Jan 22nd, 2013

Nintendo Direct

Set your alarm clocks and get ready for another Nintendo Direct which will take place worldwide tomorrow. According to NintendoUK, Mr. Iwata will reveal new games for the brand new WiiU!

Of course, those of us that live in the U.S. get the pleasure of waking up at 9am EST time (That’s 6am PST) to stream it live. What do you think we should expect tomorrow? Something along the lines of Pokemon XY’s announcement? Or maybe something smaller like the first bit of Wii U virtual console software?

Regardless, it’s nice to see the WiiU get some attention in the wake of all this awesome 3DS news for 2013. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  • Per Paulpaule

    Hope they show us what retro is doing

    • Wildman

       Let’s hope so!

    • MujuraNoKamen

       It’s about time, it would have been shown at E3 but they pulled it at the last minute. It could be Starfox but I hope it’s Metroid! It would be great to see a prime style game this time around (I liked Other M despite its shortcomings but Prime is the way to go for the franchise) A Metroid FPS would be a real system seller for Wii U and with a HD makeover would be a real showcase of what the system can really do. There’s also some potential with the gamepad’s features as well.

  • Glennthegreat

    Zelda or Smash Bros Wii U news has to be announced. Something that’ll get people talking about their system again.

    • Captain Falcon

      Honestly doubt Smash Bros will be shown; maybe at E3.
      I might be wrong, but I’d love being wrong in this case.

      • Noteak

        I think Captain Falcon is right about Smash Bros not coming yet, but I am hoping a new Zelda game will be announced.

        • Squid king

          Hehe, Starfox? Metroid? Kirby? Oh, how about that rumored Yoshi game?

        • TheLast

          I don’t think Zelda will be announced either. I wish they started development on these games years ago, instead of dump everything on the Wii and 3DS to try and save them (it worked for 3DS though).

          • Skyward sword worked for the wii too…

          • companyoflosers

            thats opinion. skyward sword did not “save” the wii or nintendo would never have felt the need to release the wii u. out of all the 3d zelda titles, i felt skyward sword was the weakest out of all of them. it wasnt bad, just the weakest one.

          • Marcell Wade

            No, the Wii’s console generation came to an end, a console generation only lasts six years, usually, that’s why Nintendo released the Wii U, but I will say they were probably ready to move on from Wii, because of some of it’s short comeings.

        • MetroidZero

          I kinda chuckled when you wrote: “I think CAPTAIN FALCON is right about Smash Bros not coming yet…”

          He’s a character in the game and he knows the game won’t be…..ok moving on. 😛

    • Captain Falcon

      I know this isn’t Wii U news, but I’m still waiting for this:

      Old news referring to a new Zelda game coming to the 3DS

      • TheLast


      • companyoflosers

        well at least its a remake of a REAL zelda game. none of the dumb junk nintendo has been passing for ds zelda games. demon hourglass and spirit tracks were complete trash. its like they dont even try unless its a console version of zelda. the feel of the game doesnt even reach me. when i play a console zelda game i feel connected to link, the world of hyrule and all its lore but with a ds zelda? nothing…

    • Wildman

      Info on SMASH BROS. U?!
      We’ll find out soon enough.

      • Jerry Garcia

         Probably some indie crap game.

    • companyoflosers

      I enjoy the wii u and im a nintendo supporter, but forgive me for saying, people have to start talking about the wii u to begin with before they can talk about it again. nintendo did a shotty job advertising the new console which is why half of everyone thought it was just a fancy controller for the already existing wii, and many others didnt even know it was even announced by the time it was out. i feel like nintendo keeps blowing their chances to get ahead of microsoft and sony because of sheer laziness.

    • Brett Butler

      Megaman Wii U

  • Probably something like Tomb Raider.

    • DragonSilths

      Nintendo games…not 3rd party games.re-read the article.

  • Immallama22

    Maybe some Virtual Console games? *cough* Mario Sunshine *cough*

    I doubt it’ll be anything huge like a possible Yoshi’s Land game though.

    • I doubted the pokemon announcement would be big. Look where that got me XD

    • MetroidZero


      P.S. Sunshine > Galaxy 

      • Mauricio Guaura


    • Immallama22

      I was wrong. Best. Nintendo. Direct. Ever

  • …also the Resident Evil Revelations.

  • Ezequiel Diaz


  • Well they talk about new games, so maybe Metroid, Starfox, F zero. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like Eternal Darkness 2. Early last year Nintendo re-registered the name Eternal Darkness I heard from a reliable source. Maybe some insight on Monoliths new WiiU project?

    Or perhaps a complete new IP.

    • Anthony K Aurelia

      ED 2 would make my year…maybe more than Metroid or Zelda…

    • MujuraNoKamen

       ED2? yes please!!!! I hope it’s true but last I heard Silicon Knights were in trouble making it unlikely but I suppose Ninty could do what they did for Bayonetta 2 and intervene and make the project go ahead. ED2 would be an amazing game and it would be great if it came to Wii U!
      ED2, a metroid FPS, Zelda and a full Pokemon RPG are my biggest games for Wii U! I hope they all happen and soon.

  • link2nintendo

    if its true that they will be completely new announcements, my bet will be on Acid Ghost and Yoshi Land

    • LolWatTurtles

      Actually dat Official Nintendo Magazine is apparently revealing a new game in dat February issue. So yee, a lot of people were thinking dat shiyeet was gonna either be Acid Ghost or RE: Revelations HD. Since RE: Revelations HD just got announced already I foreal think Acid Ghost will be announced in dat magazine.

  • Could be Mario Kart for the Wii U.  Mario Kart tends to come out early on Nintendo consoles.

  • Sdudyoy

    I hope there is a First party game, if not then Pikmin 3 footage would be nice.

    • Wildman

      They’re all first party games.

      “This time, the plan is a bit different from a regular Direct, in that
      I’ll be talking about what kind of Wii U titles and services Nintendo is
      – Satoru Iwata

    • companyoflosers

      with all the delaying on pikmin 3 we better here SOMETHING. at least a concrete deadline. it was SUPPOSED to be a release title but here we are, moths later, no pikmin.

  • Nintendo is breaking their silence? FINALLY!

    I was starting to worry we’d have to wait a bit longer – like until around E3 to get some official news from the BIG N themselves

  • marius valasinas

    Probably some e-shop titles again. God we need to see something new from first party devs. 

  • diqus sucks

    a while ago someone with the NNID “NlNTENDO” “drew
    S                       S
    B                       4
    “on miiverse. which i think meant super smash bros 4 and his name was S. Miyahon which was the misspelt way of saying S. Miyamoto in zelda 1…probably some troll but if not, it would be weird if they said something about and not give info soon. maybe ssb4 info will come out tomorrow :D…i hope
    Reply ·


      There’s no way in hell Smash bros is coming tomorrow but hopefully we’ll get some more info on it…maybe even a trailer…FINGERS AND ORGANS CROSSED EVERYONE! 😀 

    • AAAkabob

      They have a checkmark next to their name if they are a developer. If this guy didn’t have one he was just a troll.

      Btw SSB4 won’t be out till late 2014 or pushed back to 2015.

  • Wayne Beck

    They wouldn’t hype the Nintendo Direct if they didn’t have something good to show, but my Money is on Animal Crossing and Yoshi.. Not getting my hopes up. =(

    Best possible news would be a surprise January release.


    Man…I would love to see something…ANYTHING Smash Bro’s related.


    Probably wont be that big of news but we can hope.

  • I feel like the pattern with these Nintendo Direct broadcasts is most the show is stuff we already know about or don’t care about, then they finally finish up with something of substance in the end (Fire Emblem in the last one’s case, not including the Pokemon special).  Nonetheless, that final announcement normally makes these things worth it so I’m looking forward to it.

  • Takarashi282

    Is it just me, or are the Nintendo Directs happening more often.  Anyways, I hope that Super Smash Bros. is in there.

  • Nick Kulakovskiy

    I’d be happy with any games they throw at us, notice the “S” at the end of game……… Because if again, Nintendo will give us one game and tell us to wait for future releases, I’ll probably have to dust it off later  when I get my Zelda Game…

  • chanflee

    Please Donkey Kong Country U HD…
    But first please fix the some issues of the console…

  • LukeBlackburn

    please be animal crossing new leaf release date for 3ds or something about that new yoshi game for wii u

    • DragonSilths

      Wii U Nintendo Direct. Animal Crossing is for the 3DS.

  • Vakua Dorn


    That’s 50 minutes after midnight for me!

  • GUYS! crytek also has something for tomorrow!! i just can imagine me playing crysis 3 on my wii U. I love the crysis franchine but i know is no gonna happen ;(

  • I’m guessing they’ll announce netflix and Tivo support. That was said to come in january… it’s almost over

    • companyoflosers

      whats the point in announcing netflix support?! there is already a netflix app right on the front menu! is that not support?!

  • Noteak

    Just so u guys know I saw a Black Wii U at Costco for $339.99 so you can save ten bucks there on a wii u (In U.S.)

  • Shane Gibbs

    Prediction: Mario Kart U and/or Pikmin 3 news

  • DragonSilths

    Like always I’m hoping its Retros amazing mystery game. AKA Starfox HD.

  • GamesByXerron

    What if the next Metroid got the “Skyward” treatment?  Prime offered a gritty style, comparable against Twilight Princess.  A stylistic approach would be intriguing.

    • companyoflosers

      nah, they are moving away from having their star franchises from having motion controls. if the next zelda, metroid and mario games have motion controls using motion plus rather than gamepad/ procontroller controls, ill be very surprised and displease. as for the art style, i felt twilight princess was a step in the right direction minus howling songs as a wolf. the dark art style is exactly what majoras mask and ocarina would have looked like had the technology to display it existed back then. their zelda tech demo for the wii u hit the sweet spot in my opinio in terms of art style. id also be fine seeing the ocarina making a return for the next game even though its been used.

      • GamesByXerron

        The Metroid series has been handed through various partners and 2nd party teams.  To say they are moving away would contradict the interests between developer and consumer.  I understand that a new Metroid something that many look forward to, and it is likely they are looking for able developers to take their approach to the series.  If not for the Wii U, perhaps the 3DS.  I personally would like to see something to improve what Metroid Prime : Hunters tried.

  • companyoflosers

    i feel like a console version of pokemon would be welcome. not a new colosseum or stadium game but a full on console version equivalent to the ds’s pokemon diamond/pearl-black and white 2. an hd, fully 3d realistic pokemon game.

    • GamesByXerron

      Would be welcome and mostly likely to happen, different things as I see it.  Pokémon being a close but somewhat separate entity of Nintendo, they have often referred to the core philosophy of keeping the Pokémon series a way to make adventures portable and designed to have players interact with each other.  Pokémon is recognized to be at its best on handhelds.  However, many spin-offs make it to the console according to demand.  Who knows.  We could have a Pokémon Snap eShop game.

  • Val Berger

    nintendo won’t spoil with big franchises yet, maybe at GDC. For now, they may be talking about the new Resident Evil Game, maybe this rumored Animal Crossing Game and some even less interesting Games. I wouldn’t be too optimistic, those Direct Shows may be a great thing, but for me, they never really delivered any interesting games in first place, except the one unveiling the WiiU (of course 😉 )
    So, let’s hope I’m wrong and they’re talking about their new Mario Game 😉

    • Val Berger

      ah and they’ll be adressing their virtual console for sure. which is a good thing I guess.

  • Andrew W Garttmeyer

    I want Link to the Past on my gamepad.

  • oontz

    Wind Walker HD remake!!!! OH YEAH!