcore gamers should be happy as f*** right now.

    It’s obviously better than PS3, and Xbox 360, but people still say that it should be cheaper.

    As for iPad: iPad sucks SOOO bad. I had iPad 2, and was immediately sorry for getting one. It doesn’t run any REAL OS, and cost as much as a computer that can do 100 X more, and at the same time without glitches.

    For anyone that bought more than one iPad: I really hope they make a good iPad with all the funds you’ve given them, otherwise the whole iPad idea was a waste. App based computers are a waste, if that’s all they do. They need to run real programs that you can actually do stuff on. I look at the iPad as a “easily amused” person entertainer.

  • Workdsina


  • Christian

    ‘Nintendo said that the Wii U is currently in production and will be sold “below cost”.’ Does this mean a Wii U price cut? Or was this before the Wii U Preview? This is not good for Nintendo. A price cut for the 3DS and the Wii U a little after a year from themselves? Definitely not good!

    • Timgil

      Below cost means that it costs more to produce, than it is being sold for. It has nothing to do with a price cut for consumers.

      • Christian

        Got it. Thanks for the info.

  • Volcano

    well they sell the wii u at a loss but awesome games and accessories will rise it up. anyone remember my comment from the other day…
    Wii U + 1st party games * great support of 2nd and 3rd party games = a console that rocks and blows everyone away. nintendo will come through as always with that specific statement. NINTENDO FOREVER!!!!

  • Timgil

    I’m betting this loss is only for the $300 base model. The extras in the deluxe cost very little to produce, so unless they’re losing close to $50 for each base model, I’d be surprised if the deluxe model turned no profit.
    (By the way, I’m not saying Nintendoland was very cheap to make, but that it costs very little to make each extra disk. Memory is cheap, the digital pass costs nothing, and the stand materials probably only cost about a dollar or so.)

  • Johny

    good guy nintendo :|…. if it was sony that made the same console… it would be like… 600$ again ? or something

  • Anubis

    So many people were on Nintendo telling them this better be a powerful system or I’m done. I don’t blame them for forcing themselves to make the “most powerful console”. This is why you can’t force gaming.

  • theorangefish

    they also lost or lose money with the 3DS.

  • WarioForever

    It is sad that Nintendo is in crisis… 🙁
    Today, every large company is at loss (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft)
    except Apple, I hate them, but I heard a rumor that they also have some financial problems…
    But Nintendo will solve the problems and Wii U will be successful. FTW!!!

    • Schizza

      Apple… financial problems… HA HA HA. Apple basically prints money.

  • Billy

    One day I will ride on Shiggies unicorn of love and see and know all that is amazing. I want his crack! Besides that, don’t worry about this too much. Buy the games, show the third parties your support. Give them moneys. Thats my plan.

  • SteampunkJedi (3DS FC: 5284-2360-9145)

    I hope the loss isn’t too large, but maybe this means the Wii U is more powerful than previously thought! (The GamePad’s probably pretty expensive, though.)

  • Pfffft.

    Yeah, yeah, Nintendo will be just fine. They always have struggles, but solve them and WIN!

  • DerikGotro64

    They almost HAVE to since they feel selling it higher than $350 is asking too much of nintendo die hards and mom’s alike. Besides, the positive side of this from a business standpoint is a larger install base. Which is what it looks like they are aiming for. Its not the same as Sony’s loss of this current gen. Sony had to sell 2-3 years before making bank. From what i read awhile back anyways.
    Try not to think of these as bad things and just be happy this console will be out next month.

  • Ravyu

    Am I the only one who will buy 4+ games at launch because of this (and many other reasons of course)

  • Paul

    nintendo makes me laugh at everything since they annouced the wii u

    they said it will sell and make them profit on each console – lied

    they said black ops 2 will get all the dlc for the wii u – lied

    they said the console is more powerful than current gens (360/ps3) – lied

    they will have future support on each game developer including rockstar in 2013 – lied

    they said the console wont be hackable – lied

    • mistarobotics

      How much did you get paid to write that?

    • Pikapower0000

      It WILL sell
      Who cares! More for other games!
      Yes it is dumbass!

    • Pameliza

      All you just said is all just opinion.
      I think it will sell and make a profit.
      Black Ops 2 may or may not get all the DLC for the Wii U. What do you care?!?!
      I think the console is much more powerful than the XBox 360 and the PS3.
      I think in the future the Wii U will support each game of each game developer.
      What if the Wii U can be hacked?!?! Its not there fault.
      If you think all they say is a lie, than don’t think about buying the Wii U.

  • mistarobotics

    I remember that a couple years after the wii was released Nintendo kept lowering the price…..anything have to do with that or what?

  • 0soul

    They know what they are doing, why do you think they are releasing alot of games right away after launch.(before launch I should say)

  • Pikapower0000

    Bitch Please Nintendo an survive off Mario Alone!


    ok just dont go playstation on us and if your selling at a loss dont include a game i know people that will just but it for nintendo land (: listen or you will be the new sega

  • FastRDust

    Yeah eventually they wil make some sort of profit.
    first they sell it with a small loss and over time the hardware to produce a Wii U will get cheaper and they will make some profit.

    If they have made up for the loss at the start, they will lower the price of the Wii U, sell more with still some profit and keeping the *hype* up to continue selling.

    still a smart strategie if your willing to take the risk.

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  • Nessnessnessnessnessness…

    Hey: at least Nintedno doesn’t have to deal with the failure of the Vita.

  • games that help nintendo through the years was zelda mario based games

  • 1010110

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