Jul 3rd, 2012

Nintendo wii u logoThere’s no denying that Nintendo is taking third party developers and publishers much more seriously with the Wii U than they did with the Wii. The company all but dominated the Wii software sales charts, and third party support for the console was lackluster, to say the least. Many of the top franchises never saw release on the Wii console, and Nintendo has learned from its mistakes. Nintendo is courting third parties to publish more games on the Wii U.

Speaking with investors about the issue, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said the main goal for the Wii U situation is to “establish a trusting relationship with third-party developers”, so they can create and release more games on the Wii U than on previous Nintendo platforms. Iwata added that the company built a good relationship with third parties for the Nintendo 3DS, and that they’re looking to “further improve the situation with the Wii U”.

The Wii U has seen unprecedented third party support, especially from major publishers like Ubisoft and EA. Ubisoft is working on no less than 8 Wii U games, while EA will be bringing 3 titles at launch plus two unannounced project that will be revealed later this month. The world’s largest publisher, Activision, will release the highly anticipated Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on the Wii U later this year, and has said they are excited over the new console’s potential.

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  • nintendon’t

    I think they will need help from third-party developers at the Wii U’s release, but over time, Nintendo will rely on their own major titles.

  • Parker

    Ubisoft give us Reed Steel 3!!!

  • Answer

    Wait Black ops 2 is coming out later this year… well I totally will getting the Wii U now

  • Frankensavior

    I think people are expecting too much all at once, and most of these people have never been in a business setting more or less had a job. Quality takes time, and instead of having a bunch of dodgey ports. It wouldn’t bother me if it took them a little longer to get Wii U versions out. You hear things like no current plans for a Wii U version, and people go completely nuts. Yet they don’t take into consideration that all of these games have been in development for the 360 and PS3 for awhile now. It’s essentially the same game on both of those two platforms. Of course these games who have been developed for these two consoles from the ground up will be the main focus. After they are polished and finished. Then if its viable porting it to the Wii U and adding the gamepads features they will do it. With the Wii it was the problem of processing power and graphical capabilities. This isn’t the case with the Wii U. It’s simply adapting it to utilize the gamepad. Even so Nintendo said they don’t require developers to use the gamepad. They can instead use the pro controller. So just because a developer says it isn’t planned. Don’t count it out while the game is still in development for two older systems. It’d viable that they want to get the version that they’ve been working on before planning to add the Wii U features. You can’t expect everything at once, and you certainly can’t expect something to be quality, and rushed to be ported to a next gen console.

  • LizardLee

    I can not wait until all of the third party games are in the palm of my hands. Nintendo is right though they are lacking third-party games. It is also important that the games have quality equal or greater than the other consoles. Another thing to watch out for is to not have too many third-party games. :0

  • Man

    Nintendo shouldnt be doing crap the third partys should come to them on there knees i mean nintendo is the one with the inivative/powerful console

  • leo

    well 3rd party support is vital,but i do wish more hardcore titles were accounted for Wii U were really missing out on some cool stuff like RE6 but then again in take into consideration frankern’s comment…

    • Nintengoth

      RE6 im in no hurry for as it looks crap, im still hoping that N will bring a new unannounced Mario game into the fray and maybe some other 1st party titles.
      Give a thumbs up if you want Ninty to make any of these:

      Super Mario Galaxy 3
      Metroid Prime 4 (or a whole new game)
      Super Mario Kart
      Super Smash Bros (i know its coming but i want hard details about it)
      New Mario Game
      The Legend Of Zelda
      Geist 2
      Mario Party 10

      There are more but i cant think atm lol

      • Leo

        how about a new dig dug? 😛

  • SanPharaoh

    As long as I get a new Fire Emblem…soon…they can seriously take their time with EVERYTHING else, except Zelda. I see 3rd party ports or exclusives as a bonus.

  • LordiMcKill

    Give us GTA V on the Wii U and all will be complete.

  • Neonridr

    I agree with what Frakensavior said. All of these companies who have said they don’t have any plans for a Wii U version are saying this because of two reasons. 1) They want to wait and see how well the Wii U does before they commit to bringing a game over to that system – While a reasonable statement, it’s pretty idiotic to assume that this system won’t sell like hotcakes — good luck to anyone wanting to get one before xmas. 2) They are currenly devoting all their resources to a PS3 / 360 version. Once that version ships, the development team will have time available to do a port for the Wii U. Remember the Wii U and the 360 share similar architecture. So I do not think that developers will have that much of a hard time creating straight up ports.

  • Leo

    well if all developers have the same idea of”lets wait and see how it does” then it’s gonna fail.They have to take some risks too they just cant let nintendo take all the risks. Sometimes i think the “were currently focusing on the xbox/ps3 version right not” excuse is complete BS.

  • Ninja *L*

    I am buying wiiu for sure

  • POPO

    wiiu is better than i thought it was gonna turn out to be.

  • The guy who slapped you

    Um is everybody forgetting about No More Heroes 3?