Jun 7th, 2012

Wii U infographic
A few days ago Nintendo released the Wii U hardware system specs, which included console and GamePad features, dimensions, weight, and so on. Now Nintendo has created a smart infographic that showcases the specs visually. The Wii U inforgraphic is definitely more useful when it comes to describing the various features, controls, and buttons of the Wii U GamePad controller, and its dimensions. Weight wise, the new tablet controller weighs considerably less than an iPad. Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for some official Wii U system specs that include the speed of the CPU, GPU, the RAM amount, and so on.

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  • JC

    The picture clearly says that wii u supports 1080p!!! Love u Nintendo !!! 🙂

  • amatboy4010

    And forth more ya’ll, accordin to current history logs, it seems china is associat to num nik, as reputition for cheap technoli nun nik, that here by china is known for makin them thar cheapi num nik gadgets so forth. And americans have long thought that technologi num niks from say Japan is far most superior in quality. Hmm hmm, so here I riddled. thats all.

    • amatboy4010

      I believe the variation of the term is ‘hoo dicky gadgets’ num nik modern text correction****

      • amatboy4010

        But then it could be ‘hoo dicky ma’bob thingy majigger’.

        • Britton

          There are so many things wrong with everything you just said.

          • david6

            Well, considering china doesn’t allow gaming, because they won’t buy consoles, and they make cheap sh##. Now Nintendo is depriving hardcore of what they want, I don’t think the robot is so far off.

  • Death

    Is it chargeable or does it take batteries?

    • Kris


  • SOAstockton209


  • Paul

    it has a built in battery just like the offical ps3 controller which can be charged via usb cable or dock…

    no more wires as the wii u tablet has a infared sensor which is wicked…

    it will let you use a external hard drive so if your from th uk try amazon as it has a 1tb buffilo for £70

    • Pretzels

      Hell yeah.

  • Xaylapinelupine

    Hey wouldn’t it be awesome if the wii u gamepad’s could work like the kinect and use the kinects motion control via gamepad camra

    • david6

      Wouldnt it be awesome if gimmicks didnt exsist in our universe, and like people could just play a game with normal controller, and like gimmicks are just fetish accessories used by suburban utopia sluts.

  • Paul

    david6 thats what the pro controller is for

    • david6

      Well yes sir duly noted, but our site was attacked today by casual junkies, but they didnt have the stamina to stay in the fight.

      • AintTheOne

        The didnt have the stamina because they were tired from Wii Fit U.

  • nathant16

    So is this Mars technology? I would love to see those cpu gpu numbers go way up. But most likely not.

  • Colton

    So what is it about rumble packs that we all love so much?

    Like, what’s the point of the controller vibrating randomly?

    • Matt

      It adds to the gameplay experience. Having something happen in the game and being able to physically feel that adds to immersion. It’s basically a way to get another one of your five senses into the game.

  • Paul

    you have the option to turn the rumble feature of…

    its for cut screens and fire fights etc