Jun 16th, 2017

The NES Mini was one of the most successful holiday items last year — the console was supposed to be manufactured just for the holiday season, but the huge demand meant that Nintendo kept making and shipping the consoles.

But that wasn’t enough, because the NES Mini, aka the NES Classic Edition, was sold out from the first day on the market to the last day. Not once was there enough units to meet demand.

Luckily, Nintendo says that they have learned a lot from releasing the NES Mini.

Nintendo’s Sales and Marketing head Doug Bowser said in an interview during E3:

“We’ve learned a lot from the NES Classic. We’ve learned there’s a real passion for retro gaming The NES Classic was originally intended to be a holiday item. And obviously there was high demand. So we doubled down and continued to produce it as we went into the next quarter.”

He concluded that eventually the company stopped production to focus on other areas (i.e. the Switch), but pointed out once again that they have “learned a lot” from the NES Mini.

Hopefully they’ll remember what they’ve learned for when they release the SNES Mini.

Did you ever manage to get an NES Mini console? Was the wait worth it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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