Jan 30th, 2013

Some bad news from Nintendo: the company has announced that it managed to ship a total of 3.06 million Wii U consoles in 2012. With those disappointing numbers, Nintendo cut the forecast of 5.5 million Wii U consoles by the end of the fiscal year (March 31, 2013), down to just 4 million.

Wii U consolesWhen it comes to games, Nintendo shipped 11.69 million first party Wii U games. Sales leader was Nintendo Land, with 2.33 million units and New Super Mario Bros U with 2 million units. It was recently revealed that Wii U sales were behind both the original Wii and the GameCube.

Business wise, Nintendo took a nine-month operating loss of $63 million, while it estimates year end profits of $150 million, based on a weaker Yen.

Nintendo also revealed some 3DS sales data: lifetime sales of the 3DS are now at almost 30 million units, while the older Wii is approaching 100 million (currently sales are at 99.38 million).

Back in 2012, Nintendo first estimated Wii U sales at 8 million by the end of the current fiscal year. It was later adjusted to 5.5 million, and now adjusted once again to 4 million. Hopefully the upcoming Pikmin 3 and Zelda: Wind Waker HD will increase sales of the Wii U.

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  • Part of the wii u sales where stolen, so that explanes what happened to most of the numbers… 

    • AAAkabob

      Oh look a comment that adds nothing to this article *flags*

      Also, anybody who still believes Nintendo is going to die is a moron because Nintendo has literally 0 liabilities. That means they owe no money to anyone which is the opposite of Sony and Microsoft.

      • Immallama22

        Dude… He’s not bashing Nintendo… 

    • Not gonna bash you, nor am I exactly sure what you mean, but the WiiU sales being stolen, are you referring to the stolen goods December last year? If you are referring to that, I believe it wasn’t WiiU’s which where stolen but it where Wii’s. Correct me if I’m wrong.

      • bizzy gie

        Either 2,000 or 7,000 Wii Us were stolen not Wiis.

      • Lazara the Last

        It was 7,000 Delux Wii Us that were stolen 😉

      • Ok so I was clearly wrong indeed, just thought about the article here earlier last year where someone linked the other article from a website in which I believed it was wii’s, but I must have misread then if 3 people here say it where indeed WiiU’s (deluxe) that where stolen, so my apologies for that, I must have read the other article wrong somewhere 😉

  • Colin Tosh

    Nintendo are doing fine but watch people who pretend to know what they are talking about try and convince us otherwise.

    I think 3 million units shipped in a recession is a good number. As more games come out and the economy recovers Wii U will be yet another successful system for Nintendo.

    •  I agree but you have these sony fanboys who say it will fail and die and they said the same about the 3ds and look at it now

      • Jay

        Its doing a lot better than sony and ms did this gen

      • the turth

        for sure, 30 million 3ds’s sold compared to 1.4 million vitas, LOL… vita is a joke…

        •  I agree the vita is a joke and really it’s not good for those who bought the thing

    • You Not me

      You do know it isn’t right? they lost over billion lets see 3 million x 350 (to lazy for 300) and if they do get enough money there gonna want more nintendo and every game company is greedy as a bunny with carrots

  • surprise, surprise! 😛
    i mean, they released the 3ds without supporting titles and it tanked. took them more than a year to come up with actual games that people wanted to play on that particular machine. now the same with the wii u. it’s okay that nintendo always wants to release their hardware way too soon to get out of the competition, but why always the press about nintendo-wooohooo-doomed-at-last. it’s what they do. get used to it. nintendo is no more in trouble than any of their competitors.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Exactly, it’s becoming a pattern.  I’m not sure that it was intentional though, as it seems like a weird strategy.  But yeah, once good 1st party games come out the Wii U will sell A LOT better.  After all, the main reason to get a nintendo console is to play nintendo games.

    • Sidney Majurie

      The only Nintendo System that launched ahead of the competition was Nintendo 3DS. Super NES, N64, Gamecube, and Wii all launched after the competition. So I don’t know where u get that argument from. Nintendo releases new home consoles every 5 years. Check the history. It’s not their fault Sony and Microsoft waited 7-8 years this gen.

      Nintendo does what Nintendo wants regardless of the competition. That’s why so called fans are always crying that Nintendo systems and games don’t just follow Sony and Microsofts model(Internet features like trophies and chat etc). The competion reacts to Nintendo (Rumble Pak, Analog sticks, shoulder buttons, touch screen handhelds, motion controls. Need I go on…

      • What games do you own for the wii u

        • Sidney Majurie

          Let’s see. Batman AC, New Super Mario Bros U, ZombiU, Darksiders 2, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Call of Duty BO2, Ninja Gaiden 3 RA, Assasins Creed 3, Nintendo Land (pack in). As for downloads – Trine 2 DC, Mighty Switch Force HD Edition, Nano Assault, The Cave, Little Inferno, Balloon Fight. I went a bit Wii U crazy, LOL.

          •  Just bout AC3 and hope it’s good

          • Sidney Majurie

            It starts off really slooooowww. You’re going to have to give it about 2 hours before the cool awesomeness hits…

          •  I have and it is awesome ..Glad i got this
            Thanks a bunch..and now for rayman legends

          • Sidney Majurie

            Cool. If your friends list isnt full, add me on Miiverse. My tag is sidistic0N3.

          •  deafswin77 is mine add me too and have a awesome day

      •  I actually like that Nintendo does NOT follow Sony or Microsoft.  Nintendo has always been an innovator in the gaming industry and while all their innovations have not been a huge success **COUGH Virtual Boy **COUGH they are often copied by other players in the video game market.   Anyone that thinks the Playstation Move would have seen the light of day without the Wii starting the trend is plain wrong.  Microsoft purchased the company that was working on the Kinect called Project Natal mostly in response to the what Nintendo did with the Wii.   

        Nintendo is not a perfect company but I have always felt that they were in the video game business for the gamers and gamers of all ages and levels.  That has labeled them a “kiddie” system but I am not ashamed some of those games are more fun to play than the latest war shoot ’em up killing game that the alleged Hard Core Gamers all seem to use when they compare other consoles to what Nintendo has.  While Nintendo does their fair share of game re-hashing they also have the most original games come out that are something like you cannot find on other consoles.   They are fun to play with your friends and family and after the day is done that is what is important.  Not sitting online with some teenage punk calling your mother a whore because you beat them in an online gaming session.

        • Sidney Majurie

           Well said. Couldn’t agree more.

    • Arthur Zennig

       6B USD from Sony, and nobody says they are doomed.

      •  Sony sells a lot more than video games.

        • Sidney Majurie

           Not these days they don’t. That’s why they have 6 Billion in losses…

        • What Sidney said.

  • Captain Falcon

    My roommate made a bet around the launch of the console that the Wii U won’t sell 5 million units by the end of 2013. Time to pay up, son.

    • Nintenjoe82

      was your friend Michael Pachter speaking in May 2012?

      • Captain Falcon

        He’s more like an old Nintendo fan slowly losing faith in the company. He’s a bit more hopeful for Nintendo after seeing the Pokemon Direct and the Nintendo Wii U Games Direct. He’s still paying though even if his mind changes about Nintendo lol

    • the turth

       how is it time to pay up again? they’ve only sold 3 million and it’s not even close to the end of 2013 yet… speculation isn’t fact… you should pay him for being dumb…

  • TheLordOfDarkness

    Keep in mind that ‘shipped’ does not equal ‘sold’ in a true sense. Nintendo have physically sold and shipped 3 million consoles to retailers, but have not sold 3 million consoles to buyers (fans).

    Also, although Wii U had a large lineup of games, it was mostly ‘same old’. Essentially, the system is for ZombiU and NSMBWU, aside from supporting the actual console and having it early/ready for upcoming games. Most other large or great games are third-party, which shows great support for the Wii, but are already available on other consoles and many other people own them.

    Sony had estimated 5 million sales for the PS3 at launch (PS3 was $200-$300 more expensive than Wii U currently is) and they didn’t adjust their estimations. Nintendo aren’t going to be picking up the remaining 1,000,000 (very unlikely if they do) because the holidays are over.

    From September 2013 – January 2014, the Wii U will probably triple in sales solely because of Mario Kart U and the next 3D Mario being released ‘at Christmas’ (October or November is when ‘Christmas’ starts for games). During the year, Wii U will probably get to 5-6 million sales and the start of February will probably give Nintendo about 13-15 million sales.

    Let’s go, Nintendo! 🙂

    • Arthur Zennig

       this is a very good point of view from numbers. I am loyal to nintendo since Wii U (right, They hooked me this time) because i am loyal to gameplay experience. This console has EVERYTHING a pro gamer wants, new gameplay experiences.
      They fixed the graphic issue from Wii and it will rule the next gen experience. (can’t go back to the old controller anymore).
      Pretty innovative and fun.

      •  Now you are experiencing what those of us who bought the near-perfect Dreamcast went through, except that the DC had hype and great reviews behind it.

        • Sega was never really that smart with marketing and they really did themselves in with constant addons with their Genesis. By the time the Sega Saturn was done with, most fans lost faith in Sega and decided to wait for Sony and company to release their next console.

    • the turth

      once people get their taxes back, you will eat your words, guy…

      • TheLordOfDarkness

         And you’ll eat your money when you choose to buy a $700 or $800 Xbox 720 or PS4 that has, essentially, the same graphic capabilities as the Wii U where the differences will be inane.
        What will also boost Wii U sales is the far cheaper alternative, and this is most effective to the parents of children who want to save money and realise their kid won’t care about the difference between Wii U/PS4/720.

  • Wii U will be fine and all these people who think wii u is a failure needs to wake up..if you look it’s sony who always copies nintendo and now they are use a tablet controller too..what a joke

    • bizzy gie

      Really? Tell me what tablet controller you’re talking about. Microsoft has had its share of copies too. Halo, Kinect, Kinect Sports, Xbox 360 controller, and their newest addition Smartglass are all failed duplicate versions (excluding Halo) of products from the creative minds that are Nintendo.

      •  True but sony copies nintendo more than microsoft

        • bizzy gie

          Can you tell me more about Sony’s tablet controller?

          • Dominic Coradazzi

            yeah, they’re dropping dual-shock and making some weird new controller that can split in half and has been hinted to have some sort of touch controls

          • Jay

            Thats NOTHING!!

            have you seen This??

            Sony discontinued it and it was labelled one of the “biggest failures of 2012” next to the Vita. NO JOKE.


          • Jay

            oops! forgot this:

          • Nintenjoe82

            The Sony DS2pad

          • Sidney Majurie

             Yeah,  remember reading about this a couple years back. Forgot all about it. Apparently so did most consumers LOL. It came and it went…

      • Jay

        MS didnt create Halo.

  • yamiryuu_zero

    The problem is with the lack of some titles that were to launch together with the console, like Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends. Once those games launch, I’m sure the console’s sales will raise as well. And the price in some countries like Brazil (around US$850,00) don’t help at all!

  • TheGuyWhoLies

    can someone explain this to me, if they sold 3 million in 2012, then how are they assuming that it won’t reach 5.5 million by March? because 2 million in 2 months seems not as hard, i know it was christmas and everything, but after the recent nintendo direct, it should easily make another 2 million… just saying… if someone could explain to me why they don’t believe they can make 5.5 million would be nice 😀

    • AKT4

      January and February are usually monts with great drought on games. While the Nintendo Direct was great, it still didn’t promise anything new for the first quarter. It’s possible of course that they manage to ship that 2 million, but I wouldn’t count on it. The real sales numbers will start coming from spring (MH3 and Pikmin and other games) and after summer (E3 on summer most likely mind blowing plus Wind Waker on fall, plus possibly Mario later).

    • Randall Hellmer

      Sales have pretty much dropped off a cliff here in the 4th quarter. Sales last week dropped below 40k, and could drop below 30k if figures from Japan are any indication. That means it’s selling at about a 1/10 the rate it was last quarter, which means their earlier prediction became unlikely.

    •  As someone wrote, ‘shipped’ and ‘sold’ are two different things.  Saying that they shipped 3 million sounds good, but they did not sell that many.  If they had sold that many they would have said so.  You can tell that they did not sell that many because you can go any place and find them.

    • Sidney Majurie

       Well, they dropped the forecast because games that were going to push it past 5 million got pushed back unfortunately. Ala Pikmin and The Wonderful 101. Makes sense.

  • Nintendofreak

    come on if people steal ur console….den dat means dey want it so i believe dat 5.5 m is a piece of cake i would say probably 7-8 m by half of year

  • Johny

    well… i guess it is kinda expected… the wii u’s librarly isnt so vast yet…not to mention some big launch games were moved to a later date and the BIG exclusive games are yet to come in near future: like Monster Hunter 3 U, Bayonetta 2, 3d mario game, zelda WW, Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3….. and maybe with a little nudge of 3rd party support (PLEASE do something about it nintendo…), the sales will certanly improve greatly

  • wrong information dude…

    5.5 mi units until the end of March… even Patcher said that…

    • Lazara the Last

      They’ve changed their goals 😉

  • Laud

    You guys give too much credit to the western world.

    “Sales will rise once Monster Hunter and Pikmin 3 are released…”

    You do realize that the western world only cares about shooters right? They don’t give a shit about fantasy or beautiful worlds they just want blood and gore. I’m not speaking for everyone but the majority doesn’t give a shit about RPG’s or good story telling, they just want some cool shit to happen on the screen so they can go to school the next day and talk about how the wingsuit mission in the Black Ops 2 campaign was super dope and dank or whatever the hell these kids are saying nowadays.

    The Wii U won’t fail but you have to understand that we as fans have to change the industry by telling developers what we want and introducing new games to people who are stuck on the shooting genre.

    You need to tell them to try this game or that game because if you don’t then creativity will die and so will the gaming industry.

    It is because people play COD for 9 months without changing games that other game developers suffer. If you really want to help the industry you can spread the word about good games and try to get people to TRY new genres. 

    The economy is only going to get worse because they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing in the white house.

    It’s up to US to change the industry.

    •  Not true im from the US and im not for shooters all the time i love rpgs and your right though the white has lost it’s mind

      • Laud

        “…I’m not speaking for everyone but the majority doesn’t give a shit…”

        • Sidney Majurie


        •  Well good for you

        •  Maybe they’ll throw  obama out of the white house put someone in there that cares

    • Jay

      western gamers are mostly immature 12 year olds. so its to be expected 🙁

    • Sidney Majurie

      Love it when “gamers” get all serious and talk about politics. You think the White House controls what happens to the economy? The legislative branch controls the economy, the House and then the Senate forge the bills, all the President can do is propose legislation and sign the bills. Perhaps you were playing too much Gameboy during American Government class, LOL.

      • Laud

        You’re a funny guy Sidney, that’s why I’m going to kill you last.

        • Sidney Majurie

           You’re even funnier. Nothing like empty anonymous internet death threats to get my goat, LOL.

          • Laud

            It’s a movie reference. 

          • AZJ

             Good reference, I can’t remember which Arnold movie that was.   I Lied.

          • Commando

      • EmilyAhn Wu

        You’re very corny… Please don’t start the Politic conversations on a video gaming forum…

        • Sidney Majurie

          Perhaps you should read the other posts to see who threw politics into the thread. I was just responding. May I direct you to user “Laud” really long post above, and then another person commented on the government, and that’s when I said something about it. Probably shouldn’t attack the last guy(Me) as I didn’t start it as you say. It’s that easy.

    • Nintenjoe82

      do you mean ‘US’ as in ‘U.S.A’ or were you emphasising the word ‘us’? 🙂

      • Laud

        I meant us.

        • Nintenjoe82

          Ok I agree. 

          For a minute I thought you’d just added ‘games industry decline’ to the long list of things we have to rely on America to save us from (asteroids, aliens, terrorists, zombies, China etc.)

    • Arthur Zennig

       Well, I do like the CODBO2 but not enough to advocate for it.
      But I don’t really believe people are only attached to it for 9 months long.
      But i do agree with you. COD franchise, alongside with FiFA and all other sport games that doesn’t change a shit, are vicious “cash cows” from companies like Activision and EA.
      EA is a company that doesn’t care about gamers. If you buy a used game (say BF3), you cant play it online (have ti buy a registration). They were the first to create the “bought add-on”, and denies companies like Crytek to launch the game for Nintendo.
      Nintendo has a “pro gamer philosophy” and I like and support that.

  • Watch those numbers jump as some of these good titles are released.  Even though it is a remake Windwaker alone will sell a million consoles or more.   

    •  What good titles?  GTA V is not coming to the Wii U!  THAT is the only title people cannot wait to get their hands on!  Once I see a firm release date, I’m pre-ordering!

      •  Speak for yourself.  I used to be a GTA fan but GTA IV sucked balls.  If you feel that is the ONLY title people are waiting for you are insane.  Aside from the Nintendo First party titles that are highly Anticipated there are some 3rd party titles that are cross platform that people are looking forward to.

        I will reserve judgment on GTA V until after it is released because based on their last release I am not too hopeful.

      • Uhm….I’m quite sure there are other titles that will sell too. GTA V isn’t the only big title out there. Sounds biased to me.

  • Ian Rahn

    I can’t wait for hello kitty island adventure to come to the wii u

    • Jay

      i bet u can’t!!

      This should hold you until then:

  • You Not me

    they kind of deserved it. I like the wii u i own it but i mean come on it would of been best to just make a game consle now a game consle with recent xbox and ps3 graphics and the Wii U is just 1.5 graphic stronger to ps3 they worked more on the controller then the consle i mean this is next gen but in my terms this is pretty much the same as PS3 and Xbox 360 and 50% powerful the only good thing about it ohh and of course 1st and 2nd party pretty much the only reason i bought it now give me some Persona games. (Ok now bash on me and replay to me, defending nintendo like all the time and dislike this if you think im wrong)

    •  No bashing here but im not a fan of ps3 but the one thing wii u has over them is 1!  2GB and 2. it’s not 7 years old and i think the controler alone is true next gen and to me as long as the game is fun i could really care less about how great it looks if the game looks great but there no fun or story …it will fail and to point out that sony always seems to copy nintendo …psmove.. but to put all that aside why hate if you like ps3 more power to you but im happy with my next gen console and the games are cool

  • Csufrob

    Lets not forget the sale figures for the Xbox 360 in 2005…the WiiU is doing fine…

    Xbox 360 sales figures (based on official financial reports
    Date Quarterly sales Total sales (cumulative) Source
    Quarter 2 (ending December 31, 2005) 1.5M 1.5M [4]
    Quarter 3 (ending March 31, 2006) 1.7 million 3.2 [5]
    Quarter 4 (ending June 30, 2006) 1.8 million 5.0 [6]
    2006 fiscal year sales 5.0 million (only three quarters) 5.0 million
    Quarter 1 (ending September 30, 2006) 0.9 5.9 (3.6m NA, 1.7m EUR and ~700k in Others) [7]
    Quarter 2 (ending Dec 31, 2006) 1.2 million 7.6 [8]
    Quarter 3 (ending Mar 31, 2007) 0.5 million 8.3 [9]
    Quarter 4 (ending Jun 30, 2007) 0.7 million 8.3 [10]
    2007 fiscal year sales 3.3 million 8.3 million
    Quarter 1 (ending Sep 30, 2007) 1.0 9.3 [11]
    Quarter 2 (ending Dec 31, 2007) 1.6 10.9 [12]
    Quarter 3 (ending Mar 31, 2008) 0.7 11.6 [13]
    Quarter 4 (ending Jun 30, 2008) 0.9 12.5 [14]
    2008 fiscal year sales 4.3 million 12.5 million
    Quarter 1 (ending September 30, 2008) 1.0 13.5 [15]
    Quarter 2 (ending December 31, 2008) 1.3 14.8 [16]
    Quarter 3 (ending March 31, 2009) 1.4 16.2 [17]
    Quarter 4 (ending Jun 30, 2009) 1.1 17.3 [18]

    • the turth

       you forget that microsoft has Gates’ countless billions of dollars to fall back on. nintendo does not…

  • any ideas of what good game to get next i have mario u,zombiu,COD,mass effect3,all the indie games from the eshop…i thought about AC3 or batman or darksiders 2 let me know

    • Fred

      I was surprised how much I liked sonic racing.

      •  I did play the demo it was ok but my son might like that

    • AAAkabob

      Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was a worthwhile investment in my eyes.  Or you could wait till Rayman comes out later in Feb.

      •  and i heard that the aliens game is coming in feb dang so many good games

  • Chris C

    Everyone that has ripped on Nintendo, and the Wii U has been right.  Now Nintendo needs to climb out of a deep hole.  

  • To me Wii U will do fine it takes time..they said the same of 3ds and it turned around and they have been around since the late 1800’s so nintendo will survive this too

  • RetroSquid

    I got my WiiU on Monday, I tried three shops in total, two were sold out and the last place, I got the last in stock… they are clearly selling, but retailers don’t appear to have enough of them.

  •  I told you all, it’s a done deal for Nintendo.  It could not come soon enough!

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Trolls be trolling as per usual. They said the same with the Wii in the beginning and then it took off and the rest is history. You’re delusional to think it’s a flop in a matter of a few months. I have to be honest and say you must be one of those Nintendo haters that expect them to stop making Mario games.

  • Destructonator 101

    Those idiots who stole 7000 wii u’s ( however many they stole ) are responsible.

  • InterTripleteWorldChampion

    3,06 million SOLD. That’s it. Why making disinformation, why?! The statistics about PS3, XBOX, and any kind of product, not only ectronic one, not only console, are making this way. But for Nintendo everything should be reformulated as negative… Somebody seem to be living only to tell crap about Nintendo. And now,I’ll come back and play with my F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C console… Bye bye haters! 🙂

  • zach whitehorn

    *sigh* this does not bode well.