Nov 19th, 2013

One of the things that Nintendo has been criticized for constantly over the past year of the Wii U’s life cycle is that it hasn’t done enough to help confused consumers know the difference between the Wii and the Wii U. Many people think the Wii U is just a tablet accessory to the Wii, a console that spawned so many accessories and doodads for play it’s no surprise the confusion exists.

We’ve seen instances of retailers getting confused by the Wii U and advertising the wrong product in promotional images and even analysts agree that the Wii U name has done no favors for Nintendo. Well, it looks like they’re taking a stab at trying to fix the issue this holiday season, with a group of kids casually explaining the difference between the two as though they’re practicing for presenting the argument to their parents. It’s not a bad attempt at fixing the confusion, but I hope Nintendo has more up its sleeve.

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  • Ace

    I am glad that they realize that something needs to be done. Now, I hope that they put it everywhere during primetime television.

    • jjbredesen

      Yes not just on kiddy channels. I have only seen Wii U ads on channels like cartoon network etc.

      • wober2

        I get the notion this holiday that is how they are trying to compete. The game content from nintendo this holiday has generally been on the younger side, same with their messaging. This is at least true for NOA but Nintendo of Europe seems more well rounded… There is nothing like a zombiu this holiday season.

        • AlienFanatic

          Nintendo simply isn’t in the same market as the PS4 and XB1. It’s not about “competing” it’s about proving to consumers that their box has a place in their home. Nintendo isn’t making any plays for the older gamers, and they don’t need to, but they do need to explain to Mom & Dad why they should spend $300 on a Wii-U when Microsoft and Sony are dominating the headlines.

          (This commercial is okay, though the kids are really snotty.)

          • manowaffles

            Nintendo has always specialized themselves and their systems for people who want to play great games. They don’t exclude older gamers by making games that are kid friendly. They tend not to make many games that are going to exclude any gamer unless there is a good reason.

            They tend to have different priorities than some other developers.

            #1. How is the Gameplay?
            #2. Is the Gameplay Amazing?
            #3. Gameplay, can we make it better?
            #4. New Ideas, how are we using them?
            #5. Is the Gameplay improved?
            #6. Is it Fun?
            #7. What about the Gameplay helps that?
            #8. How can we get gamers to buy this?

      • AlienFanatic

        Did you see the actors involved? Nintendo knows its market is children and is sticking to it. I think it’s a smart move, honestly, as the PS4 and the XB1 have the older, adult audience pretty much wrapped up and Nintendo has always struggled to make games for anyone older than twenty. That isn’t to say older gamer’s CAN’T enjoy them, but that the majority tend to gravitate towards the types of mature titles that simply don’t sell well on Nintendo’s systems.

        Like it or not Nintendo is the Disney of video games and that’s where they are most comfortable. And Disney makes loads and loads of money catering to children and families.

        • harelsen

          i would say nintendo is more like dreamworks or pixar….

        • ItzameyaToad

          I agree Nintendo succeeds when they focus on an environment intended to attract Families and Kids but also older gamers who still enjoy there games. I do feel though that Nintendo doesn’t just cater to Kid’s/family they also cater to older gamer’s hence Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade, Smash Bros., Zelda and many others(say what you will but Zelda isn’t really geared towards kids but more teens/adults).

          Nintendo is a company that makes games and content EVERYBODY can enjoy which is one of the reasons they are one of if not the most successful video game companies on the market. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • jjbredesen

            Well said, i dont think a 6 year old could beat OOT ๐Ÿ˜›

          • ItzameyaToad

            Yeah haha I mean even I have some trouble with some of the puzzles in OOT and im 20 haha.

          • jjbredesen

            Yeah it took me half a year to beat OOT when i was 7….

        • jjbredesen

          I agree, with you i know a lot of adults that watch disney and pixar films and enjoy them (Toy story etc.) And the same goes for Nintendo. I think they should show it on “adult” channels to so the parents that are buying the system can see it.

        • ShilaquilOneal

          They’re actually going after kids because Nintendo lost them to Call of Duty on the Xbox 360 and more recently, Minecraft for the same console.

          Most kids actually ditched the Wii in favor of the 360 at the end of current gen (or is it last gen?).

          Either way, Nintendo has to win them back. And that is why they’re actively going after them with their latest adverts.

          • AlienFanatic

            You know, I disagree. What I think is that Nintendo listened too much to those that said that they HAVE to embrace the hardcore market. I was one of those. In fact, I recently ditched my Wii-U because I was upset and frustrated at their bifurcation and lack of focus on the types of software I wanted.

            I want Nintendo to be laser-focused on putting out massive numbers of excellent first party titles. I think they were woefully unprepared to launch the Wii-U and released it in a panic. I think that the GamePad, and the resulting price of the Wii-U, was a mistake. I think that the disgusting lack of impetus for the Virtual Console is unforgivable.

            I think that there is a massive, massive market that remains for the younger, key gamer. Too much credence is given to the rise of smart phone apps when as a parent (though my kids are much older now), I would have always preferred to give them a child-resistant machine made by Nintendo rather than hand over an expensive smart phone or cheesy Toys ‘R Us Tablet.

            Nintendo needs to recognize that they are never going to be the system for hard core gamers. Period. But they can solidify their lock on family gaming. They can be THE go-to platform for 3rd parties who want to release family-friendly fare, like Ubisoft does. But first they need to drive console sales to give themselves a large install base.

            Separate the GamePad from the system and then sell the core hardware for $175. (Besides, it’s one more point of failure for a system marketed to kids.) Push the HD aspect and backward-compatibility. Focus on making the hardware kid-friendly. And most of all pump out the 1st party titles like no tomorrow. There is a lot that Nintendo can do to salvage the Wii-U. Personally, I’d gladly reconsider buying a Wii-U if they’d get rid of the GamePad requirement. The last thing I want is an extra screen and gimmicks like blowing on a microphone. Focus on great, core, HD games and I swear the audience WILL be there.

          • ShilaquilOneal

            Well you’re looking at it from a totally different angle. You’re talking as someone that has a lot of theories and conspiracies on Nintendo. And who feels said company should do this and that, based on those theories.

            But I’m looking at it from actual facts that anyone can attest to. Plus I am focusing on a single demographic: kids.

            If you had asked ANY 8-13 year old kid in the last 3 years, if they rather have a 360 or a Wii. Most kids, would’ve gone with a 360. Because of Call of Duty. Because of Minecraft. Because most of their friends went online on it. And because most 3rd party devs supported it. Oh, and Kinect.

            Nintendo lost a key demographic to MS. MS knew that the future was with kids. That strategy had worked out wonderfully for Nintendo for many years. Until the 360 took many of them away from Nintendo consoles.

            Nintendo has become aware of this problem. And they’re clearly going after kids this time around.

          • AlienFanatic

            And I’ll again disagree with you in that Nintendo started off attempting to convince the core gamers that the Wii-U was for them.

            Heck, a quote from Mr. Iwata this month says that Nintendo hasn’t abandoned the core gamers,

            “Nintendo is preparing a number of Wii U games for next year that greatly appeal to highly skilled users…”

            They are focusing on the younger gamers right now because that is the software that they have to work with. Meanwhile, they have all but lost the 3rd parties, who continue to give the Wii-U a wide berth for those mature franchises you cited.

            MS is no more focused on the kids than Sony is. Are you saying that COD is a game designed for kids? An M-rated title? Yes, I believe kids are aspirational. They want to play the games their big brothers are playing. At the same time, I think a lot of parents want to provide a more wholesome experience for their kids that doesn’t involve knifing other players in the back in a gout of blood.

            I think Nintendo gives lip-service to the mature gamers and is willing to cede the COD market to the 360, One, and PS4. What I was saying in my post is that the gamers in Nintendo’s demographic–the young and their parents–seems pretty happy with their Disney-fied approach to gaming.

            What I think hurts Nintendo is that they WANT the COD market but at every turn the gamers have rejected them. The longer they deny their limited appeal, imo, the more they muddle their message. I am saying that Nintendo has lost the core gamer, who isn’t coming back and hasn’t played Nintendo games in the last ten years. It’s time they decide what it is they want to be. Hard core gamers will own a PS4 and/or One anyway and will never purchase those titles for Wii-U.

          • ShilaquilOneal

            And once again, you’re really talking about something totally unrelated to what I’m talking about here.

            You might as well talk about one of the Kardashian sisters.

            “Are you saying that COD is a game designed for kids? An M-rated title?”

            ^^^^ Who said it was designed for kids? And about it being rated M? Are you THAT naive that you think that has kept those games away from kids who want to play it? Please do yourself a favor and go to Youtube and type “MW3 squeakers” and be prepared to spend a whole day watching kids playing an M rated game.

            Listen, if you wanna talk about hardcorez or anything else, go right ahead. Don’t expect more replies from me on that. Because I’m talking about how Nintendo is trying to recover a key demographic: kids.

        • Mario

          True that.

  • Rugmouse

    Any advertisement that makes use of ‘sweety-kins’ is a fine advertisement.

  • jjbredesen

    YES! Fantastic nintendo i salut to you!

    Thank god you listened YES! I really hope this helps clear up all the confusion. My parents dont even know the diffence..

  • i’m seeing more commercials on TV, this days.

  • Nintenjoe82
    • hahahero

      Hmmm, game still looks exciting. However, the review seems like it was written from a very positivist or optimistic perspective, the only negative critique I recall was something along the lines of exploiting the game pad to screw over your friends. Are there any other reviews available?

  • Gameonfool

    Better late than never

    • Denvy

      It may as well be never at this point.

      • ItzameyaToad

        Haha how so? The Wii U is selling like crazy in Japan and is picking up steam in North America and Europe.

        • Denvy

          Picking up steam? I guess that’s good enough a whole year out. Face it, it should have been selling “like crazy” at launch. Don’t get me wrong. I bought the Wii U at launch and love it, but the #’s are dismal. I would not be surprised to see a truncated lifespan for it. Commercials basically a week before the Christmas shopping season seem too little too late.

          • ItzameyaToad

            To be honest it did sell like crazy last holiday season that’s why it reached 3 million sales by January. There are even old articles that said Wii U’s where sold out in alot of stores. The install base #’s might be dismal but really when you look at how much it has sold within the past month or so sales compared to last quarter have basically been matched. Sure that’s not that big of sales numbers but selling almost upwards of 300,000 within one or two months from selling about 300,000 in half a year is pretty big IMO. And really I don’t see how putting out an add BEFORE Christmas shopping is a bad thing. The one time of the year where putting out such an add will have a much bigger effect than any other time during the year is great.

            And I don’t see Wii U’s lifespan being cut short at all. If Nintendo only manages to sell let’s say 25-30 million Wii U’s Nintendo won’t just up and shorten the consoles lifespan. Not sure why people think Nintendo is a company that will cut off a console if it doesn’t reach hundreds of millions of sales. If Wii U makes Nintendo money and there is a large enough install base to make a profit Nintendo will keep the console around.

          • Denvy

            Obviously putting the ad out BEFORE Christmas is necessary, but after (or the same time) the launch of the PS4? This ad should have already been running long before. In one day Sony sold a quarter of total sales of the Wii U.

            You also mention IF Nintendo sells 25 – 30 million Wii U’s. When do you think they’ll hit this number? As you’ve stated if they have a large enough install base they won’t cut the life…What install base do you think is necessary and by when? If things don’t get on a roll by spring time, I have serious doubts that would even be possible. From one Nintendo fan to another, I love my Wii U (as I’ve stated before). But after Christmas, we can’t be going through a drought again while waiting for Mario Kart and Smash. I don’t want, nor predict a truncated lifespan. I merely said I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Last night when I was watching WWE Raw on USA Network (Yes I watch Wrestling… Don’t Judge me) I saw 3 different Wii U commercials and about 5 or 6 commercials all together. There were also tons of XBOX One and PS4 commercials too but it is nice to see them advertising along side their competitors.

  • Googs

    Yes, I just saw it on the Nintendo Youtube channel and I was pleased to see they specifically tell that it’s a new console! Well done Nintendo!

  • Simon Stevens

    Finally, some awareness, some great bundles, some very good games, hopefully that’ll sell a few million consoles ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Guest

    great to see this. Even though I kinda hoped that Nintendo would step away from that ”kid-console” image.

  • palomino blue

    About time.

  • BIG Franky

    again though…. they use the term “upgrade” this is the second TV ad they’ve used that term…. an “upgrade to the wii” ….grrrr….Did anyone else notice how the ad has the kids asking the parents to “upgrade” to the Wii U? the way I see this ad, I think it infers that the Wii U is an upgradeable add-on to the original Wii…. try to watch this advert not as a gamer that knows the industry, but as a parent or grandparent that isn’t as tech-savvy. I just think that Nintendo of America really needs to address these simple issues in their marketing dept,. I just think that if the console launched a year ago, and there is still confusion in the marketplace, then there is a failure of epic proportions in trying to convey the message. I’m really not sure why Nintendo can’t correct this message…its deeper than simply the similarities in name…

    • What term would you choose? People refer to upgrading to the XBOX One or PS4 when they want those consoles? When people replace their computers they use the term upgrade. I get your point but Upgrade seems to be the fitting term.

      • link2nintendo

        Personally, I agree with @bigfranky:disqus . When I heard the word upgrade, I thought, wait what? I think they should have said an all new system/console instead, maybe in combination with “that’s an upgrade from the Wii.” To me and probably others, upgrade means to improve something that’s already there.

        • I agree too. The only thing I can think of is they chose that term because the Wii U plays Wii games and software too which is kind of an upgrade. I think the marketing team needs to get their creative minds together and work on better descriptive terminology to increase the appeal of the Wii U

          • BIG Franky

            I think they should say something like “we want Nintendo’s all new video game system, the Wii U!” …rather than saying “we want to upgrade to a Wii U.”
            I know its subtle, but given that there is already an established perception issue here (with confirmation that many people think the Wii U is a new controller for the original Wii), I just think ‘upgrade’ is the wrong word to use….

          • Fair enough.. Then find a way to throw in how the Wii U is the only system of this generation to play the games from the previous model.

  • TheKingJoseph

    lmao how pathetic. And still trying to go after the casuals knowing full well that they’ve already lost the real gamers to ps4 and x1. lmao RIP wii u

  • They show the difference in a very instersting way.I hope that people will understand the mistakes they have made between Wii U and Wii. (Triforce of Power…LOL)

  • CaesarGood

    People are ……, why did they not have to differentiate between ps1, ps2, ps3 , and ps4 the same way..the same with nes and snes, there was no confusion then..u tellin me the xbox one isn’t the first xbox that they came out with..U tellin me Wii and Wii U confuses people? Does it have to be the Wii and the Wii2 in order for people to comprehend? When did we become so simple minded??

    • Alexander Kleinwechter

      Im asking myself the same question everyday, i think im gonna regret i say this, but i think americans are very stupid maybe not all of them, but most of them, i know thats maybe a harsh thing to say, but i have experienced that the whole time, a perfect example is how easy manipulated they are and how naiv they are. Like the tihng with star wars and the prequel trilogy. I love those movies, but other people doesnt seem to like those movies just because some dialogues, but then how are dialogues bad, are there a way a dilaogue is good. Its what they say in movies are just dialogues that help people to understand they are not just another hollywood movie with predicatble dialogues.

      • We are a bit daft at times… xD as are all people

      • SomeFluffer64

        Why just Americans when the Wii U is selling worse in Europe?

        • gtosheex

          Snobby Europeans! jk. Btw anyone else catch the Zelda secret chime when she opens the cabinet? Best part!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Maybe it’s one of those hidden message things. “Buy our products.”

      • YayGs

        Coming from an American who lives in America, I am still completely baffled sometimes at people here when it comes to how people act and react. Sigh…

        • Jamborlee

          Coming from an American that lives in the American part of America. I can’t help but to agree with you.

      • Jonathan Dogey

        you call Americans idiots, while at the same time making the most inane and horridly written response I’ve ever read that made zero sense.

        • Alexander Kleinwechter

          I don’t really try to be mean to some people, if people can admit they are stupid then it changes my mind, you just proven my point even more, but i knew wich responses i would get from this, and why i cant express what i think even without any angry comments, i dont want to be right, and i dont want to prove anytihng but if a american says they can be not as intelligent they have my ever lasting respect, and that what makes americans less intelligent then for an example scandinavien people, ofcourse we always defend our nations and where we grew up, but i see that americans are very patriotic too, but that is just how i see it. I just find it interesting what americans say about this topic and wich responses i get.

          • Jonathan Dogey

            My friend, I fear you couldn’t put a full and grammatically correct sentence to a paper, or to a forum, to save your life. A comma is meant to separate pauses. It is not meant to make a novel-long collection of ideas go on for weeks without end.

          • Alexander Kleinwechter

            I know age doesnt matter anything actually, but im 16 and from Sweden, where people talk Swedish! So of course my English isn’t the best, and i just thought if i get my point across it doesn’t matter how i spell right?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            A very bad point at that. ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Marcus Larsson

            One thing that bugs me about americans is the pride that is suppose to be in everything you do.
            I saw the documentary “Bully” and I was just baffled how the teachers and parents were to proud to admit they did something wrong.
            Us swedes problem is of course not being able to admit pride to our country unless it’s sports and we are terrified for strangers and we can’t express emotions for anyone.

            I’m not saying that every American behaves a certain way, there are to many of you. But to be taught about pride to much makes us think we are never wrong.

            You have to be able to admit when you are wrong and learn from it without feeling like you lost something.
            That is the human race biggest problem I think and many wars have probably started because we couldn’t admit our faults.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            No country will ever admit its faults. Even animals have more sense and can maintain peace better than we can. ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Tecpedz94

            Jezz i love how when someone gets offended they always use grammar against the other person in order to insult them primarily because they have nothing else or better to say especially as a come back….. WAY TO GO!!!!! You told him….

          • Jonathan Dogey

            Alexander, your grasp on the written word makes the founder of Time Cube sound like Oscar Wilde.

          • Jay-Russell

            Jonathan, you’re trolling.

            Caesar made a valid point, which others agreed with. Then you jump in and disagree with whatever anyone says.

            Just because you know how to string a sentence together semi-correctly, it doesn’t mean you can attempt to look ‘smart’ in front of other people. We’re all Wii U fans here, stop correcting grammar. Because, by looking at your comments, you’ve made some errors too.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Of course people are going to defend their nation when you disrespect it with such a poor view on Americans. I never would say such things about any country because it’s ignorant. I’m quite sure you don’t want people back talking your own nation. How about just seeing people as people instead of nationality? The world would be better off.

            I know you’re 16, but that doesn’t excuse you from ignorance. Take this as a lesson learned and don’t make the same mistake again. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Guest

          Jezz i love how when someone gets offended they always use grammar to insult the other person WAY TO GO!!!!

      • CivilRobo

        Nah man that’s human nature not “American” nature.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          I know right?

        • NOW, that is the truth, most of the people ignore lots of common things.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        That’s quite an ignorant comment. I’m quite sure there’s plenty of ignorant people in Europe, not to mention the rest of the world. Let’s not make generalizations. People are people. The region you live in, has no affect on ones intelligence. Perhaps you’ve met the wrong kind of people. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Tekina Sibawo

          I usually agree with what you say Dan…but there are more dumb people per square inch in America than (most) of Europe. The region you live in definitely affects your intelligence. In this country people teach creationism in schools like it’s science. The British medical literature vastly outshines our own. Places like Norway have an amazing educational, social and health system and everyone there is well educated….but then they run out of butter lol

          • Tekina Sibawo

            I honestly see some of the things that happen (Fox news anyone) and sometimes am ashamed of the stupid things that are concocted by my countrymen’s minds

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Fox News doesn’t speak for all of America. No one should take that network seriously. They are one of the reasons why we are looked at in such a bad light.

          • Tekina Sibawo

            I read/watch it for entertainment, lol

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            True story. Do you remember a segment where they made fun of Canadians over their army taking a break or something along those lines? I couldn’t believe all the crap they were spewing out. Can’t count how many times I facepalmed that day.

            I at least got a laugh out of it, but these guys really give Americans a bad name.

          • Tekina Sibawo

            I didn’t see that one but I did see the one where they said Germany has better solar power infrastructure because they get more sunlight than we do….despite combined area of US deserts being much larger than the are of the whole of Germany

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            If you think a country affects your intelligence, then I think you’re very misguided, but I digress. I’m not talking about who has a better educational system either. Lol. I’m talking about people as just people and not region. People who go around saying that America is stupid, or even a developing country has uneducated people is mind boggling.

            Again, I could care less what country seems more educated. It was never what I was talking about. People who go around taking jabs at other regions because they think they are uneducated makes that person look even more uneducated and not to mention ignorant.

            Like I said,we should look at ourselves as people and stop worrying about nationality. Every country is ran differently and are never the same. We all have our own education system, culture, beliefs and religions. It’s ignorant to even think that another country is better than another. Education in this country is better depending on where you live. I can say I went to a good school and continued to educate myself after it. Hell, there are so many intelligent people that even get bad grades in school, which is why I don’t follow statistics much. They are often flawed, like surveys.

            I’m not gonna get too much into this and that’s about all I have to say. What we all say is all based on opinions. Besides, this is website is about Nintendo, not politics. ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Tekina Sibawo

            Now I get what you’re saying. I understand what you’re saying philosophically. I just had an issue with the words that you said it. I mean…you can’t compare an English philosopher from Oxford with a rural worker from a developing country’s plantation. There is definitely a difference in education across states, countries, even regions within the same city. But as my favorite quote says “if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.โ€

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Hey, hey……I saw a Trout climb a tree and rest on a branch. He would be offended.

          • Tekina Sibawo

            I apologize to the Trout

      • bizzy gie

        I agree completely. As an American, the country is generally stupid. Touch, a really good show that makes you think (oh no!) a little bit, was canceled due to low views. Yet Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo, and Bad Girls Club are still on the air. WTF?

        People just want to watch flashing colors, not a deep, riveting story line with clever connections and strong characters, one being 11-years-old.

      • Martijn Plasmans

        It’s not just Americans. It’s the majority of people that are getting dumbed down every generation. Eating fastfood, drinking a lot etc etc

      • Denvy

        That didn’t make a whole lot of sense (about Star Wars). Anyway, yes, the prequels sucked.

    • John E Jenkins

      sounds like the perspective from a true dork, preaching upon his nerd soap box. For the millions of people that actually leave their couch for something other than running to the bathroom to rub one out after looking at pictures of girls at the latest comic con, there is some confusion about this game system. The way they have promoted this, it looks like a new version of a DS, not a new console system. for those of us that don’t pitch a tent at the first sight of Zelda, it could have been better communicated..

      • Yen

        For your information, just because someone is informed doesn’t mean they’re a “true dork” that doesn’t do anything except jerking it to pictures. With technology as they are right now, anyone and everyone should stay more informed. Honestly, those millions of people should learn to do some research before choosing to buy something. ESPECIALLY if they are parents getting a game system for their children. They should at least care enough about their child to spend 5 minutes searching on Google if the product is safe for their kids.

      • CaesarGood

        wtf are u talkin bout?? Did I hurt u feelings with the slow ____ statement? who made u write that unintelligent bullshit? I personally don’t give a damn if people understand it or not. We live in a stupid world where people do stupid shit for some stupid ass no point or purpose having ass reason.

        • Mario

          Hey, hey! No need to talk like that man!

      • Dรกibhรญ wotshissurname

        But what he’s saying is true, and you onviously cant come to terms if you need to resort to name calling. And nobody even uses “dork” anyway

      • rayan

        no people are stupid as he says, and some regions more than others for sure.. for the extent of taxes and investment and how developed the US is, i believe there is some truth in a suggestion that the overall awareness of americans compared to the resources and ability to to be aware is extremely extremely extremely low.. unless you slap it on there face or its in the movies.. they don’t know it

        • John E Jenkins

          Really? Really? out of all of the things that Americans should be aware of, The mother F’in Wii U, is not on the list at all. Just because this matters to some pimple poppin, rockstar drinking, never had a conversation with a real girl nerd, does not mean it should be on the radar of the average American. You’ve got to push yourself away from the computer desk, put on some clean underwear, and get some perspective. Not everyone is sitting around stroking the wii controler, waiting for the new release. The issue is simply that Nintendo didn’t do a good job of marketing, thats it. Ease up on the arrogant euro-trash judgements about Americans, they bore me to death.

    • Yen

      As stupid as it is, it has been a problem this past year. But haters definitely blow it out of proportion. It’s no more confusing than the original XBox vs XBox One or PSP vs PSVita, but apparently people don’t comprehend the U at the end of Wii U.

    • Squid

      Because humans only are stupid when they want to be

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        That’s often.

    • Razo_E

      I’ve said it a thousand times. It’s the LOGO. Sony DRASTICALLY changed the logo every single time they updated the PlayStation, as did Nintendo until they got to the DS/3DS and Wii/Wii U. Then they just used the same logo and tacked on an extra letter/number.

    • Potemkin

      Because they used numbers and common sense stated that it was different or a sucessor to the previous generation. Same with Nintendo and Super Nintendo, where “Super” indicated superiority.
      WiiU does not only confuses the averagge consumer, but the hardcore audience as well. But why? because not even Nintendo knows how to explain what the WiiU really is. They put so much effort on showing the new controller that they totally forgot to mention the CONSOLE.
      Go watch once again Nintendo’s E3 conference, and tell me honestly that they did a good job at explaining it.

      • CaesarGood

        Yea, I see what U mean there. I guess the fans should of nicknamed it Ultimate, Ultra or something down that line. I think at one point I heard it was Universal, but idk I’ll have to check…

    • DragonSilths

      Kids (Casuals) Have become much more stupid over the 7th gen.

    • Mitch Hall

      The PS consoles are easy to differentiate because they’re numbered. That’s why there was never any confusion surrounding them.

      Wii U is different, because the name is just… strange.

    • Alienfish

      It’s all because of the Gamepad. They see a peripheral that makes your Wii into a Wii U. At least that’s how I understand it. People have no understanding of how the GPU in the Wii could never support another screen or HD gaming and the level of detail shown in Wii U games.

    • Jonathan Dogey

      Playstation 2 had a “2” in the title, which suggests the next level. Wii U has a “U” in the title….suggesting….that Nintendo are idiots

      • general audience

        sorry idiot doesnt start with a U

    • Dez

      We have entered the second Dark Age, no one knows crap anymore. The people are uneducated, lazy, and the world governments are doing them no favors keeping the majority stupid since they are easier to control. The problem is partially the name, yes, but I just hate how everyone foots all the blame on that. People are stupid and if they can’t take 5 minutes to do a Google search or inquire in any capacity about the product in question, they probably shouldn’t be buying it. It is the same problem with the fact people ignore the ESRB ratings, there is a huge letter in the corner of every game box, and the rating is explained on the back cover!

      I swear I’m not surprised the world is filled with more idiots than ever. Bad parents galore really, if they can’t even look at the damn box to decide whether it is appropriate for their kids or even look into the item in question their kids are asking for, chances are the parents are not doing all that good of a job. Then there are just the generally ignorant individuals, if you look at the box (console) it is different than a Wii, the logo is different, and someone has to be questioning the sudden huge influx of new games (disregarding the drought period). I don’t think lowering standards is a good idea. If anything, both Nintendo has to step it up and the dumb masses.

      I know it sounds like business blasphemy and it is, but how far are we going to let the bar drop before we say enough is enough. Does the government have to be controlling every aspect of your life before people decide to think for themselves? Just my 2 cents.

    • Rinslowe

      Lol, I totally agree.

      Sometimes an idea takes hold and enough people say it makes it real… For them.
      I don’t think the name Wii U did Nintendo any favours, especially with the lack of advertising. But it all adds up by considering both the right and wrong choices Nintendo has made getting to this point today.
      Personally, I think had the console been given a more salient name, which stood out from Wii – it still would not have changed the amount of units it sold by any great degree. Because it’s true problem was in a lack of compelling titles that many people wanted to play…
      I think Super Mario 3D World will give people a taste of what to expect when the remaining titles announced; MK8, SSB U, DK TF, X, Bayo 2 are released. And how well they will stimulate sales.
      After that point, this whole confusion theory will cease to be relevant…

      (Not saying though that Nintendo shouldn’t be pushing for more advertising, absolutely they should be…)

    • Steve Rees

      It seems that too many people all over the world are too stupid to know the difference between the Wii and WiiU. I for one have gotten sick of explaining. I now just tell people how great it is, give them a brief explanation and move on.

      I know it’s a great new(ish) console and so does my family. Nuff said.

    • ฮ”ฮนฮฟฮฝฯฯ‚84

      blame it on a small U next to a big Wii. You can’t really blame peope if they get confused at Nintendo’s lack of comprehension of certain things.

      Take the DS and the DSi for instace.

    • like blackberry bold 9780, 9790, 9900, 9650, etc.

  • Adam Fox

    How does this explain any difference? It just says a few game titles and it says on Wii U…..that doesn’t explain anything… its a kids commercial which means its gonna be shown during kids programming……a commercial of this nature probably wouldn’t getting air time during prime time TV programming like during “The Walking Dead”, “Dracula” or even “The Big Bang Theory” even though its a geeky type show….(but I love it)

  • PS4/WiiU

    Now just to hope alot of parents see this

  • Razo_E

    Honestly it’s still confusing for those that aren’t in the know. All they have to do is make a commercial with little kids playing with the gamepad at a friend’s house and mom comes to pick him up. Kid 1 tells his mom he wants a Wii U, she says they already have a Wii and Kid 2 chimes in with “It’s not the same. This is the new Wii U, you know like the sequel.” Confusion over, the end.

    • “It’s basically the Wii 2”

      confusion more over

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    All I can say is, it’s about damn time. I’m still surprised at how long it took them to do this. However, they made a good decision here and hopefully it pays off for Nintendo this holiday.

  • John Andalora

    I appreciate how you tried, Nintendo, but you chose the wrong wording:
    Note that the little kids stated that the Wii U is an “upgrade.” While this would normally be a positive word to use, in this case people already thought that the Wii U was just upgrading their regular Wii. The word upgrade has the connotation of adding something new to an old thing, not having something new.
    They should’ve said “This is a completely different system” or “This is something new.” Or better yet, why didn’t you state something like “It plays both your new Wii U and old Wii games” to make sure people understand that this is different?

    Again, like the attempt, not the execution.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Can’t argue with that one.

    • Will (ishigum)

      “The Wii U, Nintendo’s brand new gaming console”

      That’s all they needed to say…

    • alex toschi

      Just out of curiosity, when was the last time you called a one year piece of technology “new”? Unfortunately because of the position is in they really can’t call the Wii U a new system. It’s been out for a year now. To the less informed who have never heard of it, it’s new but Nintendo can’t really market it as such so they did the best they could with the situation they had. The commercial is fine, in this day and age an “upgrade” to most people usually involves getting rid of the old electronics, car, etc. people will understand, at the very least retailers will.

      • John Andalora

        What I am referring to when I state the phrase “new” is that it’s new in comparison to the last Nintendo console. It’s not the old one, so it must be the new one.

        I still disagree with you that people this day and age will understand “upgrade with this.” The biggest issue Nintendo has is making a massive distinction between Wii and Wii U. Instead of just calling it an “upgrade,” they need to hammer in the point that this is completely different and revolutionary.

        See, the difference between other commercials for electronics and this one is how they use the word “upgrade.” In other commercials, it’s a verb. “Upgrade to the new AwesomePhone” or “Upgrade to the 2014 BetterThanLastOne.” In verb sense, it means “to trade up, to get something better. This is good for advertising.

        Nintendo used “upgrade” as a noun. “Wii U is a total upgrade,” implying that it is an upgrade from the Wii. However, they never stated it was its own console,they never stated what it upgrades other than some games, they never stated how it upgrades, and they never mentioned that the upgrade means “new console.”

        That is bad for advertising.

        Again, the big problem is that people already think the Wii U is just a GamePad that you get for your Wii, rather than it’s own unique product. So they need to make a much greater distinction between the two.

        ” In noun sense, it means “an upward incline.”

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          It didn’t help that they made the Gamepad standout too much on the box for packaging. Plus, the Wii and Wii U ‘s exterior is too similar.

  • Matt Elgie

    Kind of off topic. Went to future shop in my area on the weekend. Nintendo had their sale rep there! Thinking this is a good thing to see for Nintendo, I was slightly angered to realize he had no idea of product knowledge. He told me that assassin’s creed for Wii U wasn’t released yet. Good thing I know my stuff or else I may have just walked out with assassins creed for another system.

  • Michael Hancock

    What differences did they explain?

  • Will (ishigum)

    I see the focus is now on the casual/kid market. Well I guess that is their best bet this holiday season. Nintendo really needs to enable a rated M type experience for adults instead of the sheltered rated E experience that is forced upon all of us even on M rated games. No video chat against online opponents for Wii Sports Club? Kinda takes some of the soul out of the experience. You’re being too cautious Nintendo.

    I asked Nintendo if it was okay for adults to swear on M rated gaming communities and they still haven’t given me a clear answer, so I’m sure it’s no. This console needs a clean/mature switch which can be controlled via parental controls.

  • joey

    Hey Nintendo, you do realise your most hardcore (and loyal) fanbase, the people that have been following you since they were these kids ages, are not kids anymore. Is there anytime you guys will be accommodating to adults. Not this ad in particular (as it’s an explanation ad etc etc) but the majority of ads Nintendo produce are kid/casual based. Bring some exclusive mature games out and let the public know you have them.. ugh -_-

    • Denvy

      Can’t completely agree. Sure I was 10 when I first started with the NES, but my enjoyment of games has not necessarily turned more to M titles just because I’ve aged. If Nintendo puts out solid games that are fun (and they typically do) I’m fine with it. It’s why I’ve been with them all these years. I’m willing to bet a majority are too. ESRB ratings do not make a game better or worse.

      • joey

        I agree with the fun games, and I’ll definitely be buying and playing the hell out of them, but that just seems like it’s their only market atm. And has been for a while now. It’d just be nice to see them broaden their catalogue and audience, and not get titled as a machine for kids. Plus a new IP or something wouldn’t hurt right now. Games in example I’d like to see more of are, Killer 7, Resident Evil Remake No More Heroes, Mad World, Eternal Darkness, Zelda MM. I’d just like to see them stray away from that safe audience.

        • Denvy

          Keep in mind that apart from Zelda MM (still rated E) and Eternal Darkness, the rest of those are contingent on third parties which I’m sure Nintendo would not object to on the Wii U. Not sure more RE remakes are in order, but would welcome a new entry in the same vein as the original series. Putting Revelations on Wii U had to be to your liking.

          • joey

            I do know that, and even some of those titles made their way to other consoles, they were just examples of what I’d like to see more of. And I have Revelations on the 3DS already, which was nice to see that being a timed exclusive. But with everything said, I will be putting my money down on a Zelda 3DS XL and SM3DW before my PS4 pre-order. Can’t beat that Nintendo fun.

          • Denvy

            I can agree with you there. This week rules with Zelda and Mario coming out ๐Ÿ™‚ PS4 is way off in the distance for me.


    • CaesarGood

      Technically it is an upgrade.. It still has the same Wii interface with Wii Mode, all u need is a wii remote. So, it’s like u get 2 in 1

      • i suppose, but to me, upgrade says that it’s something that is applied to your current device

        • Yen

          It just depends on how you look at the word upgrade. I think PS4 is just an upgrade of PS3, and XBox One is just an upgrade of XBox 360.

          • yeah, I guess.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Kenshin0011

    Nintendo still thinks they’re in the 90’s when kids were actually somewhat sheltered from mature rated games and media…

    Though nowadays kids like that are hard to come by. They all play COD, Halo, GTA, cus, and do not need to be baby’d.

    I’m not saying Nintendo should sell out and be some bogus hardcore poser system, just make an ad that can appeal to both grown up and kid audiences. That would be best done by focusing on next gen Wii U games that both adults and kids will love! Ex/ Mario Kart, 3D World, Bayonetta 2, X, etc.

    • X3Charlie

      I have no idea how you got 8 thumbs down, I’m guessing trolls?

      • Kenshin0011

        Hah, most likely. Though I do rescind the notion that the above ad is bad. It’s a good ad for kids on nick or cartoon network, but we also need ads that are age neutral that appeal to any potential wii u owner

        • Yen

          Just to clarify, I thumbed down only because I don’t agree with you, nothing personal. I don’t think Nintendo is babying kids. They’re just making fun games that both kids and adults can enjoy. Yes kids now days play CoD and GTA and stuff, but that’s the result of bad parenting not kids being more mature. It’s because parents don’t understand what they’re buying for their kids. I’m not saying that kids should be babied, only that they need guidance. I’m not saying parents can’t let their kids play CoD or GTA, only that they should make sure their kids understand that it’s a game and they can’t do the same things in real life.

          • Kenshin0011

            I really should have clarified that I DO NOT think Nintendo baby’s kids with their games…BUT they do baby us with their policies such as deleting swap note and purposefully making online play and messaging on wii u hard

          • Yen

            Can’t argue with that. Fact is though because they’re so popular with kids, if they make a wrong move parents will not shut up about it. I’m willing to bet that the whole swap note thing was because a parent saw a provocative note on their kid’s 3DS and complained to Nintendo.

          • Kenshin0011

            No excuse, that was the parents fault for not doing parental controls or monitor their kid. In this age with facebook, texting, and ps4/Xbox having good online, why should Nintendo be the only company to literally make their console worse by trying to stop the inevitable

          • Mr.borfist

            So let me get this straight, a child gets sexually assaulted and it the parents fault? No one is to blame here. That’s like saying “She shouldn’t have been walking home by herself at night .She knows she lives in a bad neighborhood so its her own fault she got raped”
            Anyone dealing with abuse/sexual assault (counselor or therapist) will tell you to never blame the victim or families of the victim(unless they are directly involved ) for what happened. It’s the creeps and sickos fault!

            i’m sorry,but that was the most heartless comment I’ve ever read. You would rather have a stupid app that does nothing to effect gameplay then protect innocent children from being victimized? How selfish!.God forbid you have any kids because your priorities are mixed up My 2 cents

          • Kenshin0011

            Wow, how small is your IQ? I said it’s the parents fault in regards to monitoring how their kids use swapnote in general. If someone is assaulted of course it’s the assaulters fault only. Not the parents nor swapnote are to blame. Deleting swap note won’t prevent crimes like that, you’ll have to delete the entire internet

          • Clint

            SwapNote was shutdown because two pedophiles in Japan used it to lure young girls to a hotel where they raped them. They were also distributing child porn via it. It wasn’t because a parent saw dirty words on it.

            Nintendo is justified in shutting down SwapNote. Stop whining.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Exactly what I’ve been saying for ages, thank you. I understand Nintendo’s main appeal is a family friendly, almost Disney-like games but they’ve got some great stuff aimed towards teens and adults (Zelda, Metroid, Eternal Darkness) I feel as though Nintendo neglects its older fans. Like you said, appealing to this market shouldn’t come at the cost of losing its audience and make a poser system all about shallow games with blood and graphics but Nintendo could do with showing off some of the more serious games, after all, they did say Wii U should appeal to more hardcore gamers than Wii did but still keep its family audience (with Nintendoland and Wii Party U )
      I always say appealing an E-rated audience is not the same as appealing to EVERYONE. Though Mario Bros and party games appeal to a broad demographic many gamers need something more hardcore to play on their console than Wii Fit, which is where the likes of Xeno and Assassin’s Creed come in. If Nintendo advertised in one commercial things like Mario 3D and Wii Fit and that sort of thing and in another commercial drew attention to X, CoD, Bayonetta 2 and Watch Dogs then they’ve nailed all demographics haven’t they. Families will love Mario and party games, core gamers get that and their fix of more complex action titles – not mention this approach would highlight the sheer variety of Wii U’s library and sell the merits of the Gamepad. Whereas if they only highlight the E-rated games then they’re stuck with the “kiddy” image and many potential customers will buy a PS4 instead – Nintendo’s loss is Sony’s gain and as Nintendo fan, I don’t want to see them squander anymore opportunities. This is proven tactic, look at the PS1 and PS2, they had games like Crash and Spyro to appeal to kids, and Resident Evil and God of War for grown-ups and their sales flattened the N64 and Gamecube that only focused on younger audiences and the original XBox which focused on adults and “dude-bros”.

  • Kenshin0011

    People who still think the name “Wii U” is the issue are wrong. The confusion comes from Nintendo’s lack of mainstream advertising. You could argue that the “Xbox One” is just as confusing for a next gen console, but people aren’t confused about what the Xbox One is…Why? Because Microsoft is advertising the hell out of it so everyone knows it’s coming and what it does. Nintendo has enough money to also heavily advertise the Wii U, but they don’t, and it’s a very bad decision on their part

    • joey

      I don’t understand why the downvotes.. It’s absolutely true, I live in Aus and the advertising for the Wii U is pretty much non existent.

      • au8277

        Because a lot of people on system-specific websites (like this one) allow fanboy-ism to trump logic. How somebody emotionally invests in a consumer electronics product to the point of ignoring logic is a mystery to me. I enjoy all my systems for different reasons. It doesn’t mean that I blindly approve of every decision their manufacturers make.

    • Quicksilver88

      I don’t disagree but Nintendo traditionally has not advertised game systems. They will sometimes advertise games but never remember seeing a Wii,DS,GC,GB,N64 commercial in my life. Meanwhile I have seen a few XB1 commercials but it is Sony here in the US that has commercials on constantly. At least Ninendo is doing ads now and using some pretty high profile actors in the adverts.

    • Jelle Knibbe

      Because witx Xbone, there’s no tablet that lookz like a 360 accessory.

  • Agent721


  • Kenshin0011

    Another reason ads are so important is because of competition by smartphones, tablets, and PC’s. And I don’t mean direct competition as in those things are bought to take wii u’s place.

    Think back in the last gens, game consoles were one of the few ways to entertain yourself with technology. There were no other cell phones, tablets, etc. so consoles were sought out more. Today we have a plethora of techie gadgets to buy and want, meaning that game consoles are no longer the holy grail of electronic entertainment. Many parents get kids cell phones and tell them that the new expensive phone is their holiday gift. All these modern tech options does not help consoles stand out as must buy hardware. Because not many people can afford a smartphone, tablet, AND gaming console. It makes the competition a bit tighter

    But that doesn’t spell doom for consoles or wii u. With proper advertising to create hype, you can sell 1 million PS4s in 24 hours.

    My point is that in today’s modern age, it takes a much greater advertising effort to get people to buy your tech gifts. Nintendo basically just released the wii u and expected it to sell without major ads. So hopefully this new ad is the first of many that need to come

  • Cubical_M

    This commercial is GREAT!!! Hot buttered popcorn thats a deal!! hahahahaha

  • Fred

    I’ve never seen any of these outside of youtube

  • Kaleb

    I feel like Nintendo did this on purpose…… let Wii U fly under the radar, build up a games Library that no system has yet. Then BAM! Advertise the hell out of it and it’s game to make it appear as the best option in next gen gaming (which in my opinion it is) without a shortage of games! If this is true, Nintendo is smart, very smart

    • majora :D

      Don’t mind me, I’m just picking up the pieces of my shattered brain…

    • Kenshin0011

      Let’s hope that’s what they actually do…I have a bad feeling that they’re not going to take advantage of what you described above. It’s their move

    • Denvy

      Unfortunately after SM3DW all we really have is Tropical Freeze til who knows when. To my knowledge MK 8 and SSB do not have a release date. It’s not like there are a plethora of games for it. It’s slowly getting better, but I don’t think the approach you’re thinking about is likely.

      • Quicksilver88

        Actually MK8 I thought was tenative for april and SSB was by mid year. I would expect Bayonetta 2 in the first half and the much anticipated Ubi WatchDogs is also first half (and recently confrmed as still coming to WiiU). I would also expect a few unknown suprises just like WiiFi and Wii Sports club came out of know where. Its been mum on SMTxFE and Yarn Yoshi all year and X since E3 but those are thought to be 2014 releases. While XB1/PS4 get mostly games coming to ps360 in 2014 WiiU will be the place for the bulk of the exclusive content.

        • Denvy

          The problem is not what games, but when. People are tired of waiting. People on the fence are noticing it’s still almost half a year (assuming rumors of MK 8 coming out in April – no date has been given) Waiting til Q2 of 2014 sucks. Many of these games that have been mum might have updates at E3 meaning they won’t be out til even later. I don’t think a single Nintendo fan can honestly say it’s no big deal to wait for these titles. We had a big enough drought earlier this year, it bothers me to think I’ll possibly could be sitting in another one. Yet, I’ll still remain cautiously optimistic and give them the benefit of the doubt.

          • Quicksilver88

            Well all systems go thru slow period out of the gate. I mean we haven’t even had any announcements yet what Sony’s top teams are working on for PS4 meaning a lot of it won’t be seen until 2015. What will help sony/ms is that every 3rd party game will come to their systems so the drought will not seem so bad. I too hope they keep the hits rolling. I think there are some promising signs like that they are doing collaborations with Namco and Altus and keeping Platinum in the fold and expanded Retro studios. Honestly I think we will get a good amount of games published by Nintendo in the coming years, my bigger fear is 3rd parties may be done with WiiU after 2013. Even good games like Rayman and AC4 just don’t sell. WiiU has already gotten more big multiplats than Wii ever did but Nintendo gamers just don’t seem to care so regardless of the installed base growing I just wonder if we will see anything other than just dance and skylanders games in the future.

          • Shigeru Miyamoto

            It really sucks for people that got the console when it released in 2012 and they gotta wait until mid late 2014 for a few good games to come.

      • Kaleb

        I was including third party games in my mind, but as for first Party I think there is enough established to be considered a solid line up

  • Squid


  • Madmagican

    Where was this a year ago!?

  • Finally with the upcoming holidays Nintendo starts advertising WiiU in Europe as well, but still not even close to the advertising I still see for 3DS/2DS.

    Honestly I think this is a pretty poor advert to differentiate the Wii and WiiU, but it’s a start. With the PS4 launched and the X1 to launch this week in US I hope they are not to late, PS4 will launch in a bit in europe as well. And in all fairness it does not look good for WiiU in Europe, atleast I’ll adopt a WiiU later next month at last.

  • Andre R

    wii u is a stupid name, if they like the name wii, they should have named the console … wii 2. or a completly differant name

  • Andre R

    the nes was great name, and snes was great, and everybody understood that snes whas better than nes, because super nes yeah. and then nintendo 64 that ment nintendo 64 bit , and everybody understod that nes was 8 bit , snes 16 bit and n64 64 bit. better and better consoles. and then gamecube, a new name.
    but the wii???? what the f**k what does wii stands for?




  • Andre R





  • Guhtere

    About time. They need to spam this commercial on any channel they can so people can know the difference.

  • au8277

    What I don’t understand is how anybody couldn’t understand how Wii U could possibly be confusing for um, say…

    a parent who couldn’t give a solitary rabbit poop about video games
    * repeat above and change “parent” to “grandparent”
    * repeat above and change “parent” to “older gift-giver”

    Although I’m probably doing a good impression of a jerk, it’s not my intention. I’m just saying; those calling confused customers “idiots” should look outside their hazy gamer bubble. Not everybody cares about this stuff, and just because gaming is amongst THE end-all, be-all leisure activities for a good portion of us here; it doesn’t mean remembering ANYTHING about a video game system is even remotely a priority for everybody else.

    If you’re looking to sell videogames to the non-gamer masses, your safest bet is to assume they know nothing.

  • Pikachief

    Oh I thought I heard thousands of Wii U owners shouting for joy.

  • Leo

    This commercial is so painfully sad… well, whatever! they put themselves in this mess and there is no other option, they will have to run commercials of this type until the public finally understands what a WiiU is.

    • Nathan Verbois

      I think it’s cute. Most families will like it, but not all.

  • Vialtoclef

    They needed this commercial exactly one year ago

  • Nathan Verbois

    PC Gamer gave Super Mario 3D World a rave review! Maybe that’s a little off-topic, but whatever, they showed the game in the commercial. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Pucker

    I’m still confused. Not!. Just stop selling the Wii. Then everyone will be forced to buy a Wii U. This should have been done at Wii U launch.

    • Relick

      They did stop producing it. It’s just back-stock and second hand now.

      Although I agree they should have done it at launch.

  • Tecpedz94

    I still hate that they keep using kids a lot of the time….. Its not helping them gain hard core gamers….

  • Leo

    I’m still amazed how long took Nintendo to really understand that the WiiU name is a COLOSSAL problem. It’s tragic comical how they were in denial through all the year, disbelieving that people thinks the WiiU is a peripheral of the Wii. Sometimes the japanese cultural tradition of Nintendo overlaps their business senses and they get temporarily blind before realizing whats going on.

  • Must there be kids in every freakin’ ad? Make some adult ads too for wider appeal. Or even better, leave the people out completely and just show us games + tablet functions. Make it look cool, not cheesy. Let it stand out. Make it fly!

  • Fred

    At the end when they show the bundle they should have also showed the Skylander’s Bundle that thing could sell really well for kids!!!

  • Steve

    But what if the parents say “You already have Mario Galaxy on your Wii”

  • Parish Gilliam

    They should have just Named it Something totally different then just “Wii U.” Fromt the very beginning when they announced the name Wii U I was like thats not smart Nintendo.

    • well u got the xbox one and ps4 which had the same names since beginning just with different ending

      • Parish Gilliam

        Thats true but i mean lets be honest Xbox and playstation is on another category. Dont get me wrong i love nintendo i have a wii u and enjoy it but i feel nintendo has to try harder now to compete with the other gens since now a days ppl just care about raw power.

        • Levi Johansen

          I agree.

          It’s not the same as Playstation and Xbox. Using numbers are not confusing at all. Wii 2 would have been a better name, of even Nintendo U or Nintendo Ultra

          Numbers mean “next in line”, but letters are just like an upgrade.
          Like iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, just an upgrade. But iPhone 5, that is the new phone.

          EDIT: I don’t like the iPhones though and the iPhone 5 was underwealming, but the naming is good. Had they called it the iPhone 4U, it would have sold alot less and people would be waiting for the REAL upgrade.

          • Parish Gilliam

            Exactly! I got mad love for Nintendo just saying.

  • Kholby

    These message boards went crazy tonight. What the heck?

  • PremiumSaltine

    It still looks like they are just marketing a new controller, instead of an entire system.

  • devmiles

    too sad to put in words nintendo

  • thealarm

    Cute. Reminds me of Atari commercials from the 80’s.

  • Gdom

    I don’t get how this commercial alleviates any confusion whatsoever. First, they’re already playing on a Wii U, so why would they need a second one? Second, all they’ve stated is that it has different games. So how is it different? Besides having some ugly, awkward tablet controller.


    I find it so hilarious that Nintendo markets a lot of their stuff to kids, but the typical Nintendo “fan” is FAR from a kid. lol Hey maybe that’s not a bad strategy! Nintendo knows their fans will keep supporting their franchises, so they should advertise to kids and non-gamer parents who are wondering what system would be the best for their kids. I don’t mind this as long as I keep getting all those triple A franchises from the big N. Man I can’t wait to play the new Smash Bros.! >.<

  • Jamborlee

    Great, now that Nintendo officially made this commercial. The retailers can shut up about not selling their console due to confusion and actually putting them back in stores. Its kind of sad how stupid and shallow people can be when something doesn’t get as many sales.

  • Forbsz

    The ad is so cringe worthy and I think people who say people get confused still between Wii and Wii U lie to defend the bad sales Nintendo has had it happens people stop making excuses the sales and awesome games are coming some are already out on the console!

  • Wiiluigi

    “Hot buttered popcorn that’s a deal” commercial was too short. Imagine a kid running to get his mom to show her? By the time they get back commercial is done.

  • They should call the Wii U a “totally new console” here rather than as an “upgrade.” It’s best to eliminate all possible ambiguity.

  • Ricky__Spanish

    Or they could have just not named the damn thing Wii U and avoided all the confusion


    trying to get the nintendo fans informed about this new project. ๐Ÿ™‚