Dec 26th, 2012

When it comes to HD consoles, Nintendo in its first four week period has outsold other HD consoles during the same period. The Wii U has sold over 1.8 million units currently. When the Xbox 360 launched around November of 2005, it sold 940,000 units during its four week stretch. The Playstation 3 struggled to move off of the shelves quickly and lagged behind, selling just 540,000 units. The Sony Playstation 3 was launched in 2006, one year after the Xbox 360 from Microsoft.

Compared to the original Wii, however, the Wii U has trailed ever so slightly compared to its older sibling. When the Nintendo Wii launched, it sold over 2 million units. The Wii U could have posted even better numbers but for a couple of weeks after it launched it was having in-stock issues with various retailers. I work for a national retailer and can personally attest to terrible replenishment issues. Compared to this time last year, Nintendo’s shares are 26.1% worse off despite having modest sales in 2011. Much of this is due to analysts who constantly report doom upon Nintendo, despite terrific sales of consoles and games.

Nintendo’s future looks bright, though, so Wii U owners should be excited. The company recently outlined their plans for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in the first few months of 2013, with over 25 new games slated to launch on Wii U by the end of March.

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  • Adam Fox

    its even more impressive when you say that the Wii U outside the Xbox360 and PS3 COMBINED during their first months run!  

  • Celtics_For_Life

    Good article, but its obvious that the Wii U would “far outsell” the competition. Now we have a jab at trolls I won’t name *cough* lucifer *cough*

  • MetroidZero
  • Looks familiar,

    You’re welcome. Enjoy that second, uncredited, hyperlink too by the way guys. Sourcing an article isn’t always a bad thing, you know. 

    • Rye Rugovac

      I just read that article, and these two are the same, litterally.

  • Linskarmo

    Interesting! Now let’s hope Wii U support and sales continue.

  • “TAGS: PS3, XBOX 360” but no Wii U.

    • [000]

      It doesn’t need a Wii U tag. Every single article on this site has a relation to Wii U, so why bother tagging it Wii U? The site name is “Wii U Daily”, so it should already be obvious to everyone that all the articles would have something about the Wii U in them.

      • Jordan Baranco-Bibb


  • audie bowler

    the truth always hurts the loosers,the sad attempt to say wiiu didnt sell well when in fact it owned ass and was only beaten by wii the console it replaces combine that with DS 3DS and wiiu sales over the christmas period its clear who owns industry ass……

    • Phillip Fauble


      Sorry…. ZombiU is making my stomach hurt… sooooooooo dark everywhere!

      • Th3PANO

         lol, buhu, scared of some survivl horror? wow. trolls aren’t creative anymore.

        • He’s impersonating a troll, not trolling…

        • brownygtst94

          dumb fuck

    •  The article is like ESPN – making up records to fit a new story they want to tell!  They made sure to compare Wii U to “HD” console sales instead of console sales.  Then they wanted to make excuses saying they had stock issues.  BS.

      • Protoman59343

        What the hell are you talking about? When they said HD consoles, they’re referring to the 360 ans PS3. And it has been known for quite some time that stock has been short on Wii U units across the country. I can’t tell if you’re a Sony or Microsoft fanboy.

        • He’s most likely a Sony fanboy since he didn’t back up any refutable claims. Xbox fanboys, on the other hand, are equally as ignorant but have more valid arguments, arguments in regard to the best looking graphics or the better online service.

        •  You are clearly a Nintendo nut.  I only have the 360, but I back the PS3 since it is a real system.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Bloody analysts, they talk doom of Nintendo and their shares fall. If they keep spreading their lies they’ll bankrupt Nintedno before long!

    • Phillip Fauble

       I think that’s kind of their hope. If it weren’t for Nintendo Microsoft and Sony could have had their current consoles for another 8 years and no one would have said a word. That’s a lot cheaper… If you get rid of Nintendo you get rid of the need to upgrade. Microsoft and Sony “Fanboys” don’t seem to know their hardware is outdate. That being said… what I’ve read about Wii U’s CPU isn’t exactly impressive.

      • Nintendo has so much in assets that it would take like 10 years of horrid sales to kill them. And all consoles are outdated compared to PCs, which are a lot cheaper to acquire now, so I’m sticking with PC and Wii U. Anyway, yeah, the CPU part is unimpressive, but the GPU is nice. The Wii U is the first console to use the GPU as the primary power, which doesn’t require an amazing CPU. That’s why it’s next gen, it uses the new way to process games, not because it’s a powerhouse. 

        •  That’s NOT special – that is being cheap on the other parts and spending most of the money on the GPU!

          • Cheap is what they’re going for. Do you think the Wii U would have sold so much at $500? It wouldn’t. Focusing on the GPU uses less power and gives better graphics with cheaper parts. When pc games start doing this we won’t need huge power sources anymore. I wish my pc could do games at the same settings as the Wii U and only use 18 volts.

          • The PC is not designed around the game, everything is designed around the PC.  My PC outdoes a Wii U on the highest settings without even trying.

          • That wasn’t the point I was making. Go get a pc with a 1.2 GHz processor and 1 gb of ram and see how well it runs aliens cm. It just won’t happen. I don’t see why your so defensive about it, this is good for pc gaming too. If devs start utilizing the gpu more we won’t have to spend $1000+ on a top of the line machine.

          •  PC developers design games around Direct X and minimum PC specs.  The reason they do not always maximize system capabilities is because every has something different, including different video cards.

          • Yeah, that’s why this is a big deal. Learning how to make great utilizing the gpu over the cpu allows the average desktop (like $300-$400) to run great looking games, making PC gaming cheaper. It’s a common agreement that ‘next gen’ will be less about power and more about optimization this round. And why not? Expecting everyone to spend a lot of money on the next wave of hardware, or even buying a new system, is not helping gaming, just the PC companies.



  • How could the Wii U outsell its competition in 2013 if it isn’t 2013 yet? Check the story’s subtitle.

    • Phillip Fauble

       Typos are typos, things make it through.

    • Jeffery02

      Maybe they meant BY 2013? XD

  • Takarashi282

    That’s great! The Wii U is an awesome system. It deserves every sale.

  • Lazara the Last

    While Nintendo could have advertised better (it was obvious that they did the bad advertising on purpose to not repeat the wii) they were really great to restock all over. When you can hear people say they can find wii U’s everywhere, it’s not because it sells bad, it’s because Nintendo restocks fast! 😀 

    • blaster man

       Except they couldn’t sell all the consoles they restocked.  The original Wii sold everything.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Now it just has to beat the xbox 720 and PS4.

    • Phillip Fauble

       If they’re as powerful as all the fanboys think… they’ll be extremely expensive. I feel like if that’s actually the case the only sales will be from hardcore fanboys. Which is kind of sad really…. IF there are any actual intentions from either company to release a new console next year or the year after like rumors suggest. If not and they come out in say late 2014 or early 2015 I can see them being way more powerful.. but why release a console that late into the generation? Doesn’t make sense.

      • val berger

        They’ll gonna be sold for about 400 bucks, because that’s what people are willing to pay and then consumers might think, why they should sell a wiiU for 300 bucks if they can quadriple the graphics for 100 bucks more? On the other hand, comsumers didn’t care too much about that with the Wii and the 3DS, so maybe they are smart enough to see, that WiiU’s tech isn’t about GPU/CPU, but the hardware concept. 

        Let’s hope, they release at least 2 AAA Titles in 2013, showing off Wii U’s capabilities to the mainstream consumers and maybe one high profile 5 player-multiplayergame, because that’s one hell of a great advantage and a nice direct advertising too.

      • Oskar

        The thing is that nintendo provides something other than graphics that fulfills the gaming experience. If people are after graphics they’ll go for a pc instead of a expensive console which can’t even be upgraded. After just a few years the new sony and microsoft consoles will be outdated while the wii u still can provide a great experience.

    • Celtics_For_Life

      Is there any doubt it will?

  • Chris C

    The first 4 weeks have been very impressive overall, congrats Nintendo.

  • TheDetonator

    typo in the sub title. i think it should be in “2012” not 2013.

    • Dominic Coradazzi

      eh, give it a couple of days

  • Jeffery02

    Just in case people are unsure of the numbers, I’m gonna give you the cold hard facts as knows them:

    Console: Launch day: Days from launch to end of year: worldwide sales
    PS3: Nov 11, 2006: 50 days: 1.68 Million
    360: Nov 22, 2005: 39 days: 1.5 Million
    Wii: Nov 19, 2006 42 days: 3.19 Million

    From other sources:

    Wii U: Nov 18, 2012: 36 days (Ending Dec 24,2012): 1.8 Million

    To make it easier to understand, here are the averages of sales per day
    PS3 = 33,600 per day
    360 = 38,461 per day
    Wii = 75,952 per day
    and finally
    Wii U = 50,000 per day

    So as it stands, the Wii U is NOT beating both the 360 and the PS3 combined, but individually it’s still not even a contest. The Wii hands down is still #1 though. Now remember that this is only hardware and has nothing to do with software. If the Wii U can gain traction like the PS3 did, then we may see the Wii U surpassing the Wii, PS3, and 360 as the best long term console because lets face it, the Wii was a short term game system. I loved the Wii and I would never say it was a bad system nor that it didn’t have amazing games. I can, however, say that it was a system that was more impressive in hardware sales than software sales. I don’t have the numbers, and the numbers may even tell a different story, but Wii definitely got left out by developers and had a drought of decent games outside of Nintendo themselves once the launch hype died down. Everyone had a Wii, but how many of them were really playing it outside of Netflix? If the Wii U can use this amazing momentum from the launch hype as well as the PS3 did, then the Wii U can surpass even its predecessor and become the must need system, even when the next PlayStation and XBox release. So hopefully Nintendo can play their cards well, because this has the potential for both ultimate greatness and Wii-like flat lining. Either way, I know I will be with Nintendo until the very end!

    • Jeffery02

      Btw if anyone is interested, then there’s an article to confirm these numbers at

      This gives a better view to how well the Wii U is actually doing overall even if it’s not doing amazing in EVERY region.

    • blaster man

       You do realize that the other consoles were sold out everywhere so demand was not met.  With the Wii U, it’s in stock everywhere and was the entire holiday season.  That means the market demand was met and anyone that wanted a Wii U got one.  That means that there will be almost no more Wii U’s sold until a price drop stimulates further sales.  You shall see some piddly sales going forward.  It will be funny watching you fanboys crying foul.

      • Jeffery02

        All I can say is what has been proven thus far and my view of those facts. You are entitled to your own opinion and you could be right, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. You can bring up all those points as to why the numbers don’t tell the whole story, and I could give you some as well, but that doesn’t mean these numbers can’t be viewed as a guideline for now. Even with these numbers though, no one really knows how well or bad the Wii U will do and all we can do is speculate and wait. That is why I always said “if this, then that” or “if that, then this”. I never speculated like I know it as a fact. I am hopeful, not right or wrong yet. I would wish that you would tell me what you think like “I think this” or “I think that” instead of saying “this is what is happening so that is what WILL happen”.

        Also, bashing the fanboys like that is not very civilized of you. I can see that you are trying to get someone to post a hateful response to your last sentence and that makes you a troll. If you think it’ll be funny watching fanboys cry foul, then call them out on it later and don’t try to antagonize them now. I don’t want to hear it if it’s not a productive discussion. I came here to learn, understand, and discuss. NOT argue and watch people squirm (ie being a troll). Just to be clear though, I fully listen to opinions even if I don’t agree with them, as long as they are respectful and and not trying to start something.

      • Sorry, but the PS3 was not sold out… I purchased one Launch day, but as an assistant manager of one the largest retail store in the world, we had so many PS3’s lying around we didn’t know where to store them.  Of course the $500 price tag didn’t help much either….

      • brownygtst94

        ps3 wasn’t sold out … its sales were poor due to its ridiculous launch price tag.. There wasnt a issue with “sold out” xbox 360s at launch either.. so what the fck are you on about.. you’re the obvious fan boy you little shit.

  • val berger

    These comparisons aren’t valid as the situations were and are totally different. I love my WiiU far more than my PS3, but I don’t think it’s overall success will come as close to their competition. Third parties still don’t really seem to be convinced enough to support the system as good as PS3 and XB360, which would be necessary to gain some ground on this market. So in the end, I think it’s gonna be the typical Nintendo-experience. a few nice 3rd parties and Nintendo’s over the top exclusives in first line. Let’s hope I’m wrong, but as Games like Bioshock Infinite (although Ken Levine himself claims to own and love a WiiU and although it’s optimized for Move-Controls which would be easy to adapt for Wiimote-controls) or Grand Theft Auto V won’t make it there’s barely Third Party Light at the end of the tunnel to give gamers some confidence, they won’t be left alone. 

    What’s also not mentioned here is that the PS3’s price tag was set faaar too high (600 bucks, if i remember correctly?) so they just started all over again, when setting it lower.

    • Kyle Ellington

      There are tree groups of people now who see the wii u. The zombie gamers who will buy ps4 and 720 regardless of what they are,nintendo fans who have already bought it and few who haven’t, and hardcore gamers who are hesitant to buy it in light of the wii situation. The casuals are buying the 360 because of cheap price, although if the message is sent to them, they will find out wii u will be supported longer even if the other two stay out a couple years.

      • val berger

        Yeah and although I agree with you, WiiU’s numbers are kinda better than that. My theory is, that despite WiiUs cautious marketingplan, they sold quite good because of the Wii-adopters. So Nintendo may be facing a problem once there aren’t any of them left too loot. And at that point, those who refer to themselves as being ‘core gamers’ won’t be too interested in the Wii U, once the E3 has come and unveiled the ned graphic-generation. It’s quite a tricky situation for Nintendo, I wish they could just use this 6 month-timewindow between now and the E3 to flood this system with premium-titles to show the world, it’s not just about graphics. But it looks like WiiU’s gonna continue where the Wii left off. And that’s not necessarily a good thing. It reminds me of owning the Gamecube during the first months. Rarely some news about upcoming huge software and in general the industry was kinda holding back. In the end, the gamecube was one of the consoles i had most fun with, despite it’s lacking success, so if history’s repeating, then let it be. If that also means that we’ll see something like F-Zero GX again (which for me is one of the greatest games of all time) then heeere we go ;D

  • Snake_Boss22

    Big deal that Wii U outsold than PS3/360 i don’t think that devs will continued to support Wii U when they see that Nintendo fans buying only Mario and Nintendo land third party games will stop

    • MetroidZero


  • blaster man

    What is NOT impressive is that the 360 sold out so it literally could not sell more and the original Wii was sold out and sold nearly twice this number and that was literally all it could sell.  Meanwhile the Wii U was readily available in almost all stores all over the United States and it was nowhere near sold out.  This isn’t good resupplying, this is low demand.  We now know that there was minimal demand since it was in stock and this is all they managed to sell.  The original Wii could have sold 10 million it’s first 4 weeks if they had that many in stock. 

    Good try though fanboys.  I love how you have to make yourself feel better with your disastrous purchase of a failure of a console.  Not to mention the fact that the basic is already giving away free games with it at Best Buy and there will be a price drop next year and bundles with good games packed in.  Way to waste your money.

    • ipaxton

      What’s IMPRESSIVE is your lack of intelligence, next time get your facts right before you start spouting off false information fanboy.

  • me

    i cant wait till e3 2013, thats when we will see what developers can REALLY do with this amazing console 

  • Chris C

    Well when you have a “blue ocean” of Wii buyers to sell to, a loyal Nintendo fan-base that hasn’t seen a new console in over 6 years, no other new home-consoles on the market….you’d better handily beat PS3 & XBox 360!

    Saying that it did – isn’t really a big victory.

    The Wii U’s sales figures as they stand are respectable.

    But the fact that it’s not matching the Wii, and PS3 & XBox 360 are still doubling the Wii U’s sales every single week…and the Wii is nearly matching the Wii U in sales, is not a big victory.

    You can compare and contrast Wii U’s sales figures all kinds of ways, and choose to make it seem great, or bad, depending on what you decided to do before you even made the comparison.

    Another way to look at is – since every single Wii U is being sold for a loss, it’s costing Nintendo a lot of money, if they don’t sell a ton of games.  And right now the reported Attach Rate is very low.  So unless people are buying a ton of Digital Download games which don’t get reported, then the Wii U launch isn’t really going much better than those other consoles – especially when you consider the problems it’s trying to overcome with software patches, missing software, 3rd party Dev support, defective units, etc etc.

    Another way to see it is the European Sales, where the Wii U is failing badly.  Underselling the Wii, PS3, and XBox dramatically, and posting barely half the sales that the Wii did at launch.  

    So how is the Wii U launch really going? The answer is no one really knows, and it depends on how you look at it.  No one will know until Nintendo reports its official Financial Results in a few weeks in late January – I believe on the 21st.

    • Rinslowe

      Nintendo selling at a loss has been well and truly debunked by now. They only needed to sell one game to profit, not break even…
      Wii U averaged two games with each unit sold to date.

      So is the Wii U launch really going well? Actually yes it is, all things considered. It’s the future which no-one really knows about, understandably so, seeing that non of us can accurately predict the long term future…

  • Rejoice my friends, let us rejoice 

  • Mat White

    It’s so awesome that 7 year old technology still has a place in the market!!!

  • Brendan Monnelly

    just enjoy the fucking console