Jun 25th, 2012

Wii U HandheldThe original Nintendo Wii was targeted at mainly the casual gamers, and despite some great core titles, like Zelda and Metroid, the Wii never really got great footing with the hardcore crowd. The Wii U will change this, according to Nintendo’s Charlie Scibetta, director of corporate communications at Nintendo of America.

In an interview with Gamasutra, Scibetta points out that the Wii U is targeted at gamers in all ranges. From the casual to the hardcore, “The Wii U can appeal to people all ranges in terms of their gaming ability”, he said. However, he added that the new games console is “hard to understand until you get your hands on it”. Scibetta said Nintendo’s strategy is to get the Wii U console in as many gamer’s hands as possible, to show what the console is capable of. Nintendo previously said that it will be harder to market the Wii U than its predecessor, since it’s a more complex design with a revolutionary controller.

Nintendo has been targeting the core gamer aggressively with the Wii U, showcasing a lineup of core third party games at E3 and to the press in general. Nintendo boasts core Wii U games like ZombiU, Assassin’s Creed 3, Batman Arkham City, and more. All of those “core” titles will launch with the new console, plus others such as Mass Effect 3 and several EA Sports games. Nintendo is confident about attracting core gamers, recently saying the Wii U can become the preferred platform for core gamers, due to offering features that other consoles can’t.

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  • Adam

    Release date please my money is yours 🙂 x

  • Daniel Dzimega

    When you get the release date plz post online straight away.

  • Roo

    Can it? Absolutely!
    Will it?
    … ._.

  • 3ds guy

    Money ready an waiting fot u nintendo

  • Skozo

    They can, but will they?

  • Hi8us

    The only two real things that will make a difference for Nintendo this time is if they can get all the 3rd parties in on Wii U like Konami, Capcom, Bethesda and Rockstar. The other thing will definitely be their online network. It has to be as good or better than PSN and Xbox Live.

    • James Bowserman

      Better than PSN won’t be a longshot.

    • pach

      Sorry but i don’t think that is gonna happen.

      13 Jun 2012 – EA Promises More Wii U Support
      12 Jun 2012 – EA ‘holding fire’ on two unannounced Wii U games
      24 Jun 2012 – EA cancels Wii U version of next-gen Sony/Microsoft title

      As i said before, as soon as M$ and $ony release their systems, most third parties will give up on Wii U. Most of games being released will be only ports. (even the ZombiU is a port.)

      • pach

        Reply was to Hi8us*

      • Alienfish

        How is ZombiU a port? For now it’s an exclusive.

        • pach

          Look at killer freaks early images. They had a working game at the time nintendo was releasing dev kits. I think they had that project going on for other system (maybe even wii) then they just decided to move to wii u.

  • Shankovich

    Not if they keep referencing game that are already out (most are). They should talk about games to come that WILL look better on Wii U thanon the other consoles. They really need to get that across because far too few people know anything about hardware -_-

    • Zhaf

      “play” better while isn’t looking that much worse is enough for me…

  • 3ds guy

    The hardware is better than ps3 an xbox thats all it i need to know.So it is a big leap from wii this console can only be amazing as we have never had nintendo games in hd an now we have third party tons of good games to come, movies,an developers praising it= amazing

  • uPadWatcher

    My wallet is ready!

  • AwayToHit

    U bet it Wii(ll)

  • david6

    If they want a console that will survive, they need unreal engine 4, and at least 2 pad controllers at launch. As well as all titles like watchdogs, gaiden, farcry3, even new starwars13. Just bump it up a little, and it wouldnt hurt to cool design box, and controllers,. I dont understand why nintendo makes consoles if they dont want to make them? And a new mario galaxy, not repasted 2d, and starfox, metroid, and a super version of zelda more realistic with a.i. and last no friends code or moderation on online. And stop being mean to fans. Bring back that first spirit. The wii was innovative motion control, once sony xbox made motion controllers wii went down, now were ready for power. And nintendo going first they can do it better. Stop clownin us for real or get out. :p

  • tanto

    I want one at launch thats for sure

  • Brandon

    Nintendo does not no its consumer base. They r going after core audience… Great. But they r f’ing it up. Next yr itll be outdated (Unfortuately). Read to many article that say its not that much stronger than ps3. So if u get a vita it actually is more powerful with the xtra cpu and gpu. Core gamers want power thats y pc gaming has steadily been on the rise. We do not likehavingto jump around and flail to control a gameafter ten hr work shift.
    Another thing nintendo cant imagine kids playing CoD? My son been playing since 6yrs old and he just got an award at school for beIng polite, calm and avoiding fights cuz his parents were smart enough to say this is not real it is a game. Also compare US cartoons vs jap cartoons (They r rated pg13 or r here) Can u say contradiction? Nintendo may notb making same mistakes from past but racjng up a whole new list.