Jul 24th, 2014


Just a heads up that the San Diego Comic-Con is now underway and Nintendo will have a large presence this year, with the first Super Smash Bros. tournament for Nintendo 3DS taking place over the weekend. If you won’t be attending Comic-Con yourself, you’ll be able to see all the action on Nintendo’s Twitch channel, as they’ll be streaming live from Comic-Con. Here’s the announcement:

On July 25 and July 26, Nintendo will stream Nintendo Challenge Live, a stage show hosted from the Nintendo Gaming Lounge that features intense tournament competition and awesome game-play challenges from some of the hottest upcoming games on Nintendo platforms. Fans can open their browsers to http://www.twitch.tv/nintendo to catch all of the action and stick around for hours to soak in all the festivities.

The live gameplay will start at 11:30 PST on both days, so be sure and check it out if you want to see what Nintendo is presenting at Comic-Con this year! The line up is huge!

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  • companyoflosers

    the announcement trains a coming! followed very shortly by the hype train!

    • crossing my fingers for more of Zelda U…

    • nerissapartington

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      • Raptok

        Cheap BMW…

      • Kobe

        Please ban this guy, or he’ll post this crap everywhere.

      • Wow! Very cheap BMW. How old is it? 15 years? My Hyundai Getz costed me pretty much the same and younger too probably. Never seen a decent BMW go for 6.4K unless it was 10-12 years old and 250K on the distance driven. Then even upvoting yourself, sounds like a lame spider bot to me.

  • Phaz0n

    It’s ironic that they are streaming through Twitch. How about you bring Twitch to the Wii U and 3DS Nintendo? We’d like that very much.

  • ReDX

    The only retarded thing about Nintendo is that while they are streaming 2 days through Twitch.tv; President of Nintendo USA says he finds it “not entertaining” watching people stream games yet he uses twitch.tv

    WTB Twitch.tv app through Wii U :v thanks

    • Peter Garcia

      He understands that just because he doesn’t enjoy it, it doesn’t mean others don’t.

  • James

    So uh, can someone maybe tell me what 11:30 PST for London/South Africa? Plox?

  • Korv13

    I doubt there will be any surprises for Smash at the Comic-Con…

    • TheSneakyLizard

      Actually, there will be. Nintendo said so.

      • Korv13

        I am thinking some important announcement like a character (veteran/new), new stage or something like that. They seem to be very conservative with their Smash announcements. They had some occasions (like a important fair in Japan) where they could have announce something but didn’t.

        Anyway, I won’t be displeased if they announce something. 🙂