Oct 9th, 2017

The Wii U didn’t go as planned for Nintendo. The company originally wanted to sell 100 million of them, but ended up selling only about 12 million.

And while the system had an interesting dual-screen feature, there were also many aspects of the console that Nintendo didn’t get right.

Now the company has shared some of the lessons they’ve learned from the Wii U, as explained by Nintendo’s Bill Trinnen.

Trinnen gave the example of the Wii U menu system, which took too long to boot up.

“If you look at the Wii U hardware system, just the system menu itself — the time that it took to boot that system up, to get into gameplay — was something that was a frustration for a lot of players early on, and actually became a hindrance.”

And the company made sure that this wasn’t the case with the Switch console, which is on track to beat the Wii U’s lifetime sales in just one year.

“With Switch being something that you can take with you, it made it really important that you could play it instantly. That to me is an example of a direct lesson from the Wii U era, where Nintendo said, ‘That’s something we’re gonna zero in on and make a dramatic improvement on.’”

Nintendo’s Doug Bowser chipped in, saying that the company learned their lesson about the “glut of games” for the launch of the console followed by a games drought.

“We had a glut [of game releases] up front, and then kind of went dry for quite some time. From a first-party perspective at least, we were very intentional and deliberate about Switch.”

He added that Nintendo spaced out the release of key Switch games: Zelda for launch, Mario Kart and Splatoon 2 for the Summer, and Mario Odyssey for the Fall.

Via Business Insider

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