Feb 13th, 2013

Wii U salesFace it, Wii U sales aren’t what they should be. Nintendo confirmed that when they recently slashed fiscal year-end sales estimates from 5.5 million to 4 million. In 2012, Nintendo shipped 3 million Wii U consoles to retailers. As we know, shipped doesn’t equal sold. It doesn’t look any better on the games front: the original Wii and the GameCube had much better game sales than the Wii U during the first few months on the market.

As Nintendo fans, we want the Wii U to succeed. And even the most hardcore Nintendo fanboys have to admit that it’s obvious that Nintendo isn’t doing enough on several points with the Wii U. The Wii U is a cool and innovative console, and Nintendo needs to step up their game and make sure the average gamer knows this. Here are a few things they need to do:

More advertising

Nintendo hasn’t done nearly enough advertising for the Wii U. Besides the initial print and TV ads during the first few weeks when the Wii U japanconsole launched, there has been virtually no advertising for the Wii U in the mainstream media. TV ads are barely seen anywhere, as well as print ads and posters. The average casual gamer — which the original Wii relied on — barely know the Wii U exists.

The original Wii was a huge success because of its innovation and the clever advertising campaigns Nintendo ran. The Wii U is just as innovative and Nintendo needs to ramp up the advertising and promote the new console a lot more.

Get more Wii U exclusive games

Nintendo surprised many when they revealed that Bayonetta 2 was coming to the Wii U, and would be an exclusive. While this no doubt cost a lot of money, it will also no doubt translate into a lot of new Wii U owners. Nintendo has to reach out to third party developers and secure not only more third party games in general, but more exclusives for the Wii U as well.

Speed up first party titles

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker will be a massive hit on the Wii U and will result in increased sales, but that game isn’t scheduled for release for another 6 months. In the mean time, we have Pikmin 3 as the only major Nintendo first party title coming out. Wii U launchNintendo not only needs to speed up development of their first party titles, but they need to announce some of the Wii U games they are working on. Don’t wait until E3 to announce new games, give Wii U owners something to look forward to right now.

Of course, there is always the quality issue — Nintendo isn’t known for compromising on quality and prefers to work on games as long as they have to. Hopefully they can expand their staff and speed things up without compromising on the quality of their games. It’s a delicate balance, but we’re sure Nintendo is on top of this.

Clarify what the Wii U is

Most casual gamers still think it’s a tablet accessory to the original Wii. And we can’t blame them — Nintendo hasn’t done a good job at differentiating the new console from the old. Nintendo decided to use the “Wii” name for the new console, which is technically a Wii U launchgood idea, since it continues the Wii brand. However, they didn’t do enough differentiate it from the original Wii in its advertising. Nintendo needs to make it clear that the Wii U is an all new console, and that it’s much better than the previous Wii.

Time is of the essence. The Wii U is currently the only next-gen console on the market, and Nintendo needs to take advantage of that. Both Microsoft and Sony are expected to release their next gen systems this Fall, which gives Nintendo some six months to establish the Wii U as the leader.

The Wii U is just as revolutionary as the original Wii, and Nintendo needs to step up their advertising and promotion and make sure all gamers know this.

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  • another “nintendo needs to step thier game up” article -.-

    • but i do agree with the need to advertise a bit more though

      • Anthony K Aurelia

        If everyone stops and thinks about it….how much advertising have you seen for all games and consoles. they are all spending less because the industry is currently making less. Nintendo is watching the surplus of cash they have…they probably would rather spend that cash on bigger development teams then will consider more spending on advertising when they pump out some first party games later this year. Until then we have Nintendo direct, E3 (twice) and internet ads…which I have seen plenty of.

        • i see tv ads for the 360 almosted everyday

  • Fred

    I’m glad you know so much more than Nintendo does about how to sell video game consoles. That being the case, wouldn’t it be smart for you to quit your job writing articles and go get a job at Nintendo?
    Or you could donate your time, create the ad for them, put it on YouTube and tell Nintendo they can have use it if they want

    • Colin Kells-Murphy

      I would have made a fan ad for the Wii U and allow Nintendo to use it if they saw it, but I could not find enough enticing footage for people to get excited over it. Maybe later down the road I will, but as of now I cannot.

    • yamiryuu_zero

      Let’s be realistic here: we know Nintendo can do a better job at advertising video games (we’ve seen it in the past), and the general public still doesn’t understand that the Wii U isn’t just the tablet controller.

      We all want the Wii U to do better in sales, and we know it has capability to do so, but first Nintendo must make a better job at advertising it.  Aside from the first commercials, I haven’t seen a single new one (specially here in Brazil ,where we have no commercials for games in general, most of the time). I have non-hardcore gamer friends that think consoles will cease to exist because they think no one is making a new one, or don’t understand how much different from all the consoles launched so far the Wii U is.

      It doesn’t matter if you’re a Nintendo fan or not, you have to admit: they’re not doing a bad job at advertising, but could be doing a lot better, and this would translate into sales.

  • Nintedward

    The Wiiu will be fine. it doesn’t have to sell as much as the wii did to be considered a success. it could sell half as much as the wii did and sill be considered a success as long as the big N makes money and doesn’t lose any overall and the Games are awesome.!

    All the way through the Wiiu’s life there is gunna be Analysts saying ”not as much as wii this and not as fast as wii that” . but it honestly doesn’t matter.

    Nintendo naturally wants the Wiiu to sell as much as it possibly can , But they made money off the n64 and Gamecube even though they sold about 30M each. The N64 is one of the best consoles ever imo with 30M units sold. The Wiiu could be the same.

    Sales =/= Quality . Making money and not losing it like PS3 >>>> Selling loads at a loss.

    • finally, a person with common sense!

      •  He has no sense because Sony and MS wanted market share as they could afford to lose money.  That plan clearly has worked because the perception of Nintendo is a negative one.

        • savisn

           So Microsoft destroyed a few billion dollars in shareholder value and had to spend even more to get Kinect out there in order to get market share?  Let me guess their 25% console failure rate was some genius business ploy too?
           And Sony which is bleeding money and had massive market share with PS2 purposely…um….lost market share.   Wow they sure showed Nintendo.Your understanding of business is spectacularly poor.  Xbox was a loss leader to gain market share and establish a brand.  XBox360 was meant to make money as a platform by selling hardware at a small loss but gaining on software and subscriptions.  Microsoft is pretty clear in their statements to that effect to their analysts.  It’s finally making yearly profit but is negative on an NPV basis and will never recover to a positive ROI.  It took a $1 billion write-off alone in 2007 on the warranty extensions from the RROD and analysts already had the XBox platform at a negative $4B  by the end of 2006.  There is no way it’s recovering that much.  That divisions best year ever made $1B before sinking back down last year.

          Sony bet on BluRay and lost as far as consoles are concerned.  Maybe by winning the format it helped their studios and in other ways, but PS3 isn’t some great success.  In their best PS2 days their gaming division profit was 112 Billion Yen.  It dipped to -232 Million Yen by 2006.  In 2010, the best year for PS3 it finally returned to making money with profit of 48 million yet after losing money from 2006 to 2009 despite having the PSP making money as well as software titles.  Raging success huh?

          Nintendo screwed up the end of the Wii’s life, but it was a blockbuster that made them billions.   WiiU is off to a bad start but it’s way too early to say they have lost.

          Neither Sony nor Microsoft want to be launching their console this year.  They would have been much happier letting the PS3 and 360 live for one more year.  Nintendo forced their hand and now it’s unlikely either platform ends up making them money.   If Nintendo had been really smart they would have launched a year earlier and put even more pressure on Sony and MS.Sony or MS may well win this next iteration, but the current generation was a financial disaster and they can ill afford to make the same mistakes again (well MS could certainly as they have boatloads of money but at some point investors will want them to focus on their core business if gaming is just going to destroy value).

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Finally….someone who has a good grasp on the video game industry and market.

          •  Nintendo clearly does not, which is why Wii U is pee-U!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Troll-U? That’s about all I heard from that.

        • Adam Porter

          wow, you blow my mind.

          business 101, sell a product at a loss so you can sell more of them essentially losing even more money…………..oh wait

          • John Novakovich

            This is how consoles work. a console may be sold at a loss so that they can recoup the losses later when people buy more games, and the manufacturing process becomes more refined. The PS3 would have been more successful if it had been sold at a loss in the beginning, instead of at 600 dollars. Learn the business tactics before talking trash.

          • Adam Porter

            so you think the business plan for the ps3 was a success?? they sold nearly all their ps3’s at a loss and still didn’t gain market share. even if ps3’s are now selling for profit ps3’s on a whole have lost sony millions.

          •  You can gain, or you can maintain.  In Nintendo’s case, they have LOST market share.

          • Silent

            You have LOST your brain. Oh wait you didnt have one

          • John Novakovich

            I never said sony succeeded. In fact, I said they failed. Sony as a whole is hanging by a thread. And several companies like Nintendo, Microsoft, Panasonic, and others are about to cut it.

          • Adam Porter

            just to let you know if you ever do start a business yourself, always sell at a profit. because as i say the more of your product you sell at a loss the more money you lose.

          •  You don’t know about business.  When your money is short, you want money.  When you money is long and you get into another business arena, you want market share to subdue the competition.  It’s like war.  Sometimes you win be taking land, other times you win by starving them out.

          • Silent

            You dont know about anything really.

          • John Novakovich

            A+B doesn’t always equal C in the business world. The wii u is sold at a loss. Should Nintendo have sold it at 350 and 400$? would that have helped? no. sit down.

          • Guilliman

            The PS3 was sold at a loss right from the start.  At release market research experts iSuppli estimated that it cost Sony $805 to build each PS3. 

            It wasn’t until 2010 that Sony sort of claimed the PS3 was finally making money when Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida said that: “This year is the first time that we are able to cover the cost of the
            PlayStation 3. We aren’t making huge money from hardware, but we aren’t
            bleeding like we used to.”  Many commentators took this to mean that they weren’t selling at a loss anymore, although that same year many analysts, including iSuppli, speculated that Sony were still losing $18 per console.

          •  Sony’s main goal was to cement Blu-Ray as a medium.  Sony has a history of coming out with different mediums only to get shut out by other companies.  I assume it is because they did not want them dominating since they have name recognition.

          • Guilliman

            Yeah I think you’re right.  All the evidence suggests that Sony were smuggling Blu-ray into people’s homes via Playstation to avoid another betamax disaster.  It was and remains the most expensive component in the PS3.  At the time of the console’s release the blu-ray drive cost Sony over $200 per console.

          •  That’s business 202 – take out the competition!

        • Silent

          You have no sense because you keep vomiting crap around the article

    •  I get tired of you paid poster always overdoing it.  Now everything is “awesome!”  Just because you write it does not make it a reality.

      • Nintedward

        STFU Troll. You get tired of Nintendo fans writing about Nintendo on a Nintendo site ?   We’re tired of you’re ignorant ass spewing shit all over this site.


      • Andres Trujillo
        • RoadyMike

          THAT just made my day XD

      • Silent

        ”Just because you write it does not make it a reality”

        Thats your life story right there.

    • John Novakovich

      Um, no. Console generations have changed. Nintendo needs the wii u to sell now so that consumers will have less of a reason to buy from sony and microsoft. Also they need a large install base. This article is dead on. If you aren’t a die hard Nintendo fan like we are, would you really drop 300-350 for a console you know little about? It is cheap by console standards, but try telling that to Martha the soccer mom.

  • Glennthegreat

    I just don’t understand why it’s taking them so long to create a true HD blockbuster game for the Wii U. It’s not like last year they were putting out much software for the Wii. 

    Everything about the Wii U launch just seems rushed to market.

    • Mickey Mouse

      Yes they didn’t put out much for the Wii, but this doesn’t translate into time available for Wii U software, as the development process for the Wii U hardware was stretching development teams very thin.

    • Fred

      If you watch the last Nintendo Direct Iwata told us that creating HD games is taking much more time and man power than they expected. Remember how empty Xbox 360’s game library was for a long time. It’s going to take some time for Nintendo to adjust (hopefully they are hiring lots of extra help) Maybe they will need to buy another company to be able to pump out enough games

  • Glennthegreat

    Yes, they made money with N64 and GC but they lost marketshare and 3rd party support. The truth is, they cannot support a HD system on their own like they could with their SD consoles. They need more must-have games…and fast! Because right now, they just simply do not have any.

  • Laud

    The author got his name wrong, it should be “Captain Obvious”

    • Laud

      No offense but in the comment section we’ve been saying these things for the past 40 articles, did you just barely read what we had to say?

  • Adam Porter

    well all three points really just amount to one point, advertising.

  • As long as I still have my Wii U, im ok. But can anyone tell me wich other system I should get? PS4 or 720?

    • Marius Valasinas

      I’ll get PS4 on top of Wii U since it’ll be the home for my favorite PS exclusive titles as well as all multiplatform ones.

      • XBOX sucks for exclusives. IF I had to get one or the other, it would be PS4. Not that I’ll actually get one since I’m loving my Wii U.

        • John Novakovich

          Haha, sony has better exclusives than microsoft. Thats funny. Oh wait, you were serious?

          • Back in the PS days… Leave me alone, I’m still living in the old days. Halo, Gears of War < Last Of Us, God of War, Heavy Rain, LittleBigPlanet etc.   Yes, I prefer PS3

      • uPadWatcher

        Does the PS4 plays used games?  FAIL

        • Ben Kapferer

           Did Sony say it doesn’t play used games?

    • Fred

      Unless you are a fan of the exclusives of one or the other, it’s impossible to tell you that until details are announced for both. I heard that Sony is announcing theirs next week though

    • Wayne Beck

      If even half the rumors are true, 720 will be epic fail.

  • The guy who wrote this needs to work at Nintendo. This list is EXACTLY what Nintendo needs to do. If they were to do all of these things, I’m more than confident that Wii U sales would escalate dramatically. If only Nintendo could read this article.

  • TheLast

    The first one is the only thing Nintendo NEEDS to do. The rest are fine as well.

  • For me, the Nintendo hater, I would suggest a more radical move – total re-branding!  Ditch the Wii U but repackage the system with a new name and direction then relaunch it.  It is not as if Nintendo does not have experience in this – just look at the Wii!  The only problem is, they have about 4 months to do this.

    • For a hater as you say so yourself (I suppose it’s true as  all the time you are very negative) for once I can relate to your radical move, only thing is they did it 6 months to late, they should have never used Wii U in the first place, unless they really clearified it is a different system (on which they failed so bad, they just completely missed the ball this time, which is a shame).

      That said it does not mean the WiiU in general has failed, it’s to early to say that, the name is a failure never the less. Before launch (several months even) a rumor spread that N would change the name of the Wii U, that never happened in the end, but it probably was a better choice then sticking to Wii U.

  • Edward Rhoderick

    Wii U is great,it’s just going through what every new console does. Just needs more games and there’s a lot of great games planned. PS3 went through this and 360 did to a lesser extent but still wasn’t to many great games for 360 when it released. I remember playing Ghost Recon and Dead or Alive 4 for the longest time.

  • Zelly Jeffers

    “Eek! Nintendo is failing! All is lost!” seems the common reaction to a new console launch by the company every cycle since the N64. And every cycle after, Nintendo continues to march to the beat of its own system.

    Do they feel sales have been disappointing? They’ve said as much. Do they have the resources to step up advertising? Sure they do. Are they running about, flailing their arms, panicked that the Wii U isn’t selling as well? Highly doubtful. Will they have to sell the yacht AND the house in Aspen to make ends meet? No.

    I’ve said it before on this very site, the console isn’t even six months old yet. I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve only finished 2 of the 7 Wii U games I have so far. I’d have more games if Black Ops 2 and Mass Effect 3 were in the eShop. The point is, I have no doubt things will pick up for the system. Will it sell as much as the next Xbox and Playstation will? I’ll say no. I’d be surprised otherwise, with the slant many gamers have against Nintendo. Does the Wii U need to sell as much for Nintendo to remain successful? Not at all. I’m hardly the only person who chose the Wii U specifically for its innovation and its exclusive content. I’m also hardly the only person who plans on snatching Lego City Undercover next month, or even Pikmin 3 whenever it’s released later in the year.

    Gamers already know what the Wii U is, and those who haven’t bought one yet are most likely holding out a huge exclusive, or holding onto a grudge against Nintendo, or just holding out for the next Xbox or Playstation. I feel that as much as Nintendo would be thrilled to have the best selling console out there, the company is quite content with the niche of gamers it’ll always have. Nintendo will pretty much always be that quirky, unique kid who does his own thing and isn’t all too concerned with being the cool, popular jock. And I think many who support the company relate to that.

    • bizzy gie

      The Wii U will sell WAY MORE than the next Xbox and Playstation. If people are complaining about the Wii U’s very normal price now, then they’re in for a rude awakening when the other guys come out with their hardware.

      As far as the niche Nintendo caters to, I’m more than positive that strong 3rd party support will come soon enough. We’ve already seen plently of them so far. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that Nintendo will outlive Microsoft and Sony as far as gaming goes as it had with Sega and Atari in the earlier days of gaming. The Wii U is so much more than the Wii. You don’t just buy it only to play awesome Nintendo games anymore.

      • Zelly Jeffers

        Third-party support is the main reason I don’t see the Wii U outselling the next Xbox or Playstation. Not at first anyway. Many developers seem terribly fickle, and they still avoid the ridiculous ‘Nintendo isn’t as cool’ stigma that, often, they themselves perpetuate. But I do see the company ultimately outlasting the other two.

        In any case, I’m right behind Nintendo. They tend to satisfy my gaming needs.

  • DragonSilths

    Advertising is the only thing they need to do. Game wise Nintendo is already in overdrive. Any faster and quality will suffer.

  • MetroidZero

    I might as well copy this following phrase into a Word document, because I seem to use it often in articles such as these: “Just wait until Mario Kart U and SSBU are unveiled.”

  • Johny

    nintendo needs to see this article…
    I’ve been saying it and will say it again… there is NOT enough advertisement ! … and EXACTLY as its written, most people just think its a tablet controller addon for wii to play off screen and such…

  • Noel Canales

    Guys lets be REAL. Money is all  that matters to corporations likes these. Someone at Nintendo will get fired for not Marketing it right. It is not selling as they expected. Shareholders will be pissed. Changes will be made. Nintendo first party titles are best and quality is number one there but they should have been more prepared. The online experience is week for Nintendo, they should have worked that out before launch.

  • WiiUltra

    Wii U is already a success. Pointless article.

  • It’s hard to remember a time where a new console absolutely flew off the shelves at launch.  Releasing something like this is always a risk and most of the time is a slow start.  You will always get the early adopters but after that there is always a lull in sales until the software library builds up and more people have a chance to see it in action.  I think the original Wii was one of the few exceptions of this as no one could keep that in stock for most of the first year of it’s release but that is a rare case.

    Then you have to factor in the economy and compare how video game console and game sales are low across the board and I tend to think there are too many bloggers with the “Sky is Falling” attitude.

  • $41809923

    well said need to bring more games like battalion wars 3 

  • savisn

    I agree Nintendo needs to step up advertising and certainly need to create better commercials that show the value proposition.  I understand why they aren’t right now though.  They need to get a few must have titles and advertise around those showing the features of the Wii U.  Right now there just aren’t enough key games so putting out adds right now probably wouldn’t give them the bang for the buck they need.

    They may be in the middle of getting a new ad agency as well.  I sure hope so because the few ads I saw were crap.

  • The thing with the Wii is that it sorta sold itself. By that I mean that the best advertising for the Wii was when you went over to someone’s house, played it, and said “I want one!”. The word of mouth and the simplistic appeal for the Wii was incredible, and is the best kind of advertising you can have.

    My guess is that Nintendo was hoping for the same thing with the Wii U, but despite the technological innovations in the tablet controller itself, it’s just not capturing the hearts and minds in the same way that “I can play tennis by holding my controller like a racket” did.

    Also, if Nintendo wants all of the exclusives they can handle, then they should do all they can to empower indie developers to see what amazing things they can do with the console. Nintendo seems to value innovation the most of the big three, and indie developers are the best ones to deliver on that point. (Fortunately, Nintendo’s already working on this… hopefully they’ll continue, and their efforts will pay off.)

  • Mario

    This people have to understand the WiiU is different from the Wii. When I played with the Wii, I thought it was awesome! Sure! It may not had the “best graphics“, but the games were great and everyone from age 8 to 16 had fun playing it. The games didn’t needed to be violent with guns , swords, etc, etc. No! They were funny, filled with adventure, action and not so violent like the games on PS3 and Xbox360. Everyone enjoyed it! And that makes the WiiU no different!

    •  Link has a sword and slashes thing to death right?  Mario jumps on, swings, throws and does other things to cause DEATH right?  That’s violence.

      • Srpg2ishere

        No that’s cartoon violence. Big difference. You see, when Mario jumps on a Goomba, they DISAPPEAR. They don’t DIE. XD You silly,silly mongoose.

        •  You just wrote it – VIOLENCE.  Why argue?  When people get killed, they disappear!

      • Silent

        I wish i could jump on you and at least make you dissapear

        •  In today’s climate, I don’t like the sounds of that!

          • andrewjcole

            Do you see blood in Mario?

  • Mario

    As for the WiiU, the experience got better! New controller, new ways to play, playable for 5 persons, awesome features and applications like Miiverse, Youtube, Nintendo Tvii, etc. On Miiverse, I see many people post how great the games are. They even do crazy drawings about the games! I mean seriously! It’s like there are artists in the communities! And the gameplay is COMPLETETLY DIFFERENT FROM THE WII!  GOT IT!? So people, STOP COMPARING THE TWO CONSOLES!!!!!!

  • Guilliman

    Marketing and providing a clearer explanation of what the Wii U is are one and the same at this point.  There isn’t a system selling game yet so there’s no point in the Xbox style ads where you show a trailer and then tack on “available on 360” at the end.  But Nintendo definitely needs to get explanation out there and in a big way.  Let’s face it, an even bigger problem than the misconception that Wii U is a peripheral is that most people still haven’t heard of the system.  It almost feels like a stealth release -I can’t really discredit the marketing campaign because there has barely been one.

    As for first party titles, Nintendo will not rush them, or panic at all.  Wii U has been slightly disappointing, but certainly not a disaster.  Besides, the Japanese are an unflappable people in general; I remember watching the news when Japan was suffering from the earthquakes, and a moderately large tremor began during the broadcast, prompting a look of fear across the face of the BBC journalist, whilst in the background a Japanese guy waiting to cross the road just put out a hand to hold onto the traffic light without even looking up from his phone.  Anyway, speed of development will accelerate naturally with each release as teams learn more and are able to share more with each other, one of the many benefits of multiple teams being in the same stable.

    But what Nintendo really does need to do is work on improving third party support in general and especially in the West, where their appeal has declined of late. 

    We all know that rising development costs have meant many developers can’t finance their own games, or at least not without the backing of a big publisher, and we know that even that arrangement is hard to get given that in uncertain times in the industry publishers are reluctant to risk much of their own cash on new IPs, or on studios whose last title didn’t sell as well as hoped. 

    Nintendo should -not could, or should consider- but absolutely 100% SHOULD take advantage of this situation and tap up some of the talented smaller studios who need a break.  They don’t necessarily have to buy studios outright, but subsidize projects and publish or co-publish games; to reassure publishers who aren’t currently seeing the Wii U in a favorable light, and to bring new games exclusively to Nintendo platforms.  It would not be a difficult idea to sell, much of what Nintendo’s tech guys have said has pointed to the fact that they built the Wii U in part to be easy to develop for, and of course we know that whatever the power difference, Wii U is not as powerful as PS4/Orbis and Xbox720/Durango, which means it will not cost as much to take advantage of Wii U hardware, which is something Nintendo also needs to demonstrate to publishers. 

    Going even further, to help appeal to the west Nintendo could go so far as to oversee the establishment of a couple western, probably European based studios by taking advantage of the talented individuals that could be taken from struggling/recently closed developers.  Ninty is a little out of touch with America and especially Europe at the moment, the 3DS situation demonstrating that perfectly (a success, but success that is indisputably based around Japanese sales), and some western made games for their consoles would help them reconnect with western fans fans haven’t seen enough to make them think they should go Wii U rather than saving for Sony and Microsoft’s next efforts.

  • Ibi Salmon

    If Nintendo does this, then the Wii U be a thriving console. 

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    People need to stop being clueless. Xbox 360 came out and no one thought it was an add on for the Xbox. I would not consider myself a hardcore gamer though I really do enjoy hardcore video games but even I knew the Wii U was a different console.

  • david daniel wharton camacho

    that or fix the price in mexico wich is up to 690 usd = 7900 pesos

  • I feel like fromGamecube to Wii, Nintendo made sideways progression and from wii to wii u they made diagonal progression and i think that they should go upwards after this and release a new console in 5 years that still has wii and u backwards compatibility and accesories and all that but is alot bigger than the wii u and actually delivers on specs that would be up to par if not a tiny bit worse since coming a year or two before ps5 and xbox 1080 specs to get that third party support and hard core appeal and still have that innovation there known for, i think if they do that they can really win the next next gen cause i think the ship is sailed with this one for them. i know its early and i think they can do okay but i think they wont beat sony and microsoft

  • Kevin Forfar

    What Nintendo needs to do is build excitement, not just for being an owner of the system, but of being part of the Nintendo community. They need to build the image of the community to make people interested in joining and also proud to be a part of it. Remember when Nintendo used to host tournaments for gamers to compete in? Whatever happened to those? They need to do something similar now. For example, I hope that with the new Super Smash Bros. Nintendo will host official online tournaments (perhaps semiannually) that will allow people to participate in from around the globe. It’s important to have awards given out by these tournaments to be linked to your Nintendo Network ID, and have a way for other users to see the awards you’ve won. These tournaments, of course, should have advertising campaigns behind them, with television and online ads. They shouldn’t be something only known about within a niche gaming community – as I mentioned before, Nintendo needs to get more people interested in being a part of this community.

  • Destiny64

    wii-u non’è rivoluzionario come wii. scordatevelo!!!

  • wiiucompl

    Nintendo needs to be more aggressive at the level of advertising. For example, here in Poland, people know nothing about Wii U – marketing and capabilities of Microsoft and Sony are powerful.
    The kids, the players, the pro-players look for Xbox360 or PS3 … I see them in every store with electronics, many TV spots. Nintendo still asleep.
    Wii U is awesome but people are having to give $ 400 for the console must themselves find it in the store.  It is the big role of advertising.
    The client must be determined – Xbox? No thanks, PS? No, thank you. So what you’re looking for? Wii U pack please…