Sep 14th, 2012

After Nintendo announced the Wii U price and launch date yesterday, it opened the floodgates to pre-orders around the world. That includes major video game retailers in the US, including GameStop, Best Buy, and Toys ‘R Us, who have begun taking Wii U pre-orders. And according to Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime, so far the reception has been positive. Speaking to GamesIndustry, Reggie said “the feedback that I’m getting from retailers is extremely strong in terms of pre-sales”. The Wii U starts at $299 for the Basic model, with a $349 Deluxe model available as well. For more on the different SKUs, check out the full Wii U model breakdown.

Wii U pre-ordersReggie added that when it comes to pre-orders and consumers putting down money for a new console, it’s about whether console makers are presenting good value to the customer. And according to Reggie, “based on some of the reports I’m getting, the answer is yes”. The Wii U can be pre-ordered several places, some stores already offer pre-order incentives and trade-in deals. GameStop offers $50 towards your Wii U pre-order if you trade in your old Wii console. The retailer also has trade-in deals for the the PS3 and Xbox 360, where you can get up to $150 towards your Wii U pre-order.

GameStop is also offering their own Wii U bundles. The “Wii U classic bundle” has the Wii U Deluxe set, a copy of LEGO City Undercover and New Super Mario Bros U, plus a Wiimote, all for $510. Another bundle includes the Deluxe console version plus copies of Assassin’s Creed 3 and ZombiU. You can see more bundles on GameStop.

Have you pre-ordered the Wii U yet? Do you plan on pre-ordering anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • Neonridr

    got mine preordered from Future Shop (Canada). Now the wait begins..

    only 2 months and 4 days..

    • AKA-Link77

      šŸ™‚ Yah! and pre orders are thru the ROOF! cuz DUH! . . . . its Wii Uā„¢! šŸ™‚

      • 007 1/2

        In gamestop, the Wii only gets u $50 off. Handing in a PS3 slim will get $140 off. An Xbox 360 slim or an original PS3 will get u $115 off. An original xbox 360, PS Vita, or 3DS will be $90 off. There is no 150 dollar discount.

    • Mike

      Got mine pre-ordered also at Bets-Buy(Canada). I can`t wait. I think it`s going to be a great holiday season for Nintendo.

  • theBALLANCEDopinion

    sweet. im gonna go pre-order today!


    GameStop didn’t have those specials yesterday when I preordered.

    • Draco Breach

      The bundles are online exclusive. It’s a way for GameStop to make a profit as consoles are notoriously low margin at retail. The bundles offer them much higher profit margins with two games and some accessories.

      • ThatBoingGuy

        I per ordered online from GameStop and it didn’t give me the option of a bundle.

    • TheCruzKing

      Same! ^ although rather buy seperate

  • Draco Breach

    I has preordered. [bad grammar intentional]

    I chose the Wii U Deluxe Set at a local GameStop. I did not particularly care for any of the online only bundles, and shipping is a nasty little thing I’d rather avoid. While purchasing locally avoids shipping, it doesn’t avoid rape by government taxes.

    I waited patiently for Amazon to set up a Wii U page to preorder, but I recieved an email this morning stating something to the effect that they weren’t prepared for it or something. I don’t know. Maybe GameStop grabbed up as many Wii U allotments as they could to minimize allotments for other retailers.

    In either case, I’m going to start paying off the Wii U with each paycheck.

    • Lord Carlisle

      Haha, lucky. Some of us that are too young for jobs have to find other ways of making money.

      I pre-ordered the Deluxe set yesterday, and put 250 toward both that and Pikmin 3. Unfortunately, now I have to come up with about another 150$…

      I also want NSMBU and ZombiU… but I’ve got a plan for that. I’ll scam my brothers into buying them. The catch is, since it’s my Wii U, I can dominate the system AND play their games!

      • gabe

        Not to troll but as a big brother with a similar experience I don’t take kindly to you type round these parts hahaha.

    • Cheezr

      for unstated reasons, Amazon does not sell the latest Nintendo hardware, only thru 3rd party sellers.
      I am very curious to know why and sooner or later the truth will come out…
      for now, i also was forced to go to GameStop (who is very happy about Amazon).

      • TheMaddMan

        Ugg… I HAVE 370 bucks, but I also need to pay $600 for Disneyland and the East Coast Trip. Don’t worry, I’m getting one, but it means no other games for me besides Nintendo Land.

  • LP

    Yes, waiting on Amazon to post the option, where is it???

    • Draco Breach

      I got an email this morning.

      “Dear Amazon Customer,

      Thank you for signing up to be notified when the Wii U is available.
      Unfortunately, the Wii U console is not available at Amazon[dot]com at this time, but please check back in the future, as availability may change.
      We do have the latest Wii U games and accessories available now, so check them out.

      Thanks for shopping with Amazon Video Games.”

      The message, frankly, worries me. It could mean nothing. Maybe they are working out exactly their allotment with Nintendo. It could be serious. Maybe GameStop grabbed most of the available allotment leaving Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and other major retailers with fewer than they may have wanted, and leaving Amazon and online retailers out.

      The popular rumor is, currently, that one million units will be available to retailers worldwide for the three launches – November 18 (NA), November 30 (EU), and December 8 (JP). The likely NA allotment is 300,000 units. It fits with the typical Wii worldwide distribution which is typically 300,000 units to NA and JP with the remaining 400,000 to EU, AU, and ‘other’ regions.

      If we take this to be true, GameStop could have grabbed, say, 150,000 to 200,000 units leaving 100,000 to 150,000 to Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and other national retailers.

      In reality of course, we have to take into account that about a quarter of NA allotments head to Mexico and Canada (if I remember my distro channels correctly). I didn’t work that into my above statement for purposes of keeping my math overly simplified. In case of troll invasion.

      • Cheezr

        it has nothing to do with allotment. they had some kind of todo with Nintendo. You will note that Amazon also does not sell the 3ds or 3dsxl directly (only thru 3rd party).
        I am amused that two adult businesses could not resolve their spats in the best interest of their customers but there you have it.

        • LP

          Ok guys I preordered through, next day shipping. Paid $25.34 more, but well, all you said convinced me. Now I can’t sleep, for 65 days!!!

          • LP

            That’s 25 more due to tax & shipping…

  • Shulololol

    glad to hear this….i’m so happy for nintendo after all the shit talkers.

    • Nintedward

      Remember Nintendo is outnumbered 2:1 in this market , so there is always gunna be a large amount of negative hater’s who don’t understand U .

      But there is also a solid amount of people who are informed about how good the wiiu is and buy other console’s without singleing one out and hating on it like me ,

      I hate you microsoft …

      • Shulololol

        me too. when I was a kid i wanted a GC. Instead .a got a xbox with halo:ce, cause my brother told my mother its much cooler for kids. i was ad kid on this christmas day. mean, sure. i still love halo to death and played it a lot but i always wanted a NGC back then.

        • Shulololol

          * I was a SAD kid on this day i meant.

        • Nintedward

          Hopefully , you will be able to download all the gamecube games you missed onto wiiu!!! maybe we will get ”HD classics!!!”.

          I am praying that Nintendo do ”HD classic’s” and let us replay skyward sword and other perfect games in HD!!!!!

          • Colton

            Ew no that last idea was awful. Skyward Sword just came out. I don’t want them to redo it and port it to the Wii U. They should focus on making more new games and just let us get the old games as-is, unless the game needs to be redone.

          • Grodus

            Cool, but DEFINETTLY no Skyward Sword. That would be CRAAAZY!

        • Gabe Hoffman

          The perhaps you should go find a Gamecube then.

          • Shulololol

            why? i can play gc games on wii. its lile buying the same consoles oO

      • Jetty

        Haters be hatin’. I’ll stick with Mario, Metroid and Zelda. If I wanna play Halo, I’ll play Goldeneye. This means that the Wii U online community is already better.

        • Adam Fox

          you can’t compare Halo to Goldeneye! GoldenEye is soooooo much more fun and entertaining….Halo sucks!

          • Shulololol

            to be honest. i played goldeneye a lot on the n64. it defiened console shooters. but halo showed how console shooters should play in the future.
            the story is also great. so no bad words about halo. bungie had made some good stuff in the past.

          • 007 1/2

            guess wat my goldeneye name is!

  • Math

    I’m gonna do it soon šŸ˜€

    • Jetty

      Just try for September and October. November pre order and December walk in eerily reminds me of the N64 release. Good luck.

      • Grodus

        Especially if your american, then you gotta wacth out in late october too.

  • Nintedward

    Zombiu deluxe set pre ordered , now to play the waiting game…………
    The waiting game is the worst game of all time.

    • Macarony64

      Wile you play that game ill play code of princes and profesor layton

    • Draco Breach

      The waiting game is made [funner/more fun] with a countdown timer. …or more torturous. Depends on your tastes :p

      I want a countdown timer, of course. With that lovely, blue Wii U banner to highlight its epicness.

      • FennexFox

        If you go to the Nintendo website, they have a timer for the Wii U release day.

        • Draco Breach

          Sorry :p

          I meant one to place on my phone as a widget or my desktop as a gadget.

          It’s not quite the same to go to a webpage for it.

      • Nintedward

        true , how can we get a countdown timer ?? lol .
        I am just going to use my 3ds to kill the waiting game XD .

      • The Gamer, fomerly known as white trash

        @Draco Breach

        I just want to commend you on your well written comments and grammar
        Extraordinary I have to say!!! Bravo…..

      • 007 1/2

        there is a countdown timer on the nintendo website

        • Draco Breach

          As I mentioned above to @FennexFox, I mean something more portable (like for my phone) or doesn’t require a website (like my desktop).

          I know about Nintendo and GameStop and other website’s countdown timers.

  • 007 1/2

    getting it at gamestop and trading in the wii.

  • GoodNintentions

    Got mine on Amazon UK! I got a black one but didn’t order any games yet. The extra wait will stop me getting another red steel!

    Might stick a few cheeky ones in the local shops to see if I can profit from the inevitable shortage at xmas

  • Neonridr


    at least there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.. so waiting I guess is worth it in the end. I just can’t wait to get a hold of that gamepad for the first time…

  • John

    Waiting on Amazon; they need to get it together šŸ˜‰

  • Kamon

    Definitely good to hear! But I got no job so that’s horrible for me. ( ._.)

  • Nintenerd


  • Akumario

    Any word on places offering a mid-night release???

  • Marioravesto3d

    I work in massive store in england am getting wii u soon as it comes in store.Like everyone else on here I can’t wait.

    • Macarony64

      what store is that so ppl dont reserve there consoles there

  • LyingTuna

    Hm… I didn’t see any bundles yesterday when I preordered at GameStop. It doesn’t matter, I got what I wanted, but still, I’d have liked to know I had the option. Also, does anyone know if ZombiU will be Classic Controller compatible for multiplayer?

  • Jetty

    Pre-ordered this morning at Gamestop!! Deluxe set, basic set and New Super Mario Bros. U!!!! Metroid Blast looks awesome too, the stream yesterday really helped make this a solid decision. I missed the 64, Gamecube, Wii and 3DS launch, NOT THIS ONE!!!
    Luckily we have some great 3DS titles coming up to distract the wait. I wish Tank!Tank!Tank! were out for launch, but I’ll get it when I pick up some pro controllers.
    To anyone trying or getting a Wii U, mark these words. Look at the (Capcom-less lol) third-party titles in the launch window. Just see what happens when the first-party titles are released. This will be worth it!

    • 007 1/2

      did u get the deluxe and basic? why? u dont need 2 consoles


    can’t wait to see ps4 pre orders blow the roof off Gamestop

    • Starfoxguy

      umm this says Wii U Daily not ps4 daily. I like ps too but nintendo is better.
      I’m gonna pre order soon.

    • Shulololol

      dreamer. it will be overprized like vita and ps3…..every fucking sony fanboy sqid vita will blast the 3ds away….i still laugh….

      • Shulololol

        BTW. you have a sad life whn you come to troll a pure nintendo website. SonyDrones are like racists. hate without a reason.

    • olimar

      Bahahahahahaha!!! xD Good one, good one =) …

      Oh, were you serious? :O Instant dislike! >=(

    • Nintedward

      The only thing the ps4 is going to ‘blow the roof off’ is sony’s bank .

      • ToadTheBarbarian

        Down with Sony. I have finally purged my house of all Sony products.

      • NintendoGator

        Dont forget the guy’s that buys the pms4 wallets are gonna explode too!!!
        Did I say pms4?? I meant to say ps4!! eh!! whats the difference??

    • Jetty

      lol that’s pretty damn good. I won’t lie, PS4 has sparked my interest. Luckily, RE7 won’t be released for minimum of three more years. Tekken has great Nintendo relations and majority of my favorite PS titles won’t be seeing sequels. PS4 will look “F#$king incredible” but 500 is very steep. The games alone will have to be 80-90 bucks. Only one game could persuade me to get a PS4 at launch, METAL GEAR SOLID 5.

      • Nko Sekirei

        or psr could cost up to $800 along with 720

    • Kahhhhyle

      Why do you guys keep responding to this guy lok just wait for him to get bored and go troll some other site or until he gets banned haha

    • Robert

      $899 US DOLLARS

      • TheUNation


    • 007 1/2

      to buy a PS4, u need to be so rich that I95 is ur driveway and canada is ur backyard.

  • TheCruzKing

    I paid mine in full already for the deluxe

  • ToadTheBarbarian

    Pre-ordered mine yesterday at GameStop. Gonna be a sweet system!

  • SteampunkJedi

    I’m hoping to get the Deluxe version, but as of now I’m not sure which one I’ll be able to get.

  • Kevin White

    I was going to do Amazon but the console itself never came up on their site so after work yesterday I ran by Gamestop and put $50 on the deluxe. Also bought Super Mario 3D Land and Ocarina of Time 3D for my 3DS XL, which are mainly for when I travel for work.

    She said I was the 8th preorder of the day.

    I’m a little bummed that Wii games won’t play on the Gamepad. Handheld gaming is sometimes nicer (more intimate, more personal) than big screen gaming. Hopefully the Wii can at least pass them through HDMI (has that been confirmed?). I know it’s not upscaled but hopefully if it can use HDMI it at least looks colorful and sharp (not hi-res, but sharp). Gamecube looks pretty fuzzy on my girlfriend’s 1080p (granted it didn’t have S-Video available as an input and we don’t have component so it was composite).

    I actually have not played any Wii games other than a little obligatory bowling and golf, so I’m diving back in with the Galaxies, Prime Trilogy, the Zeldas, and that Xenoblade Chronicles looks good. Will probably get one other Wii U game (other than the pack-in) and a couple Wii games from this list.

    • 007 1/2

      it might play wii games on the gamepad

  • Super Paper Rye

    Preordering at GameStop Saturday in the morning. I wanna get the deluxe set with Nintendo Land before it runs out. Then at day one I’m buying NSMBU, Pikmin 3 (IF it comes out on day one) and something else… Which I’m still under decision which the 3rd one should be. I want either Rayman Legends or ZombiU. But I want to play with my casual family. My big sister might play Pikmin with me though.

  • Ben

    BaSiC MoDel, DeLuXe MoDeL????????

  • dillon

    i pre-ordered the deluxe yesterday with the pro controller. call of duty black ops 2, assassins creed 3 , zombie u , new super mario bros u and mass effect 3 ,,

  • Britton

    This is good news. But it is making me ansy to preorder! It is making me feel like I might not get one.

  • Victor

    Does anyone know when we can order online? (I want Amazon).

    • 007 1/2

      gamestop online, probably best buy

  • Paul

    ill be waiting till the start of november to preorder mine as ill get it cheaper

    • Jon

      if you still can. GameStop manager told me that they expect to sell out of deluxe bundles by the weekend.

      • Leeroy

        I went on Friday. They’re already out of deluxe

    • Nintedward

      Carefull it’s not ordered out bro !!!

    • darkfox

      pre oder now and IF you find it cheaper drop the old order. But I do not think it will be anycheaper the launch month that is poor business and makes no sense but if you pre order for $349 and the price drops before it comes out you WILL pay the dropped price you realixe that right? I see pre-orders stopping in a week or two, just like the wii and if pre orders stop you might get one cheaper in November of 2013,

  • NaX

    Pre ordered mine Deluxe
    with Black ops 2, Mario U and I’m not sure if i should go for ZombiU or Wonderful 101 :X, but i still have a long time to think about it. In all i expect to spend 1,000 for Wii U with the pro crontrol and i dont even have a wii mote + so umm lets see how much i will actually end up spending :O

  • Kahhhhyle

    Wow preorders are strong lol just like every game console released in history. It matters more how well it sells 5 months after launch not during launch

  • Madmagican

    If I had enough money, I’d pre-order… unfortunately I’m only fifteen and thus cannot get a job here in the U.S. …and my parents have shown no intension of helping me pay for it either

  • FeTM87

    Went to GameStop as soon as I could to preorder, paid it all off right away just to make it quicker for me to pick up on release… This 2 months is going to go by very very slow.
    Deluxe by the way.

  • Ljink

    I’m getting a Wii U! Nintendo always makes new ways to play and I can’t wait to play.

    These are just launch titles…can’t wait to see what happens in 2013 and 14. Super Smash Bros. Universe, Zelda, 3D Mario, Mario Kart U, Dragon Quest XI, HOPEFULLY A HD GOLDEN SUN CONSOLE GAME, and much more.

  • Magiphart

    “The retailer also has trade-in deals for the the PS3 and Xbox 360, where you can get up to $150 towards your Wii U pre-order.” Yes…, YES! Being a Nintendo purist this is so good to here. People ditching the inferior consoles for the Wii U.

    • Magiphart

      I spelled “hear” wrong…

      • Kahhhhyle

        Don’t ditch your old consoles yet halo 4 is still one the way haha. Oh and this lil game called borderlands 2 comes out next week and a handful of us miight be extremely excited for it.

  • Cheezr

    I have 2 preordered (one for nephew) and 2 copies of NSMBU as well!

    But, I would really like to know (someday) why (argueably the largest retailer in the US) does not sell Nintendo consoles any more. They only offer the 3DS & 3DSXL thru 3rd parties and they do not offer the Wii U console at all. Very interesting!

  • Ledreppe

    Pre-ordered at Amazon, but the Wii U is more expensive in Europe than the US! I’m hoping for a price war soon, but there’s no indication of it happening, yet. Getting the Deluxe Pack.

  • FennexFox

    As I read all of your comments, nobody else beside me Pre-order from bestbuy?

    • cyphid

      I totally was going to Pre-order from Best Buy as well, though something told me check Kmart since it was the list of pre-rder places on Nintendo’s site.

      Kmart f’ed up and listed the Deluxe Bundle for $299 and free shipping. They fixed the pricing sometime today.


    @jetty MGS5 will be ps4 exclusive coz only Sony machine be able to run it,Wii u. so weak it won’t even be able to run the FMV videos from MGS5,me like Nintendo but Sony. better

    SONY PLEASE COME TAKE ALL MY MOMMY MONEY And GRANNY MONEY,and give me ps4 with vita in box

    • Nintedward

      Here is a Jack in the box . Wind it up as it smacks you in te face .

      • Kahhhhyle

        Why are you responding to him?! He prolly doesn’t even read the replies. Your just wasting your life on him by typing away just endure his stupidity until he’s banned bro


    going to bring preorder the basic edition next monday, hope Gamestop didn’t run out lol.

  • retro gamer

    I want wii u but im hesitent to buy without trying it. I still have some questions that i want answered. Maybe someone can enlighten me. First, can you play with two gamepads at once for everygame. How resilient is gamepad screen? If my gamepad breaks how much for a new one?

    • Draco Breach

      1) Developers chose which games support dual-GamePads. As of now, no announced game supports it.

      2) I’ve heard the screen seems quite resilient from those coming from experience events.

      3) I haven’t heard an official NA price, but JP puts it at the equivalent of $175 US. Based on EU price equivalent of $150, I’d say between $125 and $165 US is a good bet.

      If you want to try it first, I doubt any intelligent gamer will hate on you. If you know somebody buying it, ask them if you can come over to give it a whirl. Otherwise, a lot of retailers set up demo booths. GameStop always has playable displays set up with special demo discs running.

      Sadly, you’ll probably have to wait until after launch day to try it.

    • JumpMan

      they don’t have games that support dual Gamepads yet but they will later in its life cycle. i don’t know how resilient it is, but it seems pretty durable. they won’t sell Gamepads separately (in the U.S. and UK) until supporting games come out, probably in 2013. i hope i was helpful! šŸ™‚

    • Kahhhhyle

      Screen protectors will also be available in sure.

      • Draco Breach

        I’m actually hoping Zagg makes one in their new Impact series.

        • Kahhhhyle

          Don’t they do phone protectors? I would think maybe mad catz or nyko or maybe even Nintendo themselves would be making them. You know game accessory manufacturers

          • Draco Breach

            They do ‘device’ protectors. If you check them out, you’ll find some screen protectors for Nintendo and Sony handheld systems. They also produce skins to protect the back.

  • Nintendo4ever

    i pre ordered my deluxe sett at my gamestop

    • XENAJA

      NOV 18 CANT WAIT

  • *.*

    I dont post many comments due to poor english, but ordered mine today. gonna cost 800 for black one out of catalog with insurance,but i dont care to excited šŸ™‚
    p.s. Ā£800

    • Nintedward

      Ā£800 ??? wtf are you smoking ^^ . my bundle is costing Ā£350 ………

      • *.*

        Lol having to pay over 2 years with insurance through littlewoods

        • Nintedward

          That’s horrific , I mean why get it insured ??? If it breaks , you can send it off for cheap repair , if it get’s stolen you can get a new one for Ā£350 .

          Ā£800 cannot be justified!!!! If mine ever breaks or gets stolen , i will buy a new one and it will work out at Ā£700 ….

    • Nintedward

      Ā£800 ??? wtf are you smoking ^^ . my bundle is costing Ā£350 ………

  • Trev

    Just pre ordered at game stop also pre ordered super Mario u, zombie u, pikmin 3, darksiders( though amazon game stop doesn’t have this game listed), sonic racers, mass effect, and aliens. The guy helpin me had to check to see if he could still take a pre order for the deluxe. Fortunately he could but he said they were “getting close to their limit”. I always worry that GameStop will take to many pre orders and I won’t get mine. Paranoid perhaps but they did this with the resident evil revelations pro controller package when I went to pick that up when it came out.

  • Jerm949

    Do you guys think that 32Gb is necessary? They should make more space, in my opinion.

    • Nintedward

      you can plug in a hard drive , just sayin….. 32GB is just a flash memory built into wiiu to help you out a bit …..

    • Kahhhhyle

      I agree. Especially since they’re pushing downloads so hard you’d figure theyed give you plenty of hard drive space, memory isn’t that expensive either Nintendo should have gone at least 64 gigs imo 120 for the deluxe

  • DragonChi

    Pre-ordered mine today. Deluxe version FTW!! I also pre-ordered Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed. That game looks so sick.

    I have never been so excited for a new gaming console in all my life. This system will be an absolute dream to play.

  • Akumario

    word on any Mid-night releases???

  • Grant Potter

    If you are planning on pre-ordering a Deluxe from Gamestop, it’s apparently too late as of this afternoon. They nationally stopped pre-orders for the Deluxe due to the high amount of them. I believe the white, basic package is still fine and dandy though.

  • Ryo No Hadouken

    I pre-ordered a Deluxe set yesterday morning at Gamestop because its literally one mile from my house, but the bundles werent available…and after seeing what they have as bundles, i wouldnt have ordered one anyway….I will get ZombieU and Epic Mickey 2(my son and I really enjoyed the first one)

  • Soundslikeprada

    Okay so are they going to stop taking preorders when they don’t have anymore to sell, or are they just putting you on a wait list if you preordered later than other people?

  • logan7699

    Paid mine OFF, Gamestop in Florida…And paid off mario, assassin creed 3, and pikmin 3, and Lego city, Zombie U,

  • Dereq

    Yeah Gamestop, like I’m gonna trade in my Wii with dozens of games on a pre order. What morons.

    • Dereq

      I should have clarified “downloaded” games. Kinda hard to transfer them before I get my WiiU.

  • wiiupoo

    pre ordering as soon ASAP!

    • wiiupoo

      *pre ordering ASAP!

  • JumpMan

    just pre-ordered mine! Deluxe 4 lyfeee! haha. i’m psyched out of my mind. for real. gonna be payin’ for it all the way to November 18th though!

  • ninjabake

    Pre-ordered my deluxe edition @ Gamestop today. Interestingly enough, the misinformed clerk told me that they’re going to be selling gamepads seperately for $50. Lmao I think he got the pro controller and gamepad mixed up so I asked him was he sure it was the controller with a screen that was $50? And he said yes, confidently LOL I think ill side with the coo of NOA and assume no gamepads will be sold seperately @ launch (there are no games that support 2 gamepads, so why sell em now?)

  • Dmonkeyman

    I wonder whats considered extremely high. Does extremely high mean more than the Wii because if the Wii u is getting more Pre-orders than the Wii than I should seriously consider buying Nintendo stock

    • Donnaclus

      Buying Nintendo stock is what any video game investor worth their salt would do. Before the 3DS price drop, Nintendo. Didn’t. Have. A. Single. Operating. Loss. EVER.

  • Trev

    I just called two game stoP stores they said about 25 minutes ago they received an email to stop pre ordering the 32 gig black deluxe wiiu model. The white ones are still available.

  • Master Awesomeness

    I was able to pre-order from JB Hi-Fi (Australia) since last year, after 2011 e3.

  • TheFlash7

    Preordered the deluxe edition and a couple of games (Epic Mickey 2 and Lego City) @ GameStop this afternoon. I will probably get Scribblenauts Unlimited and Batman AC:AE preordered soon.

    I have wanted AC since I saw it advertised for the other systems, but I did not want to buy the consoles for one game. We will also be getting Madden 13 for the U. I traded in the Wii version to pay for the downpayment of the u and the two games.


    im ganna get a delux soon but i am also getting agaming pc to play minecrft tf2 portal and other games (tf2 on nintendo wiiu = (-:

  • nyeh heh

    I got an Xbox360 so no im not going to preorder besides black ops2 is going to be exciting

  • nyeh heh

    xbox 360 is better also more action games come out for xbox

    • Xblade13

      (comes sprinting in)
      Thought you ought to know…

      You’re just miffed because we’re getting Bayonetta 2 >:P

  • Videofx

    Pre-Ordered my Black Deluxe from Gamestop and can pick it up a day early! It will be released on Nov 18th but Gamestop is letting us pick it up on Nov 17th! Can’t wait! Let the games begin!

  • obsolete

    I pre-ordered mine today and I think nov 18 will not come fast enough.

  • Grodus

    Waiting for the Wii U (and paper mario for that matter) is amking feel like and wish october didn’t exist. Holloween is overrated any! GOSH!!!

    • Grodus

      * “is MAKING ME feel” As an added bonus, I’ll say black oops 2 SUCKS!!!! I’m feeling impatiant… COULD YA TELL!?!?


    @Kahhhhyle USE A DUMMY

    • Kahhhhyle

      Well if you wanna direct your hate at me I’ll break my own rule and respond to you. I will do my best to be polite.

      You mentioned ps4 preorders. ALL consoles sell out at launch. The dream cast did for crying out loud. But remember the months following the ps3’s launch when all of them sat around collecting dust cause it cost 600$ yeah hopefully Sony doesn’t experience the same problem with their next console and strip out several features like they did with the ps3 to cut costs

      You mentioned MGS5 I almost guarantee it will be multiplat even if it doesn’t come to wii u it will almost certainly come to the next Xbox. Oh and have fun with raiden in ps all stars we’ll keep playing smash with the star of your exclusive in smash bros brawl:)

      Btw I own all 3 current gen consoles and the ps3 was my console of choice… After they dropped the price… And released infamous my favorite game franchise ever. But as long as 3rd parties continue supporting it the wii u it will be my console of choice. I will play halo on Xbox and little big planet on ps3. But fallout 4, bioshock 4, assassins Creed, and Batman will find their homes on my wii u.

  • Kev

    I’m not trading my wii. That’s my GameCube.


    i want to pre order in aisa

  • macabre6

    No kidding, I canceled my pre-order on and instead opted for pre-ordering at a local retailer, not that much price difference as I initially feared, but both places had pre-orders flying in like crazy. The Wii U Premium package almost instantly became the number 1 most bought or pre-ordered product on, heck, it beat Fifa 13 for a while and that’s impressive, it’s at number 2 right now.

  • TheMan

    I need to gather money but will be order it on Amazon when the time has come.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Good news, exactly how high are the pre-order numbers? anyone know? I’m waiting to see how much media attention this gets, maybe it’ll be as high as the Wii.

  • wii u fan forever

    Can anyone please help? If the deluxe bundle is already sold out, does that mean that i wint be able to buy one at launch?!??! i really want the deluxe with nintendo land but not pre-order….please confirm

  • danjay

    Got mine through gamestation – deluxe version with ZoombieU and they are opening at midnight for the release Yes!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Got my Wii U Deluxe Pre-Ordered on in full, and they said it would be delivered and, would arrive at my house at (Nov. 20.) and now, time to play the waiting game, but at the end i know it’ll be worth it šŸ™‚

  • Raul

    I just pre ordered from Toys R Us! Sadly, I will be on a wait list šŸ™

    • LP

      I don’t think you will be on a waiting list, at least not after Nov.18, even though they presented you that possibility. Nintendo is making a lot of consoles, and it’s just too difficult that they sold out a 3 month production in less than 2 days. No doubt things are going very good for Nintendo, but I think Toys’r’Us is just playin’ it safe with you. I preordered from, I know, all thing are prelim so far, but it says I’ll get it on Nov.19, I sure hope so, but I guess it’ll be a couple more days. What I am tryin’ to say it’s just too early to panic, and my guess is that people that preorder the first week maybe (???), is gonna be just fine. Greetings.

  • Gary Moscheles

    Pachter was right, Nintendo is doing terrible.

  • Adam

    Pre ordered my premium zombieu package today at game in the uk for Ā£349. Dont know why we have to pay more than prople in the US though šŸ™ Still i cant wait. If i hear that zombieu actually runs in 720p and not 1080p that they confirmed the other day i will be pissed lol

  • Xblade13

    I need money.:(
    I haven’t even gotten a 3DS yet, will STEAL one if necessary when they announce Zelda.
    jk on the stealing part;)

  • Antidote

    Preordered the deluxe model from best buy, mainly because i can do a store pickup and BestBuy is literally across the street from where i work (walmart) xD

  • Madmagican

    Of course the pre-orders are extremely strong; I can’t even find a site that still has the Deluxe pack in storage. I hope they have more when they come to stores November 18th

  • wii u fan forever

    Will there be deluxe versions still available at launch date?

    • Kahhhhyle

      Maybe if you camp out over night lolz

      • wii u fan forever

        šŸ™‚ lol, but my question is kind of complicated, i heard someone say that the deluxe cersions will no longer be available :O please tell me this is fake and that i CAN buy a deluxe wii u at any day starting from november 22- watever day i die xD

  • Metroidvania

    Back for a short update

    Pre-Ordered Wii U basic edition at Gamestop. While I agree the Premium edition is a better deal. I wanted a white console. Storage is no problem, because I have a TB worth of external storage waiting for it. Ill just buy Nintendo Land separately.

    On an off note they gave me a free copy of Game Informer. Ive been laughing my ass off for hours. Man this thing is bad. Im also surprised Examiner said the Wii U was Overpriced, and Outclassed. I found that statement rather idiotic, but then again. I feel the same about the entire site.