Mar 24th, 2012 publishUpdated   Mar 31st, 2012, 7:28 am

Wii U games
Nintendo won’t be content with just the usual lineup of first party titles like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc. for the Wii U. According to new reports, the company is working on as many as three new franchises for the Wii U console, which is scheduled for launch this Fall. The new video game franchises are reportedly in development as various Nintendo studios in Japan and the US.

Nintendo is taking third party support seriously for the Wii U — there are already dozens of third party titles in development for the new console, including Assassin’s Creed 3, Darksiders 2, and Ghost Recon Online. But Nintendo is still looking beyond mega franchises like Mario to sell consoles, and it makes a lot of sense that they’re actively developing new titles. A best selling new franchise can be one of the best ways to kick off a new console.

For more details on the new Nintendo Wii U games, we’ll have to wait until E3.

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  • waleed

    willl wii u work in 3DLED tvs and dragon ball z in it

    • kanahnakah

      Yes, Wii U does have the capability of producing 3D if you have a 3D TV. However, the screen will not have glasses-free 3D. And I have no idea what your DBZ question is referring to. What do you mean will it have DBZ in it?

    • alienfish

      Lol, I’m just tired enough to laugh at this.

  • angel

    Please, PLEASE Nintendo, let Retro Studios do they own franchise(s), PLEASE.

  • alienfish

    Nintendo wants to create a console for the hardcore so why not show us just how gruesome they can get. Who knows, maybe they’ll do what Capcom isn’t and make a good survival horror game with tons of gore and scares. I hope they realize what kind of game is going to bring in the type of person that they want to bring in and don’t screw it up or start selling out to either the masses or trying to be more like COD like lots of other developers are doing. Here’s hoping they get it right and give us something mature.

  • Adam

    Nintendo will never learn. They need to get real 3rd Parties on board. Nobody wants Killer Freaks from Outer Space, a new Aliens game, Assassin’s Creed 3 when we don’t have the first 3 or 4 games in the series, or Ghost Recon online (no longer a FPS).

    Give us the heavy hitters, even if they are a few years behind:

    Red Dead, Half- Life (1&2), Skyrim, real versions of COD, Battlefield/MOH, Bioshock Trilogy, Portal 1&2,

    • jonny

      bro bro bioshock & battlefield is coming for the wii u as well as cod if it comes out for the wii then why wouldnt it come out for the wii u

    • User With No Name

      Valve already said they’re intersted in the console as well as DICE, Rockstar and Bethesda. Get your shit together, man!

  • IT’S 300$ FOR YOU TO BUY IT.

  • paoul

    I’ve just seen the tech demo and it actually looks like a great console. I’m sure that i will have many great times overiding the TV controlls while other people are watching s***. However Nintendo seems to be focusing on gimicks such as wiiu sports and fitness games! They have the technology to create interaction in a game never like never before but their gonna waste it milking out franchises like mario!!! I hate mario…What we need are huge 100 hour long fully interactive and thought provoking adventure games. Please mr myamoto?