Jun 5th, 2012

Wii U hardware specs
Nintendo has revealed the Wii U hardware specs here at E3, but only the “outside” stuff such as dimensions, weight, ports, etc. Nevertheless, these are final and this is how the console will end up. Without further ado, here are the specifications, according to Nintendo:

Wii U hardware specs

  • 1.8″ tall, 6.8″ long, 10.5″ deep
  • Weight: 1.5 KG (3.4 lbs)
  • Colors: Black and White, Wii U supports two GamePads
  • GamePad has 6.2 inch 16:9 widescreen dsiplay, weighs 500  gram (1.1 lbs)
  • Wii U CPU: multi-core IBM Power based processor
  • Wii U GPU: AMD Radeon high definition graphics processor
  • Supports internal flash memory (no mention of how much, could vary depending on model)
  • Supports Wii and Wii U optical discs
  • 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p support
  • Cables included: HDMI, Wii D-terminal, Component video, RGB, S-video stereo AV, and Wii AV cables
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, 2 rear USB ports, supports LAN via USB dongle. Two front USB ports.

And that’s about it. Notice that these Wii U hardware specs from Nintendo didn’t include any specific details on the processor, graphics, or RAM — we’ll have to wait for later to get that sort Wii U Hardware information. And the hardware information will most likely come from third party developers once the NDA is lifted (maybe after E3). For the rumored intenrla specs, chekc out our Wii U specs page.

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  • Swic11

    I’m still waiting to see a CPU/gpu specs, but watching zombieU and assassins creed, we know it’s at least at the same level of the other two consoles

    • Joe

      from what I saw I think the wii u has better graphics, but if is like the other 2 consoles it’s ok 4 me 🙂

    • Your mom

      Only one comment so far hmm… Anyways yes a little bit strange on how they didn’t show the amount of space it will have. I iz not zeh person who likes fps games I’m more go kick bowser or Gannon’s behind then get the heck out of there before getting destroyed kind of guy (and/or a batman person just not any fps games accept links crossbows traning).

      • Your mom

        What I am I saying…

  • Dr.Man.Person

    Darn, you need a USB for the LAN…

    Still, better than no LAN at all, I guess.

  • Ryu

    They need to reveal the CPU/GPU, maybe they’ll announce it tomorrow Wed or Thursday perhaps?

  • Wow

    CPU/gpu price changes rapidly, especially with new 20nm processes around the corner. I guess Nintendo will not release these specs until close to launch b/c they obviously want the best components for the price their willing to pay…

    • Wildman

      The console’s hardware is final. Nintendo usually will never reveal the CPU and GPU. They see it as unimportant information.

      • Wow

        Not really. It’s easy to plug in a better CPU/gpu at the last minute— as easy as popping in a good ol’ SNES cartridge into the system. I’m sure Nintendo told their manufacturer to just mass produce the system saving the CPU/gpu for last.

  • Cpt_Cheesepuffs

    Well i don’t think they would give the wiiu such powerful CPU if it didn’t have a Graphics card of equal power, then again it could just be to power the screen on the game pad.

  • Hafid

    Its just powerful !!! Great for Nintendo …

    I cant imagine a Zelda on it !!!!!!!!!!!

    Its just Like a beautiful dream come true …
    Thanks Nintendo to think about our type of players !

    • Miks

      It’s not really that powerful, if you compare it to the possible hardware of the Nextbox/PS4, I hope they somehow manage to still make the Wii U a 8th gen console, otherwise, I see the next gen Wii, just in HD.

      • Hafid

        In fact the next gĂ©nĂ©ration dont come yet for financial reasons and So for the graphics are not really diffĂ©rents from What we re about to see on the next month on xbox360 and play3 …
        No problem for Nintendo !!!

        We are just used to be to see this brand have inequaly capacities but this Will change …

      • TheMaddMan

        The nextbox hasn’t even been confirmed yet. And Microsoft said that they thought the Xbox still had about ten years left. They wouldn’t bother with smartglass if they were going to release a console in the near future.

  • Your mom

    Oh wow I guess my iPad did not reload the page when I said only one comment.

  • Miks

    I lost quite a bit of interest in the Wii U after yesterdays E3, because it seemed like Nintendo, once again, wanted to lurk unsuspecting families into their casual games. I hope my opinion changes, because I really don’t want to miss out on ZombiU.

    • Solphins

      I think Nintendo did the right thing. Families that are going to buy the Wii U don’t usually watch E3 or keep up with it on the internet. The news media however do report on E3 and they have been covering everything on Nintendo since yesterday. They care about bringing the family together and using the system in their everyday life. Keeping the Wii in the main room is the most important thing. Being able to turn the T.V. and not interrupt the game someone is playing is amazing.

      For those that look for gameplay and check IGN and other sites for updates, look for Nintendo to introduce the news that we want to hear in the next few months.

      • Marq

        I gotta agree. Yeah, you can say casuals don’t watch E3, but they do read the papers/news sites/watch the news, and Nintendo’s presentation is reported. If Nintendo doesn’t win over the casual crowd again, we could have another GameCube on our hands.

    • Fresitha

      and if halo reach looked like halo 3 inasetd of being better it too would just be a rehash inasetd as you can see most people dont play hot pursuit on wii cause of the graphics the gra-phics on the 360 and ps3 is what makes them funner the more real the graphics look the better as you can see its a continuous cycle of gaming graphics just make games better if you cannot see that why do you play games ? every game company improves their graphics as time goes

  • david6

    May i please have somemore sir, more ghz. (Nintendo are cpu-gpu phobic, you know it would have been cheaper to give us more power than disrupt with asymetrical game play? In the end reviews, sales will tell. Ignore me, when i lose nintendo loses.

    • david6

      Nintendo is consistant to refuse to wow us. If every company used diruptive theory, then we would never get anything new, and like cars ‘never trade up’. Nothing to hope for, or work for, stagnet human evolution, stagnet industry. The very idea will destroy nintendo, once sales come out, they cant be proud with old success.

      • david6

        I feel awful being so critical, i absolutely dont want to fight anymore. I love miiverse and we could use alot more games, but i like them. But i dont like console design and i think they could done a little better on specs. There are bad reviews floating around. Im going to check out pc gaming today, its something i never done before,if you dont hear from me again, youll know why. In not totaly sold on upad, and i never played fps, so when i play my first one i dont want to bungle with u pad.like shooting bow on zelda, it just shows aim better than another screen. Nintendo is just not good enoupg for me anymore. But im still gonna finish my 25 anniversary zelda, then im done, i cant find last trial in volcano land? To find last blade fire.

        • david6

          Ok im back, pc doesnt offer much more for 2x the price. I know im a brat. So i like nintendo, i just dont like console design.

  • Paul

    bit dissapointed on the e3 conference from nintendo as wanted to see specs and how much internal memory the console will have…

    loving the wifi though

    when it says supports lan through usb dongle that just means that if you connect by the internet through lets say orange, o2, t mobile etc through a usb dongle you will be happy

    im liking the lego undercover game as looks immerse and uzombie lookies brillant, batman arkyham city looks ace with the tablet system

  • DazJ

    “Wii U Hardware Specs Revealed” !!

    It’s 1.8″ long by 6.8″ deep by 10.5″ long
    It has a processor
    It has a GPU …

    Gotta love Nintendo …. They never play the game in the way we want. I have had every console since SNES and they (Nintendo) never revealed specs to the level that say, Sony or Microsoft do.

    So don’t hold your breath folks …

    As a fan, I’ll be buying the console – that’s a given. But disappointed at the lack of a real “killer” app that would entice say, a PC/PS3/XBox gamer from parting from their beloved platform for Wii U …….. Unless Nintendo are holding something back ?

  • Britton

    This is literally everything we already new. I expected Nintendo to “reveal” more than that. It doesnt really matter to me though, I will buy a WiiU because everything is exactly what i’ve wanted from this console.

  • Paul

    please nintendo and release hard drives for the console because how the heck are we going to download and play full games and demos from your store without this

  • Mega Man X

    I don’t know, I just want to see one of my games in it