May 11th, 2012

Wii U Comic
The other console makers always seem to be following in the footsteps of Nintendo, at least during the current console generation. This awesome comic, done by the guys over at Dorkly, perfectly illustrates what might have gone through the minds of Microsoft and Sony right after the unveiling of the Wii U. So much for “Kinect” and “PlayStation Move” — that’s so 2006. Check out the full comic after the break. If you have any favorite Wii U comic strips, do share them in the comments section!

Wii U comic large

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  • david6

    Thats funny because its true, ha ha, lol

    • david6

      I like the honesty, and wii u daily put this on here. Its funny the audience yay, we love it; they say that whatever hold up. Ha ha. And the guy dancing then stops, like people confused in their heads, its funny

  • nathant16

    Its kind of trollin everyone.

  • Leeroy


  • Buzzeh

    LOL, watch next Sony and Microsoft get [even] better graphics and a screen in their controllers!

    Nintendo is gonna win this new generation

    • Leeroy

      They win every generation or at least come in second. The only time they have lost was with virtual boy and that was quickly replaced

      • Icanseeu

        Playatation versus Nintendo 64, did they win that? Playstation 2 versus Xbox and GameCube, did they win that?

        • unmannedrobot

          touchy .

        • Rob

          In my opinion yes they did, or at least at he said, they came in a close second. In the playstation vs N64 part, I would say the N64 is a better console overall, because for me the N64 has a better library of games than the playstation. Don’t get me wrong, I like PS’s library, but I just love the N64’s so much. In the PS2, Xbox, and GC era, something similar happened. The PS2 obviously sold more, and had a great library, so it can be said that it won, but for me Nintendo came in a close second because again, quality over quantity. A great library from not only Nintendo, because the GC had a pretty good third party support up to some point too. Games from the N64 like Ocarina, Mario 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Donkey Kong 64, Conker, Banjo Kazooie, Golden Eye, Mario Kart, Majora’s, Star Fox 64, give them the edge when comparing to the PS library. Games like Mario Sunshine, The Windwaker, Luigi’s Mansion, RE4 (Third Party Multiplatform I know, but it’s good to see the support), Eternal Darkness, Pikmin, etc, for the gamecube, gives Nintendo a quality over quantity standard that no company has ever had in the gaming industry. The only company right now that I see like them is Valve, and of course, they don’t even have the years of experience that Nintendo has.

          • @nt!-n008

            i agree completely and nintendo even helped sony make the ps1 so without nintendo there would be no ps1 ps2 or ps3 lol and ya the gamecube had a ton of quality games that werent on ps2 or xbox

        • alienfish

          I like it better when Nintendo is losing, they make better games when they are. Still, you can’t really say they ‘lost’ a generation as long as they made an overall profit. Sure Nintendo posted a loss this year, but they also raked in more cash than any other previous generation overall. I know I didn’t feel like a loser playing my N64 and Gamecube.

          • Mr. Stego

            Hey n64 and GameCube r better then 360 in my opinion.

        • Chris

          Actually, yes

          They came first when the N64 came out because the system was why more powerful than the playstation 1, but also there marketing was better than the Dreamcast’s even though the Sega Dreamcast was more powerful.

          The next gen again Nintendo beats Sony, the Gamecube again was more powerful than the PS2 but was in 2nd place beside the Xbox.

          Wii, though many people dislike the idea at first still came as the top dog, even though the graphics are just updated GC graphics the system sold better than the broken system, Xbox 360 and the bad marketing of the PS3.

          • Maleficent

            Before we go and throw around around a bunch of claims about who won what, (without demonstrating any proof, I may add.), we first need to decide what exactly constitutes a ‘win’, because I’m pretty sure comments such as ‘I liked it more’ or ‘This is more powerful’ don’t constitute victory.

          • BlackStar*

            PS3 bad marketing? it didnt NEED marketing, everyone, including myself was WAITING for it! Then came the pricing 600-700 bucks! (more with taxes!) I still saved up and brought one, got bored with the games on it and 6 months later traded it for a custom laptop, don’t regret it one bit, I just went and brought the slim about 7 months ago and a bunch of the best games used and now I love it. Meanwhile I had my Wii and 360 to keep me entertained. Just trying to get a Wii u Weluxe now and I will be set. The PS4 cannot afford to take 2-3 yrs to be good, it has to sell right out the box, Xbox 720 as well. BTW, Nintendo will win big this time, the commercial alone sold half of my friends and family.

      • Parker

        If you were a real nintendo fan you would know thats not true.

    • david6

      Dont under estimate the power of microsoft. They all have power, gimmicks, now its all riding on finished design. Its life and death, its the most important thing in the world right now. ITS ALL LEFT TO FINAL DESIGN. asthetic, color, style, it will never be good enouph, but who will win?

      • david6

        They even all have good games and engines, its a thtee way monopoly, so what can be left, better specs and finished design.

      • @nt!-n008

        microsoft is huge there one of the largest companys in the world because one day at a press conference or something like that they were like “o ya btw we have over 2billion in the bank that werenot using or have plans for.” lol

        • that guy

          Nintendo has (i think)11 billion dollars or 280 billion yen in their bank account.

  • nathant16

    We be trollin down the river booga booga

    • david6

      I comin clean, im a troll, “hi david” We all are trolls, oh the humanity! But im a ninty troll. Boooga booga booga

      • alienfish

        We know you’re a troll. You’re like a raging psychopath killing everyone in your path at the local Walmart while people watch you and know you are a murderer, then you finally admit it. Now if you proclaimed you were a homosexual after a massacre like that, it would be surprising.

        • david6

          ¿ °.p? Yah ill be trollin walmart to be first to get a nintendo if its all that, but so far im not impressed.

  • Pokemon

    Why are people supporting Microsoft and Sony in the comments?
    I thought this was for nintendo fans.

    • Liking Nintendo

      Liking Nintendo doesn’t mean you have to hate every other company. No, that’s pointless fanboyism.

    • Chris

      Its an open forum meaning you can like Nintendo and also like other companies, I myself like All 3 companies… well I’m hating the xbox 360 and Microsoft for making them break but I still have some good vibes towards the 360

    • Parker

      sony and microsoft are always checking what nintendo is doing to then copy.

  • nathant16

    So this hot girl tina, i invite her to come play a video game with me. She comes over, sits on the couch next to me, puts her hand on my leg, looks and says,”how big is your box?”

    • Your mom


  • david6

    Yah, sometimes i like to play with my box first thing in the morning, i like it when its big and solid. My girlfriend says she likes a nice box, she says she likes the power behind it, she doesnt want to play with a tinker toy.

    • christopher robin

      Is there a present in the box?

    • LyingTuna

      Is the box wifi enabled?

  • Nintengoth

    Dont get me wrong i do really like my 360 but i have always disliked playstation, its mainly sony that copy nintendo and if it wernt for the big N people would not have a playstation.
    what usually happens is Nintendo bring out their console and a year later sony have copied and made better.
    if the WiiU is at least 3x the power of a PS3 thats amazing, but then like reports have said sony and ms will have 10x the power, thats ridick! you might as well just use real people in your games insted of making engines to power your consoles lol
    Nintendo to win E3 2012!!!

    • alienfish

      That would be ridiculous, but it won’t happen. They could do it, sure, but then they would have to sell at even higher prices than last generation. High specs like that are for PC enthusiasts.

  • Joseph

    Very old, but still very funny.

  • Medium

    Elvis wants to play video games with a woman.

    • nathant16

      “How you doin. Hey baby, hows bout playin hookie, come on over to my place.”

      • nathant16


  • Thepokemonmaster

    Lol this is so true, Now only if Xbox 720 don’t use a tablet..(or ps3)
    Because my friend has XBox and it ticks me off when i hear “I got (stupid) Halo or (stupid) call of duty black ops II, or i got a (sensitive) kinect for christmas!
    As a nintendo lover i really hate this


    • LilPDolla

      I know right! It’s like play a game that actually challenges you, like Zelda…

      • Your mom

        Know yo making sense

    • swic11

      I absolutely LOVE Halo, so don’t hate lol, but Zelda is easily my favorite franchise.

      • Your mom

        Yeah my friend got in to halo and I hate it when he pwns me a lot, but I pwn him at Zelda.

        • Me

          Mom? What are you doing here?

  • @nt!-n008

    i love halo… but unlike other halo fans i like combat evolved the best because it didnt feel like it had been done before but slightly altered. but hand down my favorite game series are 1:zelda 2:metroid 3:resident evil before they started going all shooter 🙁


    i think ms and ps are good but i doent like them but there not bad and trolololololololol 0.o

  • Wii u crazer

    that is crazy funny, all of it is true. microsoft took the ideaa of kinect from one of the wiis video game.

  • NintendoLover

    I’m wondering what would happen if the Wii U came out after the ps4 and Xbox 720 would the companies still try to add on a tablet like controller or some software. Also if this happens a lot why doesn’t Nintendo sue Microsoft for copying the idea of motion controls? If the same thing happens again with Wii U Nintendo should totally sue Microsoft.

    • ZeldaFan

      I agree…I read somewhere that “Xbox World magazine is reporting that Microsoft is hard at work developing a Wii U tablet controller for its next Xbox console. The controller will be “an HD screen surrounded by the traditional 360 buttons and sticks” and the controller “could be a remote control when you’re watching TV, a browser when you’re on the internet, extra buttons and information when you’re playing a game or a portable display when you want to take your game with you.” Expect to see it at E3 in June along with Wii U.”

      That’s a reason to sue right there

      • Dan


    • Treebeard

      Yeah, I saw an Xbox patent list and all that they patent is social networking.

      I saw a wii game with a motion camera 6 months before kinect.

  • Nintendero

    LOL jajajajaja XD

  • Johny

    hahaha xD would be even better if u added the PS move thingy…

  • wiiufanatics