Dec 22nd, 2012

Wii U eShopA few weeks ago it was revealed that Germany’s silly censorship laws, where 18+ rated Wii U games could not be sold until after 11PM at night, were applied to all of Europe. Since Nintendo of Europe is based in Germany, this meant that countries with sensible laws were subjected to Germany’s absurd rules.

Because of this, 18+ rated games such as ZombiU can only be purchased and downloaded on the Wii U eShop from 11 PM at night until 3 AM in the morning. Luckily, it looks like this won’t be going on forever.

It appears that Nintendo has come to their senses and are looking into the issue, according to the latest episode of the Official Nintendo Magazine podcast. There’s no word on when this will be fixed, but it’s likely that we’ll have a fix soon. We can imagine that Nintendo (and third party publishers) are losing considerable revenue because of this silly law.

Source (Podcast)

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  • *facepalm*


    i live in america so i dont know if i should care

    • X3Charlie

      Well….maybe, considering there are people who think America should be like Europe.

    • I think you should indeed as many think America should be like Europe. On this censorship law thanks to Germany on games atleast Europe walks behind the world. On everything else Europe is no offense miles ahead of the world, laws, rules and tollerance. This one ridiculous rule is the only¬†thing on which Europe walks behind. Hopefully it’ll be fixed asap.

  • Th3PANO

    i trust nintendo. can’t wait for 2013. ūüôā

  • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

    It’s just stupid… It doesn’t even make sense for Germany. They would have to lock the browser out all together to stop ”kids” viewing Adult content. Are they aware that they’re just pissing people off ? lol. I kinda think Nintendo of Europe is run by a bunch of dick heads at the moment. Fortunately , that will never change my liking of Nintendo EAD of Japan….

    • audie bowler

       DERP DIGGLIER its a german thing not nintendo DERP blame nintendo for german law thats write up there with blame nintendo for the industry lol

    • Kuzon

      There is a lot of very old people who run the German government and they get re-elected each year cause their youth gave up caring.

  • Johny

    about time

  • Linskarmo

    I can’t imagine this law really helps anyway. At most they could make them prove they’re 18 to buy a 18+ rated game (anytime.)

  • I Can’t Think of a Name

    it’s stupid because a kid could just secretly stay up until 11, go to his/her WiiU, turn their volume down so that his/her parents wouldn’t hear, then just download the games. if i were working for ¬†nintendo i’d remove this as well.

  • ¬†i think that if your under 18, that its the parents or guardians responsibility to make sure there kids dont view content that they shouldn’t be and set parental control.

  • marius valasinas

    Good ol’ germans. They messed up so bad in the past that they are taking all possible precausions (even if some are just beyond ridiculous) to become violent nation again.

  • Adam Fox

    Game consoles have had Parental Control settings for a long time now…I know the Xbox had it, and not sure if PS2 did…but I know for a fact that the PSP, PS3, Xbox360 and Wii have Parental Control settings, and i’m sure the Wii U does as well….I really think that the “mature content” should be left up to the adult….parents should be RESPONSIBLE and read the manual to adjust game system settings to block offensive content if they don’t want their kids playing such games. ¬†If the parent is a gamer themselves, they will already be aware of parental settings on the systems. ¬†Maybe the parent wants to purchase Call of Duty Black Ops II or another 18+ game when they get home from work and go to bed around 9 or 10pm to be at work the next ¬†morning…is it fair that someone over the age of 18 should have to worry about these restrictions? Aren’t parental controls enough???

  • Probably/hopefully the fix counts for 3ds¬†e-store as well so¬†get it¬†done asap. Can’t even download a demo or watch information/videos on metal¬†gear solid for¬†the 3ds zzz. /hate Germany’s¬†18+ laws.

  • Aias23

    Never mind this stupid thing. I cannot even watch video clips of games !
    If Nintendo thinks that I will stay up after 23:00 to see a video when I have to get up at 05:30 next day to got to work they have another thing coming.
    R they STOOPID or WUT?
    Have they not heard of parantal controls LOCK?

  • Aias23

    “It appears that Nintendo has come to their senses”…

    They used awakening antidote?