Sep 25th, 2012

Nintendo has been criticized in the past for nor properly managing their supply chain. The Wii was famously sold out for well over a year after it was released. Nintendo couldn’t simply manufacture enough consoles, and ultimately lost out on the extra revenue and profits they could have made. But this won’t happen with the Wii U, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime has assured consumers.

Wii U boxSpeaking to Forbes, Reggie said that Nintendo has learned its lessons not just with the launch of the Wii, but with the DS and the 3DS as well. The DS was also sold out for a long time after it was released, and the 3DS had serious pricing issues, which led to Nintendo slashing the price just months after release. This in return led to a loss on every 3DS console sold, which contributed to the first ever financial loss for Nintendo as a public company.

When it comes to price, Nintendo certainly seems to have learned the lessons from the 3DS launch. Yesterday we heard Reggie say that they believe the Wii U is priced correctly and that there won’t be any Wii U price cut for years to come. The console will launch in two SKUs, a $299 Basic model, and a $349 Deluxe model.

The supply chain is another important aspect of a successful console launch. And it has already come to the attention of the press, since the Wii U has already sold out across the world. This lead many to wonder if there would be enough consoles at launch for those who didn’t pre-order. According to analysts, Nintendo could manufacture up to 1.5 million Wii U consoles per month.

Reggie also commented on the original Wii, saying Nintendo will continue selling it after the Wii U comes out, especially in emerging markets like South America.


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  • Lusunup

    *Its $349 wiiudaily staff

    • Lusunup

      although it would be awesome to be $249

      • AKA-Link77

        Change “nor” to “not”
        (in fist line)

        • Lusunup

          Now now those don’t need to be so specific on little details.

          • BluChuChu

            Yes, they do need to be changed, it increases the website’s credibility and gives it a more serious and professional appeal.

            The 3rd sentence should also read “simply couldn’t”, rather than “couldn’t simply”.

          • TheWholeTruth

            Glad their not pulling an Apple iPhone 5 on us…

            People staying on the streets for 3 days to get 1…
            Don’t they have jobs? Or Lifes for that matter.

            No amount of material would make me wait in line to get one.

        • Cugno the Swiss

          Change “fist” to “first”

          • AKA-Link77


    • Wii U Daily


      • Anubis

        Just wandering, but are you aboy or a girl, or a groupof people?(Who writes the comments)

        • Crapcake

          A group of people look at the top of the articles

        • NoPUNintendo

          Neither, Wii U Daily is a massive supercomputer running 24/7 googling keyterms about Wii U.

          In reality, however, I’m sure it’s a group of people.

        • theBALLANCEDopinion

          They are a trans-dimensional sentient entity.
          hope that helped.

          • Wii U Daily

            I am error

          • Anubis

            I was being serious! I get down voted for asking a question? You sure are kind people.
            P.S that didn’t help moron

      • SuperShyGuy

        With that kind of attitude anubis, I’m pretty sure why you got down voted.

  • Q

    good move Nintendo!

    • AKA-Link77

      Yah i was scared for the ppl that wud be left out from pre orders cuz they might say “TAKE MY MONEY!” to some other stuff. πŸ™‚

  • BananaPwnz

    yeah, Nintendo has learned their lesson, the price cut for the 3ds came literally the day after i bought it full price. So there should not be a price cut for the Wii u anytime soon. The Wii u sold out VERY quickly on pre-orders, so 1.5 million a month sounds decent enough.

    • Nintedward.

      When Nintendo announced the price and launch line up for 3ds , for the first time in my history with nintendo consoles , I said to my self ”wtf is going on and how and why am I going to buy that” .

      6 months later I said ”now that’s what I’m talkin bout”

      • Reggie “My Body Is Ready” Fils-Aime

        Many people had that same experience. I do believe we priced the Wii U correctly. Our number of pre-orders show some depth and truth to that philosophy, but on launch the real numbers shall bring enlightenment. Nice picture by the way friend.

        • Britton

          You arent seriously trying to pose as Reggie are you?

          • AKA-Link77

            Lol XD

          • pankake flipper.

            i think hes posing as a comment.

        • Wii Uoops!

          Are you really Reggie Fils-Aime? That’d be pretty cool if you are!

        • JC

          I wish I could give you 3 thumbs up, one for the comment, one for the picture , and one for the name πŸ˜€

        • Nintedward.

          What can I say regg dog !!! Keep up the work turning Nintendo from sonys shadow to sony’s daddy . You and Iwata and Miyamoto are the triforce !!!!

          In the end the 3ds (no an XL) is probably the best games console o any sort I have ever owned . Hopefully the wiiu can beat it !

          • Lord Carlisle

            Miyamoto would be courage…

            Iwata would be Wisdom…

            Reggie would be… Power?

        • NavyBlueYoshi

          Officailly THE Greatest user name on wii u daily

  • Nintendude

    You made a typo in your article. You said the deluxe was $249, when it was $349.

  • collin

    it’s 349.99 not 249.99

  • somebody


  • Colton S.

    Typo: You said 249 for deluxe instead of 349. But it’s good that they have enough. I’ll get mine for sure!! (Nervous Laughter) I preordered mine so I will be good.

  • lunarspyke

    “The console will launch in two SKUs, a $299 Basic model, and a $249 Deluxe model.”
    Sorry but the Deluxe model is priced $349.

  • D2K

    Good. It means that Nintendo learns from their mistakes, fixes them, and makes improvements.

  • Bob Garcia

    You might wanna fix the price of the deluxe model. It’s short by a hundred.

  • Marq

    Good. No more of that “keep supply low to create a sense of demand” BS. If people want one, let them pay you to have it. Third party devs and pubs will appreciate it because more of their games will move off the shelves too. And people won’t have to get fed up on waiting for one and settle for something else instead.


    Good its fixed.


      Good thing Reggie, “MY body’s ready” for one a these πŸ˜‰

  • D3V1NdaDOOD

    “The console will launch in two SKUs, a $299 Basic model, and a $249 Deluxe model.”

    No wonder why the Deluxe model is sold out, its $50 cheaper than the Basic and provides accessories plus a game.

    That seriously needs to get fixed J. Kinsley

    Just trying to help you out, bro.

  • Nintedward.

    I got here after wiiu daily fixed that minor error in another excellently well written article . Thank you wiiu daily πŸ™‚ .

  • Kahhhhyle

    They don’t WANT to cut the cost. But would if the ps4 is 300 dollars? Nintendo might not have a choice

    • MinowaEli

      In the position that Sony is, that won’t be profitable.

      • Collected

        It could be if they want to let go of power and return to an affordable, profit making new console. But that could have the negative effect of driving away some of the consumers/gamers that brought the PS3 this generation as such a price would be an easy indication of a machine that wasn’t top-end in terms of technology.

      • PSWii60

        Neither would a $600+ console again :p

    • ps4 > $300

      my name says it all

  • Paul

    if apple can shift 5 million phones within a few days then nintendo can shift 10million consoles in a matter of days

    • Death47

      But don’t forget: There are many, many, many more apple customers than there are Nintendo customers…

      • Castamere

        It’s a frightening thought…

      • PSWii60

        More cell phone users than gamers.

        Not to mention size, packaging, etc… Ofcourse more iphones can be made & shipped in the same time frame as a game console.

        1 Wii U console box could probably fit 10 or more iphone 5 boxes :p

  • Opticine

    This also happened with the Game Boy. They had shipped and manufactured over 1,000,000 Game Boys in 1989 but there were Over 2,000,000 people wanting to buy one. It was Nintendo’s first shortage.

  • smallNdeadly

    Hope the developers are happy with this. I’m worried about the CPU though. Weaker then ps3 CPU….that gonna limit games I like such as dead rising. Nintendo just needs to release the full specs. Regardless I’m getting but would like the piece of mind that its gonna handle crossplatform games for more than a year or too.

    • Trev

      I have te same concern but it is very likely tst this wont be an issue once developers figure it out. Also it has to be stronger than the wii and the wii had plenty of enemies on screen for my tastes.

    • Jeffery02

      Dead Rising was on the Wii as well, so I’m sure the Dead Rising series will play just fine (if not better) on the Wii U

      • Paul

        i wouldnt worry about the cpu as didnt developers have the same situation with the xbox 360 and ps3

  • Dan

    No wonder chinas economy is booming!!! All the gadgets is being manufactured there,,,,

    • NoPUNintendo

      Ironicly, my Nintendo Wii remote, which is a Japanese company. Is made in China. I just find it ironic.

    • revolution5268

      i find it ironic that you don’t know your history of both how the “REAL” world works and the video game industry.

  • TheUNation

    Nintendo have been making great decisions after the September 13th announcement in New York City. And already their stocks have went up over 3% at 10,080 yen per share. Let’s hope they keep up with the demands of selling the Wii U console… especially the Deluxe Set.

  • SnakeBurns


    just want to mention that eb games canada still seems to be taking pre-orders for the Wii U (both deluxe and normal version). So as far as I can tell, it is NOT sold out across the world πŸ™‚

    Or am I misleaded ?

    • Dan

      Ur correct, Canada sell less stuff because we have less population than US and other countries

      • Dan

        U.S 314 million
        CANADA 34 million

        • *.*

          Canada looks like the coolest place in the world

          • Neonridr

            and Canada is an amazing place to live.

        • Neonridr

          you would also think that with Canada being smaller, there would be less supply. Future Shop just finally stopped allowing you to pre-order the deluxe, but EB Games (Gamestop in Canada) is still letting you preorder as of now..

          • SnakeBurns

            Which is exactly what worries me.

            This can mean one of two things :

            A) Gamestop are monitoring their supplies and will stop taking pre-orders when their stock runs out.

            B) Gamestop doesn’t care and will take your money without monitoring their supply even if they risk being unable to provide you with a Wii U at release.

            Option B is scaring the hell out of me. I pre-ordered on the 15th from my local EBGames store. Now at that point I could also have pre-ordered with Best Buy. I just hope I dont end up regretting taking my business to Gamestop.

  • chowflap

    YES. Nintendo saves day

  • mc7791

    hmm if they have learned their lesson from past mistakes then could I and other people be able to go to a retailer and buy a WiiU on 11/18 that I did not preorder? I would like to trade in my current WII for a WIIU. Sounds great if true

  • Madmagican

    “…no shortage of consoles…” Does this mean I can get a Wii U within the first month of launch if I didn’t pre-order (sorry if it’s a dumb question, I just have no experience with new consoles/games and the pre-order process)

    • Morley94

      It really all depends on how many they ship out, and how much you are willing to spend if you buy it outside a retailer.

  • joe

    I got a Wii, 2nd week it came out. It was cold out….I stood in line. Now it would be nice if I could just walk into the store and grab one before Christmas…..who knows, maybe could happen…

    • Game Master

      Yes, this shoud mean Wii Us for everone πŸ™‚

      • Game Master Joe

        i cant wait to buy a wii u
        it would suck to wait.
        luckily that probably wont happen.

  • sidistic0N3


    So…does this gaurantee I can get a Wii U on November 18?

  • SteampunkJedi

    Hope this is true! I didn’t preorder the Wii U, so launch day it is. Unless some preorders open up. Which would be very nice, of course.



  • ConCity Soldier


  • P4temperance

    My body is READY! My wallet is…… sigh……50% Ready…… I got sum SAVING TO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Good to hear, I still haven’t pre-ordered mine so I really hope stores will be getting more in stock soon.

  • NightΒΊΖ’Core

    Gah thank god, I’m not one of the lucky ppl that have pre-ordered, and was worried that there might not have been any to buy on launch day.

  • pdxmojo

    Love this site, but the article is confusing. I don’t see anywhere in it that it sites that the supply is solid. No supporting facts.

  • pach

    “Reggie also commented on the original Wii, saying Nintendo will continue selling it after the Wii U comes out, especially in emerging markets like South America. ”
    How about find a better way to release the wiiu in south america instead of just give them old hardware? Maybe this is why “Nintendo Japan Doesn’t Trust Nintendo of America”, because they are bad at managing the business? Maybe this is why Microsoft and Sony business have a way better consumer service and public image (at least here)?
    It would be nice if NoA could give even a single fuck about the other countries below the US and let us buy our consoles and have decent online services instead of having to import/unlock/pirate everything.

  • patrick grisham

    i had 4 pre ordered wii u deluxe at gamestop. they called yesterday to inform me i would only get two? somewhere along the line someone messed up on either games stops end or nintendo’s allowing the order to be placed to begin with.

  • Daddy yo

    I got a bad feeling about this.