Sep 10th, 2012

We’ll be getting the final details about the Wii U later this week, and a launch is just two or so months away. While there is considerable hype for the new console among gamers and especially Nintendo fans, the Wii U isn’t known by the general gaming public. That’s according to a number of video game PR representatives that GamesIndustry spoke to. One PR rep said that the biggest problem Nintendo has is “the lack of anticipation or confidence” regarding the Wii U. The PR rep, speaking anonymously, added that Nintendo hasn’t created enough excitement among consumers, nor enough confidence among game developers for the Wii U. Another issue that Nintendo has this week is that its event on September 13 could be overshadowed by Apple’s event on September 12, where a new iPhone is expected to be unveiled.

The criticism is worse from some of the other PR reps. Martin Sadat, PR director at A-list Games, says that Nintendo has “introduced a piece of hardware that’s only raised questions since it was announced”, adding that key info about the Wii U — price and launch date — is still missing. All of them tend to agree that this week’s Nintendo event is very important for the company.

The PR reps do have a valid point — Nintendo hasn’t advertised or promoted the Wii U to the general public in the regular media outlets (TV, online, etc). But that’s because they’re still keeping their cards close to their chest. Had they announced a price and launch date earlier than this, it would have given Sony and Microsoft ample time to counter the Wii U with early price cuts on their current hardware. This seems pretty obvious enough for veteran video game PR folks to understand.

Reggie on the Wii U

Nintendo is expected to launch the Wii U on November 18, 2012, according to the latest launch rumors. In just 3 days, we’ll know a lot more.


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  • Garzard

    All will be revealed September 13th

    • Nintedward. WiiU . 3DS

      And all will be hyped when the advert’s hit TV .

      some guy is making the sunset with the wiiu touch screen, And some lovely lady is playing wii fitu and NSMBU away from the TV , all will be sold.

      Next gen wii ??? everybody will be sold except the hater’s .

      Remember all nintendo’s console’s have follewed

      • AKA-Link77

        U kinda do reply to yrself alot edward . . .

    • Nintedward. WiiU . 3DS

      And all will be hyped when the advert’s hit TV .

      some guy is making the sunset with the wiiu touch screen, And some lovely lady is playing wii fitu and NSMBU away from the TV , all will be sold.

      Next gen wii ??? everybody will be sold except the hater’s .

      Remember all nintendo’s console’s have follewed

      • Nintedward. WiiU . 3DS

        My computer seem’s to have just done a ‘triple post fail’ . please excuse me whils’t i put my foot into it .

    • Nintedward. WiiU . 3DS

      All will be hyped up on TV aswell .

      when those advert’s hit TV , there will be no stopping U

      • Aconcernedreader

        stop posting, you look like a retard in every article

        • Nintedward. WiiU . 3DS

          shut up.

        • Opticine

          If you don’t like his comments, then ignore them. It’s common sense.

          • Nintedward. WiiU . 3DS

            thank you sir , if you don’t like somebody’s comment’s on the internet ignore them .

  • Nintendude

    Well it’s enough to get me anticipated.

    • just NINTENDO

      i am afraid because 5% possibility wii U sell as same as game cube because a lot of people know what was wii on 2006 but know they dont know what is wii U
      but i trust nintendo

  • Charmander

    I don’t get the what’s wrong with you thing…

    • JC

      It’s the reggienator!!! C’mon dude his body is always ready and he feels like a purple pikmin!!!

      • nintendofreak


    • pikapower0000

      It was a 3ds ad for mario kart 7, “mario kart 7 comes out on the 3ds in 5 days, and if you dont have a 3ds yet, whats wrong with you!” – Reggie Fisame

      • Atstyle

        *Fils-Aimé. It’s french it literally translate into “Loved Son”. That family name is from Haïtian Origins.

        • u mad bro

          Reggie-gigas i choose u

  • TheImaj

    Oh that’s right.. Because the WiiU is a direct competitor of the iPhone. I get it now.

    • Gary Moscheles


      i was thinking that too. OOOOO NEW IPHONE

    • EvanescentHero

      It’s not even like the announcements are on the same day. Ugh.

  • NintendoGamer

    Well, Reggie, there is nothing wrong with them. They do have a point.

    • NintendoGamer

      Why do you like dislike my comment? How many new games have been announced since E3? 2? 3? And no I am not a Wii U hater! My username says that.

  • Macarony64

    Not enought excitment? Im going to have a heart attack soon

  • swic11

    I think the same thing happened with the Wii. Once the Wii was released, word of mouth spread like fire on a dry grassy prairie. Only gamers KNEW about the Wii when it first came out, just like the U now. As long as the console isnt a bust (which it wont be) this thing will sell like hotcakes.

    • nintendofreak

      dont u mean hot bread?

      • Macarony64

        Hot bread is used mostly by latins like me where.Where are you from?

    • Solboogie

      Good point! I agree that only those who are true fans of Nintendo are aware of the WiiU. At work none of my co-workers are aware a new system is coming out soon! But I definitely put them on with pics and vids. So word of mouth is at it again with the new system. Once I have played it I can give an honest opinion and recommendation. With the Wii all the kids on the block came over to see what the fuss was about. Im sure the same thing will happen again!

  • Mid-core Gamer

    I had no idea that Apple will have a event on September 12th, but I don’t see why it matters because I don’t think that Apple is a true competitor towards Nintendo. Is Apple even in the same business as Nintendo?

    • Whirlwindyoshi

      Exactly I knew Nintendo was doing something this week but had no clue apple was doing anything.

  • Nintendo Power

    Iam excited and confidence for the Wii U since E3 2011………who wants Wii U cream cookies

  • He

    September 13th

  • Joeyperez

    where will we be able to see this event?????

    • Macarony64

      On the nintendo site

      • BloopbopBeepbop


        • Macarony64

          All nintendo direct apears on nintendo site thats how i saw there e3 and 3ds anauncements

  • 007 1/2

    the wats wrong with you thing is funny.

  • Ledreppe

    There’s still a bit of time for anticipation and exceitement levels to reach fever pitch, if you include the 3 month launch ‘window’ which is considered important as well as the actual launch day itself.

  • derty

    Im still very confident in the WiiU.
    I don’t think Nintendo could ever let me down. 😀

  • biggo13

    i was wondering why i havent seen any wii u commercials yet

    • revolution5268

      because is not even out yet.

  • Nintedward. WiiU . 3DS

    Kyo , please replace the ‘whats wrong with you’ with ‘my body is ready’ . thanks 🙂

  • Mike

    I have to agree, I’ve bought every Nintendo console at launch since I started making my own income and I have to say the WiiU is the least hyped I’ve been for any. Maybe that will change when we get a solid price and released date but as it stands now I am without hype.

  • Carlos Hugo

    I kinda had to agree, here in México with only some games magazines, there haven´t been many Wii U publicity

    • jat

      OMG. Mexican people know what videogames are! OMFG! joke…

    • Yamiryuu Zero

      I live in Brasil. We have no publicity whatsoever, save gaming magazines and one program that gives PS2 for children who watch that…

      • just NINTENDO

        The humen who like wii U give me LIKE

  • Ben

    True, they arent even teasing new anouncements. Right now i’m more meh, i’l catch up when i get home and read Google news while it should be “F@#$% SCHOOL WHEN DAF@#$ WILL YOU F@#$%NG END! MUST WATCH FREAKING NINTENDO DIRECT/PRESSCONFERENCE !
    (Were on the internet can you watch the event btw?? Or are they messing it up by not streaming/putting it online?

  • *.*

    Have to agree people need to know about wii u i need a brake from my non paid add campain on xbox telling people about wii u lol

    • BloopbopBeepbop

      that’s hilarious.

  • theorangefish

    Apple ruined my week!!!!!!

  • Bill

    This is the same as I have always said, The console will be brilliant (What do you expect its Nintendo). The thing that will let them down is their marketing, the product isn’t known, with some gamers thinking it is still an add on for the Wii.

    I’m still getting one, because it will be the best console ever made. (So far)


    I Personally Think That Nintendo Has Tons Of Info On Wii U.

    • No One

      Like they said, for gamers. Most people don’t look up gaming news. I’m sure after the 13th they will start advertising.

      • EPICGAMER111

        you are right

  • xdlugia

    Nintendo’s tactics are about creating a lot of hype right before its launch by revealing everything which will make it seem new and fresh and they will sell a lot at launch.
    Take a look at the Vita… it was overhyped for a long time, but people got bored since they knew everything, which ended with nobody buying it…

    Nintendo has been in the branch for almost three decades. They know what they are doing.

    • Golden Fox


  • MujuraNoKamen

    You must remember much of the “general gaming public” is made up if idiotic FPS addicted, 12 year olds too stupid to even try new games/consoles, because the games aren’t “mature” enough so they call proper Nintendo games Kiddy due to the general lack of gore. in short: their opinions don’t count and they wouldn’t be interested in new things anyway, the people who know about Wii U are the true gamers. A lot of the confusion about Wii U comes from idiots (I’ve seen countless people say it’s a handheld) also I read an article yesterday in which the writer said he want’s to know if games can be played on the gamepad rather than the TV! considering that’s one of Wii U’s main features, and was one of the first (if not the first) feature shown off in 2011. And most of the criticisms come from haters. So yep, those that know about something as important as a new console are the real gamers, those that don’t don’t care (for now) Wii U will be like Wii, a lot of people hated on it, complained about, not many people knew about until release where it was everywhere and sold like hotcakes.

    • swic11

      steal my comment much lol

  • Britton

    I think Nintendo is well aware there is not a whole lot of hype amongst the general public. Had they been advertising more on TV’s and what not and still did not have a lot of hype then they can worry. I think the next few months are going to be amazing. With a price and release date, the real advertising will begin. It’s also possible that word of mouth will have to play a huge part as I’ve read Nintendo has had some trouble getting accross what the console can actually do. I will buy it because I know it will be good. I have faith in Nintendo.

  • Madmagican

    Well, I know for a fact that everybody on this site’s gonna be super hype for the WiiU announcement; not to mention that phones come and go a lot faster than game consoles: every 5 years vs every 1-2 years… yeah I think we got any competitive problems trumpped

  • Kevin White

    Oh wow a new iPhone, will users be able to text 5% faster than before?

    If September 13th were launch date, I’d say they’d failed to generate anticipation. It’s premature to state that they failed when we don’t know whether they did or not. We’re still about 10 weeks away from day 1.

  • Manwell

    It makes sense that the price and launch date are kept hidden so long. Its a strategic thing. They want to give Microsoft and Sony no time to react before the Wii U hits shelves. Nintendo has brilliant marketing strategies; I dont see them failing like all these “devs” and “PRs” keep saying.

    • ei8bitNinty

      I agree, it’s part of the strategic plan. They still keep a secret with there specs not until this coming September 13. Hope they wowed us what’s inside the box . Looking forward to it.

  • SteampunkJedi

    I’m sure there will be ads everywhere once all the details are out on the 13th.

  • None

    The tecnic of nintendo is to make everione cetic, but talking of the console, like… A lot of site put noticies and the numbers of viewers is very larger than the numbers of viewers of other consoles sucessor informations. In IGN the top news sometimes is wii u, and the public of there is of ps3,pc and xbox 360. Thats create a lot of discret hype.

  • Metroidvania

    Its funny. I predicted this kind of press to come out this week in my post on the “devlopers not required to use motion plus” article. I didnt expect it to start blowing through this fast.

    Show no mercy, slay the trolls, and brave the “Wii”dom flag! Our bodies are ready!

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Nintendo must be keeping quiet because they don’t want to make it easy for Sony and Microsoft to copy and steal their ideas and by waiting till closer to launch to reveal things like price it will be harder for them to come up with a lower competitive price for their consoles

  • nameless

    Well, it was pretty much the same six years ago.

  • Chicken

    JUST 3 DAYS!

  • Sethlaw225

    I’m gonna buy this console regardless of what apple/Microsoft/Sony do and I hope i get to play some of the Wii U online games with Most of you True Nintendo Fans Here. can’t wait.

  • 16der

    Woo- ack! Ahem, clear throat, now then, “HELL YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!”!

  • elbrody

    Stop the BS if u are a die hard fan of nintendo like I am you will (or have your parents) buy the Wii U regardless the price or any other factor.
    Nintendo fan until death do us apart.

  • Nintentionally


    New Balloon Fight trailer on wii u facebook page!

    Thought I’d break the news because the internet hadn’t caught up with Nintendo yet.

    No thumbs up, please, I just did what anyone else would.

  • Jun

    I Don’t get how Apple (A really good company,No offence Appy) Can overshadow The Wii U with the Iphone 5 (its just the 4th but Slimer,Lighter,Faster, Plus costs extra more than 4th And another point. ITS TWO DIFFERENT USEGES. Apple:Phone industry and Wii U:Next generation Home Consle or NGHC :D) Both will trully be great

  • Kahhhhyle

    Nintendo could have saved themselves a lot of confusion if they just called it the Wii 2…

    • EvanescentHero

      And have the Wii 2 up against the PS4? I don’t think so. That’s why the Xbox 360 is called the 360 instead of the Xbox 2.

  • mrllive08

    Ok this is where the PR person is wrong! Nintendo has did a great job promoting the Wii U. Check out my video
    I explain Why Nintendo didn’t announce price or a release date

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    And once again, someone is bashing Nintendo and the Wii U. I think the Wii U is going to be the most popular console of the next generation, given how much effort everyone is putting into bashing it…

    • Gabe Hoffman

      I can see what you mean since Microsoft is shifting toward the casual audience and they said the 720 would be more focused on the Media Center aspect rather then games which could run the risk of alienating their hardcore fans. As for Sony they might might end up nerfing the PS4 so they won’t end up losing more money.

  • mario is epic


  • TheUNation

    The new and improved A-Bomb will drop in New York City at 12 Noon this Thursday afternoon. We’ll be ready for anything and everything!

  • obsolete

    I’ve been playing games on nintendo consols since 1985 and I aint about to stop now. And saving date and pricing has built up more hype for me, cant wait to know the date to book time off and wait in line to get one on day one.

  • metroidfusion2

    As soon as the wii u is advertised on phones,tablets,computers,laptops,handheld devices,tv and whatever else then the masses will know and the wii u will shut up all of the critics and sell millions and have a crap load of 3rd party and everything else and more

  • Andrew

    I would not be surprised to see ads start on Friday.

  • Desi

    I disagree…The “no news” strategy really keeps my heart anxious and there is no hype without anxiety. I played most of the best games ever in all platforms and pc and Nintendo games are the most creative and rewarding of them all. That´s why Nintendo will always win, not the power, not the specs….the power is in the heart and the smile you take out with you after playing those beautifully crafted games…(please oh please let there be a Xenoblade sequel for the WiiU)

  • richman

    hey MrLlive08 I saw the video about why Nintendo didn’t release a release date and you came up with a lot of great points. and like you said Nintendo is playing chess not checkers.

  • Neonridr

    I just hope that once all is revealed in a few days, that Nintendo shifts focus and suddenly it’s Wii U bonanza everywhere we look. While I have no doubt about the success of the next Nintendo system, and I will be sure to be in line waiting to pick mine up, I want the Wii U to be successful. Not just on a total number of units sold, like the Wii. I want the games to be successful, and in order for games to sell on the system, we have to get people to buy the system who care about playing games, and not just on a casual level. I can’t wait for the final announcement, just so I can finally figure out when the stupid pre-orders are going to start.

  • AcesHigh

    This is nothing new. They did the same thing for pretty much all of their consoles and they sold like hot-cakes – couldn’t keep them in stock. Price and launch DO NOT need to be known in August or early September for consumers who are going to buy during the holiday season. It’s plain and simple. It’s something that these dimwit analysts should know fresh out of their clown school. It’s a well known fact that people make their holiday purchasing decisions closer to the holiday. Simply because kids change their minds a bazzillion times before Santa lands on the roof! So parents will buy what’s hot right around Black Friday or after. If you start your hype too soon, it will fizzle before your product hits the streets.

    Also, it doesn’t take long at all for hype to generate and catch on like wild fire. If they announce this week and start the PR machine up any time in September or even October, there is MORE than plenty of time before release. again, if these analysist did their homework, they’d learn from the Cabbage Patch crisis of the early 80s and the TMNT frenzy of the late 80s / early 90s that there was VERY LITTLE HYPE leading up to the release of these products. There was a focused marketing blitz just prior to release and next thing you know moms and gams turned into Resident Evil zombie rejects clawing their way through the fray to get their kids these rare toys for Xmas.

    Honestly, all of these analysts must be new or something. It drives me nuts to see “professionals” who are supposed to be looking at current and future offerings so GREEN by not looking at the past as they should be. There IS no emergency here. Nintendo has been launching consoles successfully since 1985 – I THINK they know what they’re doing…

  • Dustin

    There was this big media party earlier in the year called E3 where they had the stage to show off a next gen 3D remote to make people forget about the useless tablet; they had the chance to demo the next Zelda, 3D Mario, or first person Metroid; and they didn’t show any of those things. Expectations about the Wii U are that none of those killer apps I just listed are going to ship until 2014.

    People are saving their money for Halo 4 and Black Ops 2– there is no hype or anticipation for an exclusive online shooter on Wii U this fall.